Melbourne 2014

Long time, no post.

Apologies. Something shit happened. Like really shit. Nothing to do with health, illness or death. But something pretty lousy, hurtful and plain annoying happened. I don’t want to write what it is because I do read back through my post to remember things and look back at what I have achieved and I don’t want to be reminded of this terrible incident. Just let the past swallow it up and take it away.

I did write it all down in a document at work. But I grappled with whether I wanted to post it or not. Do you ponder over what you will post and what you won’t?

I still haven’t posted my birth story because I can’t decide if I am that kind of person anymore. Am I completely honest and open as I use to be? I of course will let you in on every gory detail if you are my friend and want to know. I have no hesitation there.

I am just going to print out Audrey’s birth story and place it in her keepsake box and pray to God that my house doesn’t burn to the ground or gets stolen.

I also don’t want to write about bad things. Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, but I can just make my blog a little happy place only. Escapism for me. (And my readers, I hope)

I was feeling really low and negative after this event. There was lots of fuck this, fuck that, fuck the fucking world. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKKKKK and I want to be less about the fuck and more about the pretty and the happy and the positive. Which sums up what I already am about. So no blotches on my blog. Back to business. The show must go on!


My husband had a work trip to Melbourne. Which because of the public holiday on Monday. Meant he left on Tuesday morning and would return on Friday and HELLO, that just happens to be the non-working days for me! So I told him to book Audrey and myself tickets and a rental car. We tagged along.

We are budget conscience at the moment and holidays for us are just not going to happen. We would rather be spending the money on renovation of our house at the moment. I also am on a self-imposed leave ban. I am thinking about baby number 2 and I need to save my leave so I don’t have a total of 5 seconds with my baby before returning to work. I used my extended leave last time and that won’t accrue fast enough to have the same amount of leave this time around. So I take what I can get. Small mercies.

Having said all that, I did take a day off on Monday. Under duress it was! LOL. We had a picnic for my Mothers Group so that all the men could meet each other. There was a very long email chain that was going back and forth of proposed dates for this shindig and none of them was going to suit me because I work weekends and all the public holidays, but this was the date that suited the majority and a line was drawn in the sand. I did entertain the idea of sending my husband just with Audrey, but he is a pretty shy guy and that seemed kind of cruel.

I digress. It was a beautiful day and I relished in my leave pass. Ohhhh to be social! It really is an important part of life.

Then on Tuesday we rose at the ungodly hour of 4am! (well not ungodly because my co-worker in the lead up to Christmas was attending Church at 4.30am. A novena she called it. 9 days before Christmas!! WHAT??? Dedicated she is! I love hearing about other people’s cultures and traditions. Do you? Fascinating.

4am, out of the house at 4.30am for our 4.43am train to the airport. We walked in the dark with pram, 2 suitcases, nappy bag and laptop bag down the hill to the station. We made it to the airport without much fuss. I was immensely proud.

The flight with Audrey was great. She wriggled a bit in the beginning which was annoying in the confined space, but then she had a bottle and drifted off to sleep for the rest of the flight. She stayed sound asleep all the way til baggage collection. What a legend.


My husband’s work site was next to the airport which isn’t ideal, but we had a rental car and I like to drive. I thrashed it up and down that freeway all week long! I used a tank of petrol in 4 days LOL. The air-condition was on full throttle constantly. I was certain the car was going to clunk out.

On the first day I went to Chadstone shopping centre because it was 39 degrees and I wasn’t taking baby girl out in that.

Had a browse around there and then I picked up my husband from work. We checked into the hotel and headed straight to the spa and pool!!! It had been a LONG day by that stage. Audrey had an absolute ball in the spa. It wasn’t a hot spa.

The next day I went on a MAMMOTH walk. I walked Malvern Road, High St Prahran, Punt Road and Toorak road and lots of little streets in between. I was so pleased with myself. I just kept on walking and walking. When I got back to the hotel I asked if I could borrow my husband’s laptop so I could plot the walk. 15km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For me, UNHEARD OF! Well I use to do long walks like these when I was a size 10. . . . .  I am so proud. I must get out more. I really must.

But, poor little Audrey had her little legs poking out the stroller and they got a wicked tan. Mummy guilt to the max!! I did make an effort to try and keep them covered, but it kept coming off. I aloe vera’d up her legs so much. She loved the massages.

Then on Thursday, I went to Gertrude St, Fitzroy to look at arty stuff. Then I met up with my 2 cousins. One of them has a 1 year old son who I haven’t met. That was lovely.


My other cousin is a famous sommelier. Famous to me! HE HE HE and in the wine world. We went to a new café on Chapel Road Windsor. Around the corner from where she lives called Plenty. Delicious.

