Ikea Hack – Hemnes – Part SIX – The Reveal!


Here we are! We have finally made it. I know you have been waiting patiently. Preparations for the baby shower have taken me away from photographing this project.






What do you think? Nailed it! Pun INTENDED!! LOL

Yes, you can see the wonky donkey nail tacks and in the last picture, you can see how the nails don’t line up, but I am still super pleased with it.

I am using my Ikea Hemnes as a change table for my little girls nursery,

I have used Ikea drawer dividers to be super organised and as my mum would say, very anal and up myself.

That is a whole Huggies 108 pack of newborn nappies in there. Which I am told will last a newborn under 2 weeks. WOW. Fun times ahead for me.

Just need to hang the artwork on the wall.


Ikea Hemnes drawers = $249

Wallpaper = $Free

Nail Tacks = $127.70

Handles = $120

Glass = $85

Total = $581.70

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19 Responses to “Ikea Hack – Hemnes – Part SIX – The Reveal!”

  1. Cat says:

    It looks absolutely fantastic. I love it.

  2. A.H.Q says:

    You my friend are creative genius. It looks amazing in photograph and in person. Your entire nursery is stand out, it really draws you in with its natural lighting, simple clean lines and finishes… and those statement pieces – wow. Congratulations I love it.

  3. Sammie says:

    You have done an amazing job! Well done!
    If it wasn’t for Avi having an antique dresser in her room I’d be begging you to make me one of these! (Yes I’m an outsourcer!)
    Loving the dividers too! I’ve not seen those!
    And just a little tip… If you are planning on keeping the mirror and artwork on the dresser then get them attached ASAP!
    Newborns grow quickly and hands, arms, legs ad more will be all over the place and ready to knock them over!
    But! Mirrors at change areas are great for distraction! So do try to keep it close and at eye level.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you. The dividers are from IKEA as well. The artwork and mirror will be hung on the wall above and as soon as possible. Would have loved it done already, but ran out of time. I’ll definitely take your tip into consideration about the mirror

  4. Sammie says:

    Oh! Can’t wit for a whole nursery reveal!
    I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! And as much as I love Abi’s room I’m still sure ill have room envy!
    How much longer till the little one graces us with her presence?

  5. Natalie says:

    AMAZING! You did a wonderful job of this! I hope you are submitting your hack to Ikea Hackers 😉

    • Laura says:

      I just submitted it to Ikea hackers. I hope it makes it online! That was my intention from the get go. I have another Ikea hack from ages ago, but haven’t gotten around to submitting it.

  6. Looks great :-) I would never have thought to nail it like that. Or use wallpaper! The rest of the room is looking amazing too :-)

  7. Ness says:

    Wow! This is incredible! Love it!!

  8. Alice says:

    I adore your creativity, the finished product is simply perfect, well done! One question with safety in mind…have any nail heads come loose or has your little one gotten to the age of mistakening these for little sweeties and tried to pull any nail heads out?

    • Laura says:


      So far she hasn’t tried to pull any of them off. I think she would have a really hard time pulling them off. She has run her finger tips over them and enjoyed the bumpy feeling but that is about it for now.

      No none have come loose and I don’t see that happening.
      Thanks for your kind words

  9. Julie says:

    Hey there, this looking amazing! I was wondering where you found the glass top??

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