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Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

How are we all?

I’ve been keeping myself busy, hence the silence?

How much sleep is normal for an adult to get a night? Ugh. I get, on average, between 6 and 7 hours a night? Is this life?

Living in Sydney is hard. Have you seen the price of houses??? Husband and I are just out there day in and day out slogging it for the man to have a bag of old bricks pretty close to a main road. YAY.

(but don’t get me wrong, grateful I have a bag of bricks. We started with ZERO)

I’m always conscious of how much time I get with my husband though.

This past Saturday, for the first time ever, my husband decided to celebrate Valentine’s day.

The year I finally gave up hope. It was 9 long years of UGLY CRYING!! I’m not going to lie. I’m honest.

So I went to work on Saturday, like I always do. A co-worker bought chocolates in. I was eating them and I got some lunch and ate some more chocolates (I am a chocoholic with a MAJOR problem)

and I was all like queasy, woahhh man I’ve over done it with the chocolates, I thought

Then drive home and open the door to the beautiful aroma of SOMEONE ELSE COOKING!! I NEVER come home to my husband cooking. He helps me when I cook, like an assistant, but not like this. He had organised for our daughter to go with his parents and it was just us two.

He spent all afternoon cooking and consequently dinner was ready at 5pm.

Like grandpa and grandma.

But I still felt ill from before! Not to be rude though, I ate what my husband cooked me. And drank wine. . .

Then he took me to see 5o shades of grey.

I read all 3 books back in ’12. Well. . . . . . . to be 100% transparent, I probably skipped more then I read of book 3.

But not to go on a tangent. I was REALLY looking forward to the movies.

A girl in my mother’s group suggested we go see it (as a group) but I was the only taker . . so that fell through.

THANKFULLY Hubby to the rescue (on a side note, I use to LOATHE the word hubby. So puppy dog, cutesy ICK. But I find myself typing it so often. believe me, I don’t say it in real life) I was making fun of him, Like hey, you are going to have “SUCKER” written on your forehead. . “whipped” But shortly after I changed my mind. Like, HELLO, Earth to Laura, as if men wouldn’t be into this movie.

Cut to the chase. I LOVED THE MOVIE. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read so many reviews prior:

“Although I haven’t read the books. . .”

“I didn’t read the books but I thought it was no good”

“The acting was bad”

“I walked out”


People are losers.

But I’m a loser according to all these reviews. Am I that bored and desperate and this is what gets me off?


I have no time to entertain these questions.

I LOVED IT. SOOOO MUCH BETTER THEN THE BOOKS. I’ve brushed up on the books to remind myself of certain things that occurred.

Christian wasn’t even a pyscho in the movie like he was in the book. “Did you take your pill? Did you eat today? Did you drink today? What’s that guys name?” 50 shades of questions.

They omitted the scene where he pulls her tampon out!

When Christian says “Laters baby” in the movie, it wouldn’t have really made sense if you hadn’t read the book. Sounded a bit lame without further explanation.

The relationship and interaction they had between each other in the movie was so much better then what was portrayed in the book.

Ana was FUNNY in the movie. Totally SAD in the book.

No ‘inner goddess’ but the constant lip biting was played out in the movie, but I liked the way it was done.

They kind of glossed over her & Kate’s relationship

Anyway, enough said. I really liked it.

So once out of the cinema I started to feel really ill. Cut to bed time with daughter away for the night and me with my head in a big bowl vomiting ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!

I swear to god. Our brief alone time is being sabotaged. There was the recent time we went to Byron Bay and was awfully unwell for the entire duration of that trip. And now this night!

AND NOOOOOO I AM NOT PREGNANT….. A lady with a near 2 year old can’t at the very least look bloated or sick or tired without accusations that you are pregnant flying in from all over the place.

Food Poisoning.

Again. I had it in late November.

It must have been from my lunch and not the gourmet dinner my husband made.

What a bloody shame. I still feel sick 3 days on. Hmmpph. And here I am solo parenting while my husband is away trying to keep it all together.

WAAAAAAAAHH wahhh wah.

I never get food poisoning! I had it when I was about 8 after Scott Murray’s BLACK spider web birthday cake and I threw up 7 times including in Macdonalds. Then November, and then Valentines day. Nothing in between. What is going on?

I’m not who I use to be.

So #YOTH15. Where is that at? A grinding halt that is where. I can’t make a decision to save my life. FAR TO OVERWHELMED. I need help. But help costs bags of money. And bags of money just went on booking a holiday because we are just OVER IT!! And thought, FUCK IT. Holiday.

At least there is a lovely write up over at Eternal Icons

Go on, read it!

I think I need to write a realistic GOALS list for #YOTH15 and start working my way through it. But even what would be number 1 on the list has been hard for me to tackle. ORDER CURTAIN RODS. I have been to the place twice now and still haven’t bit the bullet. Thinking of sending husband in for this one. JUST DO IT.

And I would love to find an all encompassing landscape person for the front yard (fence, gate, driveway, front of house facade, landscape) that doesn’t charge 50k and is located on the north shore. They are all on the north shore and only service the north shore.

Plus I need to replace my front window. I don’t even know where to begin with that. I want it to look like what it would have originally looked like. Like my neighbours. This needs to be done before we do the gutters and water tanks. Because the bay window has it’s own gutter.

But now I am too hesitant to commit to spending the money because we booked a luxe holiday.

Always the case.

So has your significant other cooked for you and you vomited it up later? Seen 50 shades? Loved/loathed? Tell me what is going on?

Anyone going to the Cadry’s rug floor stock sale. I want to go, but again, too overwhelmed.

Talk soon!