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Kitchen – What is happening? What is the hold up?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

We’ve paid a deposit on our kitchen! It is happening I promise you.

Still haven’t got the start date though.

Yesterday I went on a mammoth drive to Palm Beach. OOOhhh so pretty up that way! I think I would love to live around there if I could afford it.

In Sydney, we are experiencing some truly stunning light winters day with optional cardi weather.

I drove for 1.5 hours to visit a shop that was not open! Their opening hours were not stipulated on their website.

I wasn’t too bothered as I really do love to go for a drive and it means I will just have to visit another time. Alas they have a sister store in Castlecrag, so I rang them to make sure that they are open and they were!

There are so many nice shops in the Northern Beaches, but I was battling dodgy phone reception and the clock, So I just decided to go to Avalon for lunch.

Louise Bell, the proprietor of Table Tonic always instagrams her lunch from Nourish. They look so scrumptious and healthy so I decided to go there to eat.


Avalon is a really nice area. Nice village feel and easy parking (well it was a Tuesday)

I had a wander around the streets there before sitting down to this $16.50 salad with a side of $8 water!

I didn’t realise the water was $8 until afterwards. You live and you learn.

The salad was very yummy, but no where near enough goats cheese.

Then I drove to Castlecrag to visit the shop. The store owner greeted me and asked me if I was the one who rung, he offered me truly superb customer service. He was French, but not snooty.


I took home these 2 items.

If you haven’t realised by now, I am an absolute sucker for white ceramics and I am building up a collection of it.

(And if my kids dare ebay it when I am dead, so help me God I will haunt them!)

Here lies my first 2 items from French brand Astier de Villatte.

I was really after a fruit bowl/big bowl for my island bench, but it was slim pickings. He said he is going to France in September for a shopping trip. Oh what a life.


The milky white glaze also has a pearlescent effect to it.

I grew that cymbidium orchid in my Audrey vase. Mumma’s proud.

I also love marble and I came across this fruit bowl on Hub Furniture’s website.


There was no price, so I googled it to see approximately how much it costs. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS!

There goes that idea of having it on the bench holding non organic bananas.


This stand is also from Marsotto. Heaven to betsy is has my name all over it. Someone must gift me with it.

.   .   .   .   .

Talking about eBay. I’ve had a bit of luck and have managed to sell off quite of bit of unused items around my house.

One of which was this in window air conditioner. To me, having an aircon in the window is an eyesore. I don’t even feel good about those ones on the wall either.

It was with the house already and we have been here for 2 summers and never used it. It is in the kitchen window and we are about to renovate that room completely so it was time for it to go.

I listed it for the low low price of $20 and it sold for $76! Oh I laughed and I laughed.

A man came over and spent 2 hours of his life removing it for me and disposing of it and he gave ME $76. That sounds like winning to me.

It was quite the saga though. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and forgot his tools, so he used one of my husband’s screw driver and damaged it. He was having difficulty removing it and sheepishly asked me when my husband would be home so he could help me. Once he was home, it didn’t take long and he was off on his merry way in a van full of other old electronics and washing machines. I don’t get it and I don’t need to get it. I’ve got CASH!


He couldn’t understand why I was selling it. I told him that I preferred to reinstate the aesthetics of the original timber sash window then to have the aircon in it.

He screwed his face up in disgust and told me that my window would rot and to rip it out and replace with aluminum.

Comments like this make me really sad.

I really do want to go to university to study architecture and have a job that is involved in restoration projects. That would be my dream.

Another sad comment this week was the electrician telling me to continue the down lights in the kitchen into the rest of the house. UM NO!!!!!

Down lights and aluminum windows make me very sad indeed.

I would really love to know what happened to this houses original wood and lead light window and the person who decided to rip it out.

I would love to build a house next, but that is just a dream, but if we buy another house next I definitely am not going to compromise on original features.


If we do the extension to our house. This window will be going in my ensuite and the bathtub will sit under it!

(Again, why anyone would remove this window from their house is absolutely beyond me!)

For the entry way between the living room and the kitchen we ordered french doors. I am kicking myself, I should have visited this place first to see if they had doors that were suitable.

They did



You win some, you lose some.

But I did see these lights


I’m thinking the third from the left.

2 of those over my island bench.

