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Monday, November 25th, 2013

Hello my lovelys


How did the weekend treat you? I had a fabulous weekend. Well . . .  there was that work thing I got to go and do, but still good. Had a party for my Dad at a restaurants. Was a really nice gathering. My bub was loved and held by everyone. She was a good girl and eventually dozed off to sleep in the pram. The weather was nice (as we were on the veranda of the restaurant) The food was delicious and the tipple, just what a working mamma needed.

My husband and his father finished the tiling of the splash back. It looks OUT OF THIS WORLD good. Saved ourselves a couple of hundred dollars and I hope that my husband has an interest in tiling and learnt a bit of the trade from his dad because I can think of MANY tiling jobs! I would love a gorgeous powder bathroom (just the toilet in a tiny room) that he could do some fabulous tiling in on the bottom third of the wall Then I paint a mural (like gracie wallpaper) on the other two thirds of the wall. Gorgeous. (Well I do have this room, it is within the laundry, but if we do an extension, then this room would be demolished to make way for the new part of the house I would love. I need an extra bedroom!!! Then we could stay here for a bit) So there is no point doing anything to it. I need to win lotto, but I don’t buy lottery tickets.


Now to pick the grout colour.
I initially was saying a grey because that is how they had the tiles displayed in the showroom and I liked that. But then when they were installed they looked a lot darker and I thought the grey wouldn’t be a contrast and best to go with white. It was the weirdest thing. Anyone marble connoisseurs? The tiles looked light in colour, then when they were on the wall, they were still light, but slightly darker from the shadow and lack of light from the overhead cabinets and then after time, they seem to go even darker, then I was dismayed.  But after a clean up, they are back to being light again. At the moment, the picture I think is a good indication of what it would like with grey grout and I quite like it.
I want to be able to see a define brick pattern and not just a wash of marble. But I don’t want to it be a strong contrast. It is not a hipster move. White subway with dark grout, look at the converted warehouse I live in, NO!
But there is 3 types of grey! Oh man. (Pretty certain I will go with the lightest grey version)

The massive clean up of my house needs to start. Every single thing is covered in dust. It is all just grotty. I want to wash everything. Speaking of washing, my dishwasher. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Been to a symphony? And the feeling you get listen to the live music? YEP? That is me and my dishwasher when it is running! I am loving my dishwasher so much. We have done a load every night. Putting anything we can into it.

Washing those darn baby bottles every day was reducing my sanity. I stood over the bathroom vanity and moaned to my husband with a bottle brush in one hand a baby bottle in the other and the sink full of bottle paraphernalia. “Is this my life? Is this the extent of it? I just always seem to be standing here washing bloody baby bottles!” But luckily for me, I can just shove them in the dishwasher of a night! Woo.

I also need to do some sewing. I have sold a few Christmas stockings and need to make a few more up!


I have them listed on etsy if anyone is interested. (I don’t want to talk myself up or anything, but in David Jones, they were selling stockings and the quality was terrible. The internal lining had the visible overlocked edges! And the cuff was only on the front of the stocking, it didn’t go the whole way around. Talk about cutting corners. Made in China and the same price as mine. Something to think about y’all)



Christmas is around the corner and I fear for my tree and for Audrey, I might have to a have a smaller tree that is out of her grip. Meanwhile, my present from my parents that I ordered (LOL) arrived!!! No fuss. Love it.


Loving Juliska sick.


That is an “Audrey” Stamp I designed and had made!!

Kitchen Renovation – Day 40 – ummm. . . think we’re at Day 55

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

How are we all?

I gotta tell ya, I’ve written so many posts and ran out of time to put them together with the pics and hit publish, then got overwhelmed by having to edit them, to remove all the past tense or things I hoped will happen, because they did or all my bitching and moaning, because I’ve gotten over it and moved on.

So I am a little perplexed as to where to start.
(^^ GOSH, Why am I so verbose? Surely that sentence could be shorter. I dislike how I write, but I know no other way. Working on it ^^)

Where were we last time we chatted. . 2 weeks ago?
(This post will be long one, just warning you.)

First thing that happened was we finally got bench tops! That happened Tuesday of last week.



And my sink was installed. It looks small in this picture. But it isn’t. I just love it so much!

Then I had to wait till Friday until the electrician was free. When he arrived, I had a MASSIVE MELTDOWN. Epic proportions people. I wrote all about it. It is long but I feel like is very important to talk about it. For anyone going through a renovation. Just to keep it real. It happens. Be prepared.

