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Kitchen – What have we decided on?

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Purchased and in our possession:


We have a double bowl Franke sink that is sitting in it’s box in the laundry



We have about 10 square metres of marble tiles that are in polystyrefoam boxes.



300mm x 150mm

They are like a larger scale subway tile.



Fisher and Paykel


Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 10.22.33 PM

Spotted gum slab dining table from Planet Furniture


What we’re are 90% certain of:




Caesarstone RAVEN – (Dark grey colour)

Husband’s input. He would like a dark bench top. I also would like any dark bench top, like limestone or granite or anything really, but I don’t have a clue how you actually get a price on slabs and where you even start. WAY TOO HARD!





White shaker style



I do not want to compromise on the bench top space (and the drawer storage) to have a 90cm freestanding cooker, of which there is plenty of choice. 60cm seems too narrow for the gas hobs for an avid cooker like me. So I can fit a 70cm one. Of which, there is only a very limited choice. I’m going with ilve.




Morris large pendant.

Head over heels in love with this light


I’ve seen them at IKEA. Or I have seen simple ones in lighting shops. Just something black, simple and readily available and under $100 each. Need to compromise here because of the absolute splurge on the dining table pendant.




There is 3 big windows in the rooms. We have ordered 5 roller blinds (big window has 3 separate roller blinds) That are just plain white block out (for insulation) Ordered them online for about $550 for the lot.

I cannot afford to have the ROMAN blinds I would desperately like. So I am doing a hack job. Sewing a roman valance. It will look like roman blind that is pulled up and cover the roller blind when not drawn.

Ikea have some great white cotton thick fabric for $12.99  a metre. They have a linen, but it is not white enough.

I will use a nice contrast trim too (To match the banquette fabric) Sew some pleats and attach.


Replace sliding door with white painted french doors.


Honed filled tumbled silver travertine tiles. I don’t want to kitchen to have a super polished feel to it. I would like some earthiness. I would have loved stained wood cabinets for the island so that they contrasted with the white wall cabinets, but I think that is too much $$$ and I’m not gutsy enough to pull it off and I am very particular on the finish I would want and it sounds too hard and besides we have a gorgeous spotted gum dining table too. So I will let the dining table be the ‘wood’ for the room.

Kingsbridge, Devon, for Mandarin Stone


That is all I can think of right now.

It is quarter past 12 on Sunday morning! Living the life people!

Stay dry in Sydney. I went to Bondi Junction and got soaked trying to shop yesterday.

Kitchen – My ideas

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

So this is what I have currently settled on. I feel pretty good about this.

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.11.22 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.10.28 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.10.18 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.09.46 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.09.14 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.08.25 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.08.11 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.07.54 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.07.24 AM Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.06.00 AM

In island bench that is 1.2m x 1.8m that holds:


Our Franke double bowl sink that I purchased eons ago for a steal at $200

And a dishwasher (Couldn’t get ghetto CAD to put a bench top on the dishwasher. Imagine it is there!)

On the wall:

A 70cm freestanding cooker

80cm of bench top space either side of the cooker and then the fridge.

Disregard the rangehood cabinets. Ghetto CAD hasn’t got a 70cm option. So that is all I could do.

What do we think?

I really don’t think storage will be an issue. Just a bit concerned about bench top space.

Definitely want to put power points in the island.

This layout provides easy walking around to the laundry/bathroom and back door via BOTH sides of the island. There is bit more room for the people sitting at the dining table. We have a slight issue at the moment with our current layout that the person sitting with their back to the cabinet/near sink. It is difficult to pass through the gap. This island doesn’t go as far as the current cabinets do.

Also the subway tiles are just for the back splash. They don’t span the whole wall. Silly ghetto CAD.

If my ghetto CAD renders aren’t doing it for you visually. It will look very very similar to this kitchen layout.


Except the rangehood will be an under cabinet/pull out one.

