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Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Today is my Saturday My husband took a day off work to join me and the babe.





We had a lovely time!

Cooked breaky together and went to a cafe for lunch. Then did some gardening. Nothing too stressful.


Painted this new artwork for my Audrey.


I did a “v” Violet too.




I have been doing quite a few of these floral initial artworks! I even did 2 big A4 size ones! They are in the post right now! As well as a big “L” for a boy!

If you are interested in these. I have them in my etsy store right now!

I have also gone BOW mad!


One for a girl and one for a boy!


I re-did the “L” in the top corner as I wasn’t happy with it. It looked flat. I was so glad I changed things up. Different paint, different paper.

There are more bows! I am part way through a creamy/yellow floral one. I am addicted. Practice makes perfect.


Flowers from a friend! I helped her design her engagement party invites. Those lilies lasted for a long time! Great impact.


(Filthy windows! I’m getting to it)

This was Audrey and me on Mother’s day morning! Gee I had a lovely day. I had to go to work, but it was still lovely. My husband cooked baked eggs with creme fraiche and smoked salmon. Then drove me to work and then brought nice sandwiches and sweet tarts to me at work.

Then they hung around till I finished. We went to my parents house. Chatted. Dropped the babe off then Husband and I went to dinner and a movie. GOLD CLASS!!

WOW. I was knocked off my feet.

Hope you have all been well. Sorry for the lack of posts. Life has been challenging of late. Not sure why. Just seems a bit much. But I’m working through it. I’m trying to do everything. Oh except exercise. Can’t seem to make the time for that right now I don’t really care. WHICH IS BAD! ahahhahah oh well.

Cleaning is HIGH on my agenda at the moment. I mean, did you see my windows in that pic?? Clearly that is unacceptable. I have been positively PICKING the brains of some girls at work. They are on the verge of OCD with cleaning habits. They give me great advice. I tell them my HONEST habits without any shame. I told them without hesitation that I haven’t cleaned my oven and it was installed in October last year. I don’t think I even own oven cleaner. They nearly fainted. And I love my kitchen. I have been in the process of changing my cleaning habits ever since we moved into this house.

When I met my husband I was living at home in a shoe box bedroom. A double bed would have gone wall to wall to wall. The whole floor space would be 1 bed. So that room was always a mess because I just didn’t have space to store anything. Then I moved out of home to an apartment and shared with 2 other girls. So again, Just the one bedroom to house all my possessions. My husband was always at me about the tidiness of my rooms and I always rebutted with “It’s because I have no space!” He accepted that excuse (my lies) Then we moved to a 1 bedroom apartment, together. That is when he started cottoning on . . but still it was just a 1 bedroom apartment. Then we moved to our current house and my lie could not live on. No more excuses. I was completely found out!

I WANT a clean house more then most things in life. I get frustrated at myself when I am trying to take a picture and there is always something yuck in the background. I have really been trying to change my ways. I really wonder if there is hope for me.

Are you a clean freak? Tell me your secrets. Are there any secrets? Or just clean, clean, clean CONSTANTLY! IT NEVER ENDS?

It’s been about a week and a half

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Since I’ve updated.

What has been happening. Oh bits and bobs here and there. Nothing really significant.

This time last year, I had well and truly finished my Christmas prep. Everything purchased, everything wrapped, all decorations out!

PROOF!! <<<<< Here go visit.

This year. . . . . . . cue the cicadas.

To be fair, I have purchased a few chrissy presents. And last night we finally moved the fridge from the lounge room to its home in the kitchen. I even washed the entire thing out. So thankful for the last minute sink change as it made it easy to wash the shelves.


It is looking like a proper regular family kitchen! NO!!!!!!! no no no no no. Not at all what I want it to look like. MAGAZINE PEOPLE!! LOL. A girl can dream can’t she?

Husband grouted the kitchen last week in light grey. Still yet to do the perimetre with the caulking stuff. . . silicone whatsy.


It is positivity bare in my fridge. Well, at least there is champagne!

This is where the Christmas tree will go this year. It looked nice in the bay window last year, but I have no room to move the settee, because where it got moved to last time is where Audrey’s playpen now resides.


We got our french doors installed.


My husband’s family farm have started producing eggs!!! Oh my, I have waited for this day when they casually mentioned they would build a coop and get some chickens.


And they are herbs from my garden and the first pick of tomatoes that we grew!!!!


The third egg was for Audrey to try. I poached it too.

They came to visit the other day to see the kitchen and for me to cook them a thank you dinner! My mother in law brought me these gorgeous hydrangeas from their garden and the EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!



This photo was taken before, but I forgot to add it to the last post before hitting publish.

