Bathroom Renovation – Week 4






In hindsight. I wish I didn’t choose cheap subway tiles, to me, they look cheap. I wish I also went SMALLER with the tiles. These are 200mm x 100mm. I wish I went for 150mm x 75mm. ¬†Or longer but skinnier.

I didn’t seem to compromise on anything else besides these white tiles and here I am thinking, well, you went this far, should have just kept going. YOLO. Pffft bank balances.

Oh dear.

The marble niche isn’t how I wanted it. I wanted the tiles centred. Not to have a skinny tile at the top. The 3 bottom marble tiles are very similar and the top one is darker. We were running out of marble tiles, no idea where all the tiles went! So I couldn’t be as picky as I hoped. It was also close to 7pm when they tiled the niche, so everyone was kind of over it by that stage. I was standing there and in my inner dialogue was screeching “Say something! Tell them to start again” But alas, I was too tired and so were they.

Hopefully when I put stuff in the niche, it won’t be a big deal.

I still don’t have a picture of the floor grouted and now it is covered over with cardboard. I chose a very dark grout, pretty much the same colour as the tiles. It looks good. I have 3 sqm of those tiles left, thinking of doing the same in the laundry. Is that weird?

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