Then under that window will be a bench seat with 3 big deep drawers.

1c455c2718234ea4ca3dc4c4c338132f 7dac14e4b4b7e31eb442702b71ba91ab

Like this

And a floating side table. Because my island won’t have stools where you can sit at it, so this will be the casual seating area and make use of the spare space.

We will most likely get this bench seating/banquette made by the kitchen people and get new doors cut for the pantry. So this rules out getting an actually IKEA kitchen because there are too many things that need customising (range hood cabinet etc and the end panels of the island are 2 separate pieces with a seam and it is rather unattractive) that by the time we do a hack job there we may as well just go with a kitchen place. Any recs for places in Sydney?

OHHHH… just need to find a space for our microwave!!! ARGHHHHH

(Can you put a microwave in the cabinets that face out in the island? Just have doors open when using it. We aren’t big microwave users, except I guess now because of the baby)

Kitchen – yes, again.

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

I feel like I am constantly talking about it (I am) and you are thinking – Hey lady! All talk no action!

And I have to say, I agree with you.

Husband and I have been discussing the kitchen. Well we have been discussing it from the very first time I went to inspect this house. But this time, more in depth.

We were suppose to do the kitchen renovation first, but then we re-wired the house, ripped up the carpet in the house and then ripped out skirtings and architraves and then we sanded the floors, then we painted and then it turned out we had no money left! We were DESPERATE to move in because for me, living in woop woop with a weak internet signal and the in-laws (the dreaded in-laws) was a prison sentence.

Then (and still) are contemplating the idea of an extension out the back. Re-model the laundry and back door and extend to be a master bedroom with an ensuite and a laundry. As our house is only 2 bedrooms at the moment. Making it 3 would mean better chance of making a profit when selling or that we could comfortably live here, with the 2 kids we propose to have, for a long time.

But we are already up to our eye balls with our lending capacity because we still have our apartment in Marrickville.

So we are still not sure what to do. At this point in time we don’t see ourselves having the money to do the extension anytime soon. But we do want another kid, I know they can share a bedroom but I don’t want it then to become a ticking time bomb and pressure us into making any quick decisions.

We have kept putting off the kitchen renovation because with the idea of the extension, we didn’t want it to impact our new kitchen, or could we possibly have a bigger better kitchen with the extension.

But I have thought it through and nutted it out. With the extension, I don’t want to touch 2 of the outside walls and pretty much leave the foot print of the kitchen/dining area as is.

So I started thinking about how we could just give our current kitchen a little spruce up. We can ditch the gas oven (that doesn’t work) and the cooktop combo that is sitting on it’s own cabinet and put in a freestanding cooker and rip up the flooring. (The vinyl as asbestos in it and it is glued to the floorboards!! Oy! Someone help me)


Then I got into ghetto CAD (ikea kitchen planner) and started drawing and things evolved and evolved some more till I had a lightbulb moment.

Even with the extension designed the way I want it, I would still end up with a kitchen like this. So we may as well just put the kitchen in. And if we decide to sell as is (no extension) then there will be a nicely renovated kitchen and we still might have a hope of making a bit $$ and move onto a bigger home (and start another renovation – because I must have things my way!!)

So we are planning out everything. We are going to start small though. First thing I am going to do is ditch those bloody dust covered vertical blinds (some strips have broken and fallen down since these pictures)


And order/make new window treatments. (I have that all worked out. I’ll share my ideas once I place the order) and possibly paint the windows. But we still need to remove the old architraves and put the new ones on (that are sitting in the garage for 18 months, I hope they are still fine)

And change the sliding door out to be french doors. The sliding door mechanism is squeaking the place down, waking the baby and no amount of WD40 is fixing it. Plus I don’t like it anyway.

Remove that gas heater, faux brick mantle thingo.

So this is the floor plan of the kitchen WITHOUT any kitchen.

