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Friday, January 9th, 2015

Welcome! I’m back. I am ready to blog!


I declared it year of the house which equals – #YOTH15 in hashtag lingo. I urge you use the hashtag if it is also YEAR OF THE HOUSE for you too!

This remark came as I wanted to put of a 4 square collage on instagram of things that I did around our house this past year and I all I could come up with was the banquette upholstery and the bed head d.i.y.

It dawned on me then. Not enough was done around our place. I wasn’t happy. This year, I would like to change that.

There are countless things that need to be done, so time to starting ticking them off.

So far! 1 week in:

Bunk Beds bought for my daughter’s room.


I would LOVE twin beds! I LOVE that look, but I think only works if you have boy-boy or girl-girl. And as I haven’t fallen pregnant yet, I can’t determine that.

But it is time for my daughter to go into a big girl bed and with all the sales floating around, I thought it best to do it now.

Even if I did end up with a second daughter, realistically in a small room, bunk beds are the way to go. And we don’t have rumpus or playroom either.

I am a bit sad as I would have LOVED to make a crazy headboard.

But don’t get me wrong. Bunk beds can be cool too! I had bunk beds with my younger sister and we had a BLAST!!!!! It was the best fun.


Sarah Richardson designed nursery – source

(Might have to give my bunks a coat of paint in a cool colour)

I purchased 2 occasional chairs for our living room. They are dining armchairs (carvers). I don’t have the width to fit 2 separate armchairs. I dislike slipper chairs as they are so low and most people in our families would have a tough time getting out of them including myself!

Coco Republic - Shoot Oct 24+25, 2013

I am really happy with these. Just need a very petite side table to go in between them.

This is something that has been on my list for a while, when our families visit there isn’t enough room for people to sit.

Another BIG TICK that has been lingering since we bought the house. LIGHT FITTINGS! A cheap light fitting is a cheap light fitting!

Plus I need 2 for the living room.


I have now placed an order for these. They match my fireplace scones.


I had my heart set on the Bryant chandelier


Since forever, but in the shop today, I changed my mind and it is for the best.

I already own, for the living room, this coffee table


and now these 2 chairs

Coco Republic - Shoot Oct 24+25, 2013

And the settee (needs re-upholstery)


And this is my fireplace

2014-02-02 15.42.05

(Still on the hunt for a mirror. I would like antiqued style panelled mirror with the studs/flower pins)

They are all soft and feminine pieces. The bryant chandelier is graphic and masculine and not 100% the direction I am evidently heading in with the selections I have already made.

We have also received 3 quotes for airconditioning. My husband has been asking ever since we have moved in, but I keep saying no as truly it is not that bad. THAT IS UNTIL THIS WEEK AT HOME! I finally see where he is coming from and the heat affects him more. Poor guy!

So we will hopefully be installing 2 split system units in our house (Part of he reason I said no, is I dislike the units on the wall, they are gross and I would prefer ducted, but wouldn’t bother doing it until we do an extension and do it all at once. . )

We have also received 2 quotes on new guttering and a water tank. We definitely want a water tank as we are slowly becoming keen gardeners, especially with growing herbs and vegetables and also my flower and hedge aspirations.

I think that is a CRACKING start to 2015!

My home is my castle and if you are going to work so hard, you might as well benefit from it with a nice place to come home too from a day at work.

On that note, about work,

This blog post was JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO READ!

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.31.39 am


Sadly applies to me to the letter!

A good wake up call though, sometimes I just want to pack it all in and be a stay at home mum. but that would mean a massive cut back on a lot of things. No fabric purchases, no furniture purcahses, no holidays away.  Probably not even nice cuts of meat for dinner. HELL NO Meredith Dairy goats cheese. Not much at all.

So just put my head down, bum up and keep on keeping on!!

Because I got a quote on THE display cabinet of my dreams.

2015-01-09 11.34.21

Yes, $22,000. That is what American made, solid timber costs. . . . (this is the price of a trade discount, the original price is $28k because our dollar is not the best right now)

Never in my wild reverie could I fathom owing this.

Maybe with a winning lotto ticket in hand. . .

Any plans on #YOTH15 around your place? TELL ME!!

Alice Mary Lynch – Custom Hare doll for Audrey

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

I was browsing pinterest. . . like everyday of my life and came across the most gorgeous dolls. I fell in love with the flair and style of them.

Then I started following the creator on Instagram. A random comment from me at the right time saw an opportunity for me to commission a custom doll for my daughter – scratch that – me!! HAHAHA

I present to you Audrey Hare Princess from Alice Mary Lynch.







Such a special gift for my daughter that I hope will get passed down.

I really want to get a boy fox now.

Alice Mary Lynch

And check out pinterest for more of her dolls.

Melbourne 2014

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Long time, no post.

Apologies. Something shit happened. Like really shit. Nothing to do with health, illness or death. But something pretty lousy, hurtful and plain annoying happened. I don’t want to write what it is because I do read back through my post to remember things and look back at what I have achieved and I don’t want to be reminded of this terrible incident. Just let the past swallow it up and take it away.