But I don’t think I will bite the bullet until the kitchen is fully installed and I get a feel for the space. Same goes for the bench seating, dining table chairs and the dining table light fitting.

Here is something that has actually been DONE in the house!


Painting of the chimney breast, cornice and ceiling! Thrilled to bits with it. Looks like it has always been here. Well done husband. I think he might have just redeemed himself from the mantle issue. The mantle is still left to do and to purchase a mirror. We are going to Bowral this Sunday. Any recommendations for places to visit and somewhere for lunch?? Thank you.

Wishing everyone else a nice rest of the week.

Audrey at 4 months

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

So many new things that she can do, like giggling, rolling from her front to her back, nearly the other way around and chitter chatting away.

She is also very interested in looking at things. Holding them in her hand and inspecting them.


There are countless moments throughout the day where my heart just explodes.

(Sappy, I know. But so true)


Had to dress her appropriately for Sydney’s weather today.

I’m addicted to looking at hardware

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Can you see a common theme?


I have purchased hardware for the kitchen that I love. I am now moving onto other parts of the house. I’m thinking of doing oval knobs with oval back-plates for my wardrobe door re-vamp.


I am on an eBay rampage selling off everything and anything to try and raise capital for the pending kitchen renovation and also de-clutter the house as we will have a big part in quarantine while the renovation takes place.

Can you see my kitchen knob (1) pairing nicely with that octagon pewter plate (2)?

I would love the pewter jug (12) to house my utensils by the cook top. That would look lovely with my white bench tops, marble splash back and stainless steel cooker.

Or I would love to line up my salt & pepper grinders and olive oil on this tray. I use these items in nearly every meal I make.


I am also vehemently in favour of a ‘plate wall’ but wall space is what I lack.

Always the way.

But after seeing this image


There is hope.

What are you addicted to at the moment?


Kitchen – Kitchen – Kitchen

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Just when you think you have it all sorted out. . .

you don’t.

The travertine floor has been playing on my mind. I love it. I also love my marble splash back tiles. But just because I love both doesn’t mean I will love the room!

They don’t go do they? I was trying to be savvy and sophisticated and make it all work, but no. I don’t think I can pull it off, so I am letting one of them go.

Because I have the marble tiles and they were my first love, they are staying.

I wanted a nice tonal room with a cool palette and it not be a boring white kitchen, but at the end of the day, when you are an amateur like me. KEEP IT SIMPLE!


 Source –

I saw this kitchen a little while back and instantly I thought “Oh I love it”

But then I look at it more and more and I talk myself out of loving it. Saying things, like, Laura, don’t you think it is a bit boring? A bit bland? It is just black and white, where is the colour?

I make myself not like it by over-thinking. But when I look at the picture, I like it.

So if I like it, I like it. Go with it.

(I’m working on LISTENING to my instincts!)

This house isn’t my dream house, so I will do a fail proof kitchen in here as a tester for the next kitchen.

The other day, my hardware arrived!! YUMMY

They are hefty in weight and make my knees buckle.


Very spiff!

I’m addicted to looking at cabinet hardware now. I want to find something nice for my wardrobe doors that need a make-over but I have no idea what I am after.

I also picked up my tap


And I have purchased my appliances.

I ordered them through winning appliances. I was in discussions with appliances online as I was receiving and overwhelming response to use them and that their prices are great. I have purchased from them before and they are great. However, when it comes to a RENOVATION, I thought it was best if I had a bit of face to face customer assistance. I need to place the order and pay it off and not have it delivered until the room is ready and at this stage, who knows when that is. This isn’t something that Appliances online can offer and I wasn’t having a big huge $$$ cooker taking up space and possibly being stolen. Husband and I discussed and we placed a value on buying from a bricks and mortar store and we came to the conclusion that a couple of hundred more would be okay to spend.


When I went in there to place the order, I ended up with a FAR better deal then appliances online. Fancy that.

I didn’t even need to haggle. I think it was the cute kid I had with me. Everyone was ohhing – ahhing over her.

Then I told my mum about this and she told me that she was going to purchase her washing machine from Appliances Online after experiencing the same kind of praise I did and she found it cheaper at the Good Guys.

So there you go.

I went out to the tile showroom with my marble tile to get to the bottom of my problem. In the end I am going to go with black slate like the image above.

It will be a sexy monochromatic kitchen that is striking. It will have impact, just not the subtle, serene blue/grey look I was going for.


