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Bathroom Renovation – Week 2

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Cement rendering. Timber framing. Waterproofing. More plumber rough-in.






Bathroom Renovation – Week 1

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Demolition. Electrical and Plumbing Rough in. Paint stripping on the window.





201a4930 201a4931

Bathroom Renovation – Before Photos

Monday, November 21st, 2016

This is the main bathroom between the 2 bedrooms. Accessed from the Hallway.


Those floor tiles have come back into fashion. The sticky tape on the floor was me laying everything out to see if there was any way to have a separate shower and bath. It was just too small.




Those 4 different tiles there is when I went to grab some tp and most of the wall tiles came down. My husband used the ones that didn’t break and had to buy some new ones to put it back together.

Besides that, we haven’t touched this bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation – Inspiration Pictures – Part Two

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The previous post featured my Pinterest Pins, but ohhh my do I love Instagram? Yes, Yes I do. So let’s look at my screen shots!

I love this mirror. I would like a medicine cabinet that is recessed with a door like this. A metal frame with a shadow. Where would I find this?? Or just a mirror like this that I could attached to a medicine cabinet?

2016-01-18 21.09.04

Horizontal light above the metal framed mirror.

2016-01-06 00.12.50

63 weeks – STALKER. Bahahhah

I like the small square undermount basin. Has been hard to track one down. Everything is OVERSIZED!

2016-01-05 23.44.23

Herringbone floor! Subway tiles and capping/dado tiles. Except this is inverted. Marble on the bottom and white capping tile.

2016-01-05 10.06.35

Oh heaven! I love this bathroom! This is the tiling I would like to do. Large format marble subaway tiles on the bottom. Capping/dado tile and then smaller tiles on top (except mine will be plain white subway and white capping tile) Medicine cabinet. Horizontal art deco style light above mirror.

2016-01-05 10.06.14

Horizontal light above metal framed mirror.

2016-01-05 01.02.25

Wall mounted art deco taps (just not on the mirror) Undermount basin. Grey vanity. I like the wall treatment. VJ, Beadboard I don’t know what it is called. I was going to do this, but then I thought it was just getting too busy. I LOVE that wall light. Ralph Lauren do one, but too expensive for me.

2015-02-07 22.13.47

I do like that wall treatment. . .  What is it. The stripe wall thingo?? I do like it. . . Part of me says to keep it a bit contemporary. . . hmmm.

I’ll return with the tiles I have short listed, the taps/fittings I like and my plans.

Bathroom Renovation – Inspiration Pictures – Part One

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Next up in our house is a bathroom renovation.

If we were to sell tomorrow, we would have to renovate the bathroom prior. At this stage we are not looking at selling.

In the shower the tiles have come loose and water is getting behind them and soaking into the wardrobe of our bedroom. I had to toss most of my shoes as they grew mould.

We got 2 quotes on just replacing the tiles in the shower area. Then the tiles would be different and the whole thing would look worse than to begin with. We decided to just bite the bullet and redo the bathroom, which was on the list of things to do already.

As soon as I got the green light from hubby, I was off like a rocket. PINNING to my heart’s content.

Here is a look at some of my pins.

All image credits can be found here –


This is very similar to what we are going for. Dark floor tiles. Marble wall tiles. Vanity that touches are half wall to the shower. A bench in the shower. A horizontal light above the mirror. A window in the shower area.


What I am on the hunt for – capping tiles. I really dislike how they finished the subway tiles in this picture. It looks unfinished. I like the vanity though. Simple.


Similar again to the layout I would like in our bathroom. Vanity that touches the shower half wall. Capped with marble slab. Recessed medicine cabinet.


I have decided on 75mm x 300mm charcoal tiles to do a herringbone floors. But I do like this medium grey as well.


Bench in shower capped with a marble slab. And a concealed niche. Art above the toilet.


Vanity that touches the shower half wall. Horizontal light above the mirror. Window in the shower area. Marble wall tiles.


Stone slab capping on the shower half wall. 2 different size wall tiles. Diverter, slide bar hand held shower, wall mounted shower head. Dado capping tile.


Dark floor tiles. Capping tiles to border the window in the shower.


The tiles I have chosen for the floor aren’t as long as these ones and not as shiny, but I am digging the herringbone.


This is elba marble slab.


Dark herringbone tiles.