I did write it all down in a document at work. But I grappled with whether I wanted to post it or not. Do you ponder over what you will post and what you won’t?

I still haven’t posted my birth story because I can’t decide if I am that kind of person anymore. Am I completely honest and open as I use to be? I of course will let you in on every gory detail if you are my friend and want to know. I have no hesitation there.

I am just going to print out Audrey’s birth story and place it in her keepsake box and pray to God that my house doesn’t burn to the ground or gets stolen.

I also don’t want to write about bad things. Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, but I can just make my blog a little happy place only. Escapism for me. (And my readers, I hope)

I was feeling really low and negative after this event. There was lots of fuck this, fuck that, fuck the fucking world. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKKKKK and I want to be less about the fuck and more about the pretty and the happy and the positive. Which sums up what I already am about. So no blotches on my blog. Back to business. The show must go on!


My husband had a work trip to Melbourne. Which because of the public holiday on Monday. Meant he left on Tuesday morning and would return on Friday and HELLO, that just happens to be the non-working days for me! So I told him to book Audrey and myself tickets and a rental car. We tagged along.

We are budget conscience at the moment and holidays for us are just not going to happen. We would rather be spending the money on renovation of our house at the moment. I also am on a self-imposed leave ban. I am thinking about baby number 2 and I need to save my leave so I don’t have a total of 5 seconds with my baby before returning to work. I used my extended leave last time and that won’t accrue fast enough to have the same amount of leave this time around. So I take what I can get. Small mercies.

Having said all that, I did take a day off on Monday. Under duress it was! LOL. We had a picnic for my Mothers Group so that all the men could meet each other. There was a very long email chain that was going back and forth of proposed dates for this shindig and none of them was going to suit me because I work weekends and all the public holidays, but this was the date that suited the majority and a line was drawn in the sand. I did entertain the idea of sending my husband just with Audrey, but he is a pretty shy guy and that seemed kind of cruel.

I digress. It was a beautiful day and I relished in my leave pass. Ohhhh to be social! It really is an important part of life.

Then on Tuesday we rose at the ungodly hour of 4am! (well not ungodly because my co-worker in the lead up to Christmas was attending Church at 4.30am. A novena she called it. 9 days before Christmas!! WHAT??? Dedicated she is! I love hearing about other people’s cultures and traditions. Do you? Fascinating.

4am, out of the house at 4.30am for our 4.43am train to the airport. We walked in the dark with pram, 2 suitcases, nappy bag and laptop bag down the hill to the station. We made it to the airport without much fuss. I was immensely proud.

The flight with Audrey was great. She wriggled a bit in the beginning which was annoying in the confined space, but then she had a bottle and drifted off to sleep for the rest of the flight. She stayed sound asleep all the way til baggage collection. What a legend.


My husband’s work site was next to the airport which isn’t ideal, but we had a rental car and I like to drive. I thrashed it up and down that freeway all week long! I used a tank of petrol in 4 days LOL. The air-condition was on full throttle constantly. I was certain the car was going to clunk out.

On the first day I went to Chadstone shopping centre because it was 39 degrees and I wasn’t taking baby girl out in that.

Had a browse around there and then I picked up my husband from work. We checked into the hotel and headed straight to the spa and pool!!! It had been a LONG day by that stage. Audrey had an absolute ball in the spa. It wasn’t a hot spa.

The next day I went on a MAMMOTH walk. I walked Malvern Road, High St Prahran, Punt Road and Toorak road and lots of little streets in between. I was so pleased with myself. I just kept on walking and walking. When I got back to the hotel I asked if I could borrow my husband’s laptop so I could plot the walk. 15km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For me, UNHEARD OF! Well I use to do long walks like these when I was a size 10. . . . .  I am so proud. I must get out more. I really must.

But, poor little Audrey had her little legs poking out the stroller and they got a wicked tan. Mummy guilt to the max!! I did make an effort to try and keep them covered, but it kept coming off. I aloe vera’d up her legs so much. She loved the massages.

Then on Thursday, I went to Gertrude St, Fitzroy to look at arty stuff. Then I met up with my 2 cousins. One of them has a 1 year old son who I haven’t met. That was lovely.


My other cousin is a famous sommelier. Famous to me! HE HE HE and in the wine world. We went to a new café on Chapel Road Windsor. Around the corner from where she lives called Plenty. Delicious.

859 858

That is a poached egg on top!!

Then I went to Hawthorne to visit a shop. . . but the GPS wasn’t kicking in on my phone so I just kept driving til it kicked in, I knew I was going in the wrong direction, but that’s ok. It was heading towards Albert Park so I decided to just do a drive through and view the gorgeous houses!! So picturesque.


