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Christmas Recap

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Hi! How was your Christmas? Hope it was fabulous.


My Christmas took place prematurely on Christmas Eve. It felt so naughty opening the presents before Santa had time to come. But it was best because I was able to be involved.



Audrey Claus!!

I hosted both families for dinner.


In between dinner and dessert we opened Audrey’s presents with her. I got to say, My living room was transformed into a toy shop. I think they went overboard, but first grand kid on both sides would do that I think.


After dessert we opened the rest.


(How funny is this??? It was a gift from my Brother in law. Time to get into some serious gardening!)

Then after everyone had left hubby and I opened each others. There just wouldn’t have been time in the morning before I had to leave for work. And we wouldn’t have had time for the heartfelt “Oh you shouldn’t have. . .” Blushing, embracing etc.

And we got each other the same gift. Trivets. How RANDOM!!!!!! You can clearly see the difference in styles. We both like both.


In terms of the kitchen, I am pretty happy with how it is shaping up. I purchased a new cutlery set and I quite like it. But it is for 8 places and I hosted 11. How many place settings do you have at your place? Do you have 2 separate settings, Nice and everyday and just mix? Wondering if I should purchased another one so I have enough for 16!! That kind of seems excessive now.



(Husband went way out of his way to get me these mugs. They are so beautiful and exactly my style. So humbled by the effort he took upon himself)

I want to purchase another Christmas plate set. So I have enough for 12. We only had 8 for Christmas, and for all my lusting after it and obsessing, I wasn’t even fortunate enough to eat of it.


Audrey baked cookies for everyone! I loved this project. I designed the landscape scallop tags. I used my “Audrey” stamp, twine and a jingle bell.

I did Calligraphy on my envelopes partly because I need to practice and partly because the printer was snowed under. They served as place settings and I put Santa photos of Audrey inside them for the guests.

The place settings were my complete undoing.  For all my thought, hard work and stress rash, this still wasn’t enough to please some people. In fact piss them off completely, so much so, that simply sitting adjacent to the main table on the banquette would ruin the entire evening by someone constantly and unashamedly sulking. The only child in attendance was my daughter Audrey and we aren’t talking about her behaviour. Those antics placed a huge dark cloud over the evening and I never want to invite that person to my gatherings again.  I’m still waiting for an apology. (This isn’t the first or second time that this behaviour has surfaced)

I think now the only things my kitchen needs is a new dinner setting. But what?? I could never decide (And for how many for and what should be in it??). And a really nice glass pitcher for chilled water, ice tea, sangria etc. Ohhhh and I would LOVE crystal water goblets too. Got my eye on some. You can serve pretty much anything in them.


Villeroy & Boch Miss Desiree.

I didn’t get around to sewing the table cloth with my toile fabric  (nor the red ticking stripe table runner I was supposed to have. But I am not keen on that anymore, so wasn’t fussed)

But I did a really good iron job on it and folded it under and you couldn’t even tell.

It is so chic and I can use it year round.

I cooked lots of yummy food too!


A glazed ham! I have never done this before and have wanted to do it for the longest time. (I didn’t get an after shot. Bad me)


I made a fresh cherry clafoutis for dessert. Pretty easy dessert option. When it was in the oven cooking, I managed to sit down to a glass or two of bubbles.


So I am pretty obsessed about my kitchen and very pleased with my effort. Time to move my attention away from that and onto another part of my house, which will be our bedroom. Post on that coming soon.


Audrey enjoying cherries!


She looks like this baby! HAHAHAHH

Christmas Preparation

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

I have worked myself into a stressed induced rash that looks like chicken pox, but I am still going.

This is my house for 2013 and, frankly, I couldn’t be PROUDER!!!!!

Plenty didn’t get done, but I know in my heart I have done my best and there is no better then your best. So let it rest!



Couldn’t resist a bunch of these at the flower markets.


My red and white themed tree. I never made clay ornaments that would have been stamped with the rubber stamps I ordered. On the plus side, those rubber stamps did get a decent work out and at the very very least, they got ordered.


Still not sure on this star tree topper I sewed and beaded. Wishing the backing fabric was different.


My hallway


I went to the flower markets on Saturday before work at 5am. I had a mission. To make something resembling these images from this book:






I started with this vase (yes it is chipped) and chicken wire. I got this helpful hint from this link.

IMG_03041This was my effort.


It is not as loose as I would like, but that is due to my plant selection. Also let it be known that holly is SHARP!