Vanity touches the shower inclosure. Bench in shower.


Vanity with marble slab. Touches the shower half wall. Bench in shower. 2 different wall tiles. Stone capping on shower walls.


Wall of bright shiny white subway tiles!!! And the tiling doesn’t go to the roof and is finished with a capping tile.


Capping tile.


Small window in shower area which has been tiled.


This is pretty close to what our space will look like. Marble tiles on the bottom part. Capping tile (except we will have white capping/dado tiles as capping tiles in marble to match our marble is not a product that is made) Then smaller scale white subway tiles above.



This is the real estate listing picture. The greenish wall paint has all flaked and peeled. The laminate on the vanity is peeling.

Pretty much everything is going to stay where it is. The layout works. We are deleting the bath tub. I am vehemently ANTI shower over bath. I get why they are put in, But I absolutely HATE them. Grew up with one. DISLIKE. Also no good for elderly or people with limited mobility. The demographics in this area seem to be to geared to downsizers and empty nesters, so I think it will work out ok in re-sale terms. But we are making it to suit us (even though I will have 2 small children) Mostly Audrey showers with me and stands/sits at my feet. When she was really little, I bathed her in the laundry tub and then I started showering with her in my arms to get the skin to skin contact as I didn’t breastfeed.

When she showers with me, I much prefer her to sit as she has had many a tumble in the bottom of that stupid tub even with a non slip mat!!!! No part of the floor is flat. I have fallen with her in my arms too! Frightening. (She wasn’t too little then and all that happened was I got quite a bruise on my bottom but just very lucky I believe)

These kids will just have to learn to love the shower like I do!! But while they are still little, I want to hunt out the biggest flexi tub to place in the bottom of the shower. They will love it and won’t be deprived and when we go to grandparents house or on holidays they will be treated with a bath, it will be exciting.

The toilet is to the right, cut out of the picture. The only other change is to delete the window on the left and have a mirror centred over the vanity. To make up for deleting one window (the room isn’t bright even with both windows) is to put in a skylight.

Next up is my screen shot inspiration pictures.

Kitchen Renovation – Part THREE of three – reflections

Sunday, July 20th, 2014


The layout of the kitchen. I spent YEARS on this. I was always playing with the layout. I drew it to scale and moved everything around and in the end I believe I came up with the best solution. Having utilised the kitchen for about 9 months now, it is working nicely.

The knobs and handles!! They are so glamourous.

I like my down lights. They are pretty inconspicuous when turned off. And when turned on they give amazing light and I like the way we wired them. 2 sets of 4 on an individual switch.

The kitchen sink. I am so glad I swapped to a big single bowl! I can wash the tray from the high chair, the fridge shelves, the oven racks all with ease! I also have a small suspended drainer that acts like a small secondary sink/drainer without taking up any extra bench space. Thankfully I was able to get one from ikea for less then $40 as opposed to the the abey optional extra drainer that was ~$180 (from memory)


This is how my sink normally looks. I really try to avoid having the dish cloth hanging off the tap. When I want to quickly wash up a 1 or a few items I just place it in the drainer, if I washing up more, I just lay out a terry dish towel to drain everything that place it over the back of a dining table chair for the sun to dry it.

I love my pull out bins! SO HANDY!!!!!!!



I am not a fan of the bench top colour. It is a warm white. Obviously not what I wanted. I just wanted a white. I hate my range hood. It honestly serves no purpose. It does nothing. I couldn’t get anything else or would mean touching my cornices which I wanted to keep as is. I couldn’t duct it out through the wall behind, because that is a bedroom. If we are frying something on the cook top, all doors and windows are open . .  even in winter. . . I am constantly wiping the cabinets door fronts above too. To keep everything pristine. The 2 pac poly finished makes that easy. It honestly is driving me to the point that I want to make this kitchen a show kitchen and put a butlers pantry around the corner (where the current laundry is) in an extension. An induction cooktop, ducted quiet range hood and another fridge! HA!


The fridge. I wish it was built in. I hate the way it is just plonked there. Doesn’t look well resolved. We wanted to use the current fridge because it wasn’t that old and we were trying to keep costs down.

The grout colour of the backsplash tiles. I am not entirely happy with the grout colour of the back splash. It should have either been white or DARK grey. The grey we used just matches the tiles and blends in.