I went past another twitter girls shop and I saw the shopping strip. But I was melting and my daughter was catching zeds so I didn’t get out. Then I trotted back to Hawthorne. I didn’t realise that Hawthorne is also a gorgeous suburb. Very pretty houses there too. I went to a shop called Peony. I only walked away with a candle because the choice was overwhelming. I have fallen in love with this perfume. Well it was the bottle first. It looks so chic. I went over to the display and only saw French words on first inspection and my knowledge of French doesn’t extend beyond, Bonjour, Bonsoir, Au revior, merci etc etc. So I was out of my depth, then I saw the word Camellia. I have been on a Camellia kick of late.


I have been in talks with an advance plant nursery for plant recommendations for a narrow spot in my garden and they recommended Camellias. So I have been doing a lot of research on them.


I only got a slight whiff of it. So I need to track this range down in Sydney.

Then on the Friday I finished off the top end of High St. Picked up where I left off and did High St, Armidale. Then I met up with 2 mums from Twitter. Well. . . if we want to split hairs, back in the good old Vogue forum days. I already feel like I know Slavisa So funny. Her daughter is a few weeks older then Audrey and Eirini’s daughter is 4 months old. We had a wonderful afternoon in the Botanical gardens.



Then I went and picked my husband up from work and we went the airport, returned the rental car and caught the plane home.

Thank goodness for work colleagues that are catching a flight 15 mins earlier who parked at the airport and who also has a car seat in their car. AND offers lifts home. HALLELUJAH! While he was waiting for us, he adjusted the seat and moved to the pick-up area and luckily we weren’t putting him out much because we live on the way to his place. The thought of catching the train home and walking up that hill was too much. I was exhausted from all that travel and working and baby nurturing!

Fabulous jam packed full 4 days in Melbourne! Just wish I got out and ate some decent food of an evening but alas, husband was way too busy and exhausted.

I have Heidi my designer beacon (always pointing me in the right direction) to curse thank for the bulk of these purchases.



The dolly is called “Eloise” I didn’t realise that until I looked up the brand online and saw the title. I knew the doll spoke to me!!


Liberty fabric garments from Jacadi


Dolly, lavender sachet and table runner from Plane Tree Farm. Candle from Peony. Figs from my inlaws garden and FINALLY! My husband has finished the mantle.


Loving the table runner.

And there was no stopping. It was back to work the very next day!! Arghhhhh

Ohhhh and Husband needs to go back at the end of this month for the second round. . . . decisions, decisions. My cousin lives near the Mornington Peninsula, So I might spend time down there. She was talking about hot springs!! YES PLEASE!!

Bedroom Plans

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

In the sales we purchased an ensemble. I have been thinking about this for some time but our mattress is not that old. It sits on a bed frame, which I don’t like. It is nice enough, but it was cheap and no longer my style.  I have been thinking about a new bed head and I think it would be easier to make a stand alone bedhead as opposed to try and recover my entire bed frame. Too much fabric. So thinking bedhead with a valance to cover the ensemble base.

Anyway, so that decision was catapulted right to the top of the list when the shops were doing amazing deals like in excess of 50% off and free delivery. Talk about impulse purchase. The only con to this option is we lose the storage we had under our bed. But the thought of sleeping on top of my clutter doesn’t appeal  to me either. So best just be ruthless and more organised.

For our 2nd year wedding anniversary I purchased a canvas to paint a picture (cotton) but I never got around to it, so instead I purchased a new duvet cover. I have been looking for a 2 stripe or 3 stripe cover for ages. House Hold linens does one but it is quite expensive and I didn’t like the colours. Now Sheridan does one but don’t like the colours. And the border is around the edge of the cover and not smaller to frame the mattress top. (I don’t think I would buy Sheridan sheets ever again. My last set is now painting drop cloths. I don’t use bleach, I don’t over crowd the washing machine and I have a front loader and it got all these holes in it and is torn to shreds now. That is the second set to do that. No other sheet brand has done this.)


So I purchased this one from One Kings Lane with a shipping forwarder. First time I have done that and it was successful.


I am thrilled with the quality. The pillow cases are the PERFECT size. I often find that pillow cases are a bit slack on the pillow, too big. The cover is also very generous in size. I don’t know if this is an American thing or not. The width of the queen was good for the quilt inside but length was much longer. It is because the cover is designed so that the cover sits right up at the top of the bed and the pillows sit on top of it!! That makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!!! It looks a lot neater. But I don’t know if their quilts are made longer, or it was just this particular duvet cover. I did notice that in the top corners INSIDE the duvet covers it has ties. I guess to tie your quilt in and prevent it from slipping down. Do their quilts have like eyelets in them or something?? I don’t understand how you would tie it. I am so fascinated with this all. Can you tell? I haven’t tied mine, but it hasn’t shifted either.

For the sheets, I would like to purchase 100% linen sheets. They get such rave reviews. But where to find a set? (My husband hates the sound of the crunch of crisp cotton sheets. Says it wakes him when either of us moves. Poor. baby.) And a set that has the fitted sheet with a extra long depth. 35 – 40 cms doesn’t cut it around here.

