Audrey at 16 months


No new teeth this month. At least the photo shoot was on time.

My poor darling made it all the way to 15 months of age and 11 months in daycare to be sick. She got conjunctivitis that was suppose to go away after 2 to 4 days on the eye drops. It ended up turning into a 2 week saga and then her first bout of antibiotics was prescribed. Whilst she was on the antibiotics she managed to come down with some other feral illness!  I blame myself for sending her to daycare ONE day because I wanted to go to work. Oh the guilt you feel calling in sick to work and guilt you feel leaving your sick child. It is not fair and I was not prepared for it.

The poor didums hasn’t been at daycare for 3 weeks (minus the one day I did send her)

A big thank you to businesses that are flexible and for family helping out when they can. Everyone still works full time except my father in law but he doesn’t have the confidence or physical ability to look after A for the whole day. So it was a tough few weeks trying to balance it all out.


She is SO cheeky! Keeping me on my toes.

She has put crayon on the walls. Dulux wash and wear is a CROCK. So is their “non yellowing” enamel paint.
LIES I tell you LIESSS!!!!


I have been meaning to make risotto for the longest time! Perfect meal for a toddler I think. Especially one that loves cheese!


It was SO good!


These flowers are SLAYING me!

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  1. Heidi says:

    She is so adorable Laura – looking so grown up in her little trench coat!
    Lucky you that she’ll eat Risotto… mine won’t touch it sadly. Love the fluffy edged tulips, just gorgeous xx

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Heidi. She has grown up a lot in this last month.
      Yes I was most impressed that she loved the risotto. I get so sad when she doesn’t like meals that I have put a lot of effort into making.

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