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Audrey at 14 months

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Gosh it seems these days that I just pop on here to put up the monthly pics of my daughter. Oi.

I’ve got some things in the pipeline though I assure you.

On Sunday we had a combined 1 year party for our babies from Mothers group. Audrey turned 14 months old on that day.


Teething hardcore.


This is the cake I made for the party. I guess you should use paper towel for the berries first. Learn something new everyday.

It was a 3 layer chocolate cake with whipped cream in the layers with strawberries. The outside icing is buttercream


These photos are by – Willow Art Company


Her hair is growing so fast.


And she is NOT interested in any clips or head bands.


Or staying STILL!


Well. . . maybe sometimes. Just enough to paparazzi snap a shot of her.


Another round of hide and go seek in the curtains. Sorry the photo is blurry as all get out, but couldn’t resist her little face. She was so ‘shocked’ that I found her LOL!!

So, yeah. Till next month! Adios.

NO WAY! I’ll be back shortly. I got 4.5 hours sleep last night. Nothing to do with the baby. I think I need to be stay up late person and a get up early person AT THE SAME TIME!

I went to bed at 11.30pm and awoke at 4am . . . KILL ME NOW.

I have got a lot done. but still loads more to do. I just cannot get on time of this cleaning gig and I only have 1 child!!!