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Kitchen and dining mood board

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Clockwise from top left

White shaker style cabinets – Chinese black slate floor tiles – Top Knobs Chareau polished nickel knob – Carrara Marble subway tiles – Top Knobs Chareau polished nickel handle – French door entrance – SCP Josiah medium pendant light – Planet Furniture Slab spotted gum dining table – Charcoal dining table chair – Visual Comfort large vendome chandelier in antique silver – Ilve cooker – Brodware tap.

I am missing my bench seat and window treatments from this mood board, but is there any other items that should be included in the mood board?

Do you think the SCP white pendant would work with the room and the other chandelier or it is just too modern? I don’t want to pick 2 pendants that compete against the dining table chandelier.



I think it will work.

ALSO!! We have a date! Kitchen to be demolished on Friday 27th of September. Yep. That is NEXT Friday!

I am so excited, yet so nervous. I hope it all goes to plan! Then Kitchen to be installed on Thursday 10th of October.

I would love to hear your feedback so I can start ordering things!! I have not purchased dining table chairs either, but I am after something like that.

Baby Shower Stationery

Monday, March 4th, 2013





Designed and made by me

(Click images to view larger)

More wrapping

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I am not going to claim creative intelligence over this. I saw something similar on pinterest and was inspired.

I own a hell-a-va lot of tulle.

Remember I made 3 veils for my wedding. (Plus another for the hens night)

Well, I have plenty left over in the craft cupboard,

Do you have a craft cupboard? No? Well you should!

The magnolia leaves & sprig of rosemary are from my garden.

Here is some tags and ornaments I made.

There are plenty of tutorials out there.

I used FIMO white oven-bake clay.

That is some more left over lace from making veils. (Oh I love veils!!) I am sad that my veil wearing days are over. 1 day out of a whole life time hardly seems fair.

This is gorgeous french Chantilly lace.

I went a bit nordic with this wrapping.

Love it!

I can’t just subscribe to one theme. It is one of my weaknesses. I love a bit of this, a bit of that.

It really isn’t a good thing and I constantly working on my strength. I end up with a lot of miss-matched things.


When it comes to the jolly o’ Christmas time! There are no rules!!!

I utilized one of my clay tags in this wrapping, as well as my Cupid’s Bow labels.

Did anyone take my advice on using a Kinder choccie to attach to a present?

It just adds exactly what this present needs. It is after all a gift card (Shhh no one tell anyone)

I think out of all my wrapped present. This is my favourite.

I’m immature. I just love that it is so tiny and the tag is so big!

And with all that said.

I AM DONE!!!!!!!

I have no more wrapping to do. No more shopping to do!

I will be working from this Saturday right through to Boxing day, so I knew all along I had to be organised. Hopefully in there we have some early days so we can see friends and family!

New Bling!

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

My mother has been pushing for grand children ever since I hit puberty. No Joke!

This being her first grand child, she is over the moon.

She joked to me once saying she would buy me anything for me to have a baby, so I joked back, ok. I want a sapphire.

(I can’t remember why I said that)

Anyways, true to her word. She surprised me with this ring.

I love it’s little windows. It is a full eternity ring. 18k white gold with blue sapphires.

Maybe it is a premonition that I am having a boy. They did also have pink sapphire bands too.

This is also the exact type of ring I envisioned receiving as a push present from my husband.

(This decision was made before I explained to him what a push present is and he flat out denied getting me one. So I never thought more on the subject)

I love my new stack!

Breaks up the uniformity between my wedding band and engagement ring. I was already having doubts before the wedding about my wedding band choice. I wish I had gone from something that was different, not matching. But this solves that niggling thought.

I love my wedding band though. It looks like a row of diamonds on my hand as you can’t see much metal. (Sorry to anyone with channel set rings. HATE THEMMMMMMM with a passion)

This is how it looks on my hand.

Love my micro lens. Captures the dry skin and tiny hand wrinkles.

(But need to get better at using it. Still not sure how to get everything in focus)

Love my mum and dad too!


House warming & Baby shower invitation

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Here is my latest stationery work.

The client is due with their first baby after trying for 5 years and a little IVF help.

They are also moving house! So they are combining a house warming with the baby shower and at that stage, the baby would have arrived!

The original water colour art work.

Original hand painted.

Scanned and made into card with envelope.

And some separate little “We’ve moved” cards in lilac with matching envelopes.

All stacked up and ready to post with the original artwork!

If you are interested in these cards, check out my etsy listing here

(sorry about the blurs!)

Babies Galore

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Well there has been a few special deliveries of babies in the past weeks.

2 of my friends had babies.

One of which you saw here!

To mark the celebration I made some gifts.

“Bebe” cards and small lilac envelopes that I hand painted the names on.

Envelopes can be purchased here

The original “bebe” water colour artwork can be purchased here

I would love to get this one professional framed, but we are *hopefully* going to be seeing them soon and I don’t want the gift stuck at the framers

I just need to take “Sophie” to the framers which I am doing today.

Hand painted with water colours and metallic inks the baby girl’s names.

If you would like a personalised name original water colour artwork. You can visit this etsy listing.

