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My Baby Shower – Part TWO

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Welcome to Part TWO. To see Part ONE – Click here

Then it was time for the gift opening. This was akin to climbing Mt Everest. People are so generous when it comes to babies.

My mum has made me 2 quilts. one was when I was still sleeping in a single bed and the other is a big double size one. She never got around to finishing our wedding quilt (Few technical machine problems, bit too hard basket for that one). Yet, in the space of a few months, she has made THREE quilts for our little baby.


Quilt 1 – Aussie Animals. This was made before we knew what gender the baby was. This is the biggest one as well.


Quilt 2 – I call it pretty purple parasols.


Quilt 3 – This is the quilt I designed and purchased the fabric for on my babymoon.


All 3 quilts have been professional quilted by a friend of my mothers, Julie. She is amazing. If you are a patch-worker and looking at out-sourcing your quilting, I can pass on her details to you.

She also did the last quilt as a rushed order so that it was ready in time for the baby shower. I am so grateful for that!

The first one has outlines of Australian animals and boomerangs. The second one has rain clouds and parasols. The third one has hearts and butterflies.


She also knitted this little cardi (Just needs a button)

My Aunty also made a patchwork quilt.


My long term friend who is starting out sewing, like me, made me a quilt. I love the colours. One side is flannelette and the other cotton.



(As well as a fabulous nappy tower/cake filled with so many goodies)

Photo courtesy of my friend


I love polka dots!!


Thankfully I am having a baby in the colder seasons. These gorgeous blankies will get plenty of use.

I LOVED every gift I received!!! Here are some more.


This doll is just GORGEOUS! So, so so so so so so cute


The plushies I received. Who remembers golliwogs? I had one. Did you? Now my little girl will have 2. A boy and a girl.


Comes with little bloomers as well. It is from Stevie & Me. Cute little brand and made in Australia. I know, I’m shocked too.


Cute little playsuit


Wooden bird mobile


I love this photo so much!!! My husband took this pic while I was at work. My heart is just swelling up, thinking about him pottering around the nursery playing with things!!!


My sister got the baby this swing. My brother bought us a car seat.



YAY!! Not one but two purebaby jumpsuits.


Here are my lovely guests who braved the torrential weather to cosy up with me in my house to celebrate.

(P.S, as well as plentiful flowers, we also went crazy on balloons too)

I didn’t get any photos once the party started, so these last few are from my sister’s mobile off the trusty facebook.

I really believe now that I am ready for this baby and I don’t need to go to the shops for anything else besides a baby monitor and bottle steriliser. Items I knew I needed but decided not to buy I was given as gifts! Like baby bath products, nappies!! cloth nappies (I couldn’t find them anyways) nappy bins, baby bag, clothes hangers, bibs, all sorts of items.

I just need to pack my hospital bag now and wash EVERYTHING.

Oh and also do a nursery blog post. You can see quite a bit of the nursery in these pics, but it will have more details.

My Baby Shower – Part ONE

Monday, February 25th, 2013

I think this will be my most prettiest post ever!


My baby shower!

I have to write my thank you cards before I forget everything (too late, already have! I have this super rare condition that effects every pregnant woman, it is called ‘baby brain’ That’s a technical term. I got it bad.)

Thankfully my wonderful god mother wrote everything down for me. She is truly the best.

I went for a very loose theme of ‘nesting’


First of all, thank you to my husband, my sister and my mother for helping me pull this off! Thanks for making fun of me when the day was over for being a sooky la-la in the morning. I was all devo’d about the weather and teary up, acting like, what’s the point, no ones coming!!!

In the end, everyone showed and the weather wasn’t a factor one bit.

In November we attended this wedding in those pics you will notice my sister wearing a gorgeous dress. I said to her, “that dress, my baby shower, I want!!!” And I prayed and prayed that I would be able to fit into it. She kindly obliged and it just fit.

(Do you borrow clothes from your siblings? It is the best)


If I had my baby shower any time hereafter, it would have been a no go. So that worked out well. It is by David Lawrence.


