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Saturday, November 1st, 2014

I asked my husband what should I call my latest blog post.

“Latest blog post”

He is the creative one in the relationship!

How are we all?

I am well. . . not really. .  that so called break is long over. I have been back at work for a full week and have just started a new week. Oh and it is NOVEMBER!!!!! Da fuq???

I am so behind. Working 5 days for the man, is just not working out for me, but my bank account disagrees.

I feel so behind and I have such grand ideas for Christmas. I honestly don’t see half of them transpiring.

Oh well.


I feel like moving to this little town!!! 45mins to the beach!! Zero traffic, no paid parking at the beach. Sounds like the life!

It is just the frost I need to battle.



Can any garden savvy readers spread some light on the above 2 pics. The top one is just a close up. It is like a hydrangea tree?? Vibernum?? What is it?

I love it.


What is this called? Dogwood??? I loved it too. I need to find a tree that can hold it’s own in the centre spotlight and not compete with magnolia teddy bears. I am slowly trying to figure out my front garden. I want to plant my magnolia teddy bears in a row (sort of hedge) to screen out neighbours on the boundary. But on the front corner of the block I want a tree. . . what goes with the magnolias, or contrasts nicely against it? Because it will be the leader of the row of the magnolias. . .



These pictures were taken in the grounds of Milton Park.


Berkelouw Book Barn at Berrima. VERY NICE!!!! We went twice LOL.


This bud turned into the flower below.


My husband rings me and tells me that there is a big white rose in the garden. I say, don’t you mean pink? Dude are you colour blind??

Come home and I stand corrected.

This is Crown Princess Mary rose.


I really enjoy doing these watercolours!


I bought these new terracotta pots on our trip! They are my buxus balls. GROW BABIES GROW!

Gardening in a white top! Makes sense. . .


I also bought the 3 ball topiary from The Potting Shed in Bowral. I swoon over their instagram photos and so glad I have now visited. I wanna go back!!!!!

I have also planted something in the empty pot now.


This is my Audrey at 11am.

Just having a snooze. . . standing up . . no biggie.

Clearly she suffers from neglect and I practice DEtached parenting!

*tongue in cheek*


She then rolled over to this pose. Then I stopped giggling in disbelief and I scooped her up onto the couch and put a patchwork blanket on her.

She is just the sweetest little girl.

(to me)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!