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Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Well hello everybody long time no blog.
I just wanted to pop in and let you all know I am still around. I have had trouble updating the blog due to timing as I am now 24 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy has stripped me of all my energy. Personally, I feel it is unnatural to work full time, be pregnant, have a toddler and also wish to pursue extracurricular activities such as sewing and blogging. Another thing that stops me from being able to update the blog was my own indecisiveness. I didn’t want to blog about things that weren’t actually happening or I haven’t fully decided upon. So let’s visit what has actually happened.

As mentioned previously, I am pregnant! My husband and I fell pregnant with our second child after 9 months of trying. I know this isn’t a lot for other people but we had such great success with Audrey, it came as a bit of a shock. 




I also contributed my free time to a creative endeavour which was published by Style Me Pretty I was approached by Mornington Peninsular photographer to be part of a styled feature.

It was also featured by Ivory Tribe

I was only 7 weeks pregnant and in the thick of extreme fatigue when I put together this wedding stationery suite.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.02.14 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.02.00 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.01.50 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.01.01 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.39.15 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.38.41 pm

 I was pleased with the results as I’m sure all the other people that contributed are. All credits are in the 2 links above.

Photos – Michelle Pragt of In Photography

If you are a bride to be do not hesitate to check these people out especially if you are located in Victoria. If you’re interested in my services then distance isn’t an issue.

With what little spare time I had left I dedicated it to sewing as the sewing bug has hit me. It has been extremely frustrating though to try and sew with a toddler around. It is also quite dangerous without anything between the toddler and the sewing area in terms of a barrier. She is an opportunist and will grab the pins, scissors, fiddle with the overlocker, play with the iron cord, etcetera, at any given chance. But I love her to death and she’s the reason why I sew.

Here is a look at some things I’ve made.









But the biggest thing to come out of being pregnant and wanting to sew all the time is – What are we going to do with our house?

We currently reside in a 2 bedroom house. We have decided to stay put and live with what we’ve got. Doing an extension to include more room is just not something we can do at the moment with our financial situation and not something we will see happening in the next 7 to 10 years. With another child on the way and my desire to sew, we are in desperate need of room. We have finally decided after months of deliberation is to convert our garage into a usable space. We looked at all sorts of other options like knocking down the garage and removing it. Having something built externally and craned in or put together on site.

Jenny Rose Innes on Instagram posted from her builders, a new endeavour there pursuing with outbuildings which are built off site and brought in. I was keen to go ahead with that until I had more people look at my existing garage and comment “why don’t you just fixed the garage the way it is?” And that is the direction we will head in.

The garage is 3 metres by 8 metres giving us 24 square metres of usable space it just needs a facelift I have had a builder come around and quote. Still waiting for the quote but I will go into this further in another blog post.

Another thing that is happening around our house is we are changing the disgusting ugly terrible aluminium windows back to the former western red cedar windows.

To match what was there already there but sadly removed by people that clearly have no taste. I now need to get a quote on putting lead light in the front 3 windows that face the street to match my neighbour’s bay window and other houses in the area from the same era.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.52.10 pm

You could say I am in nesting mode but the truth of the matter is nothing will be done before this baby arrives. Typical! I have made peace with that and have just moved on.

Another thing that has been happening around my house is gardening. I planted spring bulbs that gave me a beautiful display in my front garden bed which has now finished flowering.

We were all so sick to death of having plants in the black plastic pots we bought them in years ago, we have now repotted all our plans into terracotta pots.

We planted out the garden bed that goes part way along the length of the garage with iceberg standard iceberg roses, buxus and lavender. We will extend this garden bed to be deeper as it appears the roses don’t have quite enough room. It is a narrow garden bed.

The great thing with knowing we are just going to stay in the house the way it is means we can now renovate it to completion. We were too hesitant to do any renovations because anything we did do would be affected by an extension later. It would be in effect a waste of time and money but now that we are just going to have a 2 bedroom house with the studio, we are quite happy to finish everything off. Such as the second bedroom, the large laundry and the gardens. This gives me a lot of excitement and I feel very creative. It took a lot of time, discussions and number crunching to get to this decision but I feel this is the right decision for us at the right time.

