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Audrey at 11 months

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014


I am getting a bit behind in my blogging. Tsk tsk tsk. (And commenting on other peoples blogs)

Audrey is now very very close to turning ONE. Umm what?


I thank God everyday for this wonderful little girl. I am grateful I have managed to keep the monthly photo sessions up. Considering how difficult they have become to do. She WILL NOT stay still. And I am ever increasingly becoming frustrated with my camera because I only have a base grade one that is not full frame. (Might mean something to some people. I only learned about this a couple of weeks ago) and that is the source of my frustration. But I persevere.

We have 4 teeth and have had for quite some time. I hope to see some more soon!

Her favourite food is either chicken or lamb.

She MURDERS berries. Any kind, doesn’t matter. She doesn’t discriminate. I took pictures of her eating black berries. It was both adorable and morbid.

It resembled a murder scene.

I don’t worry too much about mess. It gets on her clothes, on the high chair, on the floor. Her clothes, I wash them, I hope for the best. If it is still stained, never mind they grow so fast any way. The high chair, if you are trying to keep that pristine, you are not being realistic. Let it go. I wash the cover often though. The floor, well little ol’ steam mop gets a massive work out.


Her hair is so long! It is in her eyes. She is not a fan of the clips or the hair ties. But not dreaming of cutting it yet.


She is running now! And starting to jump. She can also climb up onto the couch.

I have finally finished her 1st birthday party invites. I walked to the end of the street to place in the mail box. BUT IS GONE!!! NOooo!!

I’ve left it a bit late. But should be a good day for anyone that can come along.

There just doesn’t seem to be many hours in the day as there use to be. Doesn’t help considering I am increasing my working days.

From next week I am working 5 days a week. And not your conventional Monday to Friday. Oh no. I like to make things hard. I am working Saturday to Wednesday.

So I still don’t get a weekend. Or family time. But this is honestly the best it can be. My daughter won’t be in daycare 5 days a week. I personally think for her age, that is too much for me. (Plus the cost)

This way it is 3 days a week. The weekends at work at killing me. I miss out on a lot. But I don’t want to give that job away and find something else. So I keep on keeping on.

I MISSSSSSSSSSSS my husband. Oh I miss him so much. He took yesterday off work because it was my Birthday (26, just in case you were wondering) and I knew it was the only day off we would have together to do whatever we wanted in god knows how long. (Other days off we have is because of events, like a wedding) Well he had plans. But I just felt this immense pressure to try and a take over and ask what we were doing and to cram more in and to make it the best ever day possible and of course I ruined it. I ruin fun.

He planned to cook me dinner, but I just didn’t want to go home. I wanted MORE, I wanted to do more, I didn’t want the day to END! It was ok though, we went to Bloodwood in Newtown for dinner. It is a small restaurant, but we just sat right by the door and the stroller wasn’t an issue. The food was yummy and the cocktails . . . lethal!

Today I feel post birthday blues. I need to join a support group. I don’t know how couples whose partners travel or do conflicting shift work etc keep it together. I am desperately sad. I at least see him of a night time. But it is not enough for me. But not bad enough to throw my job in. I can’t do that. I have a baby, I have mortgages. I’ve just got to make it work with the circumstances I have but. . I’m finding it tough.

At least there is Adelaide to look forward too. Much like my Melbourne trip. I will be my husband, but not actually with him! He will be working, I will be tagging along.

What can I do in Adelaide with my baby. . . arghh TODDLER????

This post turned into a catch-all post. I have so many things to update on. . . maybe they will make the blogs light of day. . .