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Alice Mary Lynch – Custom Hare doll for Audrey

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

I was browsing pinterest. . . like everyday of my life and came across the most gorgeous dolls. I fell in love with the flair and style of them.

Then I started following the creator on Instagram. A random comment from me at the right time saw an opportunity for me to commission a custom doll for my daughter – scratch that – me!! HAHAHA

I present to you Audrey Hare Princess from Alice Mary Lynch.







Such a special gift for my daughter that I hope will get passed down.

I really want to get a boy fox now.

Alice Mary Lynch

And check out pinterest for more of her dolls.

D.I.Y Bed Head

Monday, July 28th, 2014

I did it!

I am so thrilled with this bed head. I took all progress pics and I can make a tutorial if need be. Let me know if you want a tutorial.


Sneak peek!

I did a piped edge


It is 50 mm deep and simply leaning against the wall with the weight of the mattress ensemble holding it in place.

I was going to do a piped edge on the back edge, but thought it didn’t need it.


Tah Dah!

What do you think?

It is nearly 170 cms tall. (taller then me)

 I made it that tall to accommodate European pillows which I haven’t purchased yet. I want to make covers up for them in LUXE fabric. Embroidered etc. .  all the bells and whistles.


My curtain rods that I want to replace. I want to have one single rod that has a right angle bend/curve to go around the corner and possibly bend back into the wall! I have found a brand that can do this for me.

Plus I want to make new curtains. Thick fabric, block out lining and wide trim tape!

And that is my ikea rast hack bed sides. I quite like them too.


I’m really happy with the outcome.

The Recent events

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


Just coming up for air now.

I had the weekend off work which resulted in the rest of the week off work because my daughter was sick.

Went to a gorgeous engagement party in a semi rural part of Sydney. I LOVED IT! I really want to live semi rural now, but I can’t afford it. I want the big land, rolling green lawns and the BIG house. No street noise, no chance of anyone crashing into my house. Plenty of room for my daughter/kids to run around and for me not to worry about her/them. I’ll tell you now, there is NO way I would let Audrey walk down the road to the park without an adult. Not in this part of Sydney. I work at a Court House and there is a lot of bad people out there and it would be naive to think bad things don’t happen. Maybe if I lived in the leafy suburbs of the north then I would think otherwise, but not where I live. But there is NO WHERE that I could go to get what I want for 800k! NO WHERE in Sydney.



Lots of gift wrapping. The navy one is wrapping paper I made with white ink calligraphy for an engagement present.

The pink one is Indian paper.

The bottom one is kraft and Japanese washi paper.


Gold calligraphy on the envelope. (Practice, practice, practice)


Got baby boy Ben some Polo.


And painted his name in turquoise and gold! Lush combo.


Made this sweet bunny for my friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday. I call it hug-a-bun! It LOVES hugs!! I really need to make Audrey one as she kept stealing this one. Even climbing up on the settee and into the bay window to grab it to hug it.

That was my first foray into doll making and I think it turned out okay. Far from perfect but ok. I told the parents that they don’t need to be precious about hug-a-bun. Throw it around and let it get dirty.

Then we headed off the Maitland (2 hours north) for a family reunion of sorts. I enjoyed myself and Audrey was a mega superstar with her dance moves. She was pushing past people to get into the centre and grabbing the microphone so she could say “Hi”

It was all fun and games until it came out later that someone stole money from the host. . . . Family huh?

That kind of put a dark cloud on it for me.

Then we spent the night in a hotel with my sister and my daughter decided to wake often and was very unsettled. I’m sure that was at least a years worth of contraception for my childless sister.

Then we set off 2 hours back to attend a christening. Audrey slept most of the way and when she awoke she was pulling up a blanket over her face as if she was playing peek a boo, but she wasn’t in a playing mood and I was wondering what she was doing. When we pulled up at the christening I saw a big green/yellow lump in the corner of her eye, my husband said it is just sleep and I new straight away that it was conjuntivitis. She did have red puffy eyes at breakfast but I just put that down to a crap night of sleep!

So we went to the reception of the Christening and we sat outside, away from everyone. My friend whose son was being baptised, is a nurse, she said it was probably conjuctivitis. So we left and went to the doctors where it was confirmed.

Putting the drops in her eyes is pretty harrowing. I am just being super cruel to be kind. Pinning her down, prying an eyelid open and squeezing the drops in while she is losing it.

It still hasn’t cleared up though :(

So I had 3 days at home and I utilised them to start and finish the BED HEAD!!!!!! (As well as tending to sick baby girl) It is up and finished.

Now we have to paint our bedroom wall colour. The wall colour looks off now. I want to wall paper the walls.

In October the husband and I are having a staycation because we are in DIRE need of a break! But no money (or unwilling to part with $$ for a holiday, every time I think ohh we could go there and that would cost several thousand dollars, I think No, I’d prefer a bathroom renovation)

So our plan is to rejuvenate our wardrobe in our bedroom. But I am directionless on this. Don’t know what to do and where to start. We just want to jazz up the wardrobe door fronts.