The stockings never got labelled either, but the lining fabric is different in each. I am little green trees, she is festive bells and he is gold splatter!!




This is probably it from me before Christmas. Wishing you all the very happiest Christmas and a joyful festive break. Thank you so much for tuning into my ramblings and leaving a comment here and there. I really enjoy it. In late November this blogged turned 4 years old! So proud I have stuck with it and never let a month go past without a post. I was suppose to organise a giveaway, but that too also didn’t happen.

I will have one soon.

To anyone else that is working on Christmas day like me. I’ll save you a piece of cherry clafoutis and pour you a glass of champagne and virtually cheers you!

I’ll be back with more pics from Christmas Eve and Chrissy day if I manage to capture any on camera. My table is nearly set with my toile tablecloth that is not hemmed (who cares? No one will notice) and my gorgeous Juliska Christmas plates and I am full of glee. Also, Peters of Kensington are selling JULISKA!! I nearly fell off my chair. Consider that a Christmas present from me to you. It is only a very small range, but Juliska none the less.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas 2013

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Well it is December 17th. . .  I think. I’ve lost track.

I think I am burnt out.
Husband is too. We haven’t had a breather in months.

I can’t take days off and he won’t and we’ve reached this point of despair.

We work really hard and towards this Christmas break as his office takes the 2 weeks off. Yet, in that time I will be working and there is a total of 3 measily days left that we can spend together (not even in a row). Kind of feels like a kick to the teeth.

I miss him. I miss family time. We don’t get that, because our schedules conflict.

Everything came to a head yesterday when he was overseas, I had a super rough and exhausting time at work where everything was offline and I needed to be in 3 places at once and do what takes 3 hours in 1.

I have tried to console myself by taking some pretty snaps on my camera. . .

That is fatiguing me too. I somehow have it set in a mode and for the life of me, I can’t clear the setting. So It is taking 3 photos a time. (It is in HDR mode and I have figured out how to set it up, but no one shows you how to clear it. DOING ME HEAD IN AND I WANT TO THROW THE CAMERA AT A WALL)

I feel stupid.

I have been on my husbands back about the mantle that he fucked up. I started the fixing up process by inhaling toxic shit with a heat gun to remove most of the paint while Audrey was still little and you could leave her alone. . . but nothing else since has happened with it. . . then we did a kitchen renovation and now it is Christmas.

But sometimes, you just got to let it go.

The mantle won’t be done by Christmas and that is just life. Oh well.

I’ve sewed all those gorgeous stockings. . . for the mantle and . . . no mantle.

So I am just going to be the great optimist and problem solver I like to be and hang them from the bay window, like I did in this pic from the baby shower.


Talking about stockings. I think this is my favourite one. Now happily re-homed.


This picture brings me to my next point. One of my fav Canadian interior designers has used my handles in one of her recent works.


I mean, what does that make me? A trend setter?? So chuffed.

Talking about chuffed!!


We grew garlic. No more imported Mexican shit for us! Totally organic (non-certified)

In other Christmas talks. I have a Christmas to do list and some things aren’t going to get done. One of them is the banquette. I also need to sew a table cloth. The fabric is just sitting in a crumpled heap on my floor right now. I was just going to hem the sides of the fabric (the selvage) so I had a straight edge because most fabric is 140 – 150 cm wide on the roll which would be perfect for my table and only have to cut the other 2 sides. . . . OHHH BUT NO. I somehow bought a double width roll fabric . . . which in any other circumstance is a bonus but not this time. Nothing seems to be going my way.


At least the tree is up. And that is a truly terrible photo.


And another thing that got finished at 2am. The need to craft can strike at anytime and I wasn’t going to bed until this was done. I want to make another one, now that I have experience. This one is very amateur. But I am sure Audrey won’t mind nor notice.

Now to leave you. Here are some of the happy snaps I managed to take. They are of this years wrapping aesthetic. I’ve kept it extremely simple and crafty. Kraft cards, ribbon & Christmas stamps from Spotlight. Butchers paper from Kmart. And some custom designed (by me) stamps.





Audrey at 8 months

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

We have entered what I like to call ‘rugrat’ phase. She is standing most of the time.
Her naps have just dropped like the stock exchange in the GFC. And I am finding it troublesome to put her to bed of a night because she is hyperactive. Still sleeps the whole night though. Praise!

Her bottom two teeth are very “awww” inducing and I can’t see anymore at this stage.



