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Gift Wrapping

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

It has been forever. That second child . . hey! Woahhhhh. I have the attention span of a gold fish and little energy.

I have put on a ban of buying anymore craft supplies of any kind. Having said that, all the time and money I had already spent, I have amassed a great inventory of products to utilise when the need arises.

This was one such need. I did however have to buy a box at a two dollar shop. In the recent past I have let standards slip and used, please forgive me, gift bags! Not nice ones at that. The super tacky ones.

I wish to show you what I achieved for a family member’s milestone. I shouldn’t be making excuses, but I know a lot of my readers also find themselves in the same shoes, young kids, too many commitments, lack of time, indecisive, like nice things, procrastinators yadda yadda. It was my Aunty’s 50th and DID NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT TO GET HER and I left internet shopping too late, not that I could decide on anything. She also hinted at not wanting actual ‘things’.

Which I think a lot of us feel like this too. How much stuff can we actually have? We all seem to be attempting to declutter in one way or another.

So what do you get someone who has everything?

I always feel that flowers can never go astray. People moan that they die. Yes, they die. You enjoy them for the days you have them. The lift the mood and create energy. Then hey presto you pop them in the green bin! Not hanging around haunting you forever. They are perfect.


If they drink alcohol, a bottle of something is good too, possibly even something they enjoy often, you know it will get drunk and not sit around collecting dust waiting for some elusive special occasion. Life is short! Drink the good stuff, drink the regular stuff.

I recently enjoyed a west coast cooler. It was fun! You know it is not precious to not be consumed. It can just be a bit of fun! Let’s not take everything so seriously. Or you can splash out on something grand, just make sure you just agree to open it and SOON!


I decided to create a gift with whimsy. Fifty and whimsical.


Let’s see what I put together. I bought a white gift box. Raided my ribbon stash for a classic wide black satin ribbon. Handmade washi paper from Japan and a torn watercolour paper tag.


 I printed out little circle discs to also adorn the balloons but, alas, the sun was setting and I needed to get in the car and GO. So I had to ditch it.


I filled the bottom of the box with her favourite chocolate. I suggest finding out something they enjoy and grabbing them.

I covered them over with tissue paper.


A cinema did a recent renovation where the whole cinema is like a giant gold class and the recipient likes to frequent this place so I bought a voucher. I know it will be utilised and it is a fun outing. But I didn’t just hand over a voucher shoved in a hallmark card. I dressed it up a lil’. I wrapped it up like a little present with ribbon.


Next up was another voucher. (I know, I am so lazy!) It would have been MUCH nicer if I actually went and got an actual voucher from that shop but it is quite a drive for me from my place and I have young children and to go all that way for a voucher seems a bit disproportionate. If I was getting something AMAZING, I would definitely make the trek. A voucher though, ughhhh no. Plus the voucher probably is ugly.

I decided to make my own voucher. This is also a great idea if vouchers don’t exist with what you want to give.

I whipped this card up in no time flat. Cut two slices in the paper and thread the cash through. Luckily we have plastic money as I folded it on the back and sticky taped it down.


Then I made a teeny tiny little hand written card. I popped it in an equally teeny tiny little handmade envelope with hand made paper. So sweet!


A popped a little hemp cord black bow on the front. The top left is the framing voucher card wrapped up. These three things were wrapped in tissue paper and the chocolates were placed into the gift box.

With just one more chocolate on top to greet you when you first open it for a little bit of whimsy.


The gift box was then wrapped.

The card I made, the round discs and that hand torn label were all made of watercolour paper off cuts that I have kept for times like these. Waste not, want not!

The whole gift made for an enjoyable unwrapping experience. That, in my opinion, adds to the gift.

Maybe consider trying some of this next time you get attack of the guilts just giving vouchers as a gift.



There was a fifth balloon but I popped it with florist wire! I wanted this little arrangement to be really cool. I was thinking of adding tiny bows to the wire ‘strings’. To add the text discs on more wire. Possibly tulle covering, foliage etc. . . . but even just the 4 balloons were too heavy for the wire and even several strands of wire. I threaded them into a straw too. I tried quite a few things. This is something I wish to conquer on another occasion. Possibly Isabel’s first birthday.

Hope to be back to blogging. I miss it. I miss documenting things that have happened in my life or my dreams and aspirations. I miss other peoples blogs. Lots of migration to instagram and snapchat. I am on snapchat and share some tutorials of things I am making. Film in real time. Warts and all. #swearing!! Frustrations etc which appeal to some people. The smoke and mirrors removed.

Although I really miss the gloss. The polish. THE EFFORT!!!!

Please share any last minute gift ideas that you think are a hit.

Much appreciated.



Bathroom Renovation – Inspiration Pictures – Part Two

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The previous post featured my Pinterest Pins, but ohhh my do I love Instagram? Yes, Yes I do. So let’s look at my screen shots!