But want to do it cheaply but it look pretty spiff. New hardware and hinges add moulding and paint it in semi gloss enamel. But what trim. What colour? I thought about outsourcing and getting new doors made in the style I like, so we don’t have to give ours a facelift, but then we will still have to paint it all to match the uprights that will stay. .  so may as well use the current doors. I want to do the bedroom from start to finish. Mood board it and just BUY everything in one go! One idea. But . . .  just don’t know. I have done the head board at least. . . So I need to start on this now so that I can order everything so it is ready for us to ACTION come October, which will be here pretty soon.






I want to use a grass cloth wall paper on the walls and use the same colour to paint the wardroom doors and all the trim. Channel Meredith Heron. It is only a small room, but make it sexy and budior-y.


Not this colour. . .  but something that will go with the bed head.

I also want to buy a DECENT light fitting. I am ALWAYS scrimping. SICK OF IT. At least the master bedroom could have a nice light fitting. . . . . . . I feel silly calling it a master bedroom because it is a 2 bedroom house. I want new curtain rods. New curtains. (even though these are only like 1.5 years old. I never liked them . . . because I made them of cheap material and cheap as cheap spotlight rods. When you buy shit, you get shit!) New rule. Just buy what you want! F*CK IT. life is short. Don’t scrimp if it means you won’t like it. What is the point? Go with out until you can get what you want.

This train of thought has come out of the bed head. I bought cheap material that I wasn’t completely sold on. Not the colour I wanted. Not the material I wanted. I wanted a VELVET. since forever. I want a VERY LIGHT misty/sea foam blue VELVET. but I have ended up with a duck egg chenille type fabric! not happy. I compromised because I didn’t have the conviction to believe I could nail this d.i.y! Say what ever you want about me . . . but making shit head boards is not one.

I nailed it! I knew I would. I should have bought the schumacher fabric. I was just a bit put off because of the banquette that I made, I had to go back and buy and more fabric and I was scared I wouldn’t have enough for the head board. But if I had put some proper planning into it I could have figured out how much I needed.


So the head board is done but I feel like going round it and pulling off all the fabric and staples and starting again! ARGHHH! But I won’t.

I’ll make a way cooler one in a couple of years . . .

Anyway, what has been going on with you guys?

In other news I quickly popped into King Furniture to check out what is new and they finally have a couch style that I like. It is called Sonata. More of a traditional look. I loved it. I took a spec sheet but everything is just bloody super-sized these days and won’t fit in my supremely modest home. The 3 seater is already way too long for the ONLY wall to put a couch on and that is without tiny side tables on each size. The 2.5 seater is also just a smidge too big, little to no room for side tables. So I am left with a 2 seater option. . .  for a family home. . . . GAH.

Anyway, this is just a ranty McRant post. Sorry for being such a blah wah wah head.

Kitchen Renovation – Part THREE of three – reflections

Sunday, July 20th, 2014


The layout of the kitchen. I spent YEARS on this. I was always playing with the layout. I drew it to scale and moved everything around and in the end I believe I came up with the best solution. Having utilised the kitchen for about 9 months now, it is working nicely.

The knobs and handles!! They are so glamourous.

I like my down lights. They are pretty inconspicuous when turned off. And when turned on they give amazing light and I like the way we wired them. 2 sets of 4 on an individual switch.

The kitchen sink. I am so glad I swapped to a big single bowl! I can wash the tray from the high chair, the fridge shelves, the oven racks all with ease! I also have a small suspended drainer that acts like a small secondary sink/drainer without taking up any extra bench space. Thankfully I was able to get one from ikea for less then $40 as opposed to the the abey optional extra drainer that was ~$180 (from memory)


This is how my sink normally looks. I really try to avoid having the dish cloth hanging off the tap. When I want to quickly wash up a 1 or a few items I just place it in the drainer, if I washing up more, I just lay out a terry dish towel to drain everything that place it over the back of a dining table chair for the sun to dry it.

I love my pull out bins! SO HANDY!!!!!!!



I am not a fan of the bench top colour. It is a warm white. Obviously not what I wanted. I just wanted a white. I hate my range hood. It honestly serves no purpose. It does nothing. I couldn’t get anything else or would mean touching my cornices which I wanted to keep as is. I couldn’t duct it out through the wall behind, because that is a bedroom. If we are frying something on the cook top, all doors and windows are open . .  even in winter. . . I am constantly wiping the cabinets door fronts above too. To keep everything pristine. The 2 pac poly finished makes that easy. It honestly is driving me to the point that I want to make this kitchen a show kitchen and put a butlers pantry around the corner (where the current laundry is) in an extension. An induction cooktop, ducted quiet range hood and another fridge! HA!


The fridge. I wish it was built in. I hate the way it is just plonked there. Doesn’t look well resolved. We wanted to use the current fridge because it wasn’t that old and we were trying to keep costs down.

The grout colour of the backsplash tiles. I am not entirely happy with the grout colour of the back splash. It should have either been white or DARK grey. The grey we used just matches the tiles and blends in.

 Would have chosen fake stone tiles that look like slate. We spent a small fortune on sealer for the slate tiles and it doesn’t appear to be working and they are staining. Even though we are diligent with cleaning up spills straight away.


