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Bathroom Renovation – Progress Report

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Can you believe we are in week 7 of our bathroom renovation?

Did not see that one coming.

It definitely could have all been wrapped up by week 4 if we weren’t delayed on joinery *cough* If we want to point the finger, it will definitely be pointed fairly at my husband. *sigh*

When it did arrive. It was BEAUTIFUL. Just as I had hoped.

All that is left to do is the plumber complete his fit off. The plumber & the builder have been fighting and I don’t know who is worse and who to believe to be honest. Both have done 1 job for me prior. It really has left a bad taste in my mouth and caught me in the middle. The plumber should be here tomorrow to complete his part.

My husband and I have done a stellar job on stripping the windows, patching, sanding, no gaps etc. They will be ready to paint this weekend. Along with the 2 casement windows that we removed to strip easier. The stripper ate some of the glazing compound in parts so I re-glazed both of them. That is currently drying and should be ready to paint this weekend. I have purchased new hinges and new casement hardware.

ALL A.L.L All of the trades have pissed me off. E.V.E.R.Y S.I.N.G.L.E O.N.E of them!

The underside of the timber window sill is covered in a gloopy thick uneven mess of waterproof material. The only thing I said to the waterproofer was – “Don’t slop that stuff around on the timber windows please” Wellllll he did. It was every where. There was a huge puddle on the top of the sill in the corner and random bits everywhere. I had to pull and scrape that stuff off with a blade. Doesn’t really respond well to sandpaper as it is rubbery/elastic.

It isn’t the biggest deal as you can’t see it unless you’re sitting in the bath.

These sort of issues have plagued the entire renovation. I have been crystal clear and very vocal, but alas, something happened every time.

The electrician. Do you want it to go in this direction, or that direction? The second way please. Come back 5 mins later. It is installed the 1st way. Ummm well ok then.

Face palm after face palm.

The last item I am waiting on for the bathroom is my curtain header tape and drapery pins. I search high and low for stainless steel hooks in Australia. I was even going to use plastic, but they aren’t compatible in the tapes I want to use. Also because the track is ceiling mounted and where plastic hooks attach it would mean that part of the curtain heading would curl up against the ceiling.

After a long search and several discussions with high end and low end (spotlight) curtain places none had the answer!

(It is said time and time again, but never has it rung more true. If you want something done right DO IT YOURSELF!)

I headed to the U.S, via the internet of course. Say what you will about America, but when it comes to home decorating, they’re not bad.

Finally I found the hooks I wanted with compatible heading tape. I emailed the company about international shipping. They never got back to me plus sold in bulk. Not unreasonably large sizes, but would have made my humble shower curtain quite exorbitantly priced. Then I headed to etsy, where I found 2 retailers that sold the items in smaller batches. After I few conversations with 1 lady, the communication just stopped & she didn’t respond. Then I started to speak to the second, then thanks giving holiday rolled around & it went dead. Thankfully I have finally managed to place an order with her for what I need to make my shower curtain with hooks that won’t rust! Not sure when that package will arrive though. Don’t think it has even been sent as she had to order the stainless steel hooks from the wholesaler.

After all the effort with this shower curtain, I hope it does come together as planned. EEK!

Another item we are waiting on is the mirror for the shaving cabinet doors. Hopefully should be ready tomorrow or Friday.

*Fingers crossed*

We are nearly there!

I just came across this image on Pinterest from Architectural Digest. Quite enamoured with it.


Reminds me of our bathroom a little bit. Window in the shower/tub. Shower over bath (ugh a compromise but had to do it, no other choice beside forgoing one) & of course, shower curtain!


Also loved loved loved Emmy Rossum’s New York apartment renovation. Especially the tiny bathroom.

I have never been fortunate enough to be afflicted with the indecision and copious amount of options that a large space offers. Only ever had to come up with solutions for small spaces and I think I am getting quite good at it. Some times there is only 1 solution and that is that and move on! Good! Decision made.

Plus, you need less of everything, with a small space, so you can splash out on some items. Although because space is at a premium, some things are better getting custom made to use the space wisely or because off the shelf (well priced) doesn’t fit.

Darn it.

My bathroom design was signed off before I saw this apartment reveal, but it has a lot in common with my bathroom and brought a smile to my face. Marble tiles. Shower over bath. Small vanity with 2 drawers. Simple shaving cabinet mirror. The same lights (just different size & finish) as the ones I purchased. Wall mounted basin taps. I even have a brass bathroom door handle and silver fixtures inside! Well then! hahaha






I love that roman blind with those stripes. I found similar fabric at the curtain shop and I want to make myself up some for my laundry/WC project next.