I actioned this clothes line to hang it my bay window. I bought these onsies from Coles for a whopping $2 each! (On sale)


I then went to spotlight and bought these iron on transfers! What a great way to jazz them up for a couple of dollars.

On Friday I woke at 5am and went to the flower markets. I didn’t really have a plan or idea, I know I just like pastel colours and pretty. So I did a lap and still hadn’t purchased anything, then I was getting completely overwhelmed, I did another lap and I could see that lots of the flowers were disappearing and it was starting to become slim pickings. I had to spring into action and talk to myself a bit. I then went on a frenzy and bought so many flowers. I came home and started arranging them.


And making a HUGE mess!





I am most impressed with them. I used up every spare vase, jar, glass, bottle, vessel I could get my hands on to. They were some desperate times.

This is my favourite arrangement and also the last one I put together.


This vase is from my wedding 


I have never known what to do with it, because the opening is so wide, flowers just flop all over the place. But because I had so many bunches of beautiful flowers left over and I was determined not to waste them. I just shoved them all in there with some vines in the bottom acting as quasi florist foam to hold everything upright. PERFECTION! (I know, I am SO modest) Possibly better then my wedding flowers. (but probably not)

Here is my sweets table.


It was the plan to action this with the help of The Home Empress, Leah, but due to a truly regrettable and unforeseeable sad event. She was unable to assist, obviously.

So the table looks a little sparse, but I did the best I could on my own and no guest went hungry. I made the cake in the centre. I cut one slice towards the end, because it is so tall, 3 people shared that one slice and that was that with the cake, in the bin it went. It had cream cheese in the icing and it had been sitting out. I wasn’t upset by this as it was just packet mix that was on special (I can hear Leah’s disapproval over this LOL) I would have loved to make a gourmet yummy cake, but so thankful that I didn’t bother considering it’s fate.



The cupcakes were from Vanilla Cupcakery in Kingsgrove. I thoroughly recommend this place! They are so fresh and yummy! I ordered cupcakes from this place way back in August last year to announce to our families that my husband and I were expecting a baby. We communicated this message via them opening the box and seeing this:


They were quizzical for a few seconds, then the penny dropped. Applause all round.Then the dads went to the bottle shop for champagne and the mums cried.

Sorry about that interlude, I never got around to posting that, back to the main event, the baby shower.



We played some really great games. First up was “The price is right”


We had 10 baby related items (That I displayed in my hideous un-renovated 70’s kitchen cabinet) That ghastly thing finally got put to use.


You had to put them in order of lowest cost to highest.


My friend who has 3 bubs won this, with a dismal 5 out of 10 correct. (I think we made it a bit too hard) But when the husband came home after the party had ended, I asked him to play and he got 6 correct. THAT WAS SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!

We also played “Spit the dummy” Who can spit the dummy the furthest. THIS WAS HILARIOUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gorgeous god sister was so shy to spit it out. She has way too much class and this was obviously beneath her LOL but was a good sport in the end and spat that thing across the room! My cousin who has a 1 year old decided to B.Y.O dummy from her son, she thought it had better aerodynamics! Sadly not, as my Aunty Barb was the biggest dummy spitter of all with an impressive length achieved.

We played the game where you cut a length of string (In this case pink knitting wool) Wrap it around my belly and who ever is the closest wins. Oddly my mother in law won this game! She thinks I am much smaller then I am and often buys me clothes that don’t fit, yet keeps buying our baby clothes that are so far advance, She bought some size 3, YES THREE clothes for the baby (erm toddler). They are going to be practically vintage by the time the baby can wear it LOL. Bless her heart. I’ll never understand.

 We wanted to eat donuts hung from the clothes line without hands, but sadly, because of the weather, this didn’t happen.

We also had jelly babies in a jar and you had to guess the amount. My cousin who got married over a year ago won it. I told her that she was next to make a baby now. (like catching the bouquet at a wedding) Because the last baby shower I went to, I guessed the amount of popcorn in the baby bottle correctly and everyone was asking me at the shower, oh when are you guys going to have a baby and I was like, pffft please, I am not ready. Then bam! 2 weeks later. “Rob, I want to have a baby”

So we are eagerly awaiting to hear news in a couple of months LOL.