Art work for the wall between the windows. I would love a demi lune console table to go between those 2 windows.



And have a grand ginger jar or really nice ceramic on top OR this GORGEOUS lust-worthy candy dish I spotted the other day from on Juliska’s instagram.


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.32.38 pm

But I have visions of a rogue ball hitting it and smashing it to smithereens. Or kids bumping the table. I think this idea might have to go on the back burner until kids are moved outta home!

I am yet to make curtains for the dining area. I want to make curtains for that space to mark that it is a different zone or space from the rest of the kitchen as this house does not have a dining room!

(Ohh I wish!) I am going to make dreamy soft flowing white cotton curtains.


But with an aqua trim tape to pull in the colours of the bench seat and the back door. And also to just add some colour. Because I don’t want it to be too monochromatic. I am not that bold.




With the window above the banquette. I want to make a fake roman blind valance and use the same trim tape.


The windows need extensive work. They need some TL C and some painting. Then I can swap out all the old painted over hardware for shiny new brass hardware that I purchased. This is a big job and I can find people that will do the fixing up of the windows but also point out that they won’t paint the windows.

This is also a very dirty job! Probably should have been the first thing to be done.

Chandelier. If I can pick one! I keep going back and forth about what I want. I still like the original one I picked out from my mood board.


The French doors need to be painted white. Along with the laundry door. Lots of bits of trim painting here and there. As well as the architraves.

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to return with the reveal of more finished projects.

Kitchen Renovation – Part TWO of three – Sources

Saturday, July 19th, 2014


Chinese slate natural split tiles 300 x 600


White 2 pac poly doors.

Stone bench top – Essa


Top knobs cabinet pulls and handles.



Marble splash back tiles – Bisanna


French doors – Doors Plus. I kick myself for this decision. The quality is SO POOR. Never again.


Ilve cooktop & rangehood. Fridge (from previous kitchen) – Fisher and Paykel

Dishwasher – Asko. LOVE IT!


Rugs – Overstock (was happy at first with these but the colour is turning to yellow because they are exposed to the sun)

Sink – Abey. Tap – Brodware


Paint – Dulux Limed white quarter. Whole house is painted in that colour

Back door – Sydney Woodworkers in Brookvale. This is a gorgeous door! I would love to use this company again! They were fantastic. I love the reeded glass. Back door paint colour. Dulux Meadow lane.


Bench seat – Designed and partly upholstered by me. See tutorial link here.


Brass handles. Domino or Superior Brass (Which is NOT AT ALL SUPERIOR. Made in India and the quality is terrible.)

Kitchen Renovation – Part ONE of three – Before and After

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Lets face it. I can’t wait until the kitchen is completely finished to do this post, because I don’t know when that will be.

I thought I would just put the post up as is and WHEN we do finish the kitchen/dining room completely I can just add some more updated shots.

So let’s kick this off.


The kitchen/dining room is at the back of the house. You enter through these French doors from the living room. They aren’t painted yet and still have the protective film on the glass.















Audrey at 15 months

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

D’oh! Another month has passed


And naughty me didn’t keep my promise.

Forgive me?


The phone. . . not a fav thing to give her but a life buoy when you need her to be quiet or you just need a sitting still shot of her.


Audrey currently has 12 teeth.


And they snap down hard and fast like a crocodile if you are not quick!

I lost a pair of Audrey’s shoes. Hence why she isn’t wearing any. I am going to buy her some nice dress shoes today or tomorrow. Because it is party central this weekend. I took the weekend off work because I received invites to 3 events! THREE in the one weekend. And by George, I am going to them all! An afternoon tea engagement party, a family reunion in Newcastle on Saturday night (Christmas in July) and then back to Sydney for a Christening on Sunday! Plus I want to make a start on my bed head d.i.y.

No sleep for the wicked.

Finally I have a day off and time to spend with my Audrey. I didn’t really get a weekend last week. I had to do a freelance gig that meant working AND taking care of Audrey at the same time! It worked out ok in the end. I took Audrey to a nearby park at lunch, let her run riot and then she zonked out to Zeds ZZzzzZZ land in the pram on the walk back and she slept for 1.5 hours while I bashed out some work! When she awoke I left her to her own devices and I was working with my back to her, I turned to check on her and she had taken a corn fritter out of the take away container and smooshed it into the carpet and with a plastic knife and fork was trying to eat it! The colour drained from my face and I said a little prayer. “Dear God, don’t let anyone walk into this office until I can fix this.” The humble baby wipe saved the day and my caboose. Couldn’t even tell!

They wanted me to come back the next day, but that was just WAYYYYY too much. Just too much. I had to draw the line somewhere, so I have been working on it when I can. But that has all been wrapped up now. Thank goodness.

Then I had some intense days at my regular job too. I just need a breather. Or in other words and all expenses paid holiday to somewhere tropical and balmy.

Not going to happen? So instead I am spending some leisurely time at my dining table and bench seat bathing in the beautiful sunlight that enters this room! Speaking of this room. My kitchen posts will start shortly. . . .

Long time coming.