859 858

That is a poached egg on top!!

Then I went to Hawthorne to visit a shop. . . but the GPS wasn’t kicking in on my phone so I just kept driving til it kicked in, I knew I was going in the wrong direction, but that’s ok. It was heading towards Albert Park so I decided to just do a drive through and view the gorgeous houses!! So picturesque.


I went past another twitter girls shop and I saw the shopping strip. But I was melting and my daughter was catching zeds so I didn’t get out. Then I trotted back to Hawthorne. I didn’t realise that Hawthorne is also a gorgeous suburb. Very pretty houses there too. I went to a shop called Peony. I only walked away with a candle because the choice was overwhelming. I have fallen in love with this perfume. Well it was the bottle first. It looks so chic. I went over to the display and only saw French words on first inspection and my knowledge of French doesn’t extend beyond, Bonjour, Bonsoir, Au revior, merci etc etc. So I was out of my depth, then I saw the word Camellia. I have been on a Camellia kick of late.


I have been in talks with an advance plant nursery for plant recommendations for a narrow spot in my garden and they recommended Camellias. So I have been doing a lot of research on them.


I only got a slight whiff of it. So I need to track this range down in Sydney.

Then on the Friday I finished off the top end of High St. Picked up where I left off and did High St, Armidale. Then I met up with 2 mums from Twitter. Well. . . if we want to split hairs, back in the good old Vogue forum days. I already feel like I know Slavisa So funny. Her daughter is a few weeks older then Audrey and Eirini’s daughter is 4 months old. We had a wonderful afternoon in the Botanical gardens.



Then I went and picked my husband up from work and we went the airport, returned the rental car and caught the plane home.

Thank goodness for work colleagues that are catching a flight 15 mins earlier who parked at the airport and who also has a car seat in their car. AND offers lifts home. HALLELUJAH! While he was waiting for us, he adjusted the seat and moved to the pick-up area and luckily we weren’t putting him out much because we live on the way to his place. The thought of catching the train home and walking up that hill was too much. I was exhausted from all that travel and working and baby nurturing!

Fabulous jam packed full 4 days in Melbourne! Just wish I got out and ate some decent food of an evening but alas, husband was way too busy and exhausted.

I have Heidi my designer beacon (always pointing me in the right direction) to curse thank for the bulk of these purchases.



The dolly is called “Eloise” I didn’t realise that until I looked up the brand online and saw the title. I knew the doll spoke to me!!


Liberty fabric garments from Jacadi


Dolly, lavender sachet and table runner from Plane Tree Farm. Candle from Peony. Figs from my inlaws garden and FINALLY! My husband has finished the mantle.


Loving the table runner.

And there was no stopping. It was back to work the very next day!! Arghhhhh

Ohhhh and Husband needs to go back at the end of this month for the second round. . . . decisions, decisions. My cousin lives near the Mornington Peninsula, So I might spend time down there. She was talking about hot springs!! YES PLEASE!!

17 Responses to “Melbourne 2014”

  1. Erin says:

    LOVE Audrey’s new outfits. Will look beautiful on her skin tone too. You should do ‘outfits of the day’!!!

    • Laura says:

      They don’t fit her as yet LOL. I would love to do outfits of the day with her!! I should get onto that. She is fun to dress up now as she isn’t a vomitter anymore

  2. Brenda says:

    I love Melbourne. I say yes to the Mornington Peninsula. It’s beautiful and we had one of our most memorable meals at a winery there.

  3. Heidi says:

    Laura – I’m lusting after all your exquisite purchases. Very well chosen! My E has an outfit in that same liberty print in the centre (the little bloomers). I am such a sucker for liberty print. And plane tree farm is SO beautiful. You lived on the edge going into that district for shopping! I always find it a struggle to keep control.

    Your trip looks wonderful – always so good to tag along on a trip if you’re able to. Our major holiday when my first was a baby was a month in New York, as my husband had to go there for work – very lucky, although frankly it was hard work (jet lagged 20 month old/ husband working 6 days week and highly stressed/ humid August and had to walk everywhere with pram as subway not pram friendly… but still a good experience!). Other than that, we were the same as you – no holidays for years as we prioritised our house and reno. It does pay off in the end though – we were talking last night about the sacrifices we made in our 20’s setting us up so much better in our late 30’s.

