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Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Well hello everybody long time no blog.
I just wanted to pop in and let you all know I am still around. I have had trouble updating the blog due to timing as I am now 24 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy has stripped me of all my energy. Personally, I feel it is unnatural to work full time, be pregnant, have a toddler and also wish to pursue extracurricular activities such as sewing and blogging. Another thing that stops me from being able to update the blog was my own indecisiveness. I didn’t want to blog about things that weren’t actually happening or I haven’t fully decided upon. So let’s visit what has actually happened.

As mentioned previously, I am pregnant! My husband and I fell pregnant with our second child after 9 months of trying. I know this isn’t a lot for other people but we had such great success with Audrey, it came as a bit of a shock. 




I also contributed my free time to a creative endeavour which was published by Style Me Pretty I was approached by Mornington Peninsular photographer to be part of a styled feature.

It was also featured by Ivory Tribe

I was only 7 weeks pregnant and in the thick of extreme fatigue when I put together this wedding stationery suite.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.02.14 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.02.00 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.01.50 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.01.01 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.39.15 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.38.41 pm

 I was pleased with the results as I’m sure all the other people that contributed are. All credits are in the 2 links above.

Photos – Michelle Pragt of In Photography

If you are a bride to be do not hesitate to check these people out especially if you are located in Victoria. If you’re interested in my services then distance isn’t an issue.

With what little spare time I had left I dedicated it to sewing as the sewing bug has hit me. It has been extremely frustrating though to try and sew with a toddler around. It is also quite dangerous without anything between the toddler and the sewing area in terms of a barrier. She is an opportunist and will grab the pins, scissors, fiddle with the overlocker, play with the iron cord, etcetera, at any given chance. But I love her to death and she’s the reason why I sew.

Here is a look at some things I’ve made.









But the biggest thing to come out of being pregnant and wanting to sew all the time is – What are we going to do with our house?

We currently reside in a 2 bedroom house. We have decided to stay put and live with what we’ve got. Doing an extension to include more room is just not something we can do at the moment with our financial situation and not something we will see happening in the next 7 to 10 years. With another child on the way and my desire to sew, we are in desperate need of room. We have finally decided after months of deliberation is to convert our garage into a usable space. We looked at all sorts of other options like knocking down the garage and removing it. Having something built externally and craned in or put together on site.

Jenny Rose Innes on Instagram posted from her builders, a new endeavour there pursuing with outbuildings which are built off site and brought in. I was keen to go ahead with that until I had more people look at my existing garage and comment “why don’t you just fixed the garage the way it is?” And that is the direction we will head in.

The garage is 3 metres by 8 metres giving us 24 square metres of usable space it just needs a facelift I have had a builder come around and quote. Still waiting for the quote but I will go into this further in another blog post.

Another thing that is happening around our house is we are changing the disgusting ugly terrible aluminium windows back to the former western red cedar windows.

To match what was there already there but sadly removed by people that clearly have no taste. I now need to get a quote on putting lead light in the front 3 windows that face the street to match my neighbour’s bay window and other houses in the area from the same era.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.52.10 pm

You could say I am in nesting mode but the truth of the matter is nothing will be done before this baby arrives. Typical! I have made peace with that and have just moved on.

Another thing that has been happening around my house is gardening. I planted spring bulbs that gave me a beautiful display in my front garden bed which has now finished flowering.

We were all so sick to death of having plants in the black plastic pots we bought them in years ago, we have now repotted all our plans into terracotta pots.

We planted out the garden bed that goes part way along the length of the garage with iceberg standard iceberg roses, buxus and lavender. We will extend this garden bed to be deeper as it appears the roses don’t have quite enough room. It is a narrow garden bed.

The great thing with knowing we are just going to stay in the house the way it is means we can now renovate it to completion. We were too hesitant to do any renovations because anything we did do would be affected by an extension later. It would be in effect a waste of time and money but now that we are just going to have a 2 bedroom house with the studio, we are quite happy to finish everything off. Such as the second bedroom, the large laundry and the gardens. This gives me a lot of excitement and I feel very creative. It took a lot of time, discussions and number crunching to get to this decision but I feel this is the right decision for us at the right time.

2015-10-19 17.25.41

Want to dig up this ugly slopey concrete and lay down a stone patio.

2015-10-19 17.25.33

Don’t let the flakey paint throw you. Just received a quote to replace the glass on the windows in this room and fix the sash weights as the windows will be heavier and THEN, we will get them painted. They are actually in great condition. It is just flakey paint.

2015-10-19 17.25.18

A metal shed that I want to remove and replace with a cedar cute cottage shed. Mint and rosemary going crazy! Neglected mother in laws tongue in the background. . . I don’t really like this plant and guess who gave it to me. . . GUESSSSS, you will never guess!!!!

2015-10-19 17.25.05

Teddy Bear Magnolia about to flower. I have 3 of these plants and I have just had them planted into MUCH larger pots before we decide where they will go in the garden and they are doing much better. I was scared they were going to die a slow death.