My sister also made a “baby” play list. Featuring songs like Britney spears, hit me baby one more time. Justin Beiber and I was like baby, baby, baby Oh!!


This was the bon bons. Easter eggs in bird nests. My baby is due around Easter time and fits with the nesting/bird theme.

Part TWO – Coming up next!


Ikea Hack – Hemnes – Part SIX – The Reveal!

Sunday, February 24th, 2013


Here we are! We have finally made it. I know you have been waiting patiently. Preparations for the baby shower have taken me away from photographing this project.






What do you think? Nailed it! Pun INTENDED!! LOL

Yes, you can see the wonky donkey nail tacks and in the last picture, you can see how the nails don’t line up, but I am still super pleased with it.

I am using my Ikea Hemnes as a change table for my little girls nursery,

I have used Ikea drawer dividers to be super organised and as my mum would say, very anal and up myself.

That is a whole Huggies 108 pack of newborn nappies in there. Which I am told will last a newborn under 2 weeks. WOW. Fun times ahead for me.

Just need to hang the artwork on the wall.


Ikea Hemnes drawers = $249

Wallpaper = $Free

Nail Tacks = $127.70

Handles = $120

Glass = $85

Total = $581.70

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Ikea Hack – Hemnes – Part FIVE – Get Cracking!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013


Now, due to the time pressure I was under, this is not going to be a fully comprehensive tutorial. I’ll do my best to explain what and how I did and use the Ikea instruction manual to demonstrate.

(Plus I was working in utter chaos, junk everywhere. Kind of ashamed to take pics of that.)

  1. Open the ikea box. Pull out all the wood parts that are not painted (they will be the back of the drawers, the drawer sides, the 2 back braces, the drawer bottoms and the back panel. As well as the bag of screws, nails etc and the drawer runners. Put them to one side.
  2. What you should be left with is all the pieces that need wallpaper.
  3. I started with the 3 drawer fronts and the top piece.hemnes-1I used wallpaper paste to adhere the wallpaper. But this was a dud. It didn’t stick the best. If I was to do it again, I would need to find something else. I was tempted to use spray adhesive, but I was working inside and I didn’t want to relocate and especially being pregnant, I didn’t want any part of those fumes. (At this stage, I soldiered on as I wasn’t too worried, because the nail tacks where going to hold it in place.)
  4. The drawer fronts, I cut the wallpaper over sized and stuck it on. Let it dry and then trimmed it face down with a sharp utility blade.
  5. The top panel. I cut over sized and wrapped the whole piece around and underneath. So when you flipped it over, it was stuck down with about a 7cm border around. Because the top panel overhangs the unit and you could see under it, so it is best to wrap it and it means that the wallpaper will stay securely in place. Used lots of masking tape and paint tins to hold it down while it was drying.
  6. Next I did the top and bottom brace and the 2 panels that go between the 3 drawers.hemnes-braces
  7. I used Mod Podge to stick these down.
  8. Lastly I did the 2 side panels. As you can see, these panels have a profile where the centre is lower then the side bars. This wasn’t going to be very helpful for wallpaper. So what I did was cut down the ikea cardboard box the cabinet came in. 4 x 400mm x 710mm rectangles. To fill in this void and make it as flush as possible.2013-02-07-16.09hemnes-2
    I used Mod Podge to stick them down. One on top of the other. Great use of recycling.
  9. I then had to cover this piece with wallpaper.
  10. Now it was the fun part! Bashing in the tacks! I started without much thought and was going all willy nilly and you can see that they are a bit wonky donkey.2013-02-05-13.30
  11. A way to avoid this is by using masking tape to hold the strip is place. They are quite flexible because they are designed to follow curves etc. But a little bit of masking tape in between the tacks with holes in them is the best way to ensure it stays where you want them to. The side panels, which I did last, are PERFECT, but of course, the least visible, naturally!!!!
  12. But I am not a perfectionist and DONE is better then perfectly half finished and I was on a mission to complete this for my daughter’s room. So put your judgment away!
  13. If I was to make this again, There is another thing I would do differently. I put all the tacks on all the pieces before assembling any part of the unit. I thought that this would be the easiest way as everything could lie flat. It was easy, but when you do go to put the unit together, things don’t line up as best as you would like.
  14. This is what I would have changed. I would put strips of tacks on these parts separately.hemnes-4
  15. I would then assemble the unit to this stagehemnes-5Then would follow your plan in Part Three  with the unit laying on its back, facing up.
    Put the tacks on these partshemnes-6
    This will mean you have more control over the corners meeting when different pieces come together.
  16. Then finish assembling your cabinet as per the instructions. Attach the new handles and VOILA!!! You did it!
  17. I have opted to get a piece of glass cut for the top of the chest to protect the wallpaper. So, this was the final step.