Here is a close up of that adorable face


NAWWWWW. The bed has now been lowered!


She is standing up ALL.THE.TIME now. That is my lil rapper!!

She can nearly reach those knobs. Heaven help me!


Popped these 4 stockings in the post the other day as well as some of my white envelopes.


I’m at war with bricks and mortar shops! Especially our so called department stores. Customer service down the toilet. Standards too!


How glamourous is this store??? Please, I would just love to rest my feet in that chair after spending so much of my time and money in your store. Thank you for graciously accommodating my needs.

This is what happened to me at David Jones on Saturday after work. They are having a sale, it is Saturday, the lead up to Christmas!! The entire floor was EMPTY of anyone working for David Jones except one check out and I stood behind the current person and waited 28 minutes!!!!!!!! The woman in front of me was laybying the entire shop and they were arguing about the rules of lay by etc etc and I was interupting, asking her to please ring someone or find someone. Then to ring the manager, but she was brushing me off. So I rang the store from INSIDE the store.

Then there was a queue behind of about 5 people. Normally I dump my crap and walk out in a huff. But I spent ages selecting these items and getting the right size and I get such little time to myself, I wasn’t doing it.

Eventually a manager was sent down. And I was like, lady where the heck are all your staff?? It is tumbleweeds in here. She didn’t have an answer for me.

This keeps happening to me. You think, ok a couple more minutes, just need to pay and then I can get on my merry way. . . . .  no. Didn’t you budget in 45 minutes to pay?

Aldi and ikea are the worst!! Target too. Oh and Kmart while we are at it. TERRIBLE. They don’t put on enough staff.

You are probably all wondering what is going on with my banquette??? Well, I need a spare set of hands, that is where my husband comes in to help, but he just hasn’t got the time at the moment to help and I have been exhausted. You can see it in the french door pic above. It is resting on our coffee table. We’ll get there. We have to get it done and out of the road so I can start on decorating for Christmas!!!!!

(The mantle isn’t even fixed yet. . . . 8 months. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . )

I’ve sewn all these beautiful stockings and no mantle to hang.

Woe is me.

Catch all post

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Hello my lovelys


How did the weekend treat you? I had a fabulous weekend. Well . . .  there was that work thing I got to go and do, but still good. Had a party for my Dad at a restaurants. Was a really nice gathering. My bub was loved and held by everyone. She was a good girl and eventually dozed off to sleep in the pram. The weather was nice (as we were on the veranda of the restaurant) The food was delicious and the tipple, just what a working mamma needed.

My husband and his father finished the tiling of the splash back. It looks OUT OF THIS WORLD good. Saved ourselves a couple of hundred dollars and I hope that my husband has an interest in tiling and learnt a bit of the trade from his dad because I can think of MANY tiling jobs! I would love a gorgeous powder bathroom (just the toilet in a tiny room) that he could do some fabulous tiling in on the bottom third of the wall Then I paint a mural (like gracie wallpaper) on the other two thirds of the wall. Gorgeous. (Well I do have this room, it is within the laundry, but if we do an extension, then this room would be demolished to make way for the new part of the house I would love. I need an extra bedroom!!! Then we could stay here for a bit) So there is no point doing anything to it. I need to win lotto, but I don’t buy lottery tickets.


Now to pick the grout colour.
I initially was saying a grey because that is how they had the tiles displayed in the showroom and I liked that. But then when they were installed they looked a lot darker and I thought the grey wouldn’t be a contrast and best to go with white. It was the weirdest thing. Anyone marble connoisseurs? The tiles looked light in colour, then when they were on the wall, they were still light, but slightly darker from the shadow and lack of light from the overhead cabinets and then after time, they seem to go even darker, then I was dismayed.  But after a clean up, they are back to being light again. At the moment, the picture I think is a good indication of what it would like with grey grout and I quite like it.
I want to be able to see a define brick pattern and not just a wash of marble. But I don’t want to it be a strong contrast. It is not a hipster move. White subway with dark grout, look at the converted warehouse I live in, NO!
But there is 3 types of grey! Oh man. (Pretty certain I will go with the lightest grey version)

The massive clean up of my house needs to start. Every single thing is covered in dust. It is all just grotty. I want to wash everything. Speaking of washing, my dishwasher. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Been to a symphony? And the feeling you get listen to the live music? YEP? That is me and my dishwasher when it is running! I am loving my dishwasher so much. We have done a load every night. Putting anything we can into it.

Washing those darn baby bottles every day was reducing my sanity. I stood over the bathroom vanity and moaned to my husband with a bottle brush in one hand a baby bottle in the other and the sink full of bottle paraphernalia. “Is this my life? Is this the extent of it? I just always seem to be standing here washing bloody baby bottles!” But luckily for me, I can just shove them in the dishwasher of a night! Woo.

