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Monday, April 28th, 2014

I am part way through 19 days of work with only 2 separate days off. And 1 of those days off was spent with my husband! He actually took a day off, just for the sake of having a day off. I think people forget that we can have days off. Not just out of necessity. I certainly have forgotten that too.

So that was lovely. I of course crammed way too much into a day which is my usually fashion. My thought is, if I have managed to pack a baby bag and get thy self out the door, I ain’t coming back anytime soon. I don’t concern myself with the cost of petrol/tolls or driving kilometres.

We set off over the harbour bridge to one of my favourite places. The fabric shop. Because the banquette in my kitchen is finished I wanted to start on the next project. The bed head. Have been going back and forth at what I wanted to do for that. At one stage, diamond tufting came back into the mix, but I vetoed it again. I am going to do a fancy shape head board with a piped edge. D.I.Y!

Pray for me.

The only constant has been that I wanted a duckegg coloured velvet fabric. My dream was the Schumacher mohair velvet in mist


Which I received pricing from the lovely Heidi. It was what I was expecting. But because I am it, what if it is tragic? What a waste. And my boss at work said, no, go low spend, because if your taste changes you can just change it out and no feel any guilt because of the money put into it was low. That resonated with me more.

For me, high end fabric is just for throw pillows and the single chair I am afraid. (ONE DAY, CURTAINS. Because I am confident in my curtain making ability)

So I present to you $34 a metre fabric, that isn’t quite a velvet. But It is not directional so I can railroad it (lie it sideways) and it was the widest width I could find. 148cm. It is darker then I had hoped but I have to compromise somewhere.


I love one of the ladies in the shop there, she always gives me great advice. Enjoys seeing pictures of my finished projects made with their fabrics. She chatted to my husband to tell him that I SAVE him lots of money!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH because my husband certainly doesn’t see it that way.

I am heavily inspired by this hickory chair head board.


From my reading of diy head boards, the general consensus is to avoid curves. . . .  well um ya,. . about that!


All you can do is try and that is why I went low spend on the fabric. The fabric isn’t of low quality though. It is commercial grade, made for upholstery Zepel branded fabric.

When I walked out of the fabric shop it was quarter to two! So much for doing lunch. . . . I spent 2 hours in there.

I think I want to make 2 or 3 covers for European pillow/cushions that will lean against the head board at the back. With nice, indulgent fabric. Needs to tie in with the headboard and my bedding


This is where I allow myself some high end majesty!! So I am taking advice/recommendations!

I love this swallows fabric. Have done for a while, I am pretty sure that Coco Republic used this fabric and made up cushions with it. That was probably the first time I saw it.


I feel like remaking my curtains in my bedroom. So they look like this



Here’s a sketch of what my bedroom will look like.


My husband expressed great interest in this fabric!


He said he would love it in our lounge room for curtains. The colours are not really my colours, but the fabric is quite decadent. The orange in the fabric is like our settee.


and would tie in nicely. I have plains of re-upholstering the settee,  but there is nothing wrong with it. It is in fab condition, just not my colouring. But maybe it is a sign to just leave it. Remove myself out of it and do the room up as if it is for a client (aka my husband) and that is the brief to use that fabric and those colours. Would be a great exercise.

I think I should do that. I love the fabric too. (I am just a pastel girl at heart, but I have a young family, so maybe these darker colours for a communal room is a wiser direction to head)


Does navy blue go with this palette? I would love a navy blue couch.

Then we headed off to Palm Beach. Lunch turned into a 3.30pm affair. Thankfully my husband fed Audrey her lunch while I was perusing in the shop earlier.


Then we went to another favourite shop of mine. Palm beach home. Which has 3 locations. I haven’t been to this one yet and I picked up another Astier de Villatte product. This time the Adelaide bowl/platter thing. Perfect serving dish.

Then I wanted to go past Alfresco Emporium. They only have 1 shop in NSW. Didn’t rate it. I don’t have a costal house. So I am not their target market.