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 3.38.52 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 3.41.25 PM

This view is when you walk through the doorway (Currently has a glass sliding door, want to change to french doors) and the door with the windows is the back door to the back yard and the door to the right is the door to the laundry/2nd bathroom. And the room needs to fit our 2m x 1m dining table and chairs (When we ever purchase some chairs)

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 3.40.25 PM

So that blank wall there is basically all we have to work with. The very tall doors that look like shutters is our pantry and it is built into a triangle (I’m guess an old fire chimney) This goes floor to ceiling and it is staying. Just need replace the doors. The french doors are what I want to change the sliding door to and they lead into the living room. The doors open inward in the room. So the rest against the blank space either side of the opening. And the solid door is the door to the laundry 2nd bathroom.

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 3.42.20 PM

This is the other wall. That window there is just a smidge too low to put cabinets under and far away from the main action on the other wall. But I want to put a window seat underneath it. A built in one with drawers in it. (Like a breakfast knook or kids play area)

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 3.52.33 PM

The hardest struggle we have is that the room has so many windows and doors and not enough wall to actually put the cabinets. And it is a square room that needs to fit a rectangular dining table.

So basically. That is where we are. I have drawn up my idea for the kitchen cabinet layout. But I would love to hear anything at all you guys are thinking.

Oh and it also needs to be a thoroughfare to the proposed extension which will be our bedroom!!! ARGHHHH


An apology

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Sorry everyone.

Personally, I do not want to turn this blog into a parenting blog or anything like that. Not my intention. There is also nothing wrong with blogs like that.

But this is my blog and I write it first and foremost for myself. As a journal, something to reflect on later. If people want to take time out to read it then that is a bonus and I do enjoy that as well.

I am obviously not intelligent enough to write what I mean. I am coming across smug and holier then thou. And I certainly, 100% never ever want to make any other mothers feel bad or convey that I am better then them. We are all trying to do the best we can.

When  I said I took my daughter to a restaurant. I wasn’t trying to say, hey everyone. Look at me, look how great am I. Why aren’t you taking your kids to restaurants huh?? huh??

No. Not at all.

Frankly, I am extremely surprised that I did take her. When my pregnancy was coming to a close I thought to myself, mentally prepared myself, Laura, you won’t be going to restaurant for a very long time (Other then fast food most likely)

And I was ok with that.

However, I had my kid and she is so chilled out. I got super lucky.

We were out on a weekend away and it really would have been a shame if we couldn’t go out for a nice restaurant. What else were we going to eat for dinner besides in the country?? And the reason you don’t take a baby to a restaurant is partly the precious restaurant real estate a pram takes up and the big one, the noise a baby/toddler can make (That’s my conclusion, anyway). But she doesn’t make much noise at all. I know her. I knew I could do it and I wanted to give it a go. I was also prepared that if she did make peep, out she goes. We could also just leave if it was too much. I also had my husband and my parents there for support to. Which was a big factor. I haven’t been out to a decent restaurant with just my husband since having Audrey.

If my baby was a crier or unpredictable or anything else. Then no. I wouldn’t have even attempted it.

I also did NOT have to mention that I forumula feed my baby. It is no ones business but I chose to say it. (Plus I am an over-sharer, an open book, ask me and I will tell you. Nothing coy about me) I 100% believe that my super chilled, easy to take care of baby is all thanks to formula. IN MY CASE!

(I have spoken openly to another woman who exclusively forumla fed and she is not having the same luck I am having. Her child will only sleeps in 3 hour stints. And that is fine too)

I also didn’t want any breastfeeding mummas out there to compare. Because you can’t compare. Apples and Oranges. They both have their benefits.

When I was in hospital attempting my absolute hardest to breast feed I received very little help. The surgeries were written on my file and the nurses dismissed and waved it off that it was too hard basket.

I made the choice to leave hospital early because there was nothing keeping me there. I felt well, My baby was well. I would rather go home and keep attempting and have my husband around as support.