Marble, slate, white, polish nickel.


Turns out that the slate is cheaper then the travertine and also because I am ditching the extra coloured island, I will be saving a little bit of $$$

So maybe my dream of having this light will become reality. (No probably not. The tiler just came! WOW! Tiling is expensive. More expensive then the expensive tiles and that doesn’t include ripping up of the old floor)


And won’t it just sing in this space?

It lends it’s self more to this palette then the other.

In terms of progress, I have purchased everything the kitchen needs besides lighting, floor tiles and the bloody kitchen cabinets!

Waiting for people to quote is the worst.

Hopefully soon it will start trucking along.

Speaking of kitchens.

In this month’s House & Garden, they featured this beautiful kitchen by Tania of






Hey everyone!

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

You miss me?

Thought so.


So, the other week, I was quite the entertainment on twitter on a Wednesday night where I decided to get very drunk and tweet. WHAT.A.LOSER. I don’t mind that I was the entertainment. I can make fun of myself and laugh. It is all good.

I was invited by my aunty to the event of a lifetime. She won a competition (She wins every competition, she won a trip to NEW YORK) to have dinner on the stage of the concert hall in the Opera House.

She won the competition by sending in a photo of herself when she played the gypsy in La Traviata and recounting being star struck by Dame Joan Sutherland attending her dressing room after the performance.


She was to invite 5 other V.I.P’s. And lucky ol’ me was one of them. We were a great bunch of hanger on-ers.

I was chosen because I saw this performance when I was a little one, back in the day when like everyone smoked and she puffed on a real cigar during the performance and was taken for a tour of the green room. I found that quite amusing. And she is basically the reason I have a bit of culture and enjoy the finer things in life.

Not one of us was driving and we all had plans on how to get home. Most were staying in a hotel in the city. I had Husband as the baby sitter and my transport home.

I caught a taxi there which cost me a mortgage repayment. I don’t live that far from the city! We all met up at the Opera Bar where we had pre drinks. Then we made our way to the lobby in the Opera house where we had another round of pre drinks. By this stage I was already swaying! It has been a looooooooong time between drinks. *cough* bullshit *cough* Well, I did drink 2 glasses of moet at the christening and I had a cocktail or 2 at a hens party when I was 10 weeks pregnant. Kept that one a secret till I gave birth then came clean when she was utter perfection!

We received goody bags!! They had sizable Aesop products and a Opera House Pandora charm!! That’s not bad is it now?

Then we made our way into the concert hall



Not too often will you see the concert hall empty!


The dress code was “Fabulous” I ended up ‘corporate’ mixed with ‘Melbourne Cup.’ Oh well. I am not really a fashionable person.


(My husband has NEVER taken a selfie. Is that weird?)

Bubbles were just being poured into my glass without me even realising. Those efficient waiters and the never ending glass of bubbles.


Food served alternatively. I had the right. Entree and main.


So colourful!


This was my dessert. Delish

By this time in the evening I honestly had an unquantifiable amount of alcohol. It was free and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. My God mother said, it is something that will be mentioned at your eulogy!

I looked around. We were alllll drunk, so I thought, oh well, let’s keep going ahahahhahahaha.

Then we made our way back to the Opera Bar to drink some more!


Even though I live here, I still find Sydney breathtaking.

Then I dragged hubby and baby out of bed to pick me up.


The only flaw to my plan was that, oh yeah don’t I have a baby or something?

Yes, yes I do.


The next morning, me feeling SUPER DOOPER and a baby that is now grabbing things, like fistfuls of my hair.

Kill me. Kill me now.

(Just to add, I don’t sleep with my baby, I put her in bed with me after her morning feed to just rest a bit more)

What on god’s green earth was I thinking drinking that much alcohol?

Bahahahha life is short and I don’t regret it one bit. I bounced back no problems (If you can, have a kid while you are young, that is my advice) and had a busy day ahead of myself. (I missed mother’s group because I was still intoxicated) Which involved plenty of house work and putting on a roast for a friend who was visiting that night. She said “Red or white” and I grumbled, but then said, kidding Red! Because we are having Lamb!! HAHAHAHHA

No. The wine glass was most certainly absent at my place setting.

Thank you for a fabulous evening rat pack gang of VIP’s


Happy birthday to Super Star VIP above!!