Then I just wanted to keep going. We went to Chatswood Chase. My husband wanted to take me to the phone shop. I am in need of a new mobile phone. I was bemused. I am not interested in this stuff, they all do what I need them to do. Not interested. LOL.

Then we browsed around. I FINALLY got my sister in law a birthday present. I am so crap at buying present. OVER THINKER over here! *waves* It is also very difficult to buy for her. She is travelling the world and working on a boat. Her possessions are limited to her suitcase and she shares are small room on a boat! WHAT ON EARTH DOES ONE GET FOR HER? I wanted to buy her 2 or 3 small copper sauce pans that you can do soufflés in or garlic prawns

And they are small enough for her to take with her or she can leave them here as the start of her glory box for when she settles down. Because she has become quite the cook and foodie. I thought she would love them.

But I ummed and ahhed too much and thought, would that be too cumbersome and unused.

Then I went to mimco and looked at a bracelet and it was $130 for some trendy faddy thing and I wasn’t even sure it was her style. . . So I just bought her a gorgeous top from Cameo the label. I am 90% sure she will love it. She is a party girl and I see her ripping up Antibes/Ibiza/Miami in it!!

Meanwhile I have been researching copper pots. They are actually objects of beauty and I want some. But they don’t work with induction. . . but I don’t have induction. . . but what about the future. . . Hmmm. LIFE IS HARD.

Here is a different present I enjoyed wrapping.

2014-04-25-17.16.54 2014-04-25-16.36.59

Anyways, thanks for reading this far. I’ll let you go now. Let’s chat in the comments.

Feedback on head board and fabric choices?? THANKS.


Audrey at 12 months

Friday, April 25th, 2014

a.k.a 1 YEAR OLD!

(this post is a bit late, but life goes on)


This is her on the morning of her birthday just before going to daycare.

As luck would have it, it was the day the reptile man came to visit the daycare centre!

She was born the day before my mum and sister in law. So we had a little group do at my in-laws place.

I made yet another cake.


This was a carrot cake requested by my sister in law.

She turned 20 something (count the candles LOL)


I didn’t get enough photos of her on her party day so I dress her up again and snapped some more.



NeoReverie Diamond Tufting Tutorial Banquette.

Friday, April 18th, 2014



Welcome everybody. There is a wealth of information and guidance available for this process, but I still thought I would do my own version.

I’ve graduated, master upholsterer, from the University of YouTube based on all the videos I watched and information I absorbed.


Medium density foam: cut to the shape you require. This stuff is expensive. There are more savvy ways to acquire foam, like foam mattress or other end products made of foam from big box stores like IKEA or target and cutting it down with an electric bread knife. I have a history of getting stroppy with a D.I.Y that doesn’t go to plan. So my personal philosophy is to start off on the right foot with the right products. Just pay the money and get exactly what you need. I bought the foam at the Foam Booth in Surry Hills. You can also get Foam at Clark Rubber and I am sure there are others. I needed 2480mm x 380mm and this cost me $80

MDF/ply wood/peg board: I used 3mm mdf which I believe was too flimsy. Hence why I braced it which you will see later.

Batting: I bought it on a roll from Spotlight. I needed 3 metres

Fabric: Thickish in weight and upholstery grade. You will need more fabric then you think. I cut 3.2 metres for my 2.5 metre long banquette. Because my projects had really long rows of buttons, it just ate the fabric up

This YouTube video shows how to measure your project to determine the right amount of fabric you need. I didn’t bother doing it, because I was talked out of it by this blog post.


As she casually mentions that it doesn’t take up much more fabric. To be fair, I had a lot more buttons on a row then she did and I should have realised. It left me to sew on more fabric on either side. I had the half tufted banquette on the floor and the sewing machine on the floor while my husband pressed the pedal and intermittently moved the 2.5 metre long piece through the sewing machine.