I won’t go into any more detail but a few days later I did the pros and cons for myself and my little family and formula feeding was the decision I made.

(And no, I didn’t feel guilty with that decision. I was crying my freaking eyeballs out though. All those crazy post pregnancy hormones. But feeling like a failure wasn’t on the cards. Life goes on and I will make do with the situation I’m in. No time to feel guilty or a failure. Let’s just concentrate on nourishing this cute little being)

I also wanted to state that I do formula feed. In hospital you could receive all the help in the world for breast feeding but there was ZERO help/pamphlets/information anything on forumla feeding. I had no clue what I was doing.

I was left to my own devices. I had to find my own way to the microwave. I had to just read the instructions on steam sterilizer box. Read the instructions on the tin of formula. I didn’t know what to do with the water. Boil the kettle?? Then what do you do with that water once you make one bottle. I was lost.

Once I was home I quickly came up with my own routine that works for us.

The other little list I wrote in my previous blog post was just to illustrate a different perspective. Everyone tells you the bad stuff. I was putting off motherhood because I wanted to be selfish for a quite a few more years to come. Being a mother all sounded way too hard and was like you lost yourself and your previous life when you have children and I was not ready for that kind of commitment. I was thoroughly enjoying the life I was having with my husband and that we could do what we liked when we liked.

I knew I wanted children though and one day it clicked in my head – Then what the hell are you waiting for!!! Make some babies.

So we did.

I have what I believe to be a really great job for someone who has small children. I work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So I could have the baby and go back to work fairly soon because it won’t be a daycare situation for me (And I was fairly certain that breastfeeding wasn’t going to be possible and my mum will take care of her on the Mondays and husband and other family on the Saturday and Sunday)

But I was getting OVER this job. So over it and was considering moving on. But I thought it to be silly if I gave up this convenience/flexibility and that was the main push to have a baby at this time.

Back on track. I was starting to get a bit of anxiety towards the end of my pregnancy, like oh no, here comes the beginning of the end. No more sleep ins, no more going out. Life over. (This is just me being 100% honest. Not many people admit this stuff. I have other stuff I could admit. But I won’t I will leave that as private. Because I wrote it down and it sounded so horrible. But it is not at all what I meant and if you personally knew me you would understand but I see it as being very hard to understand for anyone else reading it as black and white words on a screen, so I’ll just omit)

But I found being proven wrong a very happy event indeed.

I didn’t think I would enjoy being a mother as much as I am.

. . .

Arghhh I am getting frustrated now. I am not getting my point across the way I want to. I am not the best writer. I have it in my head what I want to say, but it is not coming out at all the way I want it.

I just felt that most people tell you the bad stuff to prepare you for the worst (which is not a bad thing) and this could lead you to delaying mother hood (Like I was considering). But it the best thing I have ever done and people who want children shouldn’t delay it because of careers and studying and stuff like that because YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!!! Only one person said that to me. and it resonated so much with me and in my case it 100% rained TRUE.

It is possible to juggle it all. I am a big women’s activist. We are fucking amazing and we are confident and we can fucking do it all and one handed might I add.

I just think some mums aren’t backing themselves enough. No/low confidence.

Shit lady, you can bloody do it! You can. It’s in there.

(But gosh darn it, if you tried, you gave it your all and it was difficult/overwhelming/didn’t enjoy. Then do not hesitate asking for help. We don’t need to be hero’s)

Maybe this is all a bit rich coming from me and my experience thus far. (I personally hate hearing advice from someone who hasn’t had adequate experience about certain things. and I feel like this is me right now. but I am not giving advice about how to raise a baby, just stating that some people need to believe in themselves more and gives certain things a go and not quit without even trying)

I know a friend who had a very difficult time and I read in a baby book I was given about babies that just cry for no reason whatsoever. That would be very different circumstances. (and there is so many different and unique circumstance and nearly everything and nothing is considered ‘normal’)

