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Recent Purchases

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

In the battle to beat the winter chill, we are trying to purchase items to keep our house as well insulated as we can.

My husband has been on the look out for these door snakes for a little while. He saw some at The Reject Shop, but they were filled with wadding/batting, you know, the stuffing in plush toys and it they were extremely light. I think everyone knows, these are suppose to be filled with sand. I then came across these from Temple and Webster.

I for the front door, 1 for the back door. These are also made in Australia too!

From IKEA, I purchased a HAVBRO Rug (200cm x 300cm)

I got this one because it ticked nearly all my rug criterias. It is wool. Off white/cream in colour. The right size.

For $399 you really can’t complain. It was either $399 or $3499 PLUS for a hand tufted NZ wool rug with a nice pile. But if I had $3499 to spend on a rug, chances are I would be taking a holiday first then buying a rug.

So that is one item crossed off my bedroom mood board to do list.

The next thing is roman blinds. That should be happening soon too.

My husband has just came home from a trip to bunnings with 2 packets of ceiling insulation. He will be doing some more trips and will start installing tomorrow!!!! I hope this makes a big difference.

In other non – insulation news. I purchased the 4th cabinet for the tv unit in the lounge room, also from IKEA. (Gosh, this is starting to be the IKEA blog. . . arrrghhhhh)

So we now have this configuration. (With the tv sitting on top)

I then have to hunt down some marble places to pick me out a nice slab of marble for the top. It is just under 1 square metre, so hopefully it won’t be exorbitant.

I am also on the hunt for a hallway runner/rug. Probably going to get a sisal rug because they are budget friendly and weather well with high traffic.