Unless you’re retro mummy and probably had your reno sponsored and it all went smoothly because it was their duty. Gosh negative much? You betcha. That is my only explanation. Fuck her and her fucking faultless kitchen install. It doesn’t happen that way. We all hope it will and really, IT SHOULD, but it doesn’t (LOL, please forgive. Clearly it is the stress talking. But anyone that has done a kitchen reno was thinking it. I’m just crass enough to say it) Well, maybe she was just the exception to the rule. I would have hoped for her that it would go smoothly because she has a lot of mouths to feed, but she did have a second kitchen to utilize. Look at me trying to be all diplomatic
FUCK HER! and her 3 week kitchen renovation that was all sunshine and daisys (besides her cooker)
I hate woman bashing and jealousy. I hate it. But lady, 3 weeks. . . you’re killing me!!!

So I have just simply copied and pasted it for you. Best I can do.

“Well, we reached melt down on Friday. Yep. I cried. I acted like a toddler. All traces of feminism deserted me. I rang my dad, I cried. I rang my husband, I cried.

I had a conversation with my husband that went like this.

ME: Come home

HUSBAND: What’s wrong?

ME: Come home

HUSBAND: But I’m at work and hav. . . .

ME: Come Home!

HUSBAND: Laura, I’d . . . .



ME: (Whispers) Thank you

 I am no expert on rational conversing, but I am certain that is an exemplary example.
I feel like I have been let down so many times I have depended on people. (Never my husband though, that is why he is my husband. There for me no matter what)
I’ve been left in the lurch countless times. Stressed and up late making things happen that nobody else bothered to do despite promising. I now have a blanket rule to never ask assistance from anyone, you want to help, great, but you do it from your own volition, not my request.

It is my dad’s 60th birthday on Tuesday. Which was MONTHS away from when we started this kitchen renovation. So it wasn’t a concern and the very reason I nominated myself and my newly renovated kitchen to cook my family dinner. The thought of not coming through with the goods this Tuesday was making me physically ill. If I commit to something. I do it. (But I would have still done it. We would be on milk crates and I would cook on the BBQ because I am a stubborn problem solver)

 When I opened the door on Friday. Marking 7 weeks since demolition started on our kitchen that is when breaking point was reached. I think you’re able to tell with my posts that I’ve really tried to remain positive and be sensibly optimistic. I’ve uttered every possible cringe worthy affirmation that puts me on par with Miranda Kerr.

That day however my strength and will was low. I’ve been beaten down. Had a particularly tough time. Felt lonely without my supportive husband since my return to work I don’t spend any days with him. Then this week he’s been tough with him doing longer hours and going away. Especially with my deadline looming.

The electrician I’ve been waiting all week for arrives at my house. Remains in car with engine and radio on for 20 minutes and then drives off without warning. Then I ring the owner for a please explain to get a message bank. Only for the electrician to return at 9.30am. What time to tradesmen start in your part of the world? Because where I’m from the standard is 7am. But this is not the same electrician who did our rough in work! My husband had rung the owner the day before to ask who was coming and was told it was the rough in guy and to confirm everything was good.

 This miscommunication is killing me! The thought of explaining what needs to be done again to yet another person is killing me. But I suck it up, take a deep breath in and tell him. Because, really, it is straightforward. A couple of power points where the cables are sticking out and some down lights. Get cracking. But he doesn’t! He needs to hear it from the guy that roughed jn. I’m telling him what needs to be done. He flat out refuses to hear it from me. He was looking at me like I’m the idiot.

 I retreat. I couldn’t go on. I could not get my mouth to say any more words to him. I was in disbelief. Why wasn’t this person starting work already? It is so straightforward it isn’t even funny. I am not laughing. I am defeated. I had some dopey person idly standing in my kitchen waiting for a call back form a different electrician who supposedly resigned when he didn’t turn up all those weeks ago to do our down lights and never turned up. But now magically works for the company again.

 I just need a kitchen.

I need some real food. I need EGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

 Because this past 7 weeks has been all about, Hello frozen processed chicken product filled with trans fat, Welcome to my arse, to my hips, to my bat wings. Please settle yourself in my pores. Don’t provide me sustained energy release, I don’t need it.

My husband was my guardian angel. He came home and supported me. Turns out the electrician didn’t listen to him either and he dismissed him on my order. I made him lunch and he worked from home with Audrey screeching in the background. Lunch was the bare doldrums of our fridge. I roasted up the remaining cherry tomatoes I had. Placed on toast with basil pesto that I made myself in the mortar and pestle from the contents of my fridge and garden. Then sprinkled with fetta cheese. He loved it, but was not filling enough for him. Needed an egg. . . . Or an avocado but they are $3 each and are rock hard.

 He made phone calls for me and made it possible for the original electrician to come on Saturday morning and finish the job off.”