2015-10-19 17.25.41

Want to dig up this ugly slopey concrete and lay down a stone patio.

2015-10-19 17.25.33

Don’t let the flakey paint throw you. Just received a quote to replace the glass on the windows in this room and fix the sash weights as the windows will be heavier and THEN, we will get them painted. They are actually in great condition. It is just flakey paint.

2015-10-19 17.25.18

A metal shed that I want to remove and replace with a cedar cute cottage shed. Mint and rosemary going crazy! Neglected mother in laws tongue in the background. . . I don’t really like this plant and guess who gave it to me. . . GUESSSSS, you will never guess!!!!

2015-10-19 17.25.05

Teddy Bear Magnolia about to flower. I have 3 of these plants and I have just had them planted into MUCH larger pots before we decide where they will go in the garden and they are doing much better. I was scared they were going to die a slow death.

2015-10-19 17.24.53

Stupid bats came through last year when my neighbours had these trees in their yard and shat everywhere. That is what the marks on the garage are! But our neighbours removed those noxious trees! And this year, no bats!

2015-10-19 17.24.29

My little topiary collection! My favourite is Korean buxus! I love my standard bay tree too! Friends got us a bay tree seedling for our house warming and sometime last year I decided I wanted to train it into a lollipop and massacred it. Left a tuft of about 4 leaves on top. My husband was shocked when he saw it and a bit mad, I said, just trust me!! AND LOOK AT IT NOW!

(GOD I HATE MY BROWN COLORBOND FENCE! But I love them too. They are in good knick and there is no fencing dispute between neighbours that I have seen play out at the court house, so gotta be grateful)

Another future blog post will be year of the garden YOTG that will be 2016 when I am on maternity leave!! I can supervisor children and my husband can garden to his heart’s content. It’s impossible at the moment to do much on both of our separate weekends (me: Thursday and Friday, Him: Saturday and Sunday) as we are alone.

Really looking forward to maternity leave next year and I’m not going to do something silly like I did with Audrey and only have 4 months off. I’m going to enjoy my time with my family and hopefully have a year off.

 Thank you for getting this far and can’t wait to update you further.

Recently. . .

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Hi Everyone, I am still around.

Pushing 39 weeks el-preggo-relli. That is Spanish/Italian for up the duff. Or UTD for short.

In other news. Crazy mumma to be nesting has been in full swing.


See here! I made these 3 things in the same day that I went on a mad cooking brigade and whipped up a whole freezer full of meals!

It is a cushion cover, a door stop and a tissue box cover. Made from James Dunlop arabella fabric.

The door stop is a necessity. The door just seems to swing in the nursery. I filled it with a zip lock bag of expired rice (I don’t cook rice ever, Not sure why, I like it, but it is a bit hard for me LOL) then filled it out with stuffing.


The nursery door had been finished painting and hung by my husband all by himself! I think he got the hint from the last blog post LOL!

The cooking involved:

1 bolagnese sauce

4 lasagne dinners

2 cannelloni dinners

1 roast tomato sauce (made from all the tomatoes in my garden)


That is 2 kilos of tomatoes that we grew all by ourselves!


And a widdle capsicum! I roasted that too, I mean, why not!


Then blitzed it all up and this sauce formed the base for the other meals.

I also made:

96 meat balls divided into 4, 24 ball servings. (12 each)

1 meal of the meat balls in the sauce.

I had ambitions to cook up more, but there is only so much cleaning a husband can do. I already made him clean the kitchen twice!


This is the state it was in both times. There is not a spare inch of counter space or a clean item left in our unrenovated kitchen.

He obliged without the slightest hint of a whinge! That, that there is TRUE LOVE!!

See the fan just out of shot? It is $12 of saviour! I have been MELTING! Melting I tell you. I cannot cool down.


Meanwhile in the garden! Isn’t this pretty?

I love it!


The day before, she was still closed and goblet like. The next day I race out to see here and these little things have already fallen off!! Hmmphh! What gives?

I also cut another flower (this time before it had dropped any) and placed it into a vase and it turned brown so fast!

