Alice Mary Lynch – Custom Hare doll for Audrey

I was browsing pinterest. . . like everyday of my life and came across the most gorgeous dolls. I fell in love with the flair and style of them.

Then I started following the creator on Instagram. A random comment from me at the right time saw an opportunity for me to commission a custom doll for my daughter – scratch that – me!! HAHAHA

I present to you Audrey Hare Princess from Alice Mary Lynch.







Such a special gift for my daughter that I hope will get passed down.

I really want to get a boy fox now.

Alice Mary Lynch

And check out pinterest for more of her dolls.

4 Responses to “Alice Mary Lynch – Custom Hare doll for Audrey”

  1. brenda says:

    Be still my heart. I just went and looked at her blog. I need one of her cats.

  2. KL says:

    If my girls were still little, I’d be ordering them these pronto! Absolutely beautiful. Audrey is a lucky little girl.

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