My completed bathroom renovation


Welcome to my recently completed bathroom renovation.


The new bathroom is off the hallway. The door on the left is the girls bedroom. At the beginning of the hall is our bedroom. This bathroom services both those bedrooms. There is a level change into the bathroom. As we ripped out the bathroom and built it all new, it could have been flush, but I have grander plans. One day we will cover over the pine floorboards, so I made sure I made the height difference the same as other places in the house so that eventually, all the floors will be the same.

In the mean time, we need to install a wooden angle transition piece to prevent tripping. As well as the entrance to our kitchen from the living room.

To the right (out of the shot) is the original linen cupboard. That is also on our list of things to to. We would like to pull it out and put in new cabinetry that best utilises the space.


Charcoal 300mm x 75mm tiles laid in a herringbone pattern from FAP Ceramiche. Purchased at The art of tiles Newtown.

Ardex FG-8 202 midnight grout.


Tapware from Astra Walker.


Mixer from Astra Walker. Swivel bath spout from Pheonix.

(Forgive my niche styling. . . I didn’t know what to put in it)


Elba marble tiles. Sheridan monogrammed towels. (L for Laura, R for Robert, not left and right!! HEHE)

Top Knobs towel rail and hooks. I feel I should have purchased 2 towel rails, one on top of the other, but when I was placing my top knobs order, I was budget conscience. We still have the option of adding hooks on the back of the bathroom door for additional towel. My husband is a gem though. He takes the wet towels out the bathroom and hangs them on the clothes horses.


Wall hung vanity painted in Taubmans Charcoal Heather. Tab pulls and towel ring from Top Knobs. Stone top is Smart Stone Absolute Blanc.

My husband installed the stone top himself as we missed the Christmas install deadline and it was EASY!! I knew he could do it. We saved a few pennies doing that. I would definitely do that again in future, providing the stone piece can me manoeuvred by myself and my husband, anything heavier, I would leave to the stone masons.


Pan from Laufen. Hidden in wall cistern & push plates by Geberit. Vanity & shaving cabinet designed by me, technical drawing by my husband, built by a friend and sprayed with 2 pac poly. Toilet roll holder from Top Knobs. Toilet paper by Quilton hahahaha.

So far, really liking the toilet. We purchased high quality brands. The cost of the 3 pieces is eye watering. But it is less than the Astra Walker or canterbury art deco toilet I first wanted in the design.


Wall sconces from Circa Lighting. Recessed shower curtain track from Silent Gliss. Basin taps from Astra Walker. Basin from Duravit.


I designed the shaving cabinet to open like this. I have 2 girls. I foresee plenty of up-do’s. Sort of like a dressing room. As well as to protect the door on the right from swinging into the wall if it was hung from the other side (Which would have been much easier to make!) but could have potentially smashed the mirror (there is probably hinges that would prevent that though)


As well as a notch cut out for power cables to dangle freely without the door closing on them. I have used it several times now and it is by far 1 of my favourite features in the bathroom. I have shown my sister and my neighbour and both have been like RIGHT!!! *praise* So much sense!

My kitchen back splash is not big but it has 2 double power points on it. Useful, but I dislike that they are on full display. I really love this solution and that they are hidden. Next kitchen I do, I would like to mount them on the underside of the upper cabinets, if possible.

The doors of the shaving cabinet hang down lower. This is how you open them without getting grubby marks on the mirrors if they were push to open. They are soft close as well, so just let go of the door and it will close nicely. So you don’t have to close it with your thumb on the glass.


This is the best I could manage for a wide angle shot of this wall as my camera lens has limitations and the room is narrow.

Really happy with the shaving cabinet. It is semi recessed. Even though we built the wall out, I still made is semi recessed to gain even more storage as off the shelf cabinets are just, in my opinion, way too shallow to be that useful save for your nail polish collection. Because part of the cabinet was sticking out, I paid particular attention to what was visible. The doors are all mitred and the cabinet appears to float.


Love the bath we chose. It is Kaldewei steel 1700mm bath. Stays warm. The most important feature to mention is where the waste is located. It is not at the end of the bath. So we are not standing on it when showering. I love that the overflow is not facing out towards the rest of the room. The bottom of the bath is also flat as well to help with standing when showering.

There is a channel for the shower curtain to hang when using the bath only.


Pleased with all the hard work my husband and I have done on the windows. I think making the shaving cabinet a marble niche was a good idea as well. Love the swivel bath spout. Always have it turned  towards the wall so that we don’t knock it getting in to have a shower and for my 2 little children when they are having a bath. There aren’t many on the market that swivel unless they are goose necks, which I didn’t want because I wanted the mixer mounted above it, not to the side.


Not exactly the same angles, but good enough.

In my next blog post I will address how we got to this stage.

7 Responses to “My completed bathroom renovation”

  1. Wtmontana says:

    Love the recessed shower curtain track and the channel for the curtain to run also, nicely thought out.
    I shall nag you on Snapchat for a quick look at how the bathroom looks at night with those wall sconces turned on if that’s OK. I imagine it is a stunning and very inviting bathroom to access daily too.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you D. I LOVE the shower curtain track too! It just glides! It was very gloomy before with yucky wall colour and icky tiles. Feels so much brighter as well. I can see my face now. Pluck my eyebrows. Snapchat tour coming up.

  2. Erin says:

    I was waiting for this! It looks so good. I’m glad you have full access to it now as well.
    Laundry next?

    • Laura says:

      Here it is FINALLY. Thank you. I am happy with it. The very next thing is a built in wardrobe in the girls room. THEN THE LAUNDRY. I believe the laundry will take us ALL year. Going to take it slowly as we will be d.i.y-ing it as much as possible.

  3. Shannon says:

    SO lovely! I bet you’re really enjoying hanging out in that space finally. Love the tapware, tiles, all of it.

  4. Jo says:

    Can I ask where you got the subway wall tiles from? and what size they are? what brand/type?

    Looking at various subway tiles now and have noo idea where to even begin!

    The bathroom looks fantastic!

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