I love this mirror. I would like a medicine cabinet that is recessed with a door like this. A metal frame with a shadow. Where would I find this?? Or just a mirror like this that I could attached to a medicine cabinet?

2016-01-18 21.09.04

Horizontal light above the metal framed mirror.

2016-01-06 00.12.50

63 weeks – STALKER. Bahahhah

I like the small square undermount basin. Has been hard to track one down. Everything is OVERSIZED!

2016-01-05 23.44.23

Herringbone floor! Subway tiles and capping/dado tiles. Except this is inverted. Marble on the bottom and white capping tile.

2016-01-05 10.06.35

Oh heaven! I love this bathroom! This is the tiling I would like to do. Large format marble subaway tiles on the bottom. Capping/dado tile and then smaller tiles on top (except mine will be plain white subway and white capping tile) Medicine cabinet. Horizontal art deco style light above mirror.

2016-01-05 10.06.14

Horizontal light above metal framed mirror.

2016-01-05 01.02.25

Wall mounted art deco taps (just not on the mirror) Undermount basin. Grey vanity. I like the wall treatment. VJ, Beadboard I don’t know what it is called. I was going to do this, but then I thought it was just getting too busy. I LOVE that wall light. Ralph Lauren do one, but too expensive for me.

2015-02-07 22.13.47

I do like that wall treatment. . .  What is it. The stripe wall thingo?? I do like it. . . Part of me says to keep it a bit contemporary. . . hmmm.

I’ll return with the tiles I have short listed, the taps/fittings I like and my plans.

Bathroom Renovation – Inspiration Pictures – Part One

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Next up in our house is a bathroom renovation.

If we were to sell tomorrow, we would have to renovate the bathroom prior. At this stage we are not looking at selling.

In the shower the tiles have come loose and water is getting behind them and soaking into the wardrobe of our bedroom. I had to toss most of my shoes as they grew mould.

We got 2 quotes on just replacing the tiles in the shower area. Then the tiles would be different and the whole thing would look worse than to begin with. We decided to just bite the bullet and redo the bathroom, which was on the list of things to do already.

As soon as I got the green light from hubby, I was off like a rocket. PINNING to my heart’s content.

Here is a look at some of my pins.

All image credits can be found here –


This is very similar to what we are going for. Dark floor tiles. Marble wall tiles. Vanity that touches are half wall to the shower. A bench in the shower. A horizontal light above the mirror. A window in the shower area.


What I am on the hunt for – capping tiles. I really dislike how they finished the subway tiles in this picture. It looks unfinished. I like the vanity though. Simple.


Similar again to the layout I would like in our bathroom. Vanity that touches the shower half wall. Capped with marble slab. Recessed medicine cabinet.


I have decided on 75mm x 300mm charcoal tiles to do a herringbone floors. But I do like this medium grey as well.


Bench in shower capped with a marble slab. And a concealed niche. Art above the toilet.


Vanity that touches the shower half wall. Horizontal light above the mirror. Window in the shower area. Marble wall tiles.


Stone slab capping on the shower half wall. 2 different size wall tiles. Diverter, slide bar hand held shower, wall mounted shower head. Dado capping tile.


Dark floor tiles. Capping tiles to border the window in the shower.


The tiles I have chosen for the floor aren’t as long as these ones and not as shiny, but I am digging the herringbone.


This is elba marble slab.


Dark herringbone tiles.


Vanity touches the shower inclosure. Bench in shower.


Vanity with marble slab. Touches the shower half wall. Bench in shower. 2 different wall tiles. Stone capping on shower walls.


Wall of bright shiny white subway tiles!!! And the tiling doesn’t go to the roof and is finished with a capping tile.


Capping tile.


Small window in shower area which has been tiled.


This is pretty close to what our space will look like. Marble tiles on the bottom part. Capping tile (except we will have white capping/dado tiles as capping tiles in marble to match our marble is not a product that is made) Then smaller scale white subway tiles above.



This is the real estate listing picture. The greenish wall paint has all flaked and peeled. The laminate on the vanity is peeling.

Pretty much everything is going to stay where it is. The layout works. We are deleting the bath tub. I am vehemently ANTI shower over bath. I get why they are put in, But I absolutely HATE them. Grew up with one. DISLIKE. Also no good for elderly or people with limited mobility. The demographics in this area seem to be to geared to downsizers and empty nesters, so I think it will work out ok in re-sale terms. But we are making it to suit us (even though I will have 2 small children) Mostly Audrey showers with me and stands/sits at my feet. When she was really little, I bathed her in the laundry tub and then I started showering with her in my arms to get the skin to skin contact as I didn’t breastfeed.