I bought my fabric on clearance from Bargain Upholstery in Seaforth. I wanted a light blue grey fabric that was a linen look-a-like and not a fabric that they needed to order in (So I could get started right away and If I needed more that it wouldn’t be a drama) I also wanted it to be easy to clean and have stain reducing properties. Like my couch. I am not a fabric expert or anything But it has 2 colours in the fabric. So one direction has the first colour of treads woven and in the other direction it is the second colour of threads woven. It helps to mask stains. (Well, in my experience) In a perfect world I would have loved glazed linen. I am into that so hard right now. But this fabric has man made properties and it gives the fabric a nice sheen, so I was happy with that.

And I will be scotch guarding the crap out of it on completion too. You have worked too hard to have it ruined by a wayward glass of red with a girlfriend or a naughty rugrat.


 So because I had the diamond tufting bit half done and it was just leaning there and the bare base seat cushion foam there and I haven’t got around to finishing the project because I needed another set of hands and free time with my other set of hands (husband) doesn’t come around often and when it does, he sure isn’t helping me with this project. It was sitting there for some time. Unfinished. I was trying this new thing. Not leaving anything on my island bench. So I picked up my paint palette from doing calligraphy with highly pigmented MAGENTA gouache paint. And I went to place it on the foam base cushion and right before my very eyes the paint just LEPT! LEPT I tell you out of the palette and make a big splash on the diamond tufted part and then dribbled down. MY LIFE FLASHED BEFORE MY VERY EYES. Why God? Why me? I’m a good person. I tried. I’ve sincerely tried. What have I done to deserve this? F***ing panic town. Population ME!

ANYWAY. Blah Blah Blah. I got the stain out the best I could after 1 hour of frantic scrubbing and it is only just visible. . . to me. I can live with it. I died, but I have been revived. Then after my daughters party there was another stain. But I got that out too (on the base cushion). So yes. I need to scotch guard it.

Upholstery Twine: This is a nylon twine that is quite thick. I looked for it at Spotlight and they only had upholstery weight thread for your sewing machine, for when sewing covers. This will not be strong enough. I bought my roll from here. LINK I am sure there are cheaper places to get it. But this was what I came across and was easily accessible to me.

Upholstery Needle: I bought a packet of Doll needles by Birch from Spotlight. In Hindsight I should have bought a proper upholstery needle from an upholstery supply shop as the eye of this needle was still a bit too narrow for the twine to pass through. I soldiered on and managed though.

Self-cover buttons: The consensus is that you can make them yourself, but it will be the most monotonous and annoying part of the project. I didn’t want to lose momentum or enthusiasm, before I even got to the tufting part. One blog post mentioned that she outsourced them. So I did too. I couldn’t even find the self-cover button packs at Spotlight. They sold 2 self-cover buttons in a pack for $6 and that seemed very expensive. So I took my fabric to this place and got Number 36 buttons made up for me.

They did it in a few hours.


Staple gun: I own a staple gun and just as I was gearing up to start, I asked my husband where it was. He has been pottering in the garage recently and he said that he has never came across it. So I had no idea where it was and part of the garage had blocked access. I wasn’t going to go and look through boxes. So I scooped up my kid to go and buy another one. You could put a regular staple gun for $20 to $50. But this job requires doing a lot of stapling and will be taxing on your hand muscles.

We have the RYOBI One power tools with the interchangeable batteries and I was looking at that brand to buy an electric one, but they currently don’t cater for it (And besides, I am not too keen on all this cordless get up. I would hate to run out of battery when I am full of steam, how annoying to have to stop prematurely)

So they had a cheapy OZITO branded electric stapler that is corded. SOLD.


(Bosch had one too that was $99 but it was cordless and the battery would have needed charging before I could start and I wasn’t waiting for that)

Batons, liquid nails & screws: For bracing and forming around the bottom architrave of my window. Not necessary if what you are attching to is flat.

Scissors: Dressmaking shears. For snipping the batting and trimming the fabric.