Don’t magnolias make good cut flowers??


Sometime last week (well week before now), my nursery change table was featured on Ikea Hackers. I forgot to state the obvious about removing the aesthetics when it actually comes time to use it for it’s purpose and was semi-slammed in the comments! HEHEHE jealousy.

IKEA – Glamorous girly change table


I also managed to high tail it to Coco Republic for a look-see. A lovely lady spent a bit of her time with me talking about my living room! I didn’t buy anything and she didn’t push me. She was a great help in gaining clarity and direction. It is abundantly clear that I now NEED this fabric!


Alexa Hampton for Kravet


To make 2 throw cushions for my orangey coloured settee.

I honestly thought the settee needed re-upholstering in a more pleasing colour for it to work in my living room. But she proved me wrong! I can see this working.

She told me to save my dough on that. And I am so happy. Because the upholstery on the settee is in PERFECT condition! Sometimes I just wish there was a big hole it in somewhere to force me to re-upholster it! But is perfect luscious velvetiness condition.


How do you even describe this colour? I was trying to describe it to the SA. It is a hard one.

Also at Coco Republic I need to buy this petite chair and foot stool for my baby girls nursery!!!


Too cute! I didn’t dare look at the price tags. It is Oly San Francisco branded. In other words, to me, that means, don’t bother!!

Talking about the nursery. I am NEARLY ready to reveal the nursery!!!

It may be before I give birth, but no promises!


Sunday, January 20th, 2013

This little room of mine has turned into an obsession!

I sketched this pic today while I was at work.


I’m not the best at perspective drawing. This is the best I could do from my memory.

(LOL the legs of the armchair and chest of drawers are up the wall hahahha)

While I wait for my resources to arrive by post (mainly my lavender wallpaper) I plan and plan and plan!

This room will be the first room in our house that will be completed and it has a deadline and I am working towards it! Putting my all into it.

Next I want to work on my bedroom and front yard. I have plants that are still in pots that need to be planted in the front yard. They are not growing and are just being stifled. They need to go into the ground STAT.

Back to the nursery. I am just kind of in limbo at the moment. I need the goods to arrive, so I can match other things to them and I need them in the flesh!

At least I have made a decision on the curtains and how I am going to make them!

The great tomato harvest of 2012

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

There would be more in that Donna Hay colander if we didn’t keep eating them all up!

We are nearly ready to harvest some of our bigger tomatoes, that is if the birds don’t get to them first.

More wrapping

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I am not going to claim creative intelligence over this. I saw something similar on pinterest and was inspired.

I own a hell-a-va lot of tulle.

Remember I made 3 veils for my wedding. (Plus another for the hens night)

Well, I have plenty left over in the craft cupboard,

Do you have a craft cupboard? No? Well you should!

The magnolia leaves & sprig of rosemary are from my garden.

Here is some tags and ornaments I made.

There are plenty of tutorials out there.

I used FIMO white oven-bake clay.

That is some more left over lace from making veils. (Oh I love veils!!) I am sad that my veil wearing days are over. 1 day out of a whole life time hardly seems fair.

This is gorgeous french Chantilly lace.

I went a bit nordic with this wrapping.

Love it!

I can’t just subscribe to one theme. It is one of my weaknesses. I love a bit of this, a bit of that.

It really isn’t a good thing and I constantly working on my strength. I end up with a lot of miss-matched things.


When it comes to the jolly o’ Christmas time! There are no rules!!!

I utilized one of my clay tags in this wrapping, as well as my Cupid’s Bow labels.

Did anyone take my advice on using a Kinder choccie to attach to a present?

It just adds exactly what this present needs. It is after all a gift card (Shhh no one tell anyone)

I think out of all my wrapped present. This is my favourite.

I’m immature. I just love that it is so tiny and the tag is so big!

And with all that said.

I AM DONE!!!!!!!

I have no more wrapping to do. No more shopping to do!

I will be working from this Saturday right through to Boxing day, so I knew all along I had to be organised. Hopefully in there we have some early days so we can see friends and family!