Speak to you soon!

Laundry Renovation – Mood Board

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

I am already over the bathroom renovation and have moved on to the next thing.

Our Laundry.

Only since cleaning the laundry to make it ready to use whilst doing our bathroom renovation did I start to appreciate the space. The AMOUNT of space we had. Boy, we never use it! I am ashamed.

I always thought we would knock it down and extend out the back, but I don’t want to lose any backyard space and a friend gave me the genius idea of where to put the staircase if and when we do a second store extension that I never though of. Because until that I point I thought it was going in the laundry or our second bedroom. Lose the bedroom, have a stair case and a small study space and put the bedroom upstairs. But there is no need to do that. As I can put the stair case in the living room dead space. Knock out 1 wall.

Since I have been spending a lot of time in the freshly cleaned out laundry I have come up for a plan. Drawn up preliminary plans for joinery. Worked out the function.

The laundry will become a laundry/water closet/butlers pantry all in one.

Currently it is a laundry with a shower in the corner, a separate room with a toilet in it and one tall cabinet.

The only change we will make is by removing the shower. We have NEVER used it in 5 years besides doing this bathroom renovation which we are extremely grateful for. So I am guessing once the bathroom is back operational, we will never need it.

Instead we will replace it with floor to ceiling cabinetry as we are short of storage space. Somewhere to put my sewing machineS! Fold out iron board for quick touch ups. Mops! Plenty.

This time we will take charge and not use a builder. Try and take on more d.i.y and project management. The trades that I liked from the bathroom renovation will be asked to quote.

The bathroom trade bill is astronomical and I don’t think it needed to be that high. And I have personally been micro managing the builder to no end.

This room is much bigger than the bathroom and requires a lot more joinery. I just tallied up everything I will need to buy/employ for the laundry and the price is dazing. Ugh Oh well.

On that note, let me share my mood board.


This room needs A LOT of work. New window. New WC door. New cornice, bulk heads. A lot of cabinetry. More stone counter than the bathroom. More expensive sink. Thankfully less tap ware and I got it already on super sale with Masters closing down.

Less wall tiles but more floor tiles. Going to do the same flooring I did in the bathroom as I have 3sqm’s of tiles left over.

More cement rendering once I remove all the wall tiles and there is a lot of that. Bigger surface area than the bathroom.

My husband and I want to do some wood panelling/wainscoting in the water closet. I am sure it will be very tricky especially as it is brick walls not cavity gyprock walls. Then we want to do wall paper above. No idea how we will do these d.i.y’s ourselves together as we will hardly ever be together with our conflicting work schedules, but where there is a will there is a way. Hopefully if I draw up detailed plans and leave it with him, he can put it all together.

I am sure this room renovation will consume all of next year, just like the bathroom consumed all of this year.

We will purchase things slowly slowly. Pay off the credit cards and purchase more and then once we have everything and a detailed plan. We will commence. I have already purchased a few things for this project such as some floor tiles. A toilet. Taps. Window hardware. But that is about it.

Just need that U.S Dollar to drop so I can purchase the rest of my lights for my house. That would be nice.

Bathroom Renovation – Week 4

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016






In hindsight. I wish I didn’t choose cheap subway tiles, to me, they look cheap. I wish I also went SMALLER with the tiles. These are 200mm x 100mm. I wish I went for 150mm x 75mm.  Or longer but skinnier.

I didn’t seem to compromise on anything else besides these white tiles and here I am thinking, well, you went this far, should have just kept going. YOLO. Pffft bank balances.

Oh dear.

The marble niche isn’t how I wanted it. I wanted the tiles centred. Not to have a skinny tile at the top. The 3 bottom marble tiles are very similar and the top one is darker. We were running out of marble tiles, no idea where all the tiles went! So I couldn’t be as picky as I hoped. It was also close to 7pm when they tiled the niche, so everyone was kind of over it by that stage. I was standing there and in my inner dialogue was screeching “Say something! Tell them to start again” But alas, I was too tired and so were they.

Hopefully when I put stuff in the niche, it won’t be a big deal.

I still don’t have a picture of the floor grouted and now it is covered over with cardboard. I chose a very dark grout, pretty much the same colour as the tiles. It looks good. I have 3 sqm of those tiles left, thinking of doing the same in the laundry. Is that weird?