But I would like a set from Linoto. It is cheaper getting these ones from New York then Sheridan from David Jones (Which aren’t long enough in the fitted sheet depth).


How the bed looks! What do you think? I spent the best part of 2 hours, ironing the sheets and covers! Do you iron your bedding? This photo was taken a few nights of sleeping in, hence why they are a bit crushed. Any good tips on how to keep the fabric creaseless for longer?? Any miracle spritz or something?


Can you see how generous the drape is on the duvet cover? Love it.

Target box pleated valance for the win. I looked at the big names that I could think of for this type of valance and all I could find was those (in my eyes) hideous quilted bed wraps. If I wanted that look, I would just keep the ensemble base exposed.


For $29.40. You can’t really go wrong. Well. . . I would prefer if it was just a few centimetres longer.

Image source


Here is that chair I got fixed up but never showed. I am really not happy with the whole experience. The central wood motif was damaged and the result of the restoration is not a good quality in my eyes. I think a FAR better job could have been done. It is very basic and only serves a functional purpose and form is out the window. The fabric though. Ohh my the fabric. The fabric is just beautiful. Maybe in time I might try again with a restoration. I have detailed pictures of how it use to look. . . . Also in the future I will ask for additional pictures of recent work and make a better educated decision on who does work for me.


They are our new tempur contoured pillows underneath. I wanted to give them ago. We’ve slept on them for one night and I am not sure. Kinda weird feeling. I need to get pillow protector cases from them as the cream covers show through and it looks yuck. We bought a new mattress protector in a Queen size which is the size of our bed and it is 20 cms too short on the length. What is with that? I thought a queen was a queen. That will get returned. Our current mattress protector is fine and in good condition. But is doesn’t sit right under the mattress. These new mattress that are super sized in height. Need more depth on fitted sheets & protectors.


I am LOVING the new mattress ensemble. I feel like a queen. It is higher up then previous bed. I need to jump on it and jump off it. I am average height at 165cms.

So there is lots to be done in this room. That frame to be hung for starters. Some matching lamps. New bedsides. I already earmarked them for 5 year wedding anniversary – ‘wood’. These current ones are IKEA rast hacks.


These curtain rods seem unresolved. I would prefer some custom ones that have a joined elbow bend. That would be nice. But where on Earth do you get custom curtain hardware in AUS? Well not even custom. Just nice? Not tacky, cheap, nasty SHIT!! These have extendable rods and they shit me. Oh how they shit me. So hard to get the rings up and over the ‘jump’.


You know I love a little photoshop mock up effort. No matter how tragic it looks. WOW that frame got hung on the wall!! How about that? (I think I missed the mark on the scale of that lamp. but never mind)

I want to D.I.Y a headboard. I am going to do myself a huge favour and KEEP IT SIMPLE. Just a straight up plain rectangle with a piped/corded edge. That’s it! in a powder, seafoam, marine, light blue VELVET!

Schumacher has the EXACT colour I want in a luscious mohair velvet.


I want the height of the bed head to be quite grand, so I have to work out how much yardage of fabric I will need. I am not sure at this stage if I can justify the cost of the Schumacher fabric. If no other colours are doing it for me, I might have to revisit it. Designer fabric is only within reach for me with the odd throw cushion. Definitely not for a full upholstery job nor curtains. Oh man. I am in awe of curtains made of designer fabric. There is so much yardage required to make curtains so the cost is astronomical. But they can make the room and they have gorgeous drape. Fall beautifully and that is really showcased with curtains.


Also there is still the hideous wardrobe doors to resolve.


I want to paint them white and add mill work and change the hardware.

A mirror and a light fitting will round out this room. Well a new rug would be lovely too. A gorgeous silk wool blend 12k job would be perfection, but that is just day dreams. (The ivory rug doesn’t really have a place in this room anymore)

Catch all post

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Hello my lovelys


How did the weekend treat you? I had a fabulous weekend. Well . . .  there was that work thing I got to go and do, but still good. Had a party for my Dad at a restaurants. Was a really nice gathering. My bub was loved and held by everyone. She was a good girl and eventually dozed off to sleep in the pram. The weather was nice (as we were on the veranda of the restaurant) The food was delicious and the tipple, just what a working mamma needed.

My husband and his father finished the tiling of the splash back. It looks OUT OF THIS WORLD good. Saved ourselves a couple of hundred dollars and I hope that my husband has an interest in tiling and learnt a bit of the trade from his dad because I can think of MANY tiling jobs! I would love a gorgeous powder bathroom (just the toilet in a tiny room) that he could do some fabulous tiling in on the bottom third of the wall Then I paint a mural (like gracie wallpaper) on the other two thirds of the wall. Gorgeous. (Well I do have this room, it is within the laundry, but if we do an extension, then this room would be demolished to make way for the new part of the house I would love. I need an extra bedroom!!! Then we could stay here for a bit) So there is no point doing anything to it. I need to win lotto, but I don’t buy lottery tickets.


