Valentines day


I bet you are all sick and tired of hearing about Valentine’s Day.


I heard you moan that!

Fear not. Husband is ultra NON romantic. Doesn’t think anything of the day.


I do though . . . . .

Never mind.


Damn Straight!

I made my husband a cute card and envelope that was sealed with lipstick lips. He appreciated it and smiled at the cheeky message inside.

We had his brother and girlfriend over for dinner.


I made short bread love heart shaped cookies and put them in the bag. (Which there is no photographic proof of, you believe me right?)

My husband queried why there was vomit bags on the table. I side eyed him til kingdom come. What a tosser!

I made baba ganoush with lamb cutlets and spiced sweet potato chips. It was paleo except for the feta cheese. Well there you go. I have no idea what paleo is. I found a pic of this dish on Gourmet Traveller but the recipe wouldn’t load so I went hunting for similar recipes and that is where I found out it was paleo.


Seeing as there were no roses for me. . sob. . again. .  I just stole these from the neighbours yard and put together a quick centrepiece. That is a soy candle that I made from my wedding.

My mum rang me in the morning, asked what I was doing for the day, then quizzed me to see if I was staying home for the florist delivery. Then I laughed and laughed and she laughed and we laughed some more. . . then we sighed!

We married the same men just 28 years apart! U.N.R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C

My hopefully future sister in law brought over love heart shaped brownies. And our men just laughed at us because we both made love heart shaped stuff. WELL DER!!!! Then I asked her if the florist lost her flowers too? And she said yes. I mean, what are the chances?? Then we giggled for a bit. Then sighed, then death stared our partners!!


I made this for lunch right before doing a grocery shop as there was nearly NOTHING in my fridge. Left over piece of BBQ chicken and 1 very sad, stale looking piece of bread. I fried the bread up with some basil leaves (from garden) and tossed in the torn chicken and then put it together with some olives, feta cheese, tomatoes (from garden) and fresh basil leaves. S&P, EVOO and reduced balsamic!

What a knock out! I can be so clever some times.


I cannot stop practicing calligraphy. There is literally half a ream of paper in my recycling bin of my practice sheets.

I think I am finding my stride.

practice – practice – practice


On the up side. . . My Birthday isn’t too far away!!! Chance for hubby to really bring out the big guns LOL.

At least Audrey had a Valentine! Her Aunty! The card played music when opened. I got a super cute vid of her dancing/swaying to the music. I’ve watched it over 200 times. . .

14 Responses to “Valentines day”

  1. lllearningmum says:

    This post made me giggle. Your letter shapes/stroke looks like you are becoming more confident less shaky. Great work.

  2. Heidi says:

    Haha! No romance here either. I actually forgot it was Valentines day until half way through the day, and then it was not a romantic day as I spent it going through builders invoices, bank statements and a spreadsheet on the renovations. FUN!
    Your calligraphy is looking amazing Laura – you’re really getting very good at it. I can see you hiring yourself out for wedding place cards etc easily! Food looks v. yummy too. And a fair bit fancier than our V-day dinner. Homemade pizza with the kids at our place. xx

    • Laura says:

      Homemade pizza is the best dinner option going round! Trumps everything! Those 2 boys didn’t deserve my cutlets. Tut tut tut. I’ll always try n do a nice job. Put some effort in. But these blokes!!!!!! Deary me.

  3. Kl says:

    Too funny. My flower delivery was ‘lost’ too! I left hubby a card near the kettle so he’d find it before he left for work at 5:30 am. He left me a quickly scribbled note “happy valentine’s day. From guess who?” Under a tea cup with a tea bag in it. Thoughtful. Love your calligraphy…sometimes desperate food times create the best inventive concoctions!

    • Laura says:

      That’s it! Off to the florist ombudsmen we shall go! Lol about your note. That’s sweet, a little half arsed but sweet nonetheless!! My husband tried something similar. What an afterthought we are.
      Yes. Some of my best meals are results of limited ingredients and pressure

  4. Ness says:

    Haha. Me too! We went out for for last minute drinks and dinner with friends. Oh the romance! For our first valentines as a married couple! I may have ruined it for myself-I got flowers for our first ever, but the second we were living overseas, and about a week off going to Spain, so I was all-Don’t worry about it-we’ll save up for something nice in Spain… Well, it ruined it for the rest of my life-and I don’t always have Spain to look forward to! x

    • Laura says:

      Ohhh I hear ya girlfriend! We are too darn nice! My first Valentine’s day was tragedy. I heaved and ugly cried myself into a head ache and he must of thought I was a complete nutter. And that still didn’t work.

  5. Erin says:

    Calligraphy is looking fab. I love me some swirly writing.
    I also LOLed at this post. Particularly the U.N.R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C part.

  6. Aloma says:

    Haha, Laura your post made me laugh so much.
    No flowers for me either. But for some reason I took it so badly this year complete with crying. Lol . Blame it on the pregnancy hormones.
    Your lamb dish looks great though. And the calligraphy looks great.

    • Laura says:

      I cry EVERY YEAR!!!!! EVERY YEAR I TELL YA! 8 years of CRYING!!! I was howling at him “I don’t care if you don’t believe in v day. I do! Doesn’t love mean, hey look I don’t agree with it but she likes it so I will do it for her regardless!!”
      Do you know what you are having? When are you due?

  7. Happy belated Valentine’s day to you! You had me laughing. While I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day, I get frustrated when my husband sends bouquets of flowers because I cringe at how much they must cost… this year he did not send any. Will buy myself something instead. Your calligraphy writing is lovely.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you HIH! Hubby recently sent me flowers and I did cringe (I normally wouldn’t) But I didn’t really like these flowers so I thought it was money poorly spent. LOL.

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