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In the sales we purchased an ensemble. I have been thinking about this for some time but our mattress is not that old. It sits on a bed frame, which I don’t like. It is nice enough, but it was cheap and no longer my style.  I have been thinking about a new bed head and I think it would be easier to make a stand alone bedhead as opposed to try and recover my entire bed frame. Too much fabric. So thinking bedhead with a valance to cover the ensemble base.

Anyway, so that decision was catapulted right to the top of the list when the shops were doing amazing deals like in excess of 50% off and free delivery. Talk about impulse purchase. The only con to this option is we lose the storage we had under our bed. But the thought of sleeping on top of my clutter doesn’t appeal  to me either. So best just be ruthless and more organised.

For our 2nd year wedding anniversary I purchased a canvas to paint a picture (cotton) but I never got around to it, so instead I purchased a new duvet cover. I have been looking for a 2 stripe or 3 stripe cover for ages. House Hold linens does one but it is quite expensive and I didn’t like the colours. Now Sheridan does one but don’t like the colours. And the border is around the edge of the cover and not smaller to frame the mattress top. (I don’t think I would buy Sheridan sheets ever again. My last set is now painting drop cloths. I don’t use bleach, I don’t over crowd the washing machine and I have a front loader and it got all these holes in it and is torn to shreds now. That is the second set to do that. No other sheet brand has done this.)


So I purchased this one from One Kings Lane with a shipping forwarder. First time I have done that and it was successful.


I am thrilled with the quality. The pillow cases are the PERFECT size. I often find that pillow cases are a bit slack on the pillow, too big. The cover is also very generous in size. I don’t know if this is an American thing or not. The width of the queen was good for the quilt inside but length was much longer. It is because the cover is designed so that the cover sits right up at the top of the bed and the pillows sit on top of it!! That makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!!! It looks a lot neater. But I don’t know if their quilts are made longer, or it was just this particular duvet cover. I did notice that in the top corners INSIDE the duvet covers it has ties. I guess to tie your quilt in and prevent it from slipping down. Do their quilts have like eyelets in them or something?? I don’t understand how you would tie it. I am so fascinated with this all. Can you tell? I haven’t tied mine, but it hasn’t shifted either.

For the sheets, I would like to purchase 100% linen sheets. They get such rave reviews. But where to find a set? (My husband hates the sound of the crunch of crisp cotton sheets. Says it wakes him when either of us moves. Poor. baby.) And a set that has the fitted sheet with a extra long depth. 35 – 40 cms doesn’t cut it around here.

But I would like a set from Linoto. It is cheaper getting these ones from New York then Sheridan from David Jones (Which aren’t long enough in the fitted sheet depth).


How the bed looks! What do you think? I spent the best part of 2 hours, ironing the sheets and covers! Do you iron your bedding? This photo was taken a few nights of sleeping in, hence why they are a bit crushed. Any good tips on how to keep the fabric creaseless for longer?? Any miracle spritz or something?


Can you see how generous the drape is on the duvet cover? Love it.

Target box pleated valance for the win. I looked at the big names that I could think of for this type of valance and all I could find was those (in my eyes) hideous quilted bed wraps. If I wanted that look, I would just keep the ensemble base exposed.


For $29.40. You can’t really go wrong. Well. . . I would prefer if it was just a few centimetres longer.

Image source


Here is that chair I got fixed up but never showed. I am really not happy with the whole experience. The central wood motif was damaged and the result of the restoration is not a good quality in my eyes. I think a FAR better job could have been done. It is very basic and only serves a functional purpose and form is out the window. The fabric though. Ohh my the fabric. The fabric is just beautiful. Maybe in time I might try again with a restoration. I have detailed pictures of how it use to look. . . . Also in the future I will ask for additional pictures of recent work and make a better educated decision on who does work for me.


They are our new tempur contoured pillows underneath. I wanted to give them ago. We’ve slept on them for one night and I am not sure. Kinda weird feeling. I need to get pillow protector cases from them as the cream covers show through and it looks yuck. We bought a new mattress protector in a Queen size which is the size of our bed and it is 20 cms too short on the length. What is with that? I thought a queen was a queen. That will get returned. Our current mattress protector is fine and in good condition. But is doesn’t sit right under the mattress. These new mattress that are super sized in height. Need more depth on fitted sheets & protectors.


I am LOVING the new mattress ensemble. I feel like a queen. It is higher up then previous bed. I need to jump on it and jump off it. I am average height at 165cms.

So there is lots to be done in this room. That frame to be hung for starters. Some matching lamps. New bedsides. I already earmarked them for 5 year wedding anniversary – ‘wood’. These current ones are IKEA rast hacks.


These curtain rods seem unresolved. I would prefer some custom ones that have a joined elbow bend. That would be nice. But where on Earth do you get custom curtain hardware in AUS? Well not even custom. Just nice? Not tacky, cheap, nasty SHIT!! These have extendable rods and they shit me. Oh how they shit me. So hard to get the rings up and over the ‘jump’.