 Would have chosen fake stone tiles that look like slate. We spent a small fortune on sealer for the slate tiles and it doesn’t appear to be working and they are staining. Even though we are diligent with cleaning up spills straight away.


Art work for the wall between the windows. I would love a demi lune console table to go between those 2 windows.



And have a grand ginger jar or really nice ceramic on top OR this GORGEOUS lust-worthy candy dish I spotted the other day from on Juliska’s instagram.


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.32.38 pm

But I have visions of a rogue ball hitting it and smashing it to smithereens. Or kids bumping the table. I think this idea might have to go on the back burner until kids are moved outta home!

I am yet to make curtains for the dining area. I want to make curtains for that space to mark that it is a different zone or space from the rest of the kitchen as this house does not have a dining room!

(Ohh I wish!) I am going to make dreamy soft flowing white cotton curtains.


But with an aqua trim tape to pull in the colours of the bench seat and the back door. And also to just add some colour. Because I don’t want it to be too monochromatic. I am not that bold.




With the window above the banquette. I want to make a fake roman blind valance and use the same trim tape.


The windows need extensive work. They need some TL C and some painting. Then I can swap out all the old painted over hardware for shiny new brass hardware that I purchased. This is a big job and I can find people that will do the fixing up of the windows but also point out that they won’t paint the windows.

This is also a very dirty job! Probably should have been the first thing to be done.

Chandelier. If I can pick one! I keep going back and forth about what I want. I still like the original one I picked out from my mood board.


The French doors need to be painted white. Along with the laundry door. Lots of bits of trim painting here and there. As well as the architraves.

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to return with the reveal of more finished projects.

Kitchen Renovation – Part TWO of three – Sources

Saturday, July 19th, 2014


Chinese slate natural split tiles 300 x 600


White 2 pac poly doors.

Stone bench top – Essa


Top knobs cabinet pulls and handles.



Marble splash back tiles – Bisanna


French doors – Doors Plus. I kick myself for this decision. The quality is SO POOR. Never again.


Ilve cooktop & rangehood. Fridge (from previous kitchen) – Fisher and Paykel

Dishwasher – Asko. LOVE IT!


Rugs – Overstock (was happy at first with these but the colour is turning to yellow because they are exposed to the sun)

Sink – Abey. Tap – Brodware


Paint – Dulux Limed white quarter. Whole house is painted in that colour

Back door – Sydney Woodworkers in Brookvale. This is a gorgeous door! I would love to use this company again! They were fantastic. I love the reeded glass. Back door paint colour. Dulux Meadow lane.


Bench seat – Designed and partly upholstered by me. See tutorial link here.


Brass handles. Domino or Superior Brass (Which is NOT AT ALL SUPERIOR. Made in India and the quality is terrible.)

Kitchen Renovation – Part ONE of three – Before and After

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Lets face it. I can’t wait until the kitchen is completely finished to do this post, because I don’t know when that will be.

I thought I would just put the post up as is and WHEN we do finish the kitchen/dining room completely I can just add some more updated shots.

So let’s kick this off.


The kitchen/dining room is at the back of the house. You enter through these French doors from the living room. They aren’t painted yet and still have the protective film on the glass.















Bedroom Plans

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

In the sales we purchased an ensemble. I have been thinking about this for some time but our mattress is not that old. It sits on a bed frame, which I don’t like. It is nice enough, but it was cheap and no longer my style.  I have been thinking about a new bed head and I think it would be easier to make a stand alone bedhead as opposed to try and recover my entire bed frame. Too much fabric. So thinking bedhead with a valance to cover the ensemble base.

Anyway, so that decision was catapulted right to the top of the list when the shops were doing amazing deals like in excess of 50% off and free delivery. Talk about impulse purchase. The only con to this option is we lose the storage we had under our bed. But the thought of sleeping on top of my clutter doesn’t appeal  to me either. So best just be ruthless and more organised.

For our 2nd year wedding anniversary I purchased a canvas to paint a picture (cotton) but I never got around to it, so instead I purchased a new duvet cover. I have been looking for a 2 stripe or 3 stripe cover for ages. House Hold linens does one but it is quite expensive and I didn’t like the colours. Now Sheridan does one but don’t like the colours. And the border is around the edge of the cover and not smaller to frame the mattress top. (I don’t think I would buy Sheridan sheets ever again. My last set is now painting drop cloths. I don’t use bleach, I don’t over crowd the washing machine and I have a front loader and it got all these holes in it and is torn to shreds now. That is the second set to do that. No other sheet brand has done this.)