Later on Friday, the kitchen company came back to put on those 2 missing panels. Instantly looked better. He also managed to fix our handle so we could finish off the bench seat, but a different installer had drilled the holes in the wrong spot on the last drawer, so they are ordering a new drawer front. (WHEN WILL IT END?)

Come Saturday. The electrician arrives HOORAH!!!!! The nice one. And my husband and his father start on the backsplash tiling.


These are the LED down lights. I really like them. They are fairly inconspicuous.




And at 7.30pm on Sunday evening.

The tiling is going a hellava lot slower that I anticipated. 2 men, 2 days. . . . but. It is free and it is PERFECT! I watched my FIL tile for 2 hours straight when I came home from work. I watched his process. It is faultless bar the length of time it takes.

Monday morning was when the plumber was available to return. Talk about cutting it close!

He installed the tap, the dishwasher and the cook top.

Then we had Monday evening to clean it all up and get the space ready for my Dad’s Birthday and my deadline.


But first, dinner. Long night ahead for us, so it was take away.


We had to turn this. . .


Into this.

This photo was taken at quarter to 3 in the morning. We didn’t go to bed for another hour after because we sat in those 2 chairs, ate a magnum ice cream each and reflected.


Then it was my deadline and my Dad’s 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!


I MADE IT!!!!!

My first cook in the kitchen was for a dinner party of seven. Talk about easing myself into it. I always make everything hard for myself.

I made a 2 course meal and a cake!


My calligraphy was amateur at best, but like they say, practice makes perfect.


The “Happy Birthday” was woeful but pleased with “Alan”

(oh and see the salt and pepper shakers? Empty! Ha. Ran out of time)

That is probably the last time you see a table cloth on my table, because this rug rat is getting outta control!


And these tiles don’t seem to be bothering her one bit.


And this morning the Fisher and Paykel man came to change the fridge doors over so it can open the other way and we can move it into our spot.

The freezer door has a ding in it.


Audrey at 7 months

Friday, November 8th, 2013

(This blog post has been back dated and written a few days ago)


Couple of days late. Opps. I have been having laptop issues. My laptop is 4.5 years old and the battery inside it has gone. I wish I could buy a new one but at this point in time, I cannot afford it.

On Friday I went on a harbour cruise with my family. It was such a lovely day. It was on Audrey’s 7th month-i-versary.


Nice day. Very hot. Just a bit of a smoke haze hanging around.

This month was a very eventful one. She’s got 2 teeth! The bottom 2.


My life has improved greatly now that I can do this!!!!


Well, so I thought until, I got stopped by every single person in the shop to talk to her and one older lady even kissed her on the head!!

She has started crawling  EVERYWHERE. This started last Saturday at my Mother in laws place while I was at work. I went to pick her up and my mother in law gloated that she had been doing it all day. She didn’t even have the consideration to lie to me.


I have asked my husband to get more batons of wood cut down so I can finish off my banquette, but a multitude of reasons have kept him from getting to bunnings. On Thursday I had jack of it and I was early to an appointment so I decided to go to the bunnings nearby and get the wood cut down myself. In I took Audrey with the pram as she was asleep and carried the 3 metre long lengths of wood to have them cut down! No problem. Push pram with one hand and carry the wood in the other and give everyone a wide berth so I didn’t hit them. Once they were cut, it was fine as they were short and I could put them in a bag hanging off the pram. Then I went to my appointment (Which I waited 50 minutes for! Gosh that annoys me. I time my appointments around A’s feeding times. So I had to run out to the car and make her a bottle. That I fed to her while I was waiting.) Then I went to flower power to buy white hydrangeas. Bunnings never has the white variety. I have wanted white ones for the longest time and I knew that this was my best bet to get them. So into flower power I went. I dragged Audrey in the pram with one hand and pushed a trolley full of plants in the other. I also tried to trolley in one hand, pram in the other and vice versa.

I bought my first rose bush. I saw a rose peeking out at Flower Power and I wanted to know what it was. I quite liked it. I moved all the other pot plants out of the way and looked at the tag. It is the Crown Princess Mary rose. I bought it. I like her, she’s alright LOL. I have no idea where I will put it. But Oh well. I’ll figure it out.

I cut the rose and put it in a really cute vintage small glass bottle, that I use as a bud vase. But I left it on a window sill with the window ajar when I went out and came home to see it smashed in the bath tub.

That is not a good omen. So upset. I never break anything. My husband has a really bad track record of breaking my vases or chipping them, but now I have one on my record.

Then I had to scour the entire tub to make sure I removed all the shards. It was a good and bad place for it to smash. Good because it was all contained, but bad, because I was just about to give Audrey a bath and had to make sure I did a very thorough job.