Also I am not breastfeeding so that would impact what you can and may have difficulty doing. And please not for one second am I saying that maybe you should consider formula feeding if you want things to be easier. I do believe breastfeeding is VERY important. (For the sake of 100% honesty and full disclose. When I am out and about I often stop and reflect, now what would I have done if I was breastfeeding right now? I personally do find that I have had it a hellava lot easier with formula feeding for myself)

But it doesn’t mean that you should take that path because I think it has been easier for me. (You must remember too, my circumstances are most likely very different to yours. I was already facing an uphill battle with breast feeding considering their history)

This is another thing that I have noticed. Just because one mumma does something one way that suits them, doesn’t mean it will suit you and you don’t have to copy.

Be informed, be confident and make your own choice.

. . .

I don’t want to come across as smug or anything like that. I just want to say, for me, with this child and so far!!! I have found it easy. I am not saying that to put anyone else down. I am just saying it. Plain and simple.

Well aware that shit could hit the fan and it all come crashing down. I have been waiting every day for it to happen because people say that to you, but it hasn’t happened yet.

People also say you can’t have 2 great children. You’re next one will surely be a brat.

Far out man!

This is the shit I have had to listen to.

(And the shit I am sure that every mum out there has to listen to!! WHY!! No. I felt like that was me saying that kind of shit yesterday when I put up that blog post. No!!! I hate woman bashing. I’m for the sisterhood!)

All I am trying to say is that. It is possible to have a great time, enjoy mother hood. It be easy, heck I am aiming for my 2nd to be as great as my first. Aiming that happy baby continues into happy toddler and beyond.

All you can do it is TRY!

If it doesn’t work out for me and I am eating my words and whinging to you all – I USE TO SLEEP PEOPLE.  SHE USE TO SLEEP. NOW SHE DOESN’T WAHHHH!!!! Then so be it. Take it as it comes. You can’t predict this stuff.

No point being negative about it. Just hope for the best, remain positive and whatever will be will be.

. . .

Enough about that. I am scared to hit publish!!!

I don’t deal well with criticism. I fell bad and want to please everyone. But that is an realistic goal.

I’ve said what I wanted to say.


(I promise it WILL be happening, finalllllllyyyyyy)

Blogging about this and that

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

I couldn’t help myself. This video was taken 2 weeks ago when Audrey was just shy of 10 weeks of age.

This blog is turning into the all about Audrey show.

Then a few days later, my little lamp tables were returned from the restorer. They look beautiful.

(I took a pic, but it was rubbish and highlighted the fact that I need to dust my floors and I couldn’t be bothered taking another photo nor dusting, so you will just have to believe me)

He also showed me a picture of the progress on my little french chair. I am not really happy with the re-design of the centre motif that was broken. I am not sure what I could have expected in terms of a restoration considering parts were missing. But I thought there was enough there to show how it would have looked. He has taken it out and put a VERY simplified sort of version of it. Not really happy as I know what it use to look like. But once completed, I’m sure it will still look very pretty and no one will know what it was suppose to look like.


(oh and he is also telling me that I can’t have a piped edge on the upholstery due to the fabric and telling me to do contrast trim with nails that are spaced apart!! ICKKKK NO!!!!!!!!)

I am this close to just saying forget about the upholstery and taking it somewhere else.

In other news. I am on a de-cluttering rampage. I am being ruthless and working my way through the house. The next thing on the agenda was my craft cupboard and desk area.

IMG_8822 2013-06-21-13.07

I need to consolidate this. I am placing like items into piles and then they will go in labelled boxes. This involved me pulling out all my other craft items out of Audrey’s wardrobe.

Her wardrobe is now spick & span with a lot more room. Now there is no excuse to have any boxes of nappies or her stuff out in the open. It should neatly pack away into her wardrobe.


(Just missing the top drawer on the right, it has craft stuff in it, while I work through it)

This weekend past. My parents shouted my husband, myself and baby girl a weekend away in the Hunter Valley. They came too.