So I purchased this one from One Kings Lane with a shipping forwarder. First time I have done that and it was successful.


I am thrilled with the quality. The pillow cases are the PERFECT size. I often find that pillow cases are a bit slack on the pillow, too big. The cover is also very generous in size. I don’t know if this is an American thing or not. The width of the queen was good for the quilt inside but length was much longer. It is because the cover is designed so that the cover sits right up at the top of the bed and the pillows sit on top of it!! That makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!!! It looks a lot neater. But I don’t know if their quilts are made longer, or it was just this particular duvet cover. I did notice that in the top corners INSIDE the duvet covers it has ties. I guess to tie your quilt in and prevent it from slipping down. Do their quilts have like eyelets in them or something?? I don’t understand how you would tie it. I am so fascinated with this all. Can you tell? I haven’t tied mine, but it hasn’t shifted either.

For the sheets, I would like to purchase 100% linen sheets. They get such rave reviews. But where to find a set? (My husband hates the sound of the crunch of crisp cotton sheets. Says it wakes him when either of us moves. Poor. baby.) And a set that has the fitted sheet with a extra long depth. 35 – 40 cms doesn’t cut it around here.

But I would like a set from Linoto. It is cheaper getting these ones from New York then Sheridan from David Jones (Which aren’t long enough in the fitted sheet depth).


How the bed looks! What do you think? I spent the best part of 2 hours, ironing the sheets and covers! Do you iron your bedding? This photo was taken a few nights of sleeping in, hence why they are a bit crushed. Any good tips on how to keep the fabric creaseless for longer?? Any miracle spritz or something?


Can you see how generous the drape is on the duvet cover? Love it.

Target box pleated valance for the win. I looked at the big names that I could think of for this type of valance and all I could find was those (in my eyes) hideous quilted bed wraps. If I wanted that look, I would just keep the ensemble base exposed.


For $29.40. You can’t really go wrong. Well. . . I would prefer if it was just a few centimetres longer.

Image source


Here is that chair I got fixed up but never showed. I am really not happy with the whole experience. The central wood motif was damaged and the result of the restoration is not a good quality in my eyes. I think a FAR better job could have been done. It is very basic and only serves a functional purpose and form is out the window. The fabric though. Ohh my the fabric. The fabric is just beautiful. Maybe in time I might try again with a restoration. I have detailed pictures of how it use to look. . . . Also in the future I will ask for additional pictures of recent work and make a better educated decision on who does work for me.


They are our new tempur contoured pillows underneath. I wanted to give them ago. We’ve slept on them for one night and I am not sure. Kinda weird feeling. I need to get pillow protector cases from them as the cream covers show through and it looks yuck. We bought a new mattress protector in a Queen size which is the size of our bed and it is 20 cms too short on the length. What is with that? I thought a queen was a queen. That will get returned. Our current mattress protector is fine and in good condition. But is doesn’t sit right under the mattress. These new mattress that are super sized in height. Need more depth on fitted sheets & protectors.


I am LOVING the new mattress ensemble. I feel like a queen. It is higher up then previous bed. I need to jump on it and jump off it. I am average height at 165cms.

So there is lots to be done in this room. That frame to be hung for starters. Some matching lamps. New bedsides. I already earmarked them for 5 year wedding anniversary – ‘wood’. These current ones are IKEA rast hacks.


These curtain rods seem unresolved. I would prefer some custom ones that have a joined elbow bend. That would be nice. But where on Earth do you get custom curtain hardware in AUS? Well not even custom. Just nice? Not tacky, cheap, nasty SHIT!! These have extendable rods and they shit me. Oh how they shit me. So hard to get the rings up and over the ‘jump’.


You know I love a little photoshop mock up effort. No matter how tragic it looks. WOW that frame got hung on the wall!! How about that? (I think I missed the mark on the scale of that lamp. but never mind)

I want to D.I.Y a headboard. I am going to do myself a huge favour and KEEP IT SIMPLE. Just a straight up plain rectangle with a piped/corded edge. That’s it! in a powder, seafoam, marine, light blue VELVET!

Schumacher has the EXACT colour I want in a luscious mohair velvet.