Now to pick the grout colour.
I initially was saying a grey because that is how they had the tiles displayed in the showroom and I liked that. But then when they were installed they looked a lot darker and I thought the grey wouldn’t be a contrast and best to go with white. It was the weirdest thing. Anyone marble connoisseurs? The tiles looked light in colour, then when they were on the wall, they were still light, but slightly darker from the shadow and lack of light from the overhead cabinets and then after time, they seem to go even darker, then I was dismayed.  But after a clean up, they are back to being light again. At the moment, the picture I think is a good indication of what it would like with grey grout and I quite like it.
I want to be able to see a define brick pattern and not just a wash of marble. But I don’t want to it be a strong contrast. It is not a hipster move. White subway with dark grout, look at the converted warehouse I live in, NO!
But there is 3 types of grey! Oh man. (Pretty certain I will go with the lightest grey version)

The massive clean up of my house needs to start. Every single thing is covered in dust. It is all just grotty. I want to wash everything. Speaking of washing, my dishwasher. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Been to a symphony? And the feeling you get listen to the live music? YEP? That is me and my dishwasher when it is running! I am loving my dishwasher so much. We have done a load every night. Putting anything we can into it.

Washing those darn baby bottles every day was reducing my sanity. I stood over the bathroom vanity and moaned to my husband with a bottle brush in one hand a baby bottle in the other and the sink full of bottle paraphernalia. “Is this my life? Is this the extent of it? I just always seem to be standing here washing bloody baby bottles!” But luckily for me, I can just shove them in the dishwasher of a night! Woo.

I also need to do some sewing. I have sold a few Christmas stockings and need to make a few more up!


I have them listed on etsy if anyone is interested. (I don’t want to talk myself up or anything, but in David Jones, they were selling stockings and the quality was terrible. The internal lining had the visible overlocked edges! And the cuff was only on the front of the stocking, it didn’t go the whole way around. Talk about cutting corners. Made in China and the same price as mine. Something to think about y’all)



Christmas is around the corner and I fear for my tree and for Audrey, I might have to a have a smaller tree that is out of her grip. Meanwhile, my present from my parents that I ordered (LOL) arrived!!! No fuss. Love it.


Loving Juliska sick.


That is an “Audrey” Stamp I designed and had made!!


Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

I am just OBSESSED with dinnerware at the moment.

My Maxwell and Williams is not cutting it evidently!

I have priced out some dinner settings for 8 places and it is looking like big bucks! More then I am willing at the moment.

Family is asking what I want for chrissy, so they could assist but it is all order from the US with a shipping forwarder. That is too much to ask.

Back burner it is.

However. . .


I did manage to pick up these Juliska shakers from Saks Fifth Avenue for the dining table.

Wow! Amazing service from Saks. $10 shipping and was delivered in a few days by DHL which send you updates and I was able to change the delivery date online because it was due on Monday and I was working, so I made it Tuesday.


Fits in nicely with my Astier De Villatte.


Who likes my glass spheres? I got them from Coco Republic. Can’t wait to ‘style’ with them. I’m rubbish at that, but practice makes perfect, right?


I dislike the colour red, but for Christmas I make an exception and embrace it. I can’t afford to buy one new dinner setting, let alone two, but let’s just imagine I had a never ending bank account and a holiday house.


This is my Christmas tablescape inspiration. Minus the sulky kid.

It is by Juliska. That table cloth would be replaced by my black toile table cloth and the black table runner would be my red ticking stripe.

But back to reality. . . again.


4 Christmas stockings!


2 are good! 1 is okay but the toile on the cuff is upside down (More unpicking, I guess, but I don’t think I care enough) and the other is a hack job one. I just cut out the batting from the first one. . . (lazy) Sits a bit funny. Probably should make a new one.


I just adore this fabric. I use to LOATHE toile. Now I love it.

I am ITCHING to start on my black toile table cloth, but I have packed up all my sewing items. It is time for the KITCHEN!!! There is only a few things left to pack up of our kitchen!! Yippeeee.

Another thing I am lusting after is:

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 8.51.52 PM

These L’Objet mugs. If only Saks would ship these internationally. (I understand why they don’t for this brand) but there was so many restrictions as to what they would ship. Annoying.

How special would a mundane Monday (Or any moment) be drinking out of this gorgeous vessel?


And just to round out this blog post.



In little pink jeans!! They nearly fit her and the weather decides to warm right up! Look at her just sitting there like a little adult.

My they grow quick.


I got her ears pierced a week ago. All looks good.

I’ll leave you with the start of a discussion:

Chargers. Are they just a glorified place mat? I want some though, only because I love that layered look. They don’t really serve any other purpose do they?

Do you want some too?

I need to write a post about keeping a nice functional household. Need ideas, tips and tricks, help and guidance.


Kitchen – What is happening? What is the hold up?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

We’ve paid a deposit on our kitchen! It is happening I promise you.