I also need to do some sewing. I have sold a few Christmas stockings and need to make a few more up!


I have them listed on etsy if anyone is interested. (I don’t want to talk myself up or anything, but in David Jones, they were selling stockings and the quality was terrible. The internal lining had the visible overlocked edges! And the cuff was only on the front of the stocking, it didn’t go the whole way around. Talk about cutting corners. Made in China and the same price as mine. Something to think about y’all)



Christmas is around the corner and I fear for my tree and for Audrey, I might have to a have a smaller tree that is out of her grip. Meanwhile, my present from my parents that I ordered (LOL) arrived!!! No fuss. Love it.


Loving Juliska sick.


That is an “Audrey” Stamp I designed and had made!!

Love to craft.

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

I’ve been crafting again!

I managed to make an envelope, wrap the present and make a card without a single trip to the shops. All materials and supplies were found in my craft cupboard.

Never underestimate the power of a well stocked craft cupboard.

(Still ploughing through it and organising it. Still very much a work in progress. The clutter is slowly killing my husband. It has spread out onto his side of the desk now!!)


Re used a gift box and wrapped it with a scrap of tulle.


I hand made this envelope with a piece of Sanderson Wallpaper. I bought the wall paper to do a series of ‘prints’ in Audrey’s room but I didn’t pull it off. I had this piece in a frame but I smashed the glass and I saw it as a sign from above (lol) not to have it in her room.


So I cut it up and made an envelope.

That is my Cupid’s Bow Address labels (You can purchase from my etsy shop)


I got carried away and sealed the envelope without taking a picture of the card I made.

This is for a 2 year old’s birthday. Above all looks very serious and grown up, but the card was very fun. Glitter polka dots and a huge pink “2”

I made ‘Little G” . . . (What her mum sometimes refer to her as)


A lowercase g!!!

Get it?? Get it??

Just something to decorate her room with.

Plus a bought her a purebaby knit dress.


(But a different pattern)

To celebrate Mum threw a morning tea party and I brought some scones that I whipped in the kitchen aid. (I do not recommend, at all!!!!) They were okay, but flour allllll over my kitchen.

In other gift news. Audrey has been receiving books in the post. They are addressed to her, but seeing as she is 3 months old and without a credit card, she didn’t order them. It doesn’t say who they are from. If it is you! Thank you and fess up. Let me know!! It is killing me. I need to know.

Baby girl is quickly becoming spoilt.

Friday, May 31st, 2013

I commissioned 3 different etsy sellers to create cards with Audrey’s name. The first piece arrived this week.

I’m going to pick the best piece to place in a custom photo album for Audrey.

IMG_6599 IMG_6588 IMG_6589

How can one resist baby clothes. I know my mother and sister can’t. Seriously, nearly all her clothes are purchased by my sister.


Dress and Cardigan for her Baptism reception

IMG_6592 IMG_6594 IMG_6595

These were purchased by me. The trench coat is for next winter!! LOL. I saw it, I loved it and was, most importantly, ON SALE!

$32. It is dead set proper. Check that lining!

And just a sweet little dress for this year’s winter.

Dear little house put a picture up on Instagram and now her blog of her little boys nursery. It is pure genius. I have been racking my brain trying to finish off Audrey’s nursery with the gallery wall, but always apprehensive about the multiple holes in the walls for the countless frames and how to hang them, how to arrange them, what if I get sick of the arrangement? And it was just NOT coming together. The main reason I haven’t done her nursery reveal as yet. Then I saw this:

Baby's room pictures

Huge Light bulb!!! I can move around and mix and match, add and replace to my heart’s content.

  I sincerely hope she doesn’t mind but I am totally appropriating her idea I quickly went to Ikea to facilitate.

On the ledge, One item that will be in prime place is my stripey bow watercolor artwork that I painted.


The frame is from a 2nd hand store. I love its grey and gold frame. I cut a new mat for it and hey presto, re-framed on a budget.

I bought Audrey some stuffed toys. So cute! I couldn’t resist.

leka-cirkus-rattle__0118596_PE274508_S4 duktig--piece-vegetables-set__0109389_PE259027_S4 duktig--piece-fruit-basket-set__0109385_PE259024_S4 leka-cirkus-playbook__0118589_PE274500_S4

Theses toys besides the seal rattle are being packed away in baskets I bought from Ikea


Until she is big enough to enjoy them.


These 3 baskets will be put on top of her wardrobe to hide all her crap, err, toys.