Mark out where your tufts will be on your mdf. I had 2 rows of 14 buttons and 1 centre row of 13 buttons. They were 17 cms apart horizontally and 8.5 cms apart vertically.


Drill through the mdf where you marked for the holes.

Brace your mdf with your batons, by gluing and screwing them. Making sure not to place them over any holes. (You don’t need to do this if  you use thicker wood. The stuff I used was pretty flimsy, plus I need to brace it and pack it out to go around the bottom window architrave that I didn’t want to remove.)


Put your mdf on top of your foam and with a marker push it though the holes to mark the foam. Remove.


With a knife, cut out channels in your foam for the button to go down deep when you tuft. I used a serrated steak knife. Stuck my fingers through and yanked out the foam.


Place the mdf on the bottom. Then the foam. Drape over your batting over the foam and mark where the holes in the foam are and with scissors. Snip the batting in a x shape to make a hole.


Drape your fabric over the batting.


Now you are ready to tuft.

This is what I did, which If/When I have my time again, I would do some things differently, which I will mention throughout this. Start with your centre button and work out from there. Doing the one above, the one below the one to the left, the one to the right and out you go. From the front, use your thumb to push the fabric into the hole. Pass the needle through the foam until it pokes out the back of the mdf. I had trouble doing this, as it was hard to keep the needle straight and was going in blind and found it difficult to find the hole. What I ended up doing was from the back, I passed the non-sharp end of the needle from the back through the eye and up through the foam and the fabric. My fabric wasn’t a tight weave. So if your fabric is, I don’t think you would have had much luck with it.

Thread the needle with the twin and then pass it through the back of the button and tie and double knot. I used my teeth to make sure it was nice and tight. Then I pulled the needle back through to the back. Only when it was all completed did I realise I had done this step a bit funny as I was pulling the knot through the fabric. Again, if my fabric was tighter I would have had buckleys chance of doing this. It also at some points caused my fabric to snag. But I smoothed it out with my hands from the centre and it wasn’t visible. And some times because I was pulling on the knot, the knot would come undone, causing the button to pop off and for me to start the process again.


What I should have done was. Thread the twine through the back of the button and tie a double knot onto the button. And then with the 2 tails of the twine, thread the needle. This would have been very difficult for me as I had trouble just threading the needle with one length of twine, let alone two.

Then from the back, you have the knotted twine poking through. From the front side, fold the fabric, by rubbing/rolling it in between your thumb and forefinger to make nice pleats in the fabric. Then from the back, you pull with all your might to make a nice diamond tuft. You staple the twine in a zig-zag like pattern. Give it about 4 to 5 staples.


And that is one button done. Move on to your next button


Once all the buttons are done.


Staple the excess fabric right around. Trim it off and if you wish. You can cover the back with inexpensive fabric for a professional look.

I didn’t do this, as I would like to still be able to access it if I ever need to repair it.

Last step. Outsource the base piped box cushion to an upholsterer. I can bring myself to diamond tuft, but not sew a cushion cover. Let it go and call it a day.



The only thing that needed improvement was the depth of each button is inconsistent. But as a first timer, I am happy with it and I will do better with my next diamond tufting jaunt if I so chose to take one upon me.

I wish I had centred the banquette with the window above it. The reason I didn’t do this is in case we wanted to put a heater to the right (their is a gas outlet) or a tall narrow cabinet in between the 2 windows. But I think it would have looked really flash and we could have made a feature of the window (that still needs repairs and painting) with a nice roman blind and trim tape and flanked it with Oly San Fransico candle sconces. Always in hindsight. . . .

Another thought I had was finding a really nice demi lune table to go in between those 2 windows and placing a nice piece of art above it. But I always suffer from cramming so much furniture into a room.

before_afterWho doesn’t love a before and after?




Next thing. I think I am gearing up to do a headboard. But probably not diamond tufted. I just can’t settle on a shape.


