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A new dress for Audrey

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

I had a hiatus from sewing, but then the bug bit me again and I just had to make something.

My fourth geranium dress.


I lengthened the bodice. I hand sewed the bodice lining down and I hand sewed the hem. This details are definitely worth it. So much nicer.

The lining is red linen cotton blend. The only fabric I could find that co-ordinated with the dress.

I added a round ruffle collar.
I really need to try using the rolled hem foot. I just folded this over, so there was no hem. But it is kind of bulky. Next time I will try that so it will only be single layer.


Finished it off with self cover buttons. I didn’t have any buttons in my stash that were suitable. My arm was twisted, I had to use the self cover buttons I had been meaning to try!

They are sooooo pretty. I want to add them to EVERYTHING now.


Ruffle collars are KING when mixed with cardigans


The colour of the dress is a little hard to co-ordinate with other items! OPPS. What do you think she could wear this with? What coloured tights?? What kind of shoes. The red is also a reddy-orange situation too. Eek. This is why I am not really a fan of red. I don’t know what to do with it.

I’m back! I’m trying.

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to whoever wants to take my well wishes!

Hope you had a good day.

My day was a wee bit terrible. I slept at my sister’s house the night before because she hosted a games night that was ace and she lives nearby to where I work, It only made sense.

I went to work and my husband and Audrey visited for lunch. My husband did a fabulous job! He went to my favourite deli and bakery and put together a scrumptious picnic! I walked over to the park in my lunch break and spent it with the people I love!


Like this one ^^

She’s two! and she’s acting like it!

She wasn’t great company. The only time she was happy was when she was standing in the rose garden and I’m worried she will get hurt by a thorn. Otherwise she was throwing herself on the ground.

She was a little dolly when I took her to the office and I let her sit on my knee and scribble with the highlighter. Then they went off to see his mother and family. I was at work late and then I went home and he wasn’t home yet. .  Then when he arrived, Audrey was asleep.

Ho hum. So I only saw her for an hour. . on mother’s day. Then my husband asked me to put a load of washing on. DAGGERS FROM MY EYES DIRECTED RIGHT AT HIM!

He did a wonderful job considering the circumstances though.


These are the beautiful bunch of flowers that he got me. He claims he picked all the flowers and they did the foliage. Bless him!


A little gift!!! It is in a nice aqua blue glass. He also got me a new blade/box cutter. I am LOST without that tool. I use it often! And my last one slowly fell apart as I put new blades in. Plus a hot water bottle. How cute!


I am taking too many #shelfies (NEVER!) on my mantle. Loving it sick.

Talking about mantle. I have ordered a new mirror for it. It is a few weeks away as it is being custom made.


It will look something like this one. But with more antiquing done. As you enter the living room you are faced with the fireplace and a big mirror staring back at you. It would frighten me every time! I wanted a bit of distortion. Ha!

The one above is from Amy Vermillion blog and is a Hickory Chair company mirror.





These pictures have been saved in my living room pinterest board for quite some time.

2015-05-11 11.34.09

My new throw cushion. Excuse the low light and the *shock* WRINKLES.

2015-05-08 12.09.45

The process of my new throw cushion. I just used a feather cushion insert that was too big. Cut it. Pulled out some feathers and sewed it back up. Then vacuumed my entire house.

Used what I had and didn’t spend any money!

I am on a mission. Decrease mindless spending and decluttering this house. More about that later.

How was you mother’s day? Or how did you spend the day?

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 29th, 2014


Hi, remember me? I use to occupy this space! I just paid for another year of hosting, so I better do something with it.

Let’s do a little back capture shall we.

I took a weekend off and went on a trip to Byron Bay for my cousin Becky’s wedding.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 7.54.51 pm


Woot Woo right?

We stayed at Byron at Byron and it was LOVELY! Very nice indeed. I would like to go back. (because it was kind of a fizzer because I got sick and spent last day seeking a doctor which I found at Ballina emergency department:)

My daughter turned 20 months.


Gone are the days of photo shoots! It means I better quickly learn to take great pics at very short notice with very little time. The working 5 days a week compared to 3 is the difference between crafting and santiy and no crafting and stark raving mad lunatic. But, I do what I have to do for my little family and my expensive taste!
Gee, why couldn’t I just be happy with generic and mediocre?

Which brings us to my next point. JULISKA! I J’ADORE!!!!!!!! So HARD!!!! So $$ but so beautiful and creative! I love it all. I love the ethos of the company and the design and the way they can mix and match it all with such flair. High end with low end, plain with intricate. patterns with other patterns. Sourcing and utilising artisans throughout the world. Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Portugal. THE WHOLE DAMN LOT.

I am seriously considering a new dining setting, well 2. HA! (Casual and Formal)

Which rounds us out to my next point.