Look! Here is a car selfie!


I actually left the house and did my hair and makeup! Everyone. I’m back!

We met at Cafe Enzo for lunch then we looked at the shops and then we checked into the hotel.

We stayed at the Sebel Kirkton Park. It was very pretty!


There was a heated pool and spa on the property. I was dying to take baby girl for a dip, but when it came time to do so, she had nodded off. So I left her with my mum while she had a nanna nap, because she is one.

I love swimming! I need to do it more often. I am a good swimmer too. I hold club records from back in the day.

The pool was barely heated considering it was a cold day in the hunter and the sun was going down. I would estimate it to be 21 degrees. But I went from the hot spa to the pool and back again. It was nice in the pool after a few laps. I couldn’t get my husband in the pool though.

Then we had dinner at a ritzy restaurant. When I was pushing the pram in there, there were some down the nose glares from older patrons and bit of tut tuttering. But I was smiling back at them with a look of “Lady, you don’t know this kid, she is super chilled . . . It’ll be fine”

But I did warn the family. If at anytime she makes peep and your are holding her, it is your duty to get up and walk out!!!! I wasn’t going to let me kid ruin anyone’s dinner. After all they pay $$$ for serene ambiance and no part of that involves a crying baby.

And as I predicted she didn’t make a peep. She did need a feed though. So I bottle fed her one handed while eating my entree. Then was able to finish her off between the courses.

A woman I work with told me that her daughter has NEVER taken her twins out at night time. NOT ONCE in 15 months????? Not even to other peoples homes.

What is with that?

So many funny things I have heard from parents about their experience and saying that will happen to me. Can’t say any of it has come true as yet. (I do concede though, she’s not even 3 months)

Screaming baby all night – no never.

Not going out at night – nope

Poo explosions – only leaked out the side.

Also about formula feeding. People were trying to prepare me for the onslaught of criticism I would receive as a bottle feeding mumma. I can honestly say I have never, not once experienced any prejudice from anyone at anytime about formula feeding my baby. I think times have changed. If anyone dare try it with me though, they are the ones that should be prepared for the wrath of me! What hope has a woman got of breastfeeding when they have had surgery on their breasts 3 times???? Scare tissue on the nipples. And not allowed to use a breast pump by surgeons instructions?

I don’t think I would weigh my wrath down on them though. No of there effing business what has happened to my bloody breasts!

But for the record. I did try breastfeeding. The milk came in, but wouldn’t come out. I also want to return to work fairly soon and if I can’t pump, breast feeding wasn’t going to last very long if I am being realistic.

My baby girl is growing up big strong and beautiful.

Well that was a little breast interlude. Sorry about that.

How was everyone elses weekend?

Buy and drink any wine like I did??

We went to the Audrey Wilkinson winery. How could we not?


Their rose is delicious.



The Nursery – Part TWO – After

Friday, June 21st, 2013














Wardrobe – Favourite second hand store. 1950s. $500

Cot – eBay. Fresh coat of white paint and new screw holes to make it higher (It just had one setting before because it had drop side rails, but I wasn’t interested in using them, so we have raised it and when she grows, we will lower it to its original height) $100

Change Table – Ikea Hemnes hack. Read the tutorial here. $581.70

Bookcase – Designed by me and made by a customer of my husband. This was just a standard bookcase, made back when we were living in our apartment. It floats from room to room as we need it. It has now come to rest in the nursery.

Wingback armchair – Coco Republic. Bought at their warehouse sale. $800

Rug – Coco Republic. 100% wool cream stripe rug. Bought on sale. $300

Curtains – Sewn by me. Indian white cotton with silver metallic stripe. $12 a metre on sale. Deep pleat tape and hooks from Spotlight.

Curtain Rod – Spotlight. $60

Cot skirt – Sewn by me. 100% cotton with embroidery pink dots. $15 a metre

Door stop – Sewn by me from cot skirt fabric and cushion fabric.