Lady Bug!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Husband was watering the garden in the evening and yelled out to me to grab the macro lens!

This is what he snapped. A cute little lady bug on my Calla Lilies.

(Click image to make it bigger)

Updates – baby, house and garden

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Hello everyone. These days are just flying by. ARGHHHH

I have hit the halfway mark and I am 20 weeks pregnant.

Too exciting.

I had my morphology scan on Tuesday.

Yes, I found out the sex of the of the baby, that was our wish all along! I just don’t know how to announce it.

Gee, people are funny about the sex of the baby. Judgement either way. Whether you want a surprise or find out. People can just be plain RUDE!!!!!!

Another note on the scan, everything appears well and baby is growing. I am starting to feel movement and it is toooooo exciting.

I had a VERY productive week last week!

Monday, I was at work. Tuesday I had to the scan and then lunched with my mum, sister and aunty!

Wednesday I received 2 quotes for a wrought iron screen door. Then went out to Spotlight.

Thursday I drove all the way to North Seaforth to purchased curtain fabric after getting overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time in Spotlight

Then drove all the way down to Caringbah to pay the deposit for the screen door we have chosen. (Joint Christmas present for myself and hubby. We are true romantics)

Then I visited the homemaker centre looking for an armchair for the nursery. I visited all the big names, like Harvey Norman, Domayne, Freedom etc.

I left pissed off, like every time I visit.

Although knowing full well I had a lucky charm in my back pocket! An invite to the Coco Republic warehouse sale!!!!!!!!

It started on Friday. I pulled up to Auburn and the car park was chockers with luxury European 4WD’s of the black/navy/silver variety.

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

It was utter mayhem! So many people putting “HOLD” stickers on items. No, not “SOLD” but hold. ERRRRR get lost.

Plenty was already sold and when I left at 11am, there wasn’t really much left.

I managed to nab an item I have been coveting.

For the nursery, I wanted a wing back chair. That was mentioned in this post

And that is what I did indeed receive!!!!

I spotted the chair from afar, ran to it, sat in it, examined it and I DID NOT MOVE FROM THE CHAIR until I could usher over a sales assistant.

(honestly, someone would have stolen it from under me)

This is the chair from the website

The plushest, luxurious-est, yummiest, cushion of a cloud chair!

The angels came out and sung “hallelujah”

My one has different wood stain and upholstery. Was $2400, I got mine for $800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my chair, in the nursery.

Can’t wait to whip up not 1 but 2 cushions for this chair, to add the required splash of colour the nursery needs, because it is a BEIGE HAZE!

I also purchased this shell frame. I love natural items!

Was $443 down to $150! Honestly, that is $150 worth of framing.

I don’t think I will put this in the nursery, working towards a gallery wall in the hallway to go with these frames (still not hung)

The husband has been super busy this weekend painting our new front door!

Then after the Coco Republic sale on Friday, I went to spotlight AGAIN. (I think I live there)

I picked the brain of a person working there about curtains, she sold me what I needed and then I went home to take a stab at sewing curtains.

I got myself on a roll and I FINISHED making the curtain!

Just need the husband to install the curtain rod and then I can hang the curtains to hem them.

Too happy!

Next up is my garden!

Merlot Calla Lilies

Pink Calla Lilies


The white is vegetable dust

Until next time, too da loo!

House updates!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Well, we finally got some doors hung in our house.

This is NO LONGER!!!

No longer will there be a beach towel weakly guarding the threshold of our sanctuary.

A while back, I purchased a 2nd hand door for our bedroom, as you can see the door was missing.

I had to hunt through all of this to find the best I could size wise

When we purchased the house, the door was there, but it was a sliding door. We also have a sliding door in our apartment.

FFS, who wants a sliding door for their bedroom?? NO ONE. That’s who. If you are in a relationship and live together, you need to be able to SLAM THE DAMN DOOR when you are mid fight!

So, the sliding door was promptly removed and beach towel hung.

Then a door jam was added. When purchasing the door, I didn’t take into consideration that the door jam as well. The door then got trimmed down a bit.