Still haven’t got the start date though.

Yesterday I went on a mammoth drive to Palm Beach. OOOhhh so pretty up that way! I think I would love to live around there if I could afford it.

In Sydney, we are experiencing some truly stunning light winters day with optional cardi weather.

I drove for 1.5 hours to visit a shop that was not open! Their opening hours were not stipulated on their website.

I wasn’t too bothered as I really do love to go for a drive and it means I will just have to visit another time. Alas they have a sister store in Castlecrag, so I rang them to make sure that they are open and they were!

There are so many nice shops in the Northern Beaches, but I was battling dodgy phone reception and the clock, So I just decided to go to Avalon for lunch.

Louise Bell, the proprietor of Table Tonic always instagrams her lunch from Nourish. They look so scrumptious and healthy so I decided to go there to eat.


Avalon is a really nice area. Nice village feel and easy parking (well it was a Tuesday)

I had a wander around the streets there before sitting down to this $16.50 salad with a side of $8 water!

I didn’t realise the water was $8 until afterwards. You live and you learn.

The salad was very yummy, but no where near enough goats cheese.

Then I drove to Castlecrag to visit the shop. The store owner greeted me and asked me if I was the one who rung, he offered me truly superb customer service. He was French, but not snooty.


I took home these 2 items.

If you haven’t realised by now, I am an absolute sucker for white ceramics and I am building up a collection of it.

(And if my kids dare ebay it when I am dead, so help me God I will haunt them!)

Here lies my first 2 items from French brand Astier de Villatte.

I was really after a fruit bowl/big bowl for my island bench, but it was slim pickings. He said he is going to France in September for a shopping trip. Oh what a life.


The milky white glaze also has a pearlescent effect to it.

I grew that cymbidium orchid in my Audrey vase. Mumma’s proud.

I also love marble and I came across this fruit bowl on Hub Furniture’s website.


There was no price, so I googled it to see approximately how much it costs. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS!

There goes that idea of having it on the bench holding non organic bananas.


This stand is also from Marsotto. Heaven to betsy is has my name all over it. Someone must gift me with it.

.   .   .   .   .

Talking about eBay. I’ve had a bit of luck and have managed to sell off quite of bit of unused items around my house.

One of which was this in window air conditioner. To me, having an aircon in the window is an eyesore. I don’t even feel good about those ones on the wall either.

It was with the house already and we have been here for 2 summers and never used it. It is in the kitchen window and we are about to renovate that room completely so it was time for it to go.

I listed it for the low low price of $20 and it sold for $76! Oh I laughed and I laughed.

A man came over and spent 2 hours of his life removing it for me and disposing of it and he gave ME $76. That sounds like winning to me.

It was quite the saga though. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and forgot his tools, so he used one of my husband’s screw driver and damaged it. He was having difficulty removing it and sheepishly asked me when my husband would be home so he could help me. Once he was home, it didn’t take long and he was off on his merry way in a van full of other old electronics and washing machines. I don’t get it and I don’t need to get it. I’ve got CASH!


He couldn’t understand why I was selling it. I told him that I preferred to reinstate the aesthetics of the original timber sash window then to have the aircon in it.

He screwed his face up in disgust and told me that my window would rot and to rip it out and replace with aluminum.

Comments like this make me really sad.

I really do want to go to university to study architecture and have a job that is involved in restoration projects. That would be my dream.

Another sad comment this week was the electrician telling me to continue the down lights in the kitchen into the rest of the house. UM NO!!!!!

Down lights and aluminum windows make me very sad indeed.

I would really love to know what happened to this houses original wood and lead light window and the person who decided to rip it out.

I would love to build a house next, but that is just a dream, but if we buy another house next I definitely am not going to compromise on original features.


If we do the extension to our house. This window will be going in my ensuite and the bathtub will sit under it!

(Again, why anyone would remove this window from their house is absolutely beyond me!)

For the entry way between the living room and the kitchen we ordered french doors. I am kicking myself, I should have visited this place first to see if they had doors that were suitable.

They did



You win some, you lose some.

But I did see these lights


I’m thinking the third from the left.

2 of those over my island bench.

But I don’t think I will bite the bullet until the kitchen is fully installed and I get a feel for the space. Same goes for the bench seating, dining table chairs and the dining table light fitting.

Here is something that has actually been DONE in the house!


Painting of the chimney breast, cornice and ceiling! Thrilled to bits with it. Looks like it has always been here. Well done husband. I think he might have just redeemed himself from the mantle issue. The mantle is still left to do and to purchase a mirror. We are going to Bowral this Sunday. Any recommendations for places to visit and somewhere for lunch?? Thank you.

Wishing everyone else a nice rest of the week.

Kitchen – Kitchen – Kitchen

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Just when you think you have it all sorted out. . .

you don’t.

The travertine floor has been playing on my mind. I love it. I also love my marble splash back tiles. But just because I love both doesn’t mean I will love the room!