Baskets – Ikea. $20 each

Tags – Made my me. See tutorial here.

Ceiling Light – Masters. $80

Lamp – My House. On sale. $140

Side table – Vintage shop. $60

Picture ledges – Ikea

Bebe artwork, Striped bow artwork and leopard spots artwork – Watercolour and acrylic painted by me

Patchwork quilts – Sewn by my Mother.

The room was filled with items that were either 2nd hand/vintage, handmade, on sale or gifts! That is what I set out to achieve from day 1. The only items from a baby shop is the change pad and the mattress.

Click here to see Part One

The before shots

The Nursery – Part ONE – Before

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Welcome! This is my first ever room reveal. Finally showing you in full my little girl’s nursery. She is 2 months old now. Shame on me.

Let’ get cracking.

Here is the first look of the nursery


She had yellow walls and pink carpet


An ugly unit under the window and *shudders* vertical blinds!


As well as a built in wardrobe that was just far too big for the room.



So we ripped them out.


A bit of patching was required, because I decided to rip the skirting and architraves off as well


The room was painted Dulux Limed White quarter strength and we put new architraves on and the floors got prepared for sanding.


The floor boards were sanded and stained. 50% walnut strength with a satin polyurethane finish.


We then had to paint the skirting boards


Then attach them.

By this stage, all the ‘bones’ of the room were complete.

Coming up tomorrow – Part Two – After

Life and stuff

Saturday, June 15th, 2013


How is everyone?


Yes, that is a strawberry souffle that I made. I smashed it out the ball part. Thank you Kitchenaid.

2013-06-11-14.31 2013-06-11-14.21

Going to ikea solo with a baby and pram??? No problems

Push pram 1 metre, push trolley a metre and repeat till you are completely exhausted or reach car, whichever comes first.

I swear I promised myself that I would rid my house of ikea furniture, but I have gone back on that well and truly. Oh well.


This is what I purchased.

The state of my kitchen is bothering my husband. Funny that. He doesn’t even cook. But to make both of us feel better, I am in the process of organising and tidying it up and I bought this ikea hemnes cabinet. It is not ideal, but it will do.

I would love a proper wood cabinet with glass on 3 sides. But this is the perfect dimensions and well, the price.

But I have to say. I have I put a lot of ikea flat pack! A LOT


Long time readers may remember these picture from my apartment.

This is just a few items of flat pack I have put together and I have to say. This hemnes cabinet was VERY HARD to put together.


This is part of the hemnes range too, but this was no where near as difficult.

I put the majority of the cabinet together myself. I got to the part where I had to attach the glass doors to the cabinet with the hinges, I tried a few times and then it occurred to me that I have a husband and stuff it, he can do it. So I left it for him.


Turned into a saga that spanned 3 days.

I mean, I drove to ikea with a baby and I and walked through the maze and helped myself in the factory and pushed it to the car and lifted it into the car and brought it into the house and put 90% of it together. I only asked him for help to attach the hinges.

I’m going to be honest with you guys.

I considered divorce!

He had given up on attaching the hinges and I said to him, if you don’t mind I am going to give it a go. He was begging me not to waste my time.

I pull out the instructions again, with fresh eyes and explain to him, what I wasn’t able to do and show him the instructions. I leave to go to the bathroom and I come back and it’s completed!

Da fuck!

He didn’t even read the instructions.

. . . . .

I could have murdered him.

Anyways, I didn’t. He is safe, no need to ring the police.

I went to the quilt expo with my mum yesterday.

2013-06-14-13.13 2013-06-14-13.16

Arghh I love whole cloth quilts. I would love to design and make one.


My mum bought Audrey this cute little dress. I am smitten with shirring smocks.

It is stunning. The hem is hand sewn and has hand embroidery and it was $40!!!


