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Honeymoon Highlights

Monday, January 14th, 2013

On this day 2 years ago I was boarding a Qantas A380 to LA for the first leg of our honeymoon.

32 hours of travel and transit we arrived in our first destination.

I never shared my honeymoon with you guys because I was overwhelmed with the mammoth task of sorting photos and all that is involved. But I am finally ready and I want to re-live it all again, as it was seriously the best trip!

I will do a weekly feature called:


Which will be in chronological order starting next week!

Stay tuned.


Melbourne Trip!

Friday, February 10th, 2012

I am going to MELBOURNE on WEDNESDAY!!!!


Enough with the whinging!

First flight down wednesday morning, last flight back Saturday evening!

I am going to kick up my heels (errrr thongs) and hang out with my brother in laws gf!

4 fabulous days of homewares shopping for me and fashion shopping for her!

This is my hit list so far for shops.

Fenton & Fenton

471 High st


Hermon & Hermon

That antique shop off the block

Loom rugs

575 – 577 High St, Prahan

65 smith st Fitzroy

Manon Cie

1011 High Street


Scout House

125 Grey Street

St Kilda

HUT 13

13 Morey Street


Quirk & Co.

466 Victoria Street

North Melbourne

Little Salon

71 Gertrude Street



630 Church Street, Richmond, VIC 3121

Craft Victoria

31 Flinders Lane

Melbourne  – Walk past Cumulus Inc and descend down the stairs into Craft Victoria’s gift store

I am taking recommendations though!

I like stationery shops (Duh!) and Home wares/interior Shops.

Please assist!

Bucket List

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Do you have a bucket list?

I don’t have an official bucket list, meaning I haven’t sat down and written one..


This was on my bucket list.


My husband's sorbet

We had macarons too!

Okay, well it wasn’t Paris.

But I have crossed it off my list.

We also went to Pierre Herme

The Japanese love Dessert! See, See what I am saying! Tokyo suits my lifestyle.

I LOVED Pierre Herme! They ice packed our dessert for enjoyment later and they gift boxed them up! It was just lovely and special.

Just yesterday I was browsing gourmet traveler for recipes to make for dinner, as I do.

And I came across this article!

Well, let me tell you! I felt real spesh! because I had inadvertently hit up the TWO best places for a sweet snack while in Tokyo!!

I planned on eating Parisian desserts, but didn’t really research it too much and I was lucky!

I just gravitate to the good stuff!! HEHEHEHEH

In other gravitation. I was browsing etsy paper goods and I always hit the list “highest Price” button. “Cos, I am high end!

and look what I came across!

Have you seen this??

It is soooooooo FUNNY!!!!!!!!

Take the time out for a giggle or two.

What I have been up to!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Well I am back from my business trip to Japan.

WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE! I only went to Tokyo, but I am so itching to go right back!

I could honestly say, hand on heart that I would live in Tokyo. It suits my lifestyle. The shops open late and stay open late (8pm – 10pm)

You can literally shop everywhere in Tokyo. The department stores are nearly on every corner and are heaven on Earth.

The bottom levels are David Jones food hall on steroids and the top few levels are yummy restaurants. In most cases, with the big stores, they have one building for men and the other for women.

The Subway and train system is a feat of engineer prowess. I just loved using the subway, very easy to use and so expansive.

So hating on Sydney right now. HATE THIS EFFING PLACE! FUCKING SHIT.

Our trains are SHIT!!!!!!!

Our shops are SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We flew with Jetstar with sale fares and I can NOT come up with one bad thing to say about Jetstar.

That was the first time I flew with them and they were PERFECT.

Took 4 flights and every single one arrived early into the destination by 10 minutes.

I need to write a letter of praise to them, because I believe they get a bad wrap (I am sure people have had horror stories with them, I am not dismissing them)

infact, I just did…

“Hi Jetstar,

My husband and I recently flew with you guys from Sydney to Tokyo and return in September. It was our first time flying with you and we were pleasantly surprised. We could not fault one thing, even if we tried really hard. I think you guys get a bad wrap.

We were extremely happy with EVERYTHING involved with flying us to Japan and back. All 4 of the flights arrived 10 minutes early into the destination airport, they all took of on time.
All the flight attendants were professional and courteous. The price of the food to purchase was reasonable. Even if we had paid for all the upgrades possible, the flights would have still been cheap then your competitors.

The price we paid for the flights was an absolute bargain. We threw caution to the wind when booking with you and had the attitude of “whatever will be, will be” and the pay off is magnificent.

I will most definitely book with you in the future for any of my future flying, if you go to the destination.

Thanks so much for pleasant, cheap and stress free travel.

Warmest Regards,


It is good to give feedback when things are good, not just when they were terrible.

In other news, we flew back from Japan and arrived at Sydney airport, we jumped in a cab and went to an auction for a house we would love to purchase, our bidding authority was there and bidding away…

but it just wasn’t our day. Someone who wanted it more, with more to spend was victorious.

Now we have extended our search further out and there is another place I like, going for auction on Saturday week. Fingers crossed please!

(fucking auctions, just fuck off!)

Does anyone else feel like that about auctions?

So, in Japan, I FINALLY got my grubby little mits on some PRECIOUS SUQQU!

I blame you Lisa Eldrige! I am poor now!

I purchased the face and cheek brush and the eyebrow palette.

They are as good as she bangs on about them… “A kitten’s paw” Argh <3 you Lisa.

I also had a fabulous meeting with my paper merchant. Finally got to meet the Japanese lady I have been conversing with over skype, nice to put a face to the name.

I have SO MANY ideas and I am bursting with inspiration!

The husband is working hard on my website with the shopping cart.

Can’t wait to launch my website, but it there is still quite a bit of work involved.

If you are still reading, thanks for making it through my blog post.