Friday, April 11th, 2014




In the end the party deadline was looming and I just did NOT want to sew that damn box piped cushion cover. Nup. No thanks. Over it. I googled upholsters near me and rang one up in a panic, because it was 5 days out from the party. But Greg came through for me and wasn’t shy on the compliments for the diamond tufted back seat. Shucks. Thanks. They thought I had done an upholstery course.

My new motto. JUST PAY PEOPLE! Honestly just pay them.

Having said that, I did not for one second regret doing the diamond tufting on a D.I.Y basis. Proud of it actually.

Stay tuned. My diamond tufting tutorial won’t be too far away!

5 friends can fit on it or 4 non friends LOL. It is the perfect solution for the space I had.

Audrey turns ONE & we throw a party for her!

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

My little girl is now one and two days shy of her birthday we put on an almighty birthday party at our home.






The sweets table.
You can pay professional companies to do this for you or buy specialty glass jars and platters to make it happen. Then buy scallop printables with pattern paper for all the tags and the skies the limit.

But personally, I just wanted to keep it simple and on budget. No cake pops, iced cookies, no macarons etc. All these are a couple of dollars EACH. Budget blown. Another budget blower is a fancy, tiered, fondant covered, 3D model animals, give a wedding cake a run for it’s money birthday cake. No Thanks. They don’t even taste nice, cost hundreds of dollars and need to be ordered MONTHS in advance. I may appear organised, but I am not that organised.
Besides all that, it would have been hard to mix in the homemade sweets that my mother in law wanted to make and I wanted to have. I went the rustic approach.

I didn’t even do anything on the computer for this. No printing either. I used my cutting mat, ruler and blade as well as a compass to create it all. Lastly I used a pointed pen and dipped the nib into white gouache paint.


Sweets made my mother in law. Precision cut by my brother in law. Arranged by his girlfriend.


mini cupcakes


White chocolate cake. Purchased with the mini cupcakes.


I made this little cake! I am SO proud of it. I have always wanted to ice a cake like this. Just needed a turntable and a scraper. Placed on top of the small Donna Hay cake stand. (17cm)


$60 slab cake to feed the masses. Sponge with custard and fruit.
(This cake was placed close the edge and a kid or two had a cheeky swipe at it pre-emptively)


I made these 3 cake toppers. Small skewers. Fabric mod-podged onto card board. Wired balloons.


LOLLY BAGS! I was originally going to put in choc chip cookies in there. But I needed to buy little plastic bags for them to go in then close them off with ribbon and a “Thank you from Audrey” Blah. Too hard. I made all the cookie dough. Rolled them into balls and froze them in freezer bags. Ran out of time. At the eleventh hour I just bought a whole bunch of lollies from Coles.


Cheese table. I forgot to pull out some more dips that were suppose to go on top of those wood blocks.


Mumma bear and Birthday girl.

I did all the flowers for the party. I stayed up until 1.30am Saturday Morning. Went the flower markets at 5 back home in bed at 6.30am for some more zeds. Just chucked all the BLOOMS in the laundry tub filled with water. I am getting better at going to the markets. Knowing what I want. In and out and not buying every damn flower there.



LOVING the carnations. Never in my life would I think I’d breathe that sentence. But there it is. 5 bunches for $10. Right up my alley.

I started the clean up and prep of my house on Thursday and my sister helped me clean up over 2 days. She drew the line at scrubbing my toilets! Boo!

We had to hire a marquee (budget blown) because the weather was not favourable.

The weather on the day wasn’t too bad. Not like my baby shower. We were joined on the day with 70 guest. Yep. SEVENTY! What the actual?? I don’t know how that happened. When I was doing the invites I counted 72 and we had some regrets and then I invited people from my mothers group and Robert invited some from work and then I was putting Audrey in the high chair so we could sing her happy birthday and I was busy prepping her cake and lighting her candle and then I turned around to see 70 people crammed into my kitchen.
TOTALLY OVERWHELMING but at the same time I felt so honoured.

I remember my wedding day. Blow by blow. But this day was a total blur! It was full on. But I loved it all.