I want the height of the bed head to be quite grand, so I have to work out how much yardage of fabric I will need. I am not sure at this stage if I can justify the cost of the Schumacher fabric. If no other colours are doing it for me, I might have to revisit it. Designer fabric is only within reach for me with the odd throw cushion. Definitely not for a full upholstery job nor curtains. Oh man. I am in awe of curtains made of designer fabric. There is so much yardage required to make curtains so the cost is astronomical. But they can make the room and they have gorgeous drape. Fall beautifully and that is really showcased with curtains.


Also there is still the hideous wardrobe doors to resolve.


I want to paint them white and add mill work and change the hardware.

A mirror and a light fitting will round out this room. Well a new rug would be lovely too. A gorgeous silk wool blend 12k job would be perfection, but that is just day dreams. (The ivory rug doesn’t really have a place in this room anymore)

Kitchen Renovation – Day 40 – ummm. . . think we’re at Day 55

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

How are we all?

I gotta tell ya, I’ve written so many posts and ran out of time to put them together with the pics and hit publish, then got overwhelmed by having to edit them, to remove all the past tense or things I hoped will happen, because they did or all my bitching and moaning, because I’ve gotten over it and moved on.

So I am a little perplexed as to where to start.
(^^ GOSH, Why am I so verbose? Surely that sentence could be shorter. I dislike how I write, but I know no other way. Working on it ^^)

Where were we last time we chatted. . 2 weeks ago?
(This post will be long one, just warning you.)

First thing that happened was we finally got bench tops! That happened Tuesday of last week.



And my sink was installed. It looks small in this picture. But it isn’t. I just love it so much!

Then I had to wait till Friday until the electrician was free. When he arrived, I had a MASSIVE MELTDOWN. Epic proportions people. I wrote all about it. It is long but I feel like is very important to talk about it. For anyone going through a renovation. Just to keep it real. It happens. Be prepared.

Unless you’re retro mummy and probably had your reno sponsored and it all went smoothly because it was their duty. Gosh negative much? You betcha. That is my only explanation. Fuck her and her fucking faultless kitchen install. It doesn’t happen that way. We all hope it will and really, IT SHOULD, but it doesn’t (LOL, please forgive. Clearly it is the stress talking. But anyone that has done a kitchen reno was thinking it. I’m just crass enough to say it) Well, maybe she was just the exception to the rule. I would have hoped for her that it would go smoothly because she has a lot of mouths to feed, but she did have a second kitchen to utilize. Look at me trying to be all diplomatic
FUCK HER! and her 3 week kitchen renovation that was all sunshine and daisys (besides her cooker)
I hate woman bashing and jealousy. I hate it. But lady, 3 weeks. . . you’re killing me!!!

So I have just simply copied and pasted it for you. Best I can do.

“Well, we reached melt down on Friday. Yep. I cried. I acted like a toddler. All traces of feminism deserted me. I rang my dad, I cried. I rang my husband, I cried.

I had a conversation with my husband that went like this.

ME: Come home

HUSBAND: What’s wrong?

ME: Come home

HUSBAND: But I’m at work and hav. . . .

ME: Come Home!

HUSBAND: Laura, I’d . . . .



ME: (Whispers) Thank you

 I am no expert on rational conversing, but I am certain that is an exemplary example.
I feel like I have been let down so many times I have depended on people. (Never my husband though, that is why he is my husband. There for me no matter what)
I’ve been left in the lurch countless times. Stressed and up late making things happen that nobody else bothered to do despite promising. I now have a blanket rule to never ask assistance from anyone, you want to help, great, but you do it from your own volition, not my request.

It is my dad’s 60th birthday on Tuesday. Which was MONTHS away from when we started this kitchen renovation. So it wasn’t a concern and the very reason I nominated myself and my newly renovated kitchen to cook my family dinner. The thought of not coming through with the goods this Tuesday was making me physically ill. If I commit to something. I do it. (But I would have still done it. We would be on milk crates and I would cook on the BBQ because I am a stubborn problem solver)

 When I opened the door on Friday. Marking 7 weeks since demolition started on our kitchen that is when breaking point was reached. I think you’re able to tell with my posts that I’ve really tried to remain positive and be sensibly optimistic. I’ve uttered every possible cringe worthy affirmation that puts me on par with Miranda Kerr.