All in all this Ikea Hack project took me 2 days to complete.

If you are attempting this yourself and have any questions, please comment and I’ll get back to you.

Stay tuned for the final part, Part SIX. The unveiling of the finished masterpiece!

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Gestational Diabetes

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Yep, I’ve got it. My dream pregnancy has come to an end.
Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Me living my pregnancy vicariously through a caramello koala has now come to an end. I personally still feel great. My baby is growing, I am still under my pre-pregnancy weight, she is moving around and I am in no real discomfort. My mood is good as well.


 One minute everything was going super duper, then bam, bladder infection, extremely low vitamin d (even after 2 weeks in the sun) low platelets, the most agonising leg cramps and now gestational diabetes.
Luckily I work Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I have plenty of time to attend all these new appointments that I’m now obligated to. (Disregarding the one I had to go to on a Monday, it is the only day they conduct them! Bringing my sick days from work due to the pregnancy to a grand total of 2!)

 After being diagnosed with GD, you attend a 3 hour class with dietician and a diabetes educator nurse. There are two things to point out.
Firstly “You cannot give yourself GD!” PHEW!!!
Sure, being overweight and having a family history does contribute, which in my case is a Tick, Tick.
Secondly “There was nothing I could have done to prevent getting GD” Phew!
Because when my GP told me I had pipped the post with a reading of 8 when it had to be under 7.9! I was feeling rather deflated and like a total failure.
So, to hear those 2 points was a relief and my mood elevated slightly.

When I had my first appointment with the midwife at the hospital and they ordered me to have the 75gram Glucose tolerance test (the 2 hour one) early and again at 28 weeks. I asked them then. “Please help me, guide me. What can I do to stop this from happening? I’ll be more active, I’ll eat less sugar, you just say the word and I will do it.” Their response was, nothing. It is out of your control and is already pre-determined.

With that in mind, I carried on like normal, if it was written in the stars for me then so be it.

In short, Gestational Diabetes is caused by your pregnancy hormone blocking the pancreas from letting out enough insulin to come and take the sugar out of your blood. Because you feed your baby through your blood stream the baby is getting all this sugary blood and can make the baby quite big. This can be controlled with diet. Making sure you don’t eat too many carbohydrates, so you can keep your blood sugar readings under a certain amount.
However, in some cases, that is still not possible. Meaning insulin injections or medication is required. It is also possible to have GD with one pregnancy and not another.

 Thankfully, I have been able to control mine with diet. I have to keep a food diary of everything I consumed and at what time. I also need to prick my finger FOUR! Yes FOUR times a day, (WHY ME?????????)
Once in the morning, before you get out of bed. You try drawing blood from yourself when you are half asleep and busting to go to the toilet, getting that droplet of blood onto the end of stick, in the dark, so you don’t wake your husband is worthy of a medal in itself.
Then 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 To date I have pricked my fingertips at least 88 times. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. I don’t even want to do the maths to work out how many times it will be till I give birth. (Okay, I will. 47 days x 4 times a day = 188) Ouchie wow wah!

 I thought I was DONE with the blood tests and people jamming needles in me. No, far from it, now.
When it comes time for me to prick my finger, you can see little droplets of sweat, I guess it is, pop up on my skin. When I have blood tests, my hands get so clammy and wet. I dislike it. (Even when I watch tv of someone doing something scary, like bungee jumping, I feel it for them)
But in all honesty, it is really not that bad. I don’t want to glorify it or generate the appearance that it is really bad. So many people have diabetes and it is just something so many people have to do and really, it is not that bad. It’s not great either, I am quickly running out of places to shove the damn needle. You can see lots of tiny red dots over my fingertips.

