Today is my Saturday My husband took a day off work to join me and the babe.





We had a lovely time!

Cooked breaky together and went to a cafe for lunch. Then did some gardening. Nothing too stressful.


Painted this new artwork for my Audrey.


I did a “v” Violet too.




I have been doing quite a few of these floral initial artworks! I even did 2 big A4 size ones! They are in the post right now! As well as a big “L” for a boy!

If you are interested in these. I have them in my etsy store right now!

I have also gone BOW mad!


One for a girl and one for a boy!


I re-did the “L” in the top corner as I wasn’t happy with it. It looked flat. I was so glad I changed things up. Different paint, different paper.

There are more bows! I am part way through a creamy/yellow floral one. I am addicted. Practice makes perfect.


Flowers from a friend! I helped her design her engagement party invites. Those lilies lasted for a long time! Great impact.


(Filthy windows! I’m getting to it)

This was Audrey and me on Mother’s day morning! Gee I had a lovely day. I had to go to work, but it was still lovely. My husband cooked baked eggs with creme fraiche and smoked salmon. Then drove me to work and then brought nice sandwiches and sweet tarts to me at work.

Then they hung around till I finished. We went to my parents house. Chatted. Dropped the babe off then Husband and I went to dinner and a movie. GOLD CLASS!!

WOW. I was knocked off my feet.

Hope you have all been well. Sorry for the lack of posts. Life has been challenging of late. Not sure why. Just seems a bit much. But I’m working through it. I’m trying to do everything. Oh except exercise. Can’t seem to make the time for that right now I don’t really care. WHICH IS BAD! ahahhahah oh well.

Cleaning is HIGH on my agenda at the moment. I mean, did you see my windows in that pic?? Clearly that is unacceptable. I have been positively PICKING the brains of some girls at work. They are on the verge of OCD with cleaning habits. They give me great advice. I tell them my HONEST habits without any shame. I told them without hesitation that I haven’t cleaned my oven and it was installed in October last year. I don’t think I even own oven cleaner. They nearly fainted. And I love my kitchen. I have been in the process of changing my cleaning habits ever since we moved into this house.

When I met my husband I was living at home in a shoe box bedroom. A double bed would have gone wall to wall to wall. The whole floor space would be 1 bed. So that room was always a mess because I just didn’t have space to store anything. Then I moved out of home to an apartment and shared with 2 other girls. So again, Just the one bedroom to house all my possessions. My husband was always at me about the tidiness of my rooms and I always rebutted with “It’s because I have no space!” He accepted that excuse (my lies) Then we moved to a 1 bedroom apartment, together. That is when he started cottoning on . . but still it was just a 1 bedroom apartment. Then we moved to our current house and my lie could not live on. No more excuses. I was completely found out!

I WANT a clean house more then most things in life. I get frustrated at myself when I am trying to take a picture and there is always something yuck in the background. I have really been trying to change my ways. I really wonder if there is hope for me.

Are you a clean freak? Tell me your secrets. Are there any secrets? Or just clean, clean, clean CONSTANTLY! IT NEVER ENDS?

12 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. lllearningmum says:

    Oh how I love that park. My favourite wedding photo is from there.
    If you find the key to being clean/tidy let me know. Searching for it as well. Back when I was crazy busy at work I once employed a cleaner for a short time. It didn’t help. I just shoved everything away so they could clean and I think they did a poor job. Outside surfaces looked kinda clean but drawers and cupboards were not neat.Wrecked my head.
    20 day cleaning challenge. I haven’t ever gotten very far with it. http://theorganisedhousewife.com.au/organising/20-days-to-organise-clean-your-home-challenge-day-1/
    When you move into your mansion maybe get an Au Pair. :)

    • Laura says:

      Ohhh nice place for wedding photos!! Yep Still searching. . . . . come out, come out where ever you are! I also don’t think a cleaner will help me either.

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I clean once a week and tidy every day. Can’t stand clutter! My rule is if you use it, put it away. Who else is going to put it away if you don’t? Steve’s sis is living with us at the moment and her stuff just spreads across the house. Right now I’m at the table and there’s a box sitting here from makeup she got 2 days ago. Put it in the bin!

    Audrey is such a cutie!

    • Laura says:

      Yes. Your rule is also my husband’s rule and I am still trying to comply all the time. I am a spreader. . . . my crap spreads and multiplies.

      Thanks Rhi.

  3. KittyCate says:

    That is a lovely photo of the two of you – sounds like an amazing Mother’s Day!
    Definitely will be grabbing one of your initial artworks for E for her birthday in September
    I am a self-confessed clean freak – I literally cannot sleep if there are dishes in the sink LOL I think once you get on top of it, it’s easy to clean a house, but it’s getting it to that maintenance level that is tough! I do a major clean weekly and tidy/clean every day

    • Laura says:

      I WANT TO BE A CLEAN FREAK!!!!!!! But I wasn’t born one and I received no training in the first 20 years of life. Can I change?? It has been a battle to get on top of it for 4 years. . . .
      Thanks Cate, I look forward to making E a beautiful little artwork.

  4. Ness says:

    Love your drawings-you are so clever! Lovely to see a post pop up from you!
    Cleaning is just ongoing for me. I hate spending a big chunk of time on my weekends, so I try to do a little each day-one day dust, one day bathrooms, one day mop etc.. And try to do a quick pick up and tidy every day or 2. I’ve also got a list of monthly jobs that I try to do fairly regularly-like one every day or few days. My house feels much cleaner, and I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my weekend! xx

  5. Absolutely loving your lettering!! Must visit your etsy store :)

  6. Grace says:

    Finally catching up on the blog…Happy Birthday Audrey! She’s such a little doll. I live the way the banquette turned out, I might have to employ your services! As for the cleaning…if you see my house at the moment, bomb site comes to mind. Ah well.

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