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Lemon cake

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

On Thursday afternoon, I got into the baking groove.

Without even having a proper oven in our semi demolished kitchen! I can still bake.


Here is the proof!

“Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving”


We don’t even have a power point in our kitchen. Last attempt at baking, was me, sitting on the floor of living room, with electric beaters and bowl with butter and sugar flinging all over the floor boards,

So I was particularly fond of this recipe where you just add all the ingredients and stir! Plus, I love Donna Hay.

Lifestyle Food

I made different icing though. It was sort of my own concoction. Was suppose to be lemon cheese cream icing, but as per usual, I added WAY too much lemon juice, because I am a lemon lover and want a really big kick of the stuff, but keep forgetting it makes everything too runny. Next time, next time.

Cut 2 slices for dessert and told husband to take it to the office for morning tea on Friday. That was the last I saw of it. Everyone had seconds!

The Bentley

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Yesterday was a special day with my husband.

He took the day off to spend with me. That was the 3rd day since our honeymoon that we have spent together, the 1st was for my birthday and the 2nd was for my cousin’s wedding.

I work weekends and he works throughout the week. No sleeps ins nor sharing the sunshine together for us!! :(

So we decided to spoil ourselves with lunch at the Bentley.

I didn’t take pics of everything.

White Onion Tart


Potato Salad

Pear Sorbet, baked white chocolate and custard

Then we went to the Power House Museum to see the Lace exhibition!!!

I just LOVED IT and left totally inspired!

Quite a few Japanese artists were featured and it got me soooooo exciteddddddddddd


Well Haven’t I just turned into a wanker?

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Today I was able to whip up chicken stock, chicken Kiev and fresh bread crumbs.

I love our kitchen! I love all the stuff we have in it. Each peice Mr Wonderful and I researched and made sure we bought the best we could.

Today I used my Breville food processor (Gift from my mum for moving out) To whip up bread crumbs from 5 slices of left over sourdough!! mmmm,

Then I used it to whip up, butter, chives, sage and parsley (all from my garden) and garlic. This was for the kiev.

I sharpened my global knife (I had this BEFORE the master chef craze, might I add) I cut up a lilydale free range chicken. I really enjoy cutting up a chicken carcass!

I put the wings and the marylands back into the fridge, they will be for another meal.

I removed the breasts and what ever was left over, I put in my huge La Chasseur (couldn’t justify the Le Crueset….. damn) Grabbed two onions, some carrots, the top of a leek and half a celery, topped it with water and I am letting that simmer away.

The apartment smells amazing.

Then I bashed the chicken breasts with my meat mallet. I weighed the butter with my awesome electric scales – I love it!!! and rolled the kievs.

Crumbed them using only free range eggs of course!! Then I heated up the oil and used my salter thermometer to check the temperature! Fried them and then put them in the oven.

Its such a shame though, all that effort and Mr Wonderful and I are going out to Flying Fish and in Pyrmont for dinner!

Doesn’t matter, Mr Wonderful can eat a kiev before his big soccer match! It will help him win or maybe score a goal!

The stock, may go in the freezer, but it will be used for Minestrone, just depends on when I can make it.

The marylands and wings will be cooked on Sunday. I will marinade them over night. I am out of marinading ideas. I need a new recipe.

I love to cook!!

As you can see from the links, Mr Wonderful and I have set up a kitchen and have no need for anymore items, that is why we are having a furniture registry for our wedding!