When she showers with me, I much prefer her to sit as she has had many a tumble in the bottom of that stupid tub even with a non slip mat!!!! No part of the floor is flat. I have fallen with her in my arms too! Frightening. (She wasn’t too little then and all that happened was I got quite a bruise on my bottom but just very lucky I believe)

These kids will just have to learn to love the shower like I do!! But while they are still little, I want to hunt out the biggest flexi tub to place in the bottom of the shower. They will love it and won’t be deprived and when we go to grandparents house or on holidays they will be treated with a bath, it will be exciting.

The toilet is to the right, cut out of the picture. The only other change is to delete the window on the left and have a mirror centred over the vanity. To make up for deleting one window (the room isn’t bright even with both windows) is to put in a skylight.

Next up is my screen shot inspiration pictures.


Friday, January 29th, 2016

Good day my wonderful people!

Let’s fill you all in on what has been happening.
I finished up work on Monday the 4th of January. I just had to work 4 days of this year and I am done.
Maternity leave has been great so far. I feel so CALM! And productive. The nesting phase never really occurred when I was pregnant with Audrey, I guess, that’s what happens when you work into the same week you give birth .. .
This time I decided to make it different and give myself plenty of time. I have also found this pregnancy harder than the first time around, but throwing a full time job and toddler in the mix would make it harder.
I have got some food in the freezer. I have managed to keep the house tidy. I have been cooking and preparing lunches the next day. I am making a concerted effort to use what I have and to be thrifty. The financial income is just not the same, so obviously, changes have to be made. With all that said, We are aiming to do quite a bit around this house this year! And yes, that will cost, but oh well. Life goes on.

Goals for 2016? Ohhhhh so many!
We have replaced our aluminium windows with western red cedar windows to take the house back to how it would have looked. We placed the order for these windows months ago and they are finally ready now. . . They have been installed and I am THRILLED with the way they look.


This was the original windows. They don’t look tooooo bad in this pic, but believe me they were bad.



Gosh it is hard to take a pic into a window. The lighting goes all dark. But this is the ugly, no soul or style alu window.



Maybe if they were powder coated white, they *might* have been okay. But they were just sad and I hated them.



Replaced outside front window. Yay, some character (this window is slightly ajar in this pic)

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.02.26 pm

This was the internal angle of my bay window. WHAT A FEATURE!!!!! They were so gross.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.02.14 pm

So much better!! Ahhhh ZEN! I would like some lead light now!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.14.07 pm

My neighbours house. . . something kinda sorta like that.

Just need to decide on paint colours now and the colour for the new gutter we need to get. Our downpipes are ROTTEN and I don’t like maroon.

Getting the windows installed gave us the big push to tackle the clutter in Audrey’s room to make space for the builder to do his job. We removed the top bunk of Audrey’s bed and the room instantly feels better. My husband is in the process of drawing up a built in wardrobe for that room as well.

I bought a bassinet for Baby girl No. 2 off gumtree! It is in perfect condition. I bought a new mattress for it and washed the white mesh. Came up a treat.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.13.58 pm

It fits through the doorways and down the hall. BG2 will be playing musical rooms I think. I never had a bassinet for Audrey. I opted to put her straight into her cot in her room. But we are a 2 bedder household and a newborn with a toddler in the one room doesn’t sound like a good idea. So we will utilise the bassinet for as long as possible and trial putting them in the same room and then drag the cot back out to go in the room when the time comes.

On January the 9th, we celebrated 5 years of wedded life. The traditional gift for 5 years is wood and we agreed a while back to get a display cabinet. The right one just hasn’t come up yet, so when we do see it, we will buy it. So there was no gift exchange. . . which made us both feel terribly unromantic. . UGH. We had a nice night out and took some pictures of the city.

Lots of other great things have been happening, like me diving head first into bathroom renovation planning. That will be my next blog post.


Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Well hello everybody long time no blog.
I just wanted to pop in and let you all know I am still around. I have had trouble updating the blog due to timing as I am now 24 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy has stripped me of all my energy. Personally, I feel it is unnatural to work full time, be pregnant, have a toddler and also wish to pursue extracurricular activities such as sewing and blogging. Another thing that stops me from being able to update the blog was my own indecisiveness. I didn’t want to blog about things that weren’t actually happening or I haven’t fully decided upon. So let’s visit what has actually happened.

As mentioned previously, I am pregnant! My husband and I fell pregnant with our second child after 9 months of trying. I know this isn’t a lot for other people but we had such great success with Audrey, it came as a bit of a shock. 




I also contributed my free time to a creative endeavour which was published by Style Me Pretty I was approached by Mornington Peninsular photographer to be part of a styled feature.