I will be posting a tutorial on the over-sized tags with a free template to download shortly.


Mary McDonald – Eat your heart out

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Been lusting over Mary McDonald’s range for Schumacher??

Hard to get your hands on, don’t want to part with hundreds of dollars per metre?


Especially for this design?


Well check out this tutorial over at the etsy blog

etsy-how-to-clare-mcgibbon-marbling-marbled-scarf-22 etsy-how-to-clare-mcgibbon-marbling-marbled-scarf-header1 etsy-how-to-clare-mcgibbon-marbling-marbled-scarf-large


I would love to give it a try.

I do have white silk tafetta lying around, paints, wide tooth comb. . .  now to just get the countless other hard to come by supplies.

Here is the link to the tutorial.


My Chair

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I had a company come over to quote my french chair being restored and my 2 side/lamp tables to be repolished with the marble tiles being attached. They were just loose. I was happy with the price and prepared to pay that, so I just went ahead with it.

I bought these items over 13 months ago!!! How much longer do I need to stare at them longingly?

He estimates that my chair is 150 to 200 years old!!!!! How wonderful.

Just need to really crack on picking the fabric I would like for the chair.

I am pretty certain I will go with Colefax and Fowler Wilde cut velvet in Silver.



This is the brown colourway (not the silver)

I knew I definitely wanted a cut velvet with a small scale pattern. I think this fabric fits the bill.

Plus it is an adult bedroom, needs to stink of sexy!! MEOW!

(Stink of sexy??? oxymoron?)

I only have one question. How do I finish the chair off? I don’t think gimp would look good. What about a row of piping in the same fabric? I don’t think I want to do nail heads (even though I am addicted to them, but will compete with the pattern) Any ideas?

Once the chair is complete, the last item I require for the vanity area in the bedroom is a mirror. But I have spent quite a bit $$$ so, that will just have to hang ten for a tick.

I swear, I am getting closer to finishing Audrey’s room so I can do my blog post reveals.

Another thing I am working on is my baby’s Baptism.

I have ordered this custom embroided monogrammed bib. As like any other day, she will have a bib strapped around her neck at every waking moment. I have a good baby, but a spewy one. So if there has to be bib covering up her cute attire, it better be cute too!


And finally, I’ll leave you with a pic of my little girl.

She is smiling and cooing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

I forgot to add my favourite vanity to the last post

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 7.34.06 PM

I have purchased and picked up my desk from Shack.

The desk isn’t perfect. I would have loved a really streamlined, modern desk that would be a contrast and be a juxtaposition to the really ornate antique chair and crystal knobs. But, for $295, I was happy to make the compromise and I can reassign it to my daughters room when the time comes to upgrade.

The new car passed the test


Picking up bulky items (even with the car seat still in place)


My girl and I went to visit my friend in her new bachelorette pad in Manly yesterday.


I bought her a bunch of flowers. I love hyacinths. They have the strongest scent and last long as well. Totally got ripped!! Super inflated Mother’s day prices.  I wanted to go the flower markets but I was scared off because I assumed it would be incredibly busy, but my friend went instead and she confirmed it was can of sardines. On one hand, I can’t deal with crowds and on another, can deal with being ripped off.

It was a no win. At least the flowers were delicious and fresh. My friend deserves them.

Mother’s Day!


Too exciting!! Husband has completely out done himself.

Brand new car, amazing bunch of flowers, gold class tickets to The Great Gatsby 9pm session, so we can have dinner beforehand. Who wants to babysit the gorgeous Audrey?? He did the night shift with baby so I had a sleep in and lastly, delicious hot breakfast.

He is querying how he will ever top it. (Like, hello,!) I said I don’t think he can, but then in my next thought, it came to me. A HOLIDAY!!!!!!
(I’m a bitch who can’t be pleased! Anyone think they are worse then me? At least I admit it. No, seriously I was truly spoiled and very grateful. I am constantly pinching myself, I mean, Is this the same man who use to take 2 weeks to respond to my text messages, if at all, 8 years ago??? Ladies, if you think you can’t change a man, I will tell you, you are wrong. Today he wrote me a card that brought me to tears!)
I have been planning a holiday to the US with google maps. It has driving routes saved, airports, and loads of sights to see and shops to visit. As I am browsing around the net and American bloggers talking about shops/sights, I add it to my google map and to the driving route. He has access to this map. . . . . .


Honestly, For that trip to come to fruition, I need a massive amount of spending money for it to be worthwhile. So I wait.



Asleep on my shoulder. A baby just needs their mum.

Today was FULL ON!!!! My husband, on top of all the material gifts, single handedly organised a family picnic/bbq. Not only is it my first mother’s day, but it is still mother’s day for his mum and mine and their first as grandma’s. So he brought everyone together to celebrate.