That day however my strength and will was low. I’ve been beaten down. Had a particularly tough time. Felt lonely without my supportive husband since my return to work I don’t spend any days with him. Then this week he’s been tough with him doing longer hours and going away. Especially with my deadline looming.

The electrician I’ve been waiting all week for arrives at my house. Remains in car with engine and radio on for 20 minutes and then drives off without warning. Then I ring the owner for a please explain to get a message bank. Only for the electrician to return at 9.30am. What time to tradesmen start in your part of the world? Because where I’m from the standard is 7am. But this is not the same electrician who did our rough in work! My husband had rung the owner the day before to ask who was coming and was told it was the rough in guy and to confirm everything was good.

 This miscommunication is killing me! The thought of explaining what needs to be done again to yet another person is killing me. But I suck it up, take a deep breath in and tell him. Because, really, it is straightforward. A couple of power points where the cables are sticking out and some down lights. Get cracking. But he doesn’t! He needs to hear it from the guy that roughed jn. I’m telling him what needs to be done. He flat out refuses to hear it from me. He was looking at me like I’m the idiot.

 I retreat. I couldn’t go on. I could not get my mouth to say any more words to him. I was in disbelief. Why wasn’t this person starting work already? It is so straightforward it isn’t even funny. I am not laughing. I am defeated. I had some dopey person idly standing in my kitchen waiting for a call back form a different electrician who supposedly resigned when he didn’t turn up all those weeks ago to do our down lights and never turned up. But now magically works for the company again.

 I just need a kitchen.

I need some real food. I need EGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

 Because this past 7 weeks has been all about, Hello frozen processed chicken product filled with trans fat, Welcome to my arse, to my hips, to my bat wings. Please settle yourself in my pores. Don’t provide me sustained energy release, I don’t need it.

My husband was my guardian angel. He came home and supported me. Turns out the electrician didn’t listen to him either and he dismissed him on my order. I made him lunch and he worked from home with Audrey screeching in the background. Lunch was the bare doldrums of our fridge. I roasted up the remaining cherry tomatoes I had. Placed on toast with basil pesto that I made myself in the mortar and pestle from the contents of my fridge and garden. Then sprinkled with fetta cheese. He loved it, but was not filling enough for him. Needed an egg. . . . Or an avocado but they are $3 each and are rock hard.

 He made phone calls for me and made it possible for the original electrician to come on Saturday morning and finish the job off.”


Later on Friday, the kitchen company came back to put on those 2 missing panels. Instantly looked better. He also managed to fix our handle so we could finish off the bench seat, but a different installer had drilled the holes in the wrong spot on the last drawer, so they are ordering a new drawer front. (WHEN WILL IT END?)

Come Saturday. The electrician arrives HOORAH!!!!! The nice one. And my husband and his father start on the backsplash tiling.


These are the LED down lights. I really like them. They are fairly inconspicuous.




And at 7.30pm on Sunday evening.

The tiling is going a hellava lot slower that I anticipated. 2 men, 2 days. . . . but. It is free and it is PERFECT! I watched my FIL tile for 2 hours straight when I came home from work. I watched his process. It is faultless bar the length of time it takes.

Monday morning was when the plumber was available to return. Talk about cutting it close!

He installed the tap, the dishwasher and the cook top.

Then we had Monday evening to clean it all up and get the space ready for my Dad’s Birthday and my deadline.


But first, dinner. Long night ahead for us, so it was take away.


We had to turn this. . .


Into this.

This photo was taken at quarter to 3 in the morning. We didn’t go to bed for another hour after because we sat in those 2 chairs, ate a magnum ice cream each and reflected.


Then it was my deadline and my Dad’s 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!


I MADE IT!!!!!

My first cook in the kitchen was for a dinner party of seven. Talk about easing myself into it. I always make everything hard for myself.

I made a 2 course meal and a cake!


My calligraphy was amateur at best, but like they say, practice makes perfect.


The “Happy Birthday” was woeful but pleased with “Alan”

(oh and see the salt and pepper shakers? Empty! Ha. Ran out of time)

That is probably the last time you see a table cloth on my table, because this rug rat is getting outta control!


And these tiles don’t seem to be bothering her one bit.


And this morning the Fisher and Paykel man came to change the fridge doors over so it can open the other way and we can move it into our spot.

The freezer door has a ding in it.