It was also featured by Ivory Tribe

I was only 7 weeks pregnant and in the thick of extreme fatigue when I put together this wedding stationery suite.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.02.14 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.02.00 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.01.50 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.01.01 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.39.15 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.38.41 pm

 I was pleased with the results as I’m sure all the other people that contributed are. All credits are in the 2 links above.

Photos – Michelle Pragt of In Photography

If you are a bride to be do not hesitate to check these people out especially if you are located in Victoria. If you’re interested in my services then distance isn’t an issue.

With what little spare time I had left I dedicated it to sewing as the sewing bug has hit me. It has been extremely frustrating though to try and sew with a toddler around. It is also quite dangerous without anything between the toddler and the sewing area in terms of a barrier. She is an opportunist and will grab the pins, scissors, fiddle with the overlocker, play with the iron cord, etcetera, at any given chance. But I love her to death and she’s the reason why I sew.

Here is a look at some things I’ve made.









But the biggest thing to come out of being pregnant and wanting to sew all the time is – What are we going to do with our house?

We currently reside in a 2 bedroom house. We have decided to stay put and live with what we’ve got. Doing an extension to include more room is just not something we can do at the moment with our financial situation and not something we will see happening in the next 7 to 10 years. With another child on the way and my desire to sew, we are in desperate need of room. We have finally decided after months of deliberation is to convert our garage into a usable space. We looked at all sorts of other options like knocking down the garage and removing it. Having something built externally and craned in or put together on site.

Jenny Rose Innes on Instagram posted from her builders, a new endeavour there pursuing with outbuildings which are built off site and brought in. I was keen to go ahead with that until I had more people look at my existing garage and comment “why don’t you just fixed the garage the way it is?” And that is the direction we will head in.

The garage is 3 metres by 8 metres giving us 24 square metres of usable space it just needs a facelift I have had a builder come around and quote. Still waiting for the quote but I will go into this further in another blog post.

Another thing that is happening around our house is we are changing the disgusting ugly terrible aluminium windows back to the former western red cedar windows.

To match what was there already there but sadly removed by people that clearly have no taste. I now need to get a quote on putting lead light in the front 3 windows that face the street to match my neighbour’s bay window and other houses in the area from the same era.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.52.10 pm

You could say I am in nesting mode but the truth of the matter is nothing will be done before this baby arrives. Typical! I have made peace with that and have just moved on.

Another thing that has been happening around my house is gardening. I planted spring bulbs that gave me a beautiful display in my front garden bed which has now finished flowering.

We were all so sick to death of having plants in the black plastic pots we bought them in years ago, we have now repotted all our plans into terracotta pots.

We planted out the garden bed that goes part way along the length of the garage with iceberg standard iceberg roses, buxus and lavender. We will extend this garden bed to be deeper as it appears the roses don’t have quite enough room. It is a narrow garden bed.

The great thing with knowing we are just going to stay in the house the way it is means we can now renovate it to completion. We were too hesitant to do any renovations because anything we did do would be affected by an extension later. It would be in effect a waste of time and money but now that we are just going to have a 2 bedroom house with the studio, we are quite happy to finish everything off. Such as the second bedroom, the large laundry and the gardens. This gives me a lot of excitement and I feel very creative. It took a lot of time, discussions and number crunching to get to this decision but I feel this is the right decision for us at the right time.

2015-10-19 17.25.41

Want to dig up this ugly slopey concrete and lay down a stone patio.

2015-10-19 17.25.33

Don’t let the flakey paint throw you. Just received a quote to replace the glass on the windows in this room and fix the sash weights as the windows will be heavier and THEN, we will get them painted. They are actually in great condition. It is just flakey paint.

2015-10-19 17.25.18

A metal shed that I want to remove and replace with a cedar cute cottage shed. Mint and rosemary going crazy! Neglected mother in laws tongue in the background. . . I don’t really like this plant and guess who gave it to me. . . GUESSSSS, you will never guess!!!!

2015-10-19 17.25.05

Teddy Bear Magnolia about to flower. I have 3 of these plants and I have just had them planted into MUCH larger pots before we decide where they will go in the garden and they are doing much better. I was scared they were going to die a slow death.

2015-10-19 17.24.53

Stupid bats came through last year when my neighbours had these trees in their yard and shat everywhere. That is what the marks on the garage are! But our neighbours removed those noxious trees! And this year, no bats!

2015-10-19 17.24.29

My little topiary collection! My favourite is Korean buxus! I love my standard bay tree too! Friends got us a bay tree seedling for our house warming and sometime last year I decided I wanted to train it into a lollipop and massacred it. Left a tuft of about 4 leaves on top. My husband was shocked when he saw it and a bit mad, I said, just trust me!! AND LOOK AT IT NOW!