2015-10-19 17.24.53

Stupid bats came through last year when my neighbours had these trees in their yard and shat everywhere. That is what the marks on the garage are! But our neighbours removed those noxious trees! And this year, no bats!

2015-10-19 17.24.29

My little topiary collection! My favourite is Korean buxus! I love my standard bay tree too! Friends got us a bay tree seedling for our house warming and sometime last year I decided I wanted to train it into a lollipop and massacred it. Left a tuft of about 4 leaves on top. My husband was shocked when he saw it and a bit mad, I said, just trust me!! AND LOOK AT IT NOW!

(GOD I HATE MY BROWN COLORBOND FENCE! But I love them too. They are in good knick and there is no fencing dispute between neighbours that I have seen play out at the court house, so gotta be grateful)

Another future blog post will be year of the garden YOTG that will be 2016 when I am on maternity leave!! I can supervisor children and my husband can garden to his heart’s content. It’s impossible at the moment to do much on both of our separate weekends (me: Thursday and Friday, Him: Saturday and Sunday) as we are alone.

Really looking forward to maternity leave next year and I’m not going to do something silly like I did with Audrey and only have 4 months off. I’m going to enjoy my time with my family and hopefully have a year off.

 Thank you for getting this far and can’t wait to update you further.

3 year wedding anniversary

Friday, January 10th, 2014


The traditional gift for 3 years is leather and I instantly thought whips and face mask HAHAHHAHA. But that doesn’t really appeal to me so, I sought the help of a friend from my Mother’s Group to order a wedding album. She is an awesome photographer. It is never too late in my eyes. We didn’t order an album at the time because I always knew I could order it later. (and I was over bleeding money) Plus I wanted to design it ALL myself.


This is the wrapping of the album for my husband. Kept it quite masculine I think.


Tah-Dah! I had already done the bulk of the album design not long after the wedding. I just needed 2 nights (when husband was sleeping) to finish it off and be really happy with it. I had to run behind my garage one evening to ring my friend and rattle off credit card numbers as my husband was home! HE HE HE. The things you do for a surprise.


It is a gorgeous book. I was sold on it when I first inquired with my friend about albums. Because you can do this. Double page spread, full bleed and the image going across the binding, sitting flat on every spread. Which is the way I was designing the album to begin with.


Ah my bouquet! Phalis. Love them so much.


I tried calligraphy, yet again. . . .  Without any practice in between. It is still very amateur. I did draw that laurel wreath though with the nib.


These roses are bigger then my fist. Utterly gorgeous.

I cooked us some breakfast. I have been very excited about using these mini tomatoes!


They are the size of your fingernail! Forget cherry tomatoes, these are blueberry tomatoes. (Real name. Tiny Toms or Tiny Tims. I can’t quite recall)


So cute.


We grow 2 types of tomatoes. I’d love to grow big beefy ones, but we don’t have the space.

Then I cooked up some lunch


I made a big batch of basil pesto the other day. Basil was over run in our garden bed, so I hacked into it quite a bit. I used our home grown garlic too. This dish is totally healthy because I added spinach and zucchini too!! hehehe.

Then we went out to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Totally decadent and delicious. Major carbs fest.


These Peugeot grinders are sensational and very chic.

My kitchen now looks very put together because of this tray. I purchased it earlier but on first inspection I hated the marble. I knew it wasn’t going to be no grade A calacutta . . but this crud was flakey. I instantly wanted to return it. So I put it back in the box. But just having these items on my bench willy nilly wasn’t doing it for me. So I retreated and decided to at least give the tray a go. And it works wonderfully. Just as I had hoped. So I’m keeping it. I purchased it from Peters of Kensington.

This year we celebrated 3 years and my parents will celebrate 30!!!

Honeymoon Highlights

Monday, January 14th, 2013

On this day 2 years ago I was boarding a Qantas A380 to LA for the first leg of our honeymoon.

32 hours of travel and transit we arrived in our first destination.

I never shared my honeymoon with you guys because I was overwhelmed with the mammoth task of sorting photos and all that is involved. But I am finally ready and I want to re-live it all again, as it was seriously the best trip!

I will do a weekly feature called:


Which will be in chronological order starting next week!

Stay tuned.


My Friend’s wedding day!

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

November the 24th, 2012

21 weeks pregnant! I can still see my feet!

These are my wedding sparkly flats! They will be my life raft in situations like these.

Congratulations E & D!!!

Moja draga udaje

Monday, October 29th, 2012

My very beautiful friend got married recently!

On their 10 year anniversary. And at the same place she met her husband. Church!

I’ve known her since we were in primary school. The shy Yugoslav girl.

She taught me many things, for example, that the letter “J” isn’t always pronounced the way I thought it was and is a “Y”

(Same goes for my first bf Julio, where it is pronounced with a “H” )

She is famous for throwing excellent house parties!!!!

I have her to thank for many great memories. Her wedding had big party shoes to fill, but I had no doubt she would succeed!

Here is a photo of her posse (minus a few) See that guy in the back ground. I totally made out with him one party at J’s house many many moons ago.

See! Great parties!

BTW. I did NOT take this photo. (like I wasn’t trying to have a sneaky little perv you guys!!) I just had a good giggle when I came across this picutre. Husband actually took it.