We are going to add some moulding around the new door jam. As you can see the frame of the door is now of centre, we will add some strips of wood to re-centre it before we paint it.

My, my, that is one filthy door.

BUT At least I now have a bedroom door! Boy have I been sleeping like a baby since it was hung.

This is from the inside of our bedroom.

Need to paint the door jam white and paint the door.

I want to do black doors with brass handles. Husband is a little sceptical. He thinks we should do black on the outside (i.e if you were walking down the hallway and the all the doors were closed you would see black doors and when you are inside the room and the door is close it would be white)

And if that is the case, should I paint the back of the front door black as well?

I would love you feedback.

This is the nursery door! (Bedroom 2)

I just love the brass handles I chose.

Here is Bedroom 2 and Bathroom 1 from the hallway. Old handles, new handles.

This too, is no longer!

Hmmm what to paint it, what to paint it. That aqua colour is primer. Needs to go with the red bricks. Can’t wait to get the bricks re-tuck pointed.

The reverse

Close up of the stained glass/lead light.

So, we need to choose a colour that compliments the cool tones of the glass and the very warm tones of the red bricks.

Tricky one

But I thinking of going with the bottom left. Dulux Tuft.

And the overall exterior colour scheme, White, Tuft and one of those 4 Dulux blues.

There is so much little painting jobs here and there for my husband to do!!!

My Garden in Spring

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Well it is nearly the end of my Anemones. Sad face!

But they were just STELLAR! Weren’t they??? Just blew my socks off.

Here is the last flower arrangement I could muster.

I hate to be negative and draw attention to something when the image is so pretty, but I hate the little drops of condensation on the inside of the vase.

Ruining it!

Not quite.

My rananuculus (gosh that is one hard word to spell & spell check doesn’t recognise it, so it’s not one of the words that you can just have stab at spelling and then see if you got it right, if not, select the correct spelling from the drop down menu)


They are flowering. But I am pissed at them. The packet said WHITE and had an image, What I have indeed got is NOT that. I have 2 different types of pinks and 2 different types of whites. Hmmmpphhh!!!

I have planted some summer flowering bulbs. I didn’t even know these existed! (as in summer bulbs) I though it was only plant in Autumn bulbs for Spring flowering! Anyways, learn something new.

I am growing Merlot coloured Calla Lillies!!!

They have already started to shoot

With the 4 days off that my husband and I had, we chose to garden, because it is restorative to the soul.

We purchased 3 of these

To start our long awaited for vege patch!

A garden bed just for potatoes!!! I think they will be coming out of our ears

A capsicum shoot

Tomato shoots

As well as potatoes, capsicums and tomatoes we have planted, green shallots, lettuce & carrots

There is still a lot more I wanted to plant, but we will just start off with these.

My Bay tree has done some serious growing.

This is the next door neighbours citrus trees.

And here is a garden casualty. He even looks like he is cowering.

Poor little dude.

Woah, it has been a while.

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

My gorgeous husband bought me a new lens for our DSLR!! We have wanted a prime for a while, but I really wanted to get better at using the camera first, which I have. YAY.

Sheer chance and pure luck, did I manage to snap this pick of a bee!! YAY for Spring nearly arriving!

I am loving my garden so much IT HURTS!

My cymbidium orchid will flower soon!!!! (not really mine, but the previous owner left it here as a gift to us)

Pics taken with my new lens.

I then went inside to take pics of my blinds and this lens was no good at doing that. I had to stand way to far away to get the blind in the shot, which often meant out side the room.

So I switched over to another lens and took these really mediocre shots.

Clearly I didn’t style the bedside table first!


They don’t look too great here. But they are a work of art! Made of hand forged bronze with a silk shade!

By Objet Insolite.

Future nursery/2nd bedroom

It was hard to get the details of the blind in and keep the room light. Still have lots to learn.

Love my bamboo plant! Seen here through the blind

And with my settee, I want to get it re-upholstered in a sky/powder blue with a touch of silver painted on the wooden frame and add cushions made out of this Nina Campbell fabric!

And maybe add some black trim to my romans. Like in this pic

(but since I don’t buy lotto tickets, chances of that happening are slim)