(GOD I HATE MY BROWN COLORBOND FENCE! But I love them too. They are in good knick and there is no fencing dispute between neighbours that I have seen play out at the court house, so gotta be grateful)

Another future blog post will be year of the garden YOTG that will be 2016 when I am on maternity leave!! I can supervisor children and my husband can garden to his heart’s content. It’s impossible at the moment to do much on both of our separate weekends (me: Thursday and Friday, Him: Saturday and Sunday) as we are alone.

Really looking forward to maternity leave next year and I’m not going to do something silly like I did with Audrey and only have 4 months off. I’m going to enjoy my time with my family and hopefully have a year off.

 Thank you for getting this far and can’t wait to update you further.

A new dress for Audrey

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

I had a hiatus from sewing, but then the bug bit me again and I just had to make something.

My fourth geranium dress.


I lengthened the bodice. I hand sewed the bodice lining down and I hand sewed the hem. This details are definitely worth it. So much nicer.

The lining is red linen cotton blend. The only fabric I could find that co-ordinated with the dress.

I added a round ruffle collar.
I really need to try using the rolled hem foot. I just folded this over, so there was no hem. But it is kind of bulky. Next time I will try that so it will only be single layer.


Finished it off with self cover buttons. I didn’t have any buttons in my stash that were suitable. My arm was twisted, I had to use the self cover buttons I had been meaning to try!

They are sooooo pretty. I want to add them to EVERYTHING now.


Ruffle collars are KING when mixed with cardigans


The colour of the dress is a little hard to co-ordinate with other items! OPPS. What do you think she could wear this with? What coloured tights?? What kind of shoes. The red is also a reddy-orange situation too. Eek. This is why I am not really a fan of red. I don’t know what to do with it.

A look into my screen shots

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Here is a curated look at what has been inspiring me and making me froth at the mouth!

A taste of my style, well what I hope to emulate one day.



Ohh I wish I could sew like this. Totally smitten with smocking at the moment.


Source unknown


Source unknown

But these are my colours!! The fabric on the armchair is perfection. I would love to upholster my wingback is something like this.


Susan Greenleaf

These are also my colours


Hilary Jones Ceramics

Second from the right is proudly mine now


Kate Marker

I love that cabinet. The details and the colours!


Harbor Home

Ohhh the mirror!! My one will look similar! Can’t wait


Elle Decor Twitter

The curtains!! They slay me. They are gorgeous. I want to make something similar for my living room. A blue like that with trim tape.


Amy Vermillion Interiors

Speaking of trim tape!!! Gorgeous.


Bungalow Classic

This Suzanne Kasler laurent chair for Hickory has my heart!! I really want 2 of them. Do you think they would be ok for a desk chair. An occasional desk chair?


Clay Mclaurin Studio

Love heartey eyes!


Bungalow Classic

White ceramics forever!!


Robyn Mckendry

That ribbon. That linen, the Astier de Villatte in the middle of that plate sandwich!


Kate Marker

These colours or swoon worthy. I am in MAJOR love with houndstooth. Husband hates it. Just says “David Jones shopping bag” to him.


Sissy and Marley

Such a pretty girls room! I love the scallop pillow cases and the bolster.



Ohhhh I wish I could draw like that! Dogwood illustration


CottonWood Interiors

If I am ever fortunate enough to afford the proposed extension on my place, it will have this look and feel. Love the artwork with the light above and the bannister.


Sugar Paper LA

I adore hand cut silhouettes. I went to the Easter show when I was young and had one done. Then when it came to my wedding I really wanted an artist to come the reception as entertainment. Would be a sweet gift for the guests. But I found out that they person from the Easter show had passed away.  :(  and I couldn’t find anyone else who could do it.


Stark Design

Ohh succulents and silver falls. Love.


Caitlin Wilson

I really like this demi lune table and the simple styling.


Cavit & Co

I LOVE these ceramics. No idea where they are from. Love the artwork too.


Holly M Carlisle

Ohhhhh if I was getting married again (I won’t) but if I was, this would be my bouquet. Young white lilacs.


Single Stone LA

and this would be my set!!


Meredith Heron

These look like jewellery too!!


Motif Personnel

Beautiful étoile fabric to make my Audrey something!


Loi Thai

What an entry! Yes Please to everything.


Marianne Smith

I really like this wallpaper. . . . then I saw the price!!! HAHAHAH. Poor me. (If I bought it ahhahah poor)


BM Interiors

Laundry Lust – all that storage!


Source Unknown

Gorgeous details. Brass. Wallpaper and antiqued mirror.


Chris Gursansky

My outdoor patio. . . . one day . . .


Stark Design

Ohhhh ceramics have my heart. I am loving the celadon colour.


Windsor Smith

Traditional fifth year wedding anniversary is wood. And if money was no object. . . . Yep!! ^^^ that. . Please?

Or my beloved Hickory chair cabinet that is 20k PLUS.

