Bathroom Renovation – Inspiration Pictures – Part Two

The previous post featured my Pinterest Pins, but ohhh my do I love Instagram? Yes, Yes I do. So let’s look at my screen shots!

I love this mirror. I would like a medicine cabinet that is recessed with a door like this. A metal frame with a shadow. Where would I find this?? Or just a mirror like this that I could attached to a medicine cabinet?

2016-01-18 21.09.04

Horizontal light above the metal framed mirror.

2016-01-06 00.12.50

63 weeks – STALKER. Bahahhah

I like the small square undermount basin. Has been hard to track one down. Everything is OVERSIZED!

2016-01-05 23.44.23

Herringbone floor! Subway tiles and capping/dado tiles. Except this is inverted. Marble on the bottom and white capping tile.

2016-01-05 10.06.35

Oh heaven! I love this bathroom! This is the tiling I would like to do. Large format marble subaway tiles on the bottom. Capping/dado tile and then smaller tiles on top (except mine will be plain white subway and white capping tile) Medicine cabinet. Horizontal art deco style light above mirror.

2016-01-05 10.06.14

Horizontal light above metal framed mirror.

2016-01-05 01.02.25

Wall mounted art deco taps (just not on the mirror) Undermount basin. Grey vanity. I like the wall treatment. VJ, Beadboard I don’t know what it is called. I was going to do this, but then I thought it was just getting too busy. I LOVE that wall light. Ralph Lauren do one, but too expensive for me.

2015-02-07 22.13.47

I do like that wall treatment. . .  What is it. The stripe wall thingo?? I do like it. . . Part of me says to keep it a bit contemporary. . . hmmm.

I’ll return with the tiles I have short listed, the taps/fittings I like and my plans.

4 Responses to “Bathroom Renovation – Inspiration Pictures – Part Two”

  1. Brooke says:

    It’s so great to hear from you, up until now I’ve never left any comments just quietly admired your posts from afar. I really like your bathroom inspiration and look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad I’m blogging again. A good place to store and show my ideas. Funny how no work commitments gives you all this time to do what you love.

  2. Ness says:

    Love to see you back blogging-work just gets in the way!! Your inspo pics are gorgeous! We have vj walls in our place in some areas, and I love them. Except in the bathroom. They catch moisture and go mouldy and it’s really hard to clean the mould put, especially as the house moves and the paint between them cracks. No vjs in the bathroom!! Xx

  3. Kl says:

    Hi Laura! You do have the most exsqusite taste! A master of less is more but an eye for more when needed! Truely a curators eye! Love all these pics and will pop them onto my Pinterest boards if ok. Hate that damn b ‘budget’ word but everyone has them! Looking forward to Bub news. Hugs. Kl

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