. . .

Congratulations also to Jasmine from 207 Young on the arrival of her son!

And to Emma from Living through our renovations for the arrival of her daughter Alexandra!

NeoReverie does corporate

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Have I bored you enough with flower pics??

How about I go one better!! Some corporate graphic design!

Here we go.

An exhibition stand. The stand itself was not designed by me, but all the graphics were.

3D printing!!! The technology of the future people!

Custom word panels.




One of two brochures I designed.

This man that works there, I have super huge crush on him. I think I want to make babies with him.
But Shhhhhhh! No one tell my husband.

And just for fun, because they are so cute.

Some of the 3D printed models (taken one my phone)

Murder under the big top!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

My sister is having a Murder Mystery party for her birthday!

It is a circus themed one.

The main invite

All the elements!

You get the main invitation, your character bio, the circus bulletin and the rules of the circus!

Envelopes (Can be purchased here)

I am soooooooo pumped for it! I have been told to watch Water for Elephants first.

New Nursery Artworks – For Sale in Etsy Shop

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

I finally got around to photographing my “Bébé” Watercolour artworks. I am also getting better at using the manual mode on my digital SLR.

These are original watercolour artworks. Not prints. Perfect for a new mum, baby shower gift or yourself.

$35 + $3.50 for postage. Bargain!

Bébé – multi-coloured In the shop here

Bébé – green In the shop here

Bébé – orange In the shop here

 Bébé – blue In the shop here

Bébé – pink In the shop here

Blinds, Appliance, Lemons & Cleansers

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Have you seen this months Vogue Living?
It is NeoReverie colours!!! Navy and Gold.


It also has a feature on window coverings! So I had to buy it much to the dismay of my husband who just recently surprised me with a Belle magazine subscription!
But when I justified myself, he was forgiving. Just

On Friday I FINALLY ordered our roman blinds. Gosh there was some too-ing and fro-ing on my part!
We went with Designed Blinds Australia in a white fabric. This means I must get busy with a paint brush and paint the bay window and the 2nd bedroom window in glossy white enamel so that they will be done in time for installation of our NEW BLINDS!

So, since winter hit we have been getting condensation on our windows in the bedrooms and just a general dampness. These rooms are on the south side and don’t get the sunlight.

As a result, some mould has formed on the ceiling in our bedroom. This needs to be remedied immediately, for a few reasons. 1, I am sick. 2, our health, 3, it is gross 4, I don’t want it to spread and 5, we just forked out a few k$$ for some blinds and a rug and I don’t want them to grow mould too.

We have done some research online and most comments point to getting a dehumidifier. So, today I ordered one.

My husband is going up into the ceiling and checking outside to see where the dampness may be coming from. No other windows get condensation and we do not heat this room at all, so it is not a case of it being hotter inside then out.
We also bought insulation that my husband will install as soon as he can in the ceiling.
I have read only GREAT things about dehumidifiers! So I am really excited to get ours tomorrow. I ordered it from Appliances Online.
Reviews state that the mould stopped immediately, no more condensation, no more dampness and a consensual regret that they didn’t purchase earlier.

Yesterday at morning tea time at work. I went and picked lemons in the court yard outside the Sydney West Trial Courts with my friend. She has crafted this handy hook that lets you reach up high. We split the haul with a couple of people from work.
Now it is time to make some lemon cakes, lemon tarts, lots of salad with lemon juice dressing. I need your best lemon recipes!


In other news, I am attending a medi-spa. I know, how luxe.

I am having a few peels done. I sound so FULL of myself. My skin is in pretty good condition except for one thing. I PICK AT EVERY GOD DAMN PIMPLE I HAVE EVER HAD, so as a result I have little red dots/scars ALL OVER MY FACE.
I have wanted to do something about this for a while. So I bit the bullet.
I am happy with the texture of my face and I like to NOT wear makeup. I feel okay not wearing makeup as my skin is nice and I have no pimples except, I regret it the moment I look in the mirror and just see scars everywhere.

Because I am investing in my skin with the peels, I thought it was best to back it up with some skin care at home.


I do mix it up with some cetaphil (Which I personally don’t like as it doesn’t lather or foam and I feel like it does absolutely noting, but I was getting some irritation, so it was soothing, I used it) Some Aesop exfoliator, some sample cleansers (suqqu, dermalogica, more aesop)
but basically, yep, aldi hand wash.

This is what I purchased

In other news. My husband has been sooooo crazy busy. We are in the process of finishing off a website, he is doing some other freelance work and with his full time job it is a super busy time for them as they in preparation mode for their industry exhibition that will commence Wednesday the 11th of July. I have been in his office a few times in the past couple of weeks, as I freelanced for them. I designed all the posters and banners for their exhibition stand and made the brochures. The tensions is high. For a moment there, their 3D printer wasn’t working and it was crisis mode. He is also trying to arrange with 2 clients some site visits, 1 in Perth and 1 in QLD arrange his super exhausted schedule. . .

so when things couldn’t get any worse or hectic for my husband.


Jury Duty

The week commencing his works big exhibition, where several clients from Australia are flying in to meet with him.


Poor guy.