Queen Bed Head D.I.Y Upholstery Tutorial

Monday, May 18th, 2015

After close to 10 months, I am here to FINALLY do my bed head tutorial.


To start with I sketched the shape of the bed head on some paper. Full disclosure, I was heavily inspired by a Hickory chair company Fifth Ave bed.



I decided to do a piped edge instead of nail head, like in the picture. I love nail head, but at the time, the interiors world was saturated with nail heads and I didn’t want the bed head to be too trend based and look sad shortly after. But I definitely LOVE nail head. I also have a chair in the room that has nail head trim.

I chose to make mine taller and not do the border. The border is waaaaayyy out of my amateur upholstery skills.

Then I handed over my drawing with measurements to my husband. My bed head is about 170cm tall and about 5 cm wider on each side of a queen mattress.

He then drew it out in his CAD software and sent it to the factory to be cut out.


The 3 beams were 45mm thick from bunnings. The plywood backing is 9mm thick and the fancy shape top are 9 mm thick ply stacked up on top of each other. All glued and screwed together.

This step is obviously not an option for everyone. So you can get out rulers, protractors and pair of compasses to draw the fancy curve shape. It is definitely not impossible and how things use to be done back in the olden days!

Then use a jigsaw to cut it out.

Luckily my brother works at a factory and he ran the project on a CNC machine. He also constructed it for me.

Then my husband also sent his file for the inner part of the bed head for the foam shape to a foam shop who accepts .dxf files and they cut it out so the fit was perfection.


Again, this is also not necessary. You can cut foam to shape like you cut plywood with a jigsaw. You just use an electric bread knife for the foam. This doesn’t even need to be exact. It is going to be inside the bed head, not visible and it is a squishy product.


Once you have the wooden frame constructed and the foam inside. The next thing to do is to cover the rest of it.

Lay it horizontally on a couple of work horses which can be picked up fairly cheaply at Bunnings.


I covered it with a foam mattress topper from Target. I got this for half price when a target was closing down.

The packet says “Foam underlay” and the price is $39 (I paid $19.50) for a queen bed size. But I can’t see it on their website. (They have similar stuff, but it is memory foam, mine is not memory foam) Moving on. You can use a thin foam all over. 2 or so centimetres thick.

You don’t have to use foam here though (as it is expensive!) You can use high loft batting here which can be purchased from spotlight. But use 2 layers.

I went with the thin foam. Lay it on top


The pointy side down. Then with a staple gun (I STRONGLY recommend investing in an electric staple gun, due to the amount of stapling you will be doing. Unless you’re fond of hand cramps or have amazing palm strength then you can use a $20 manual one)

Staple around the perimetre of the bed head minus the legs. Use your fingers to push the foam to find the edge of the timber.


Then trim the excess foam off with good scissors.


Next, lay your fabric over the top. Make sure it is ironed and free from wrinkles. I laid my fabric on its side. So the selvedge (self finish edge) of the fabric is at the top and bottom, not the sides of the head board. As the fabric width was not wide enough to accommodate my bed head. So if you are using patterned fabric, keep this in mind. If pattern is not directional, i.e works in any direction it is then that is fine, but if it needs to go a certain direction and is not wide enough the way it is, you will have to sew pieces together and you will have a seam or seams. So make sure you measure and line it up so that it is centred to the bed head.


You can see the selvedge edge at the top there and just resting on the bed head leg. Then begin to staple! I started at the bottom of the bed head. I just put a few staples in. Then I went to the top of the bed head and pulled the fabric smooth and firmly taut. Not overly taut though, just smooth the fabric up and over the edge and pulling slightly, put a staple in a few places to anchor it. Then move to the sides and place some there. Once you have the fabric stapled on all 4 sides, make sure it is smooth, free of ripples or loose fabric. If it is nice and tight, move in. if you’ve got issues, use needle nose pliers and pull some staples out and try again. Then go around the fill in the gaps with staples.


Obviously, this complies with all the known OH&S regulations.


Close up


You may need to cut the fabric to ease it around the pointy parts. Then trim the excess fabric off.

We next move on to covering the legs. For this part. Cut fabric that is big enough to cover the leg the whole way around.

For this part you will need cardboard backtacking strips. These are sold per metre strips. $0.45 per metre.


I bought them from here


Cut the strips to length. BUT DO NOT USE DRESS MAKING SHEARS HERE. Under no circumstances use your scissors for paper/cardboard.

Place your cut fabric so that the wrong side of the fabric is facing up. My picture is too cropped. But you place your piece of fabric on the body of your head board. So the edge of the fabric is lined up with the trimmed edge of the body fabric. Not sitting on the bed head leg. Then place your strip and put a few staples in it. You use the strips to get a nice straight edge. Then you pick up your cut piece of fabric and it folds over the backtack strip and conceals it and you can then drape it over the leg. Staple it in place on the of the leg. There is not foam or batting used on the legs, it is not necessary in my opinion.