You know I love a little photoshop mock up effort. No matter how tragic it looks. WOW that frame got hung on the wall!! How about that? (I think I missed the mark on the scale of that lamp. but never mind)

I want to D.I.Y a headboard. I am going to do myself a huge favour and KEEP IT SIMPLE. Just a straight up plain rectangle with a piped/corded edge. That’s it! in a powder, seafoam, marine, light blue VELVET!

Schumacher has the EXACT colour I want in a luscious mohair velvet.


I want the height of the bed head to be quite grand, so I have to work out how much yardage of fabric I will need. I am not sure at this stage if I can justify the cost of the Schumacher fabric. If no other colours are doing it for me, I might have to revisit it. Designer fabric is only within reach for me with the odd throw cushion. Definitely not for a full upholstery job nor curtains. Oh man. I am in awe of curtains made of designer fabric. There is so much yardage required to make curtains so the cost is astronomical. But they can make the room and they have gorgeous drape. Fall beautifully and that is really showcased with curtains.


Also there is still the hideous wardrobe doors to resolve.


I want to paint them white and add mill work and change the hardware.

A mirror and a light fitting will round out this room. Well a new rug would be lovely too. A gorgeous silk wool blend 12k job would be perfection, but that is just day dreams. (The ivory rug doesn’t really have a place in this room anymore)

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  1. mel says:

    Love your choice of velvet, I want either an entire lounge or two single armchairs in that exact shade of velvet myself! The sheets look amazing, I myself have never ironed a sheet EVER. Have stooped to ironing pillowcases, probably for a blog post after I sewed them. Love your ideas for the cupboards too, exciting seeing a room come together, my laundry is almost finished, woohoo! mel x

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Mel. 2 arm chairs would be glorious. I don’t think I would have the guts to do an entire couch in it! But it would rock! I love your honesty. I am only new to the ironing on bedding myself. I don’t think I will bother with the sheets in the future but the pillowcases and blankets I will keep doing. Can’t wait to see your laundry.

  2. Heidi says:

    Oh dear – I’m feeling guilty. I have your samples of velvet (at long last) and I should’ve sent them to you before Christmas, but got busy and sidetracked. So… they’re sitting there waiting for you. I will send them on Monday! Email me your home address.
    The chair looks lovely (that fabric is so, so beautiful). I’m so sad for you that you’re not happy though. I’ve had mixed experience with restoration. I now use a great guy who doesn’t over restore pieces. He’s repolished my hall table and put together the frame of a very old mirror that had broken into pieces. But I’ve used others in the past and not been happy as they’ve made a piece too shiny. The chest of drawers in my daughters bedroom is an example – it had 4 broken handles, and the guy I used said it was no problem to source replacement ones and replaced them all… but the repro ones are awful, not as chunky, not in cedar like the originals, the mother of pearl buttons in the centres are fake mother of pearl… plus he made it really shiny. I was not that happy with it, and will probably replace the crappy handles at some point as it bugs me. The cost of restoration makes it boderline sometimes with buying something already restored or in good condition. So something to bear in mind. But you’re so handy I could see you working out how to do a bit of basic restoration yourself.
    As for the bedroom – your plans sound wonderful. I know where to source the hardware for curtains, but it’s not cheap. You could try pottery barn, as I know in the US they have that stuff (not sure if it’s made its way to Australia yet?).
    I bought Frette bedlinen from Gilt in the US, and it was less than Sheridan cost. But I’ve found the sizes of things difficult with a King bed – their Kings seem bigger. I’d love some of those beautiful sets from Julia B. But I’m not ever going to be spending over $1500 for a doona cover! I have started sending out my ironing recently (I have accepted that I can’t do everything), and I get the pillow covers ironed. I don’t bother with my doona cover and its a bit wrinkly. I have heard the trick is to iron it on the bed. I’m tempted to get the doona cover ironed too, as I do love ironed sheets. But maybe in the future I will, when I have a more perfect house. Right now, I just concentrate on keeping it reasonably tidy all things considered! xx

    • Laura says:

      Don’t even sweat it! I’ve just emailed you. The fabric is really BEAUTIFUL!!! And I do have some left over for a throw pillow. I have seen the curtain hardware at Pottery Barn. It is lovely. Oh Gilt. I use to be signed up to that site eons ago, way before I knew about shipping forwarders. I’m hearing you on Frette and Julia B. I’ve saved the details of a linen shop in Texas too. I hope to visit it one day. The website doesn’t do it justice. I was looking through a blog who used their items often, and I saved the shop details, but not the blog! Drats.

  3. LOVE your taste. The bed looks so understated and elegant, and I’m with you on the fabric on the chair! Beautiful.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you Cindy. Can’t wait to see the bed with the bedhead. The fabric on the chair is even better to touch because of the texture.

  4. Grace says:

    I love that duvet cover! So elegant and classic. Its a shame about the chair, it looks lovely in the picture though. Can’t wait to see it all finished, it looks amazing so far :)

  5. Ness says:

    I have that same bed skirt on my bed! Paint those doors! Even if you don’t change the handles and add mill work yet, the white paint will make such a difference. I could’t believe we waited so long-although ours were just a chipboard type material.
    Love the new bedding! x

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