P.S I think I am finally getting somewhere with the calligraphy name commissions for Audrey’s photo album. I have contacted nearly every calligrapher on Etsy. I also contacted other calligraphers from the internet. Had quite a few knock backs. . .


More wrapping

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I am not going to claim creative intelligence over this. I saw something similar on pinterest and was inspired.

I own a hell-a-va lot of tulle.

Remember I made 3 veils for my wedding. (Plus another for the hens night)

Well, I have plenty left over in the craft cupboard,

Do you have a craft cupboard? No? Well you should!

The magnolia leaves & sprig of rosemary are from my garden.

Here is some tags and ornaments I made.

There are plenty of tutorials out there.

I used FIMO white oven-bake clay.

That is some more left over lace from making veils. (Oh I love veils!!) I am sad that my veil wearing days are over. 1 day out of a whole life time hardly seems fair.

This is gorgeous french Chantilly lace.

I went a bit nordic with this wrapping.

Love it!

I can’t just subscribe to one theme. It is one of my weaknesses. I love a bit of this, a bit of that.

It really isn’t a good thing and I constantly working on my strength. I end up with a lot of miss-matched things.


When it comes to the jolly o’ Christmas time! There are no rules!!!

I utilized one of my clay tags in this wrapping, as well as my Cupid’s Bow labels.

Did anyone take my advice on using a Kinder choccie to attach to a present?

It just adds exactly what this present needs. It is after all a gift card (Shhh no one tell anyone)

I think out of all my wrapped present. This is my favourite.

I’m immature. I just love that it is so tiny and the tag is so big!

And with all that said.

I AM DONE!!!!!!!

I have no more wrapping to do. No more shopping to do!

I will be working from this Saturday right through to Boxing day, so I knew all along I had to be organised. Hopefully in there we have some early days so we can see friends and family!

Well, I went out shopping. . . again

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Yesterday I had to pick my mum up from an eye appointment that involved laser! OUCH

I took her to babies r us so she could buy the mattress I wanted for the cot.

I went for the Sealy mattress because it was the PERFECT dimension for my 16 year old 2nd hand eBay cot.

Plus a while ago, my husband was having a very serious conversation with me about cot mattress saying that he wanted a really good one because he believed it would help the baby fall asleep and stay asleep and save our sanity and I laughed in his face, retorted with: “Oh so you wanna buy the kid a Sealy posturpedic do you?” (this was before I even knew that Sealy made cot mattresses) I then rubbed salt into his wounds by mocking him in front of his friends, more then once.

I had to eat my words and I had to most certainly apologise. (How he is still my husband, I’ll never know. True love!)

Part of the apology was buying the mattress he wanted!

So here it is! Fits perfectly in the cot

Sealy Cuddly mattress $199 for Babies ‘r’ us

(I’ll remove the plastic later when we are ready! I can’t wait to make bedding for this cute little guy)

I then drove across town to grab a quick bite and we were chatting in the car before I took off and I turned the ignition on so I could wind down my power window. 5 mins later I tried to start the car. . . flat battery!

Gah! I was only thinking the other day about how much I love my car and how good she has been to me and never lets me down.

I had to join my husbands NRMA roadside assistance thingo!

It was the original battery and lasted me 10 years. I cannot complain. The old girl was just up for retirement.

They jump started me and we were all good. I booked it in this morning to have the battery replaced.

NRMA really do offer great service. It is a bit $$$ but flawless.

Today I went to Alexandria to the Have you met Miss Jones warehouse sale.

Things still weren’t really cheap. It was kind of a fizzer. More like a pop up shop then a warehouse sale.

I purchased these though

(I know the stupid thing is blurry!!!)

6 star ornaments and a vase

I then went to baby warehouse where I have fallen in love with the Joolz day Earth!

I am not 100% sold on it, buuuuut…… I am kinda digging it.

Then, I went to the PYD building in waterloo

I picked up my knobs for the baby chest/dresser/change table

They are Mother of pearl shells in a nickel knob

I also stopped by The Country Trader. I just can’t resist.

There was soooooooo much I wanted to buy there, but with the car battery, and buying the knobs, I just had to walk on out.

Check out their gorgeous Christmas window display!

I wanted all those ornaments. These mini cast iron urns for the console, some mercury glass candle stick, some white servingware and then there was all the stuff I would never ever ever be able to afford ever!

Now I have come home, packaged up 2 etsy orders and popped them in the post!

Tomorrow I will (I hope) make the other curtain my bedroom needs


Gah, one day I’ll have the THIS light fitting!