Next we move to the sewing machine. (I was scared of this part, but trust me, YOU CAN DO IT!) You are going to make the piping/cording.


I bought my cording from Spotlight. You can get a vast range of thickness for your cording. I chose something quite thick. I wanted it to be prominent. I can’t remember the size number though. Sorry. This is cotton cording. If you are going to do piped edge on something that you will wash, I have been advised to stay away from the type of cording I chose. As it takes FOREVER to dry. In that case you can use soft hollow core plastic.


Measure the perimetre of your project for the amount of cording to buy.

Change the foot on your machine to the zipper foot.


Cut long strips of fabric that is wide enough to wrap around your cording and have over hang. This youtube video shows you how to do it.


I am certain that I didn’t cut my strips on the bias though. I just cut straight strips and it worked fine. In the youtube video it shows you how to sew the strips together so you have one big long continuance piece of fabric.


Wrap the strips of fabric around the cording and line the cut edges up. Make sure your cording is in there snugly and sew with your zipper foot as close to the cording as possible. You don’t want it loose in the channel. I had to move the needle on my machine over to get closer. Once you have it right, it is super easy. Just sew the entire length in one straight stitch. EASY!!!

Then you have piping!!!

Find the middle of the long strip of cording. Place that at the top middle of the headboard. Secure it. Then follow it along the edge of your bed head to the bottom of the leg to make sure you have made enough. Do this on both sides. You don’t want one leg to have a puddle of piping left over and then not enough of the other leg when you get to it. You can’t just cut it off and add it to the other side without a bad obvious join.

Then start to staple the piping in place. You want the piping to rest just on the front edge. You are stapling into the over hang of the fabric.



Continue all the way down.

Cut more strips of fabric. This is to cover the top and side edges of your head board. You may have to sew 2 or more together. I have 1 seam. Be smart about it. place the seam/s somewhere inconspicuous. You don’t want them to be too visible. So lining them up with other joins is best.


Next up. You will need your cardboard backtacking strips.


We are going to be covering up all the staples and raw edges of fabric from the piping to make a nice finish.

Lay your fabric the wrong side up, just like we did with the legs and place your cardboard strip butted up with the piping/cording.


Place staples into the cardboard.

Next up, cut strips of high loft batting. I purchased this at spotlight. Cut strips slightly bigger then the depth of your head board. You need this so you don’t feel/see the staples,the cardboard strips or excess fabric under the finished fabric edge. To give it a nice smooth finish.


Fold back the fabric you just attached. Place the strip of the batting there. Lift a layer of the batting and place the staples inside it. You don’t want to feel these staples or see the bumps when you attach it.


As you can see in the picture above, I am placing the staples in the middle of the batting. Just separating it with my fingers.


Go the whole way around.

Then fold your fabric back over and staple it on the very back of the head board. VOILA! A piped edge that is concealed and the top edge looks beautiful.



Trim excess hanging fabric.


Stand it up and be all like, f**k, I am a f**king GENIUS! Bask in the glory of being an amazing d.i.y QUEEN!!

Lay something over your work horses to protect the front of your bed head. Lay your bed head face down to close up the back of the leg fabric that you can see hanging in the above picture.

I used this metal back tack strip to close the leg fabric over so there are no visible staples.


And to close up the back up, I purchased shark trim to do it neatly, so that there is no visible staples.


I attempted to use it and became frustrated and then I came to my senses – “It is the back Laura, no one will ever see it. Just staple it!”


I purchased an off cut of fabric from the upholstery store that was enough to cover the back for like $4. It doesn’t matter what it looks like.

AND THEN IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then insist on nagging your husband the minute he walks in the door from work to help you bring it inside the house and place it behind your ensemble mattress. The weight of the mattress and base has been enough to keep it in place for us. I did not attach it to the wall at all. It is simply just leaning.

You can make bed heads minus the legs and then hang them on the wall, but I have no idea why you would do that. You can see it is missing legs and it looks kind of silly and then you have to go to the trouble of hanging it on the wall with brackets and hardware, I would just make your head board with legs.


Then snap a picture because you are proud as punch!

Materials and Cost:

Timber beams: Around $30 from bunnings.

Plywood: Free.

Frame cutting: Freebie.

Foam: $50 for 50mm medium density foam.

Foam Cutting: $120 for cutting. That is pretty expensive and I did “umm & ahh” over doing this. I could have cut it myself and it would have cost $0 but I wanted to make a professional looking head board and that meant it was guaranteed to be the right and perfect shape and I didn’t have to mess around trying to cut it myself, so I personally thought it was worth spending money on. But It is definitely doable. Make a template and trace in on the foam with black texta.  Then cut it out with an electric bread knife.