They don’t go do they? I was trying to be savvy and sophisticated and make it all work, but no. I don’t think I can pull it off, so I am letting one of them go.

Because I have the marble tiles and they were my first love, they are staying.

I wanted a nice tonal room with a cool palette and it not be a boring white kitchen, but at the end of the day, when you are an amateur like me. KEEP IT SIMPLE!


 Source –

I saw this kitchen a little while back and instantly I thought “Oh I love it”

But then I look at it more and more and I talk myself out of loving it. Saying things, like, Laura, don’t you think it is a bit boring? A bit bland? It is just black and white, where is the colour?

I make myself not like it by over-thinking. But when I look at the picture, I like it.

So if I like it, I like it. Go with it.

(I’m working on LISTENING to my instincts!)

This house isn’t my dream house, so I will do a fail proof kitchen in here as a tester for the next kitchen.

The other day, my hardware arrived!! YUMMY

They are hefty in weight and make my knees buckle.


Very spiff!

I’m addicted to looking at cabinet hardware now. I want to find something nice for my wardrobe doors that need a make-over but I have no idea what I am after.

I also picked up my tap


And I have purchased my appliances.

I ordered them through winning appliances. I was in discussions with appliances online as I was receiving and overwhelming response to use them and that their prices are great. I have purchased from them before and they are great. However, when it comes to a RENOVATION, I thought it was best if I had a bit of face to face customer assistance. I need to place the order and pay it off and not have it delivered until the room is ready and at this stage, who knows when that is. This isn’t something that Appliances online can offer and I wasn’t having a big huge $$$ cooker taking up space and possibly being stolen. Husband and I discussed and we placed a value on buying from a bricks and mortar store and we came to the conclusion that a couple of hundred more would be okay to spend.


When I went in there to place the order, I ended up with a FAR better deal then appliances online. Fancy that.

I didn’t even need to haggle. I think it was the cute kid I had with me. Everyone was ohhing – ahhing over her.

Then I told my mum about this and she told me that she was going to purchase her washing machine from Appliances Online after experiencing the same kind of praise I did and she found it cheaper at the Good Guys.

So there you go.

I went out to the tile showroom with my marble tile to get to the bottom of my problem. In the end I am going to go with black slate like the image above.

It will be a sexy monochromatic kitchen that is striking. It will have impact, just not the subtle, serene blue/grey look I was going for.


Marble, slate, white, polish nickel.


Turns out that the slate is cheaper then the travertine and also because I am ditching the extra coloured island, I will be saving a little bit of $$$

So maybe my dream of having this light will become reality. (No probably not. The tiler just came! WOW! Tiling is expensive. More expensive then the expensive tiles and that doesn’t include ripping up of the old floor)


And won’t it just sing in this space?

It lends it’s self more to this palette then the other.

In terms of progress, I have purchased everything the kitchen needs besides lighting, floor tiles and the bloody kitchen cabinets!

Waiting for people to quote is the worst.

Hopefully soon it will start trucking along.

Speaking of kitchens.

In this month’s House & Garden, they featured this beautiful kitchen by Tania of






Kitchen – Where are we at?

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

We had a person over to quote the kitchen a day ago. Have not received the quote as yet. I did forget to ask when I should expect it by.

This guy seems good.

I had a builder over a while ago who had the most bizarre ideas about how the kitchen should be done. He spent 2 hours at my house and blurting out all his ideas, all of which, in my opinion were DUMB!

I think it is really necessary to have a good rapport with who your are working with. This guy was lovely, but his ideas, NO! Just no.

He had grand plans to put our kitchen on the other wall where the windows are too low, but removed them and fill the gaps with those glass bricks!! Huh?

Rip out the big window along the back wall and put bi-folds. Because they are all the rage. But it isn’t tall enough. Like a tall man, might just clip the top of their head walking under.

Then out onto the patio where I said I would put crazy sandstone pavers, he said, “No, a better idea is to concrete stencil it. . cheaper, so better.” NO!!!!! Just no!!!

All his ideas were very tacky. Cheap and nasty but would have cost a lot of money for a terrible result.

I should have taken my own advice with my chair restoration. Wasn’t keen on the guy but still went with them because I thought they would do a proper job! Erghhh no.

More on that later.

So. It only occurred to me the other day that we shouldn’t be casually strolling through the planning and do-ing of a kitchen renovation. Baby girl is already 3 months old and will start solids soon. And without a kitchen, that will be very stressful! I want to avoid the microwave as much as possible. Prefer to give her homemade food. So it really needs to be done before solids start. While she is still exclusively bottle.

Kicking things into overdrive.

Last night we ordered our hardware from an American website that offers international shipping.

The cabinets of the kitchen aren’t changing from my plans. So we took a leap of faith and ordered them. If we need more, then we just order more, but feeling confident that we have it down pat.

One of my favourite US bloggers from one of my favourite parts (TEXAS!!!!!!!) posted this pic on instagram

Handles - KnobsNPulls

Octagonal! Nice, elegant and different. But not radically different that it would date in 2 seconds!