I was anticipating 40 guests. So I completely under-catered, but thank goodness to my European in laws who always bring way too much food! I have never been more thankful. In the end there was more then enough food.


We all sung her happy birthday and she steely faced stared back. Then I attempted to do the smash cake with her . . .


Not digging it one bit. And then she cried. Her only tears of the day.
My plan went well. On the day of her party. I woke at 6.30am. I woke Audrey up. She didn’t want to get up. But I had a plan! I fed her breakfast and then I let her run around the house like a maniac while I was cleaning my gas cooktop and oven and my husband was picking up all the food. At 10am I put her in the high chair and gave her a bottle. At 10.20am I put her down for a nap. Right on schedule. She slept right through until 12pm which was the start of the party. Put her in her party dress, shoes and headband. Party started. She was such a good girl. She played nicely with her friends and kicked the soccer ball in the backyard. Mud all on her WHITE designer dress. And because it was on the long side. We just used a peg to hem it all. (Breathe a sigh of relief. The dress is back to pristine condition)


Ava Poppy to Audrey Eloise: “Oh I love your smocking! Where’s it from?”

There was quite a few kids at the party and a few pregnant women too. My best friend was to make an appearance if she had not gone into labour. Her due date was the day after, but she had! And gave birth today after MULTIPLE days of pre/early labour! Mammoth effort.

Audrey partied all the way until 4.30pm

A BIG thank you to my family and my husband’s family. Their help was really appreciated!

Quite a few guests are asking “Same time, same place next year?”

Even in the pouring rain, guests were happy to sit inside the marquee and drink shots of rakija. I didn’t know this was happening until I found all the shot glasses in my dishwasher the next day! Too funny.

Audrey awoke from her nap and just my Brother in law, his girlfriend and my sister in law who is back home for a holiday were still here and we drank some wine and ate some left overs while reflecting on the party and they helped me write the list of who was here because I was honestly intrigued as to how many people came.

It is now a week since I started party prep and then had the party and then went to work and only NOW. NOW! Am I getting the chance to just sit down. WOAH. Intense. I don’t think I can do it again for baby number 2. But we will see. Mother guilt may kick in. I wasn’t going to make a cake for the party, but in the end I did.

Oh P.S who wants to come and mop my floors because it hasn’t happened as yet?


Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

I have done my best to try and restore some work life balance.

My husband has made it abundantly clear that he does not want to do d.i.y/handiman jobs around the house on the weekend. I have made peace with it. He needs that time to unwind. He is also solo parenting with A.

So I have picked up some extra days of work to raise the funds to just PAY PEOPLE! Pay painters, pay carpenters etc.

Sounds odd. but more work to try and implement more work life balance for both of us.

And then hopefully I can take some weekend days off work here and there, because I lose income when I do that, but I will have these other days to carry me through.

My mum bought be a beautiful bracelet for my birthday!


I want to put charms on it, but everyone is telling me not to.


My sister got me this book because I really wanted it.


I can’t keep my nose out of it! It is fantastic.

So here are some things I have done in the past weeks.

I took Audie to my husbands work after I finished a freelance job for a press ad because I was nearby and it was close to 5pm.


We went to the beach for a walk and had fish and chips!

That was lovely but made me feel melancholy because summer has drawn to a close and daylight savings is right behind.


I think Audrey feels the same way!

I heard on the radio that this afternoon was probably the last evening with nice weather of daylight savings to get out and about. I picked up A from daycare and told my husband to meet us at the park so we could push Audrey on the swing set and slide down the slippery dip.

Then we did groceries together (That is considered a date right?)  To get a roast chook and other odds and ends.

I have been whipping up some great meals in the kitchen! I need to post them more so I don’t forget what I have made and what went into them.


Soba noodles, sautéed eggplant, spinach, bacon and julienned (with mandolin, makes quick work) zucchini. Oodles of parmesan and a quick vege packed meal on the table. I like the soba noodles. They take 4 mins to cook.