It was a hot 33 degree day! The church is the kind with no seats! Men on one side, woman on the other. Incense wafting through. As a pregnant lady, in a long black dress, conditions don’t get much nicer then this!

The bride took it all in her stride. She rocked that crown!

(Husband took this pic)

Longest wedding smooch I’ve witnessed!

Bless ’em

Here is me! There was a delightful breeze after the ceremony, hence why the hair is a bit awry.

I should have used some fake tanzies. And I hate my little eyes.

I pulled my floor length dress up to show off my sparkly sandals.

The photo does not do it justice. It was taken on a mobile phone.

Between the ceremony and the reception, we ducked home and no names and I am not blaming anyone


 Between the 2 of us, someone forgot the good camera for the reception!!!!

The reception was on the Harbour. When it rains it pours. This one cut me deep. Cut me real deep.

On a boat. It was lovely. Couldn’t fault it.

Here is a quick snap my friend took of us. The harbour bridge was totally in the background, but stupid mobile phone couldn’t pick that up. I am certain if we had our good camera it would have, but again, not naming any names, between the 2 of us, but someone forgot the camera.

So hence, why there are no more glorious photos of this fabulous day and evening!

Mid way through the night, we were asked to go to the roof top deck for the cake cutting. “Firework” by Katy Perry come on over the speakers and nestled between the Opera house and our boat was a barge putting on a fabulous display of fireworks for the Bride and Groom!


I designed her stationery suite. This will be featured shortly.

Random stuff around my house

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

This is the hallway. I love it. All those frames are suppose to go on the wall! ONE DAY! ONE DAY. But I just love them leaning there the way they are.

The 3 big frames are of our wedding photos. This is what we got each other for our first year anniversary. (Paper)

The bowl there is for out keys and the plate underneath it where we leave receipts and the mail.

I love the yellow glass jar. I found it in my parent’s garage when I was living at home like 10 years ago. It has spare change and one of my wisdom tooth in it. Funny thing happened when I went to the bank and up-ended the jar into the coin counter!!!! Stupid bank assistant found it HILARIOUS that there was a tooth in there with all my money. It wasn’t. Then demanding to know WHY there was a tooth in there. None of your business! I just wanted her to go away. It was a self service machine afterall!

The two feathers I found on the front yard of the house the day we moved it. Very simple, quick artwork. In lead pencil I wrote that in the frame.

The porcelain bowl is one of my prized possession. I ABSOLUTELY love it. It is handmade by Isabelle Abramson

The last frame is a sea fan!

The mirror was an old oil landscape painting the the next door neighbours threw out. I collected it. Discarded the painting (it was hideous) spray painted the frame silver, took it to the local glassier and got mirror put in for $60!!

I love my front door handle. This handle is on the old door. We have a new door. But it is sitting in our hallway. We CANNOT get a tradesmen to install some doors in our house for love nor money!!!

I love this settee!!! What an ebay score!


Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

As you all know, I have already done the wedding thing,

BUT .  .  .

This is seriously a gorgeous wedding bouquet.

I love the big fat magnolia in the middle.

I am SOOOOO having a magnolia tree at my place (but a smallish one)

Credit: Twigg Botanicals

It is sale time!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

I need a new car!

I need to launch my website at the very least, by the end of the year, but aiming for September!

In the mean time, I have listed a few things for sale and I will add more in the coming weeks.

First on the list is reproduction panton chairs. They are black and I have 6 for sale.

I would like $350 for them.

Gumtree here Sale pending!

eBay here Sale pending!

(Hint, put your best offer as $350 and I will accept it. I couldn’t figure out how to put a buy it now ad up for $350 and this is all I managed, hence the pricing difference)

As you are aware, I design stationery and I am also a bit nifty at hand sewing. I have created several wedding stationery sets, including my own, that was featured on Style Me Pretty and I made 3 veils for my wedding. 2 of which I will be listing for sale soon, (I have found a GORGEOUS model, but need to get her a dress to wear)

I have also listed my very first item on etsy! It is a bridal clutch that I hand-made.

Buy her here! She is STUNNING!

The card that is peaking out of the clutch, is the latest invitation I have designed. The invites have not been formally posted to guests as yet, so I need to keep it under wraps. But once it has been I will photograph the entire set and show you all the lovely details. It was just a coincidence that the clutch lining was the same colour as the invitations.

Help my business out, please ‘like’ me on Facebook

If you want, you can ‘follow’ me on Twitter

And register your interest on my new website

My new website is an online shop with the option to custom make stationery suites, veils and clutches.

Well lookie here!

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

I think you should all go out and grab today’s Sunday Telegraph, if you haven’t done so already, and turn to page 111 and see yours truly as “Love story of the week” It is completely cheesy and corny! You are just going to love it!

I have to thank my friend Rosie, from the sun tele for featuring my wedding! I am most grateful!

Faye Cahill

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Faye Cahill, the cake maker extraordinaire is moving to my suburb!!!!!

I know she was just the next suburb away, but this makes me soooo happy!