She looks like she has slimmed down by comparison to the other bubs in my Mothers group who haven’t started crawling yet.

Her appetite has increased greatly and she is enjoying trying everything. This month, I think she liked figs the best.

I fear for my Christmas tree. Put quite simply, She just CANNOT be left with the Christmas tree. I have all glass, crystal and porcelain ornaments on it and no way of securing it.

Meanwhile, over the weekend the splash back was completed!


Sorry, the photo was taken at night time.

I am still working out where to put everything in my kitchen and there is still quite a lengthy to do list associated with the kitchen.

In other bothersome news, I totally sent an email today at work where I neglected the spell check even though I made a mental note to do so as it had a blatant typo.

Oh dear, life goes on.


It’s been about a week and a half

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Since I’ve updated.

What has been happening. Oh bits and bobs here and there. Nothing really significant.

This time last year, I had well and truly finished my Christmas prep. Everything purchased, everything wrapped, all decorations out!

PROOF!! <<<<< Here go visit.

This year. . . . . . . cue the cicadas.

To be fair, I have purchased a few chrissy presents. And last night we finally moved the fridge from the lounge room to its home in the kitchen. I even washed the entire thing out. So thankful for the last minute sink change as it made it easy to wash the shelves.


It is looking like a proper regular family kitchen! NO!!!!!!! no no no no no. Not at all what I want it to look like. MAGAZINE PEOPLE!! LOL. A girl can dream can’t she?

Husband grouted the kitchen last week in light grey. Still yet to do the perimetre with the caulking stuff. . . silicone whatsy.


It is positivity bare in my fridge. Well, at least there is champagne!

This is where the Christmas tree will go this year. It looked nice in the bay window last year, but I have no room to move the settee, because where it got moved to last time is where Audrey’s playpen now resides.


We got our french doors installed.


My husband’s family farm have started producing eggs!!! Oh my, I have waited for this day when they casually mentioned they would build a coop and get some chickens.


And they are herbs from my garden and the first pick of tomatoes that we grew!!!!


The third egg was for Audrey to try. I poached it too.

They came to visit the other day to see the kitchen and for me to cook them a thank you dinner! My mother in law brought me these gorgeous hydrangeas from their garden and the EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!



This photo was taken before, but I forgot to add it to the last post before hitting publish.

Here is a close up of that adorable face


NAWWWWW. The bed has now been lowered!


She is standing up ALL.THE.TIME now. That is my lil rapper!!

She can nearly reach those knobs. Heaven help me!


Popped these 4 stockings in the post the other day as well as some of my white envelopes.


I’m at war with bricks and mortar shops! Especially our so called department stores. Customer service down the toilet. Standards too!


How glamourous is this store??? Please, I would just love to rest my feet in that chair after spending so much of my time and money in your store. Thank you for graciously accommodating my needs.

This is what happened to me at David Jones on Saturday after work. They are having a sale, it is Saturday, the lead up to Christmas!! The entire floor was EMPTY of anyone working for David Jones except one check out and I stood behind the current person and waited 28 minutes!!!!!!!! The woman in front of me was laybying the entire shop and they were arguing about the rules of lay by etc etc and I was interupting, asking her to please ring someone or find someone. Then to ring the manager, but she was brushing me off. So I rang the store from INSIDE the store.

Then there was a queue behind of about 5 people. Normally I dump my crap and walk out in a huff. But I spent ages selecting these items and getting the right size and I get such little time to myself, I wasn’t doing it.

Eventually a manager was sent down. And I was like, lady where the heck are all your staff?? It is tumbleweeds in here. She didn’t have an answer for me.

This keeps happening to me. You think, ok a couple more minutes, just need to pay and then I can get on my merry way. . . . .  no. Didn’t you budget in 45 minutes to pay?

Aldi and ikea are the worst!! Target too. Oh and Kmart while we are at it. TERRIBLE. They don’t put on enough staff.

You are probably all wondering what is going on with my banquette??? Well, I need a spare set of hands, that is where my husband comes in to help, but he just hasn’t got the time at the moment to help and I have been exhausted. You can see it in the french door pic above. It is resting on our coffee table. We’ll get there. We have to get it done and out of the road so I can start on decorating for Christmas!!!!!

(The mantle isn’t even fixed yet. . . . 8 months. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . )

I’ve sewn all these beautiful stockings and no mantle to hang.

Woe is me.