Christmas Eve Dinner. My Christmas table was SAD FACE. Very non inspired at all. Maxwell and Williams white dinner setting that was gifted from my Aunties storage cage to help me out when I first moved out 8 years ago does not make for an amazing display. Next year, Next year it will be different. But I said those very words last year when I put this dinner setting together,


I did the same setting this year, but there was no cookies on the plate. (No time for those special touches) I didn’t bother taking a picture oft this years table. Plus I had a moment of weakness at the flower markets where I bought a bunch of candy pink roses because I somehow thought it would look good. But of course in the light of day, it was a terrible lapse in judgment. At least my Calligraphy has improved leaps and bounds.

Next point, I went to the flower markets on the 23rd. I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 3.45!!!!!!!!!! My friend from mothers group came with.


^^^^^ THIS THOUGH, Oh This ^^^^^ This, I was happy with.
A BIG improvement from last years flowers


This is my mantle. I didn’t have a mantle last year, So I was super chuffed this time around.


I also made a fresh Christmas wreath for the front door.


So yes, I think now is the time to commit to a new dinner setting. I rationalise the cost now that I have a daughter, Oh but one day it will be passed down to her. (But she will probably hate it and think it is the ugliest thing on the planet) Only time will tell. I also would like glasses for the table. I have a mix match of err stuff. But the setting I would like is not discounted in the boxing day sales like I had hoped. . .  . . . And I just can’t pay retail.

Here is my tree


I loved it!

My wrapping.




I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Bring on the new year…………… no……. this year went by WAY TOO FAST. My daughter is growing way too fast and I am spending more time at work then I would like too which I keep agonising over and I really don’t know what the right thing to do is. And what I should prioritise higher, of course, my daughter and this precious time, but time is precious and this is the time to be working towards a nice future! Hmmph.

Having said all that. I have 2 weekends leave coming up! I think my husband I just need to make a point of taking more leave and more time off. It is important to not stress the hell out. Work is important but not that important!

I’ve fallen off the face of this blog

Friday, December 5th, 2014

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”

Well I am here, I am trying.

I missed the blogiversary. It was November 24. FIVE YEARS of blogging and I haven’t missed a month. I am pretty proud of that.

 Some people blog twice daily, ha, not me.

So, what’s new with you guys? I’ve been reading your blogs (if you have one) and trying my best to comment.


My daughter is now 19 months old (well nearly 20 months now) but here she is at 19 months.


That was a fun afternoon. She sprayed my new camera and I totally didn’t care.


If you follow me on instagram you would have seen this outfit that I made for Audrey.

I whipped up the red cotton linen blend shorts in an hour before her daycare Christmas concert.


This is her wearing it. The top has plenty of growth room. It was a VERY hot day and it was the perfect ensemble for it.


She absolutely ROCKED OUT at the Christmas concert! Her and the boy next to her. That was it. The rest were either shell-shocked, frozen, running away or howling!

What a little superstar! Can you guess the song? Ok, I’ll tell you.

Jingle bells! Duh!

Then the vomiting bug started for her that evening and then me later in the weekend! YAYSIES.


I’ve made a start on my Christmas wrapping. I am doing blue and white this year.


My calligraphy is getting better.

Here is my tree. I’m not 100% happy with it, but it will do. My daughter is always ‘jingle-jingling’ it. And I’ve put all the good decos on it. . . . .

It has a barrier around it, but pulls it away and walks behind it, waves and says “see ya” So damn cheeky.


The photo is a bit overdone. I was just playing with my camera. There is NO photoshop here. Cross screen filter y’all. And not a instagram filter. An actual filter, one you screw onto the lens.

The exposure is a bit long. .  but yeah, like I said. Just playing.

.  .  .  .  .  .

I’m currently stealing some days away in Byron Bay. My cousin is getting married tomorrow. Better run! Pre wedding drinks are on!


Latest blog post

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

I asked my husband what should I call my latest blog post.

“Latest blog post”

He is the creative one in the relationship!

How are we all?

I am well. . . not really. .  that so called break is long over. I have been back at work for a full week and have just started a new week. Oh and it is NOVEMBER!!!!! Da fuq???

I am so behind. Working 5 days for the man, is just not working out for me, but my bank account disagrees.

I feel so behind and I have such grand ideas for Christmas. I honestly don’t see half of them transpiring.

Oh well.


I feel like moving to this little town!!! 45mins to the beach!! Zero traffic, no paid parking at the beach. Sounds like the life!

It is just the frost I need to battle.



Can any garden savvy readers spread some light on the above 2 pics. The top one is just a close up. It is like a hydrangea tree?? Vibernum?? What is it?

I love it.