I bought this little singlet too for Audrey to wear in summer time.


I also bought this fabric for my stash! And a bias binder maker. I need this tool to for a hooded towel I want to make for Audrey.

The roll of fabric is hand dyed fabric that my mum is a big fan of.


She made this miniature quilt. She is calling it Dolly’s blanket. She just needs to make a dolly now to give to Audrey.

She showed the owner of the company and she asked if she could take a pic on put it on her facebook page. She received 174 likes! She is hugely anti facebook, but was quite chuffed with that!!

In other house news. My good for nothing husband (ha!) finally hung this frame

2013-06-15-15.48 2013-06-15-15.47

I purchased it to go into Audrey’s room, but it didn’t end up in there after the edit and I found this perfect area to put it.

In between the linen cupboard and the bathroom door. It is quite coastal looking in that little corner.

Wishing you a good rest of the weekend.

NeoReverie Bib Tutorial

Monday, June 10th, 2013


  • Cotton fabric (I’ve used a fat quarter which is 50 x 52 cms of fabric and is perfect for this project, you can buy them in Spotlight and craft shops. My fabric came from Milton. I purchased it on my baby-moon earlier this year)
  • Terry Toweling. I’ve used a cloth nappy and was able to get 2 bibs out of 1
  • Velcro
  • Dressmaking shears – or sharp scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread and sewing machine
  • A4 paper and printer

Download my free pattern. Please be respectful, this is only for home use.
Print out the pattern and attach the pieces together with tape.


Iron fabric and toweling. Lay them on top of each other and pin the pattern pieces to it.



Cut out on the ‘cut’ line.

Pin the 2 separate fabric pieces together. Make sure the patterned fabric is pinned the opposite direction to the terry toweling. With the patterned fabric, make sure the right side of the fabric are facing each other. With the toweling, it doesn’t matter as both sides are the same.


Sew a quarter inch seam on both pieces of fabric.


Iron the seam open.

Lay the fabric and toweling on top of each other. The toweling on the bottom with WRONG side facing UP. Lay the patterened fabric the right way facing up.


Place the soft velcro on the patterned fabric. (My velcro was self adhesive, so I didn’t have to pin, but if yours isn’t, then pin in place) You can also use just one strip of velcro instead of two.

Place the rough velcro on top of the soft velcro


Remove adhesive backing and press the toweling down in the right place


Pull the velcro apart, be careful not to un-attach them from their positions.


Sew around all velcro pieces with the sewing machine. (Even if you used adhesive velcro. We want longevity and needs to withstand multiple washes)

Place the 2 fabric pieces together with the right sides facing inwards.


Then pin.

Sew a quarter inch seam all around except for a gap at the top.


Snip the excess fabric away in the corners and cut little snips – be careful not to cut into the sew line. This helps the corners turn out nicely.


Then pull it inside out. Give it a really good press with the iron. Be sure to have pulled all the fabric out on the corners. When ironing the gap, iron the open seam so that the un-sewn fabric is folded inwards.

Then top stitch the whole way around with a scant quarter inch seam. This will close the gap at the top.


Your bib is now complete! Bravo.

Just remember if at any stage of your sewing things aren’t perfect, don’t get too hung up, soldier on. Remember, this bib is just to be spewed on!


I made 2 more, plus I still have the initial white one I made prior.

I even hand embroided one.

Clearly I have too much time on my hands.

I would estimate that the bib would be perfect from newborn to 6 months.

I would like to try it on other babies, at different ages, just don’t have access to any currently.

If you make it and the neck hole is too small, let me know and I can provide new pattern.

Also if you make it. Please let me know, I would love to hear your feedback! Maybe even a picture!

Audrey at 2 months

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

She is filling out that chubby face of hers.


I’ve been working on the bib tutorial. It will be on the blog in the next few days

I’ve received my latest calligraphy item.


Just waiting on one more commission now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

I’ve got a roast in the oven, yum!