    As for what to blog… well, it’s your life and your blog and you can write what you want. But I try not to write anything on my blog that would be hurtful to someone in my life if they were to read it later in life or right now. I try not to write much about the bad stuff and focus on the good as well. I don’t think this means I’m not being honest with people that read (I leave out plenty of other good stuff as well, my blog is just a snippet), I just don’t think we have to share everything all the time. I do this for privacy as well as online security. You’ve really just got to find where you’re comfortable. You do need to consider what you write about your kids though – they have no say at the moment and as adults may not be happy about what you post (not saying you’ve written anything that Audrey could be angry about in the future, but just thinking in terms of what I’ve seen other mum’s putting on the net about their kids). If you do want it to be a more personal blog, then maybe limit who can view it or make it entirely private.

    But – I’m so sorry you had something bad happen in your personal life. Hope you’re feeling a bit better about it all soon xxxx

    • Laura says:

      Do you have the doll too?? Is she past that stage now? I figure, if I am going to spend my money, I’m going to spend it well. Quality over quantity. I go without a lot. For example I’ve purchased zero makeup. Shoes and clothing for myself for a year! The cost of this holiday was just my plane ticket! So that’s good. A months free accommodation in NY would see me there too pulling my kid in and out of the subway. Carrying them on my back lol!! I would definitely do it.

      Thanks Heidi!

      • Heidi says:

        She still loves dolls, and I hadn’t seen that one! Will have to see if I can track it down… she was given a new doll from American Girl for Christmas – as my husband goes to NY all the time for work, he bought it for her on one of his trips during the year. There’s such a big range you can find a doll that looks like your little girl. She LOVES it. And all the clothes you can dress it up in.
        I did love New York, but I didn’t get into the shops much. Every time I’d wheel the pram in, my son would start carrying on- I’d have to leave after 15 minutes!! It was torture. On the upside, I know all the playgrounds of central park well, and we did used to spend a lot of time in the museums.
        Quality over quantity is key. People don’t need as much stuff as they think. I went without a lot in my 20’s compared to my friends and professional peer group. I used to redye my black clothes to get another year out of them when they faded! I was wearing a 14 year old dress last week – it had been a summer work dress. xx

  4. Lllearningmum says:

    looooong time no comment. Sorry. Laptop is best for typing.
    Well done on your Melbourne trip. We are book for the end of the month but flying solo as husband is there for 2 weeks and I don’t fancy staying in a hotel room with bub for 2 weeks. You are great to drive, I’m to chicken. We are hoping to stay in the city even though the work will based at the airport.
    Miss A looks like a toddler on the plane. Great score with the lift home. I hope you do get to go back and to a winery. You deserve a drink or two.
    What ideas do you have for first birthday presents? I have a few coming up and don’t feel the need to buy more stuff for the sake of giving stuff. Ideas? Do you have any requests for Miss A?

    • Laura says:

      Thanks! I’m actually toying with the the idea of saying No gifts for Audrey’s party. Seriously it’s too much. I don’t think I’m a good gift buyer lol.

      Staying in the city will be better. Doing the flight alone would be challenging. I might have to take a solo flight with Audrey and I was thinking about the whole process and how I would do it without help. Bit tricky but I’m sure you’ll manage. Our 4 days was a good amount of time. I’d agree that 2 weeks is too long.

  5. Carol says:

    Ooh is your friend Filipino? We (are supposed to) do the novena in the lead up to Christmas too. But now thinking about it, it’s probably more of a Catholic thing in general.

    Good on you for your mammoth walk. I need to be doing more of that in my life. I’ve been feeling super lazy lately.

    Oh and those Liberty fabric dresses are amazing. When I was overseas I was so envious of baby/kids clothes. They always seem to have the cutest designs!

    • Laura says:

      She’s not but she was going with a Filipino friend.

      Yes me too on the exercise!!! Days go by and I haven’t left the house!!!! That’s bad.

      Love baby clothes!!! So glad I’ve got a little girl too.

  6. So much to love about Melbourne. I also take inspiration from Heidi when making purchases. Today I brought two copies of the book ‘Ruby Red Shoes goes to Paris’ (for a friend and for myself) remembering she’d mentioned ‘Ruby Red Shoes’ in a post. She has such good taste! Sorry to hear about your dramaI’m a little reserved to share issues on the net for fear I’d regret it. Hope things improve x

  7. KL says:

    Goodie for you to take the opportunity to visit Melbourne! Loved seeing your purchases; love a bub in liberty too! Am sorry to hear of your distress at the ‘event’. Whatever it was, your blog is yours to choose what to and what not to share. x KL

    • Laura says:

      Thanks KL!! I can’t wait to see her in the Liberty get up! So cute. Melbourne was fab! The distress continues unfortunately. Should settle soon.

  8. KittyCate says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time, I hope things have improved. Looks like Melbourne was lovely, that dress is gorgeous! x

    • Laura says:

      Melbourne was fantastic!! Your bub is the best dressed bub I’ve seen around! You must share your secrets and we should go shopping together one time!!

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