What is this called? Dogwood??? I loved it too. I need to find a tree that can hold it’s own in the centre spotlight and not compete with magnolia teddy bears. I am slowly trying to figure out my front garden. I want to plant my magnolia teddy bears in a row (sort of hedge) to screen out neighbours on the boundary. But on the front corner of the block I want a tree. . . what goes with the magnolias, or contrasts nicely against it? Because it will be the leader of the row of the magnolias. . .



These pictures were taken in the grounds of Milton Park.


Berkelouw Book Barn at Berrima. VERY NICE!!!! We went twice LOL.


This bud turned into the flower below.


My husband rings me and tells me that there is a big white rose in the garden. I say, don’t you mean pink? Dude are you colour blind??

Come home and I stand corrected.

This is Crown Princess Mary rose.


I really enjoy doing these watercolours!


I bought these new terracotta pots on our trip! They are my buxus balls. GROW BABIES GROW!

Gardening in a white top! Makes sense. . .


I also bought the 3 ball topiary from The Potting Shed in Bowral. I swoon over their instagram photos and so glad I have now visited. I wanna go back!!!!!

I have also planted something in the empty pot now.


This is my Audrey at 11am.

Just having a snooze. . . standing up . . no biggie.

Clearly she suffers from neglect and I practice DEtached parenting!

*tongue in cheek*


She then rolled over to this pose. Then I stopped giggling in disbelief and I scooped her up onto the couch and put a patchwork blanket on her.

She is just the sweetest little girl.

(to me)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Audrey at 18 months

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Even when I am on holidays, I can’t keep up.

I’ve just finished my last antibiotic tablet tonight! I have been on 5 courses of antibiotics for the last month! Starting with my wisdom teeth, the mouth infection and then the cold! (I can’t even tell you when the last time I have had antibiotics before, I swear I’ve probably had them twice in my life prior to this) But I am ALL BETTER!

** knock on wood **

And on holidays! Loving life something severe right now. No hustlin’ for a little bit.

To celebrate 18 fabulous months. We took Audrey to the zoo as a family. Since returning to work when Audrey was 5 months old and losing weekends to work, there has been zero family time. So this was a real treat.







Penguins are my FAV!!!!!! And we just happen to have the cutest and smallest! Bless.

Then we had another family fun day on Sunday. We went to Kirribilli Markets for a look around. Nothing really took my fancy.

Then to Anvil Coffee Co on Kirribilli wharf for brunch.



Wearing a springtime fun dress. Liberty of London print Jacadi dress.


Where little A had her first babycino!


I’m thinking of framing this picture. I just love it.

(but she’s got a wrinkled bib on . . . . Thoughts???)

Then we went to Mosman to go shopping. I was looking for christmas presents for Audrey. There is a few kids shops. Toys in particular, but I have no idea what to get her or what she is in to . . . She only showed interest in one item, that is because she has it at home. . .


Then we went to Balmoral beach for a stroll. Then fish and chips!

Today I managed to do some sewing and my husband painted some doors.

This only occurred because Audrey was at daycare, she is too inquisitive and destructive these days to attempt that kind of caper with her present!

At the end of the week, Husband and I are off to the Southern Highlands. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to see, do, eat? I have booked Biota for dinner one night.

Hope you are all in good health and spirits!

Another Geranium Dress

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

This it the third garment I have made with the geranium pattern.

I love the simple style of it.
I did the pleated version this time. And used Nani Iro double gauze fabric.


I did my first modification to it. I did a high-low bodice. The front of the bodice curves up (ever so slightly) and the back bodice curves down.

This is the first time I have done pleats before. (Well I made the pleated cot skirt for Audrey’s room)


It looks so beautiful on Audrey. I made it in size 2 and I am sure she will love wearing it over summer. So light and airy.

I really have been bitten by the sewing bug. Not enough time or room to sew though. This dress took me 6 uninterrupted hours to make.

Oh well, I enjoyed myself.

I have noticed that so many dresses Audrey owns are pretty much a version of this dress. So I want to try doing some more modifications to it.

Next up I want to try adding some piping detail to a garment. And making some more wearable separates. I am scared they will fall apart in the wash though!

That leads me to my next question – Do you pre-wash your fabric before you sew with it?

Wisdom teeth.

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Good golly I am glad I am getting this over and done with because it is not pleasant.

Yesterday I had 3 wisdom teeth extracted. I have already had one out because it was straight forward. That was in 2010 and I never went back to the dentist till May this year. I still remember the crunch sound and me whimpering as the male dentist kept telling me to stop being a girl!

I would like to have a second child so I thought it would be best to see a dentist in between babies (A new dentist that is). Well that was back in May and I have been seeing my (lovely) dentist once a month or fortnight since. I had something stupid like 10 fillings (sweet tooth) and a root canal, finally culminating in the extraction of 3 wisdom teeth.