Newly re-homed in my Astier De Villatte pitcher.

Kitchen Renovation – Day 30 to Day 39

Monday, November 4th, 2013


Well howdy doody everyone!

How have we all been? These blog posts of mine have been few and far between. I blame the kitchen renovation and poor diet. I am L to the ethargic! But good ol’ hubby cooked me some delish scotch filet on the bbq. I assisted too. I poked them with the end of the tongs to determine “done-ness” I can tell the amount of spring back it should have for perfect medium rare. so that he can take them off to rest.

Gosh they went down a treat, he should have bought triple to amount of beef. I would have eaten it.

So what has been happening with the kitchen. . . . I went out on a mad goose chase on Tuesday to buy a sink. I rang on Monday lunch time to confirm that they had ordered my sink but they hadn’t and didn’t know what I was talking about as I had ordered it over the phone. I have a baby, I can’t just get out all the time to go to the showroom. Geez. I blame myself for that one. But you just can’t trust anyone can you? Not many people do a good job these days. But I had been lusting over another sink and I went to the Abey Showroom in Waterloo to perv on it. It is of course and expensive sink, so I wanted to see it in person before ordering it. Loved it. Then I went over the road to Winning Appliance to order and pay for it in full and in person so they would bloody order it!!!!

On Friday the kitchen installers were booked in to return with the missing panels and complete their job. On Thursday morning I was looking forward to going to Mother’s group because I have missed a few weeks and I get a phone call from the kitchen people asking if I am home and can they come to install. I couldn’t say no. I need my kitchen! But I was sad for Mother’s Group.

They came, they did their bit. They snapped a screw in my expensive overseas handle, rendering me to order more FOR.THE.THIRD.TIME!

And after all that, guess what? We are still missing 2 panels. When will it end? This is becoming a joke. 5 weeks. . . . .

Here are the pretty pictures.






Meanwhile, I wanted to keep this up my sleeve for the big reveal but I am no good at keeping a secret. Terrible. I even bought a Christmas present for my husband this week and left it out in plain sight for him to see. And he did. What a dope I am.

So you all know we have a bench seat under a window in the kitchen. Pictured here.


And I needed to make a cushion top for it.

I have been thinking about it and how I will execute it and all that. I pinned some different ideas. For example, a cushion base and then big throw cushions for the top that you can move around in different fabrics. Or maybe the same loose cushion for the base as a back rest as well.





Shelter Island, Interior, Home




And on it when as I was mulling ideas around in my head. My brain DOES NOT STOP. I just obsess over things and pin things and write lists and think some more. Go stare at the space, turn my head sideways, squint, visualize. And on and on.

Then I approached my husband with my pinterest board that is labelled incorrectly as “Breakfast knook” I though it had one of those silent “K’s” But I have known for a long time it doesn’t, yet haven’t been bothered to correct it.

I had pinned some deep diamond tufted banquettes. And he instantly told me to do that. Woah woah woah. Calm you farm husband. He must have a lot of confidence in me or naïvely unaware the amount of work involved and it’s level of difficultness.






I love going to him when I need a decision made. Most times I know what I want but there are other times I am seriously indecisive! He dutifully listens to my for and against and then makes a decision for me. He is good like that.

So he picked the diamond tufting. . . I was excited! I have wanted to give diamond tufting a go for the longest time. but didn’t have a project yet. So this was the perfect opportunity. Then the next day, one of my favourite bloggers, An interior designer from Houston Texas, put up this picture on Instagram! UM HELLO!!!! Exactly what I am hoping to achieve!


Last week and this week I have been running all over Sydney gathering supplies and this is where I am at. . . .



I did want to keep it a secret for the big reveal, but I just cannot help myself. (Oh and besides, I already put some pics up on instagram! Yes guys, I am on instagram, go follow me “neoreverie”)

It looks so good. I am most impressed with myself. Driving home the night before last with my husband. I was in the passenger seat and I was just STARING at all the pictures I had of it and he kept catching me out.

Talk about embarrassing. I even get up of a morning and race into the kitchen to look at it.

This kitchen is just turning in glamarama! All glamour.

So I will be putting together a tutorial for the diamond tufting once it is all completed. There is a wealth of information out there already, but I am going to just put my two cents in and collate the resources I found useful and a SYDNEY shopping guide. because pretty much everything out there is for the US. So that might be of assistance to us Aussie budding diy enthusiasts.

Have a fabulous week everyone. I am pretty certain there is still another 2 weeks of work left in this kitchen renovation of ours. It is a family members birthday on the 19th of this month and I need to put on a dinner party!! So it better be bloody finished!