Thin foam: $19.50

Fabric: $200 (I think it was around $50 a metre and I used around 4 metres) Remember, you need upholstery fabric, you can’t/should go to just spotlight or lincraft and buy any ol’ thing.

Staples: ~$10

Cording: ~$20 (I can’t remember, but something like this)

It was around $450 to make it. You can buy bed heads for this price. . . maybe, but it won’t be anywhere near as nice. The fabric will be sad, there won’t be piping and the foam will be thin and hard. My husband questioned me making this one when the price was mounting and slightly begged me to have someone else make it. I was shocked. I trusted my ability, especially after doing the diamond tufted banquette and the professional upholsterer who made the cushion cover for me praised it to no end. Once I completed it, My husband was really pleased with the result and did admit he had made a mistake in not having faith in me. To have someone make this bed head up for you in your own custom shape, you are probably looking at $1200 at least. I think I did well.

Time: This bed head took me around 2.5 days to upholster. I was the primary carer of my 1 year old whilst doing it too. I did it on my own. (besided the construction of the frame)I got my husband to help me put it on the work horses before he left for work. But when it came to flipping the bed head over onto its front. I did that on my own and I could have really used another set of hands, but I am too determined. And I have plastic work horses and a couple collapsed as I was exercising poor judgment and restraint, but I managed to get it on and get it done because it was so close to being finished.

If any Aus peeps want to give making a custom shaped bed head a go and need some assistance getting the bed head frame made, you can speak to me, even if your aren’t in Sydney.


Dinner idea

Friday, May 15th, 2015

I made this for dinner tonight!!!





Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.53.32 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.53.56 pm

But I made a few adjustments.

I added mushrooms. But not just any old mushrooms. I added MY favourite mushrooms in the whole wide world. Saffron Milk Caps. Hand picked by my in laws from Oberon, NSW.


Image source and more info of the mushrooms

I used smoked salmon instead of trout, as that is what I had on hand. I used about 4 tablespoons of thickened cream stirred through instead of creme fraiche as I didn’t have any. I used just ordinary green shallots. And I stirred through some parsley. MY GOD, It was yum!

Probably the best pasta I have made in a long time!

Do try it.

Have you tried saffron milk caps? Or pine mushrooms. They are seriously delicious.

Do you like mushrooms? I love them!

I’m back! I’m trying.

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to whoever wants to take my well wishes!

Hope you had a good day.

My day was a wee bit terrible. I slept at my sister’s house the night before because she hosted a games night that was ace and she lives nearby to where I work, It only made sense.

I went to work and my husband and Audrey visited for lunch. My husband did a fabulous job! He went to my favourite deli and bakery and put together a scrumptious picnic! I walked over to the park in my lunch break and spent it with the people I love!


Like this one ^^

She’s two! and she’s acting like it!

She wasn’t great company. The only time she was happy was when she was standing in the rose garden and I’m worried she will get hurt by a thorn. Otherwise she was throwing herself on the ground.

She was a little dolly when I took her to the office and I let her sit on my knee and scribble with the highlighter. Then they went off to see his mother and family. I was at work late and then I went home and he wasn’t home yet. .  Then when he arrived, Audrey was asleep.

Ho hum. So I only saw her for an hour. . on mother’s day. Then my husband asked me to put a load of washing on. DAGGERS FROM MY EYES DIRECTED RIGHT AT HIM!

He did a wonderful job considering the circumstances though.


These are the beautiful bunch of flowers that he got me. He claims he picked all the flowers and they did the foliage. Bless him!


A little gift!!! It is in a nice aqua blue glass. He also got me a new blade/box cutter. I am LOST without that tool. I use it often! And my last one slowly fell apart as I put new blades in. Plus a hot water bottle. How cute!


I am taking too many #shelfies (NEVER!) on my mantle. Loving it sick.

Talking about mantle. I have ordered a new mirror for it. It is a few weeks away as it is being custom made.


It will look something like this one. But with more antiquing done. As you enter the living room you are faced with the fireplace and a big mirror staring back at you. It would frighten me every time! I wanted a bit of distortion. Ha!

The one above is from Amy Vermillion blog and is a Hickory Chair company mirror.





These pictures have been saved in my living room pinterest board for quite some time.

2015-05-11 11.34.09

My new throw cushion. Excuse the low light and the *shock* WRINKLES.

2015-05-08 12.09.45

The process of my new throw cushion. I just used a feather cushion insert that was too big. Cut it. Pulled out some feathers and sewed it back up. Then vacuumed my entire house.

Used what I had and didn’t spend any money!

I am on a mission. Decrease mindless spending and decluttering this house. More about that later.

How was you mother’s day? Or how did you spend the day?