Here is 2 pictures I took of Audrey before we left for the dentist.


Looking very French/American


I wanted to snap the pics as it is probably the last time the trench will get worn.

I had them taken out in the chair under sedation. I spent the rest of the day and night in bed icing my face. I found it very difficult to swallow the first lot of tablets. Dribbling everywhere and too scared to swallow but the pills were getting bitter in my mouth. Not pleasant.

My husband made me some dinner. Mashed potato and carrot with some garlic, rosemary, finely chopped smoked salmon and lots o’ butter! It was some top shelf mash.

My daughter had it for dinner as well. She knew something was up with me and was really lovely and gentle with me. It was the sweetest damn thing ever!! She was in her high chair and I was next to her and she ever so gently offered me her meal. “Here mumma, here” One spoon for me, one for her. She spoon fed me you guys and it was f**king beautiful!

And my husband went to all that effort to make that meal for me and I was just so in love with my little family!

In sickness and in health.

This morning I was not feeling great and took more pain killers and I got hot sweats, which is what I was getting yesterday but stayed really still and fought off the urge to vomit, today I was mid way through one (is this nausea?) and thought, the hell with it and called for the bucket and I had a pretty decent vomit (sorry) I couldn’t fight it anymore. (and it made me question the idea of a 2nd baby, but when they rub your forehead  so gently and spoon feed you, you convince yourself it will be worth it)

So that was the end of panadeine forte for me. Didn’t agree with me. So I have just been on panadol and nurofen. It was a lovely sunny day today. So I changed into shorts and a singlet and plonked myself down in the garden with some clippers and did the edges. It was not physical work. I went slow.

Meanwhile my husband cleared out our 3 raised vege beds ready for planting. We are a bit behind but that is how we have been feeling for a little bit. Better late then never.

Plus I get very little day time with my husband with our clashing work schedules. I forced myself to make the most of it and no wisdom teeth extraction was going to get in the way!

Anyone been out planting or doing garden maintenance? What about dentist stories?

Audrey at 17 months

Thursday, September 11th, 2014


Geez. . .  It wouldn’t hurt to crack a smile.

Taking these pics of her is the best thing I did to improve my photography skills. I get so frustrated trying to take them but I persevere, because it is for my own good.

I often want to hurl my camera across the room because of its shortcomings, but what do you expect of a 5 year old base grade camera?


I really want to upgrade but hooley dooley the camera I want it just too expensive for me. I am not a professional photographer and I don’t earn an income from it, so I can’t justify the cost. I just want the camera to take some nice pics here and there. But I don’t want to settle, I believe you should save up and just get what you want . . . . argh.

Never mind. One day.


Father’s Day this year was a real bust.

I was at work. .  I was also at work for his birthday which was the day before.



I made him this card and envelope


And put together a little scrapbook. Featuring pictures of them.

I made that little banner. On the morning of Father’s day I put it on the top of the fireplace for my husband to see it when he awoke.

I did a little photo shoot with Audrey to get some nice pics for her daddy.


This is one from the cutting room floor! WAY TOO CUTE.

In other news. I have been meaning to put these pics in a blog post for a while now.


This crayon roll was created by my friend. She nailed it with the fabric choices. Ummm TOILE and linen! YES PLEASE and purple too!


Isn’t it fantastic???


Audrey thinks so. Trying to steal it mid shot!

Want one for yourself? Handmade by kahli on Etsy and Facebook.

Meanwhile with my own sewing journey. I am trying to do eenie meanie minie moo on a few pdf patterns. Can’t decide.

Hope you are having a great day!


Thursday, August 28th, 2014


Hi Everyone! How are you?

I’m well. I have been sewing.

I also ordered some more fabric which is above. A nice bundle from Japan. For the red polka dots I am thinking of a Christmas day frock for Audrey


Here is the top I sewed for Audrey. She loves it.

I tried again with the same pattern and made a dress for Audrey. This time things went smoother! I took my time. I used new scissors and I put sticky tape on my machine for the correct seam allowance and that made all the difference. Everything was so neat and lined up perfectly.


The dress has pockets!!

** SQUEAL **


A little notched neck line cut out and faux capped sleeves.

I even lined up that bunny so it would be in the middle of the bodice.


I saw this fabric in a nearby quilt shop and took what was left on the bolt. It is Beatrix Potter toile.

Perfect considering I am having a love affair with toile right now!


I finished this one off nicely with 3 buttons. I have never done button holes before and my machine doesn’t have an option for them so I taught myself how to do manual ones! 2 on a tester scrap and I was ready to go.


The pattern even has an option for a pleated skirt. I need to try that next.

(And maybe do something NOT IN PINK!)

So what is new with you? I have, for the first time in m life, been LOVING the rain! My plants are going to be so great come spring!

Which is next week HURRAH!