Again with the mandolin. (I seem to go through phases, we had the brussel sprouts phase, then the zucchini phase and now the everything with the mandolin phase.

Fennel, spanish onion, sliced thinly with mandolin. orange segments (surprising time consuming to cut), fresh mint from my garden. SULTANAS!!! My 2nd favourite sweet food to eat behind chocolate. For the dressing I made a mix of lemon and orange juice, olive oil and a little bit of kewpi mayonnaise.

THAT was so bloody fresh and YUMMY. I ate mine on toasted fresh ciabatta bread!


I also put my car in to be serviced and I FINALLY made it to The Grounds. FINALLY. (Only because I didn’t have to bother with parking.

WOW! I really enjoyed myself. I walked from the dealership in questionable skies (looked about the pour at any minute) for 20 mins with Audrey in the pram. By the time I got there and waited for a table, Audrey had fallen asleep. Then I was sat inside a VERY noisy cafe and I thought cripes. This isn;t going to end well. Tired bubba will wake in an almighty fit. . .

Totally slept right through it!


This croquette was delish. I had a meal, these croquettes as a side and a fresh juice. My bill was in EXCESS of $30. Oh Sydney.


I LOVED THIS DISH! So I tried the fennel raw. Now I wanted to try it roasted (Well I did try it recently at The Winery at Surry Hills for my friends hens party) But I mean, for myself. This is cous cous. Roasted fennel, capsicum, spanish onions and kalamata olives. Fresh cucumber and parsley. Lemon, olive oil, S&P drizzled over the top. YUMMERS. I had this again tonight but with the roast chook shredded into it. I am just a bit conscious of the carbohydrates in the cous cous. It is quite high. So I need something else to try. Anyone tried Freekah? It is low in carbs?


Also in another exercise to manage work life balance. I am embracing freezer meals. I had about 3 dozen eggs in the fridge thanks to my in laws chickens, so I needed to use them up. So I made fresh pasta. I rolled these into cannelloni. It had ricotta, home grown spinach, parsley and basil in it. With S&P and parmesan cheese. An Italian lady at work said I should have put an egg in the mix too! Oh well. I have 3 meals in the fridge of this. Pull the rolls out frozen place in a baking dish. Cover with pasata. Some fresh basil leaves and crush just with the back of the knife 2 cloves of garlic. Cook in oven. In the last 5 mins. Grate lashings on cheese on it! 1 pan dinner in about 25 mins! No defrosting either.


Made up some fettuccine. OMG so good. So silky. Takes 2 – 3 mins tops to cook!

The next day I came home from work and I had pulled out some mini meatballs that I had frozen and I was going to dish them up with some barilla penne out of a box and call it a day. But, Lord, I just couldn’t. I had the fresh pasta the day before and it has ruined me. So I started making fresh pasta. I thought to myself, if this takes too long I will draw a line in the sand. Wave the white flag and just cook the barilla dried pasta, but nope. I did it. Didn’t take long at all!

Fresh pasta for dinner on a day I have been to work and picked up my daughter from daycare! God I felt like I truly had my shit together. I was super mum and super wife.

Some of that also made its way into the freezer for another night when I possibly do not have my shit together.


I bought 2 of these lamps for cheap as chips off Just needed rewiring. I married a nerd. He did it for me! Super happy. I told him the flood gates are now opened. I predict many a US purchase, parcel forwarder housing lamps and light fittings for me. Poor guy! I just want to gold leaf the base and the finial.


Love this guy!

I need to be pointed in the direction of other freezer meal ideas that aren’t completely carb loaded like I gravitate towards.

I have outsourced my banquette/bench seat cushion cover out to an upholsterer so I can just get it finished. So hopefully I will be able to reveal that soon.

It is less that one week til my baby Audrey girl turns ONE!!! Wahhhhht? what?

We are having a party on Sunday. It is turning out to be bigger then Ben Hur.