Classic with a twist.

It also reminds me of the art deco era. Which is what my house falls into. I love the ‘steps’ My skirtings and architraves are ‘stepped’ as well. So I think it will suit just nicely.

I loved it and thank heavens it had some style codes so I could google the shiz out of it.

We ordered:

PhotoELF Edits:<br /><br />2013:06:03 --- Batch Resized

This kitchen knob.

PhotoELF Edits:2013:05:29 --- Batch Resized

And these handles.

7 inch drawer pull for the drawers

12 inch handle for the tall pantry doors

5 inch for bin cabinet.

In polished nickel.

So in love with them.

Today I went out to order the tap as well.


I went for this goose neck tap.

My objectives was a tap that had a classic look without being too French Provincial and one leaver.

I fell in love with it after seeing it in the July issue of Home Beautiful.


I ordered the tap in Chrome. It does come in polished nickel which is what I preferred, to match the cabinet hardware, but it was about $250 more and had a 6 – 8 week lead time, which probably would have just scraped in and been okay, but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t justify it, so I compromised.

Next on the list to order is floor tiles.

I have been ringing places all day, seeing if they have stock and most importantly $$$$$

I want to go with travertine that is honed and tumbled in a french pattern. The guy that came to quote the kitchen has done a kitchen where that was the floor and says it is really lovely. Another reason why I liked this guy was that he had nice/elegant ideas that suited our house and can provide a start to finish solution.

I do not want to project manage. I don’t want to organise tradesmen. I don’t want to get several quotes. I just want a team of people to come in, rip it out and put in all new.

Time is an issue, because of the bub!


I love this kitchen. I cannot find the source though! Arghh.

That is the look we are going for. Pretty much sums it right up. That is also the tiles as well.

I also want to do white wall cabinets and a contrasting island. Loving that colour.

Next up is to order the appliances. We need a cooker, a rangehood and a dishwasher.

I have decided on the cooker and rangehood, just having 2nd thoughts on dishwasher.

I checked stock today with the company I intend to order through and it is all good.

Feedback so far?

In completely unrelated news. I came across this old picture.


Who played farmville on Facebook?? That was MY farm

I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually ‘designed’ it. Like I pulled out grid paper and planned each and every block!

I was EFFFINNNGGG ADDICTED TO IT. Like crystal meth addicted! Rushing home from work. . .”Can’t talk baby, I got to water my plants or they’ll die and I will lose $$$” So much so that hubby did some computer voodoo and blocked me from using it!!

I was devastated. I loved my farm so much! Definitely got a thing for symmetry.

Oh well.

He said something the other day about wanting to get an xbox. I’m all for it if I can have a game like that. I like those kind of games, where you build something up, trade and buy things.


Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Ladies, if you want to turn your mum into a super generous octopus with a credit card for each tentacles that she is willingly dishing out. . .

Just pop out a grand child.

My gosh!

To think I went through my studies, bought a car and moved out all on my very own without their assistance.

Yet mention you are having her grand child. .  here is a sapphire ring, here is some wedgwood, here is a . . .



Mum, stop it! It’s embarrassing. Said me, NEVER!

When it arrived, it was a box in a box in a box moment. Have you ever had one of those moments?


Prior to owning this kitchenaid, mixing baking ingredients was a processes of utilising the washing machine top in the laundry and electric beaters or sitting on the floorboards of my living room with the bowl in my lap. You see, my kitchen doesn’t have power.

(I know right? When we were getting the house re-wired, we were suppose to renovate the kitchen first, but in actuality we ended up doing the opposite, I am glad though)

But don’t let it think it stops me! Oh no it does not.

I mean, it is easily solved by a few extension leads.


Look what I whipped up in the new virginal white kitchenaid.

Not the best photograph – it was 11.30 at night and husb and I were eagerly waiting to hack into it.

It is a chocolate cake. I am doing trial cakes for Audrey’s christening, seeing what I like best.

I have made plenty of cake BK (before kitchenaid) but the fact of the matter is, I have a kid now and sometimes standing there beating egg whites to stiff peaks just isn’t going to happen or creaming butter. . . I shouldn’t use my kid as an excuse, full disclosure, I AVOIDED recipes with egg whites and creaming butter, far too hard on the upper body, particularly right side and I have a short attention span, often forgetting why I am standing there. But now, no excuses.


This is my oven!

Go on laugh, But I tell you what. I haven’t had a failure in it. It is powered from the laundry with an extension lead that I interchange with the iron and the microwave before we moved it.

We moved the microwave to another location which is powered from the living room via a power point and now we share it with the kitchenaid.

The only time I had a <pause> moment was when I got a little ahead of myself and doubled a cookie recipe, not thinking that I only have one baking tray that fits in it and fits 6 cookies. But I made it. It might have been an all day effort, but I made it.

Others, namely our family members, all bitch and moan about our kitchen, but I make it work and it will do for a good while.