Also, when you have to prick your finger sitting in your car in a car park. You fuck up getting the blood on the stick and have to grab another one out of the closed jar while balancing the droplet of blood, yet you go to grab it and brush your fingertip on the WHITE part of your black and white stripe skirt, marking your skirt and loosing the droplet of blood and having to stab yourself again! Yes that, That is FABULOUS!!!!

At least I don’t have to take insulin as well, because that would mean 8 needles a day.

 Another way I am looking at it is, it is a blessing in disguise. Meaning I won’t stack on the weight with the last 7 weeks to go (I’ve actually lost a couple of kilos) and it is very interesting to see how carbohydrates can affect you. I am sure after I have the baby, I would be interested to see after having a slice of cake or a big plate of pasta (my 2 favs) how my blood sugar levels are, just for curiosity sakes.

It is teaching me good eating habits I can continue with my life and our new babies life.

Ikea Hack – Hemnes – Part FOUR – Taking delivery of stock

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


Finally, I had taken delivery of all the items I required for this hack. The wait for the wallpaper was a long one, but when she arrived. I was not disappointed.

The lovely Kylie from The Elephant Room ended up refunding my money for this purchase due to the delay.

So here are the items I needed for my IKEA hack.


Front and centre. Schumacher Haruki lavender sisal wallpaper from The Elephant Room

Cost = $Free!


6 Shell knobs in nickel from Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading

Cost = $20 each

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 7.34.29 PM

26 x 1 metre long – 9 mm nickel nail head trim strip

Cost $122.20

50 individual nails

Cost = $5.50

DIY Upholstery Supplies

And of course


Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 4.43.27 PM

Make sure you buy the ikea Hemnes with the white stain. This is made of pine, as opposed to their other options that are made with chipboard and are laminated.

Cost = $249

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Ikea Hack – Hemnes – Part THREE – Finalising the design

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


I photocopied the front page of the ikea instruction menu and started planning out the nail tack design.


This is the design I decided on. I wanted to add some extra panel at the bottom that was cut with a jigsaw, but when I was looking at the ikea unit, in real life, I didn’t look like there was much room at the base to do it and ultimately, I couldn’t be bothered. It would have been nice, but with the time crunch, due to the delay in the wallpaper, I decided to skip this.

To see Part ONEPart TWO

Schumacher Hakuri Lavender

Monday, February 4th, 2013

My wallpaper has finally arrived! Only took 2+ months.

Despite this, the service I received from The Elephant Room was world class. I was refunded my money for this order due to the delay. And I can say I would definitely shop there again. This was hopefully a one off.

Here it is taking centre stage.


In the image is curtain fabric from our bedroom, lavender wallpaper, nickel tack, shell handle from Pearl and sons trading, limed white wall paint colour, roman blind fabric sample and the green silk Lorca fabric.

I can now crack on with my Ikea Hack.

First thing tomorrow morning I am working on this little project!

Then later this week I want to go to the fabric shop to buy curtain material. I am still so unsure as what colour and what to buy!!! Why doesn’t this come naturally to me. . . . so indecisive.

Baby sleeping room

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

My wallpaper is yet to arrive. :(

It has hindered me from starting other projects in the nursery, as I wanted there to be some consistency and match items with it.

With 3 weeks till the baby shower, I am majorly freaking out. I kinda wanted the room looking pretty spiffy. Anyways, life goes on.

Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. Then on Tuesday I am going to buy my curtain material. I want to make curtains like this.




Where the top fifth is one colour and the rest is another. I just can’t figure out the colours!!!!!

Help me. I am taking suggestions.

On Friday I bought a light fitting for the nursery. We are on major budget now (because I want to start another costly project in a different part of the house and with that to consider) I decided to buy a cheap fitting from masters.


Tah Dah! It is a capiz shell pendant.


You can call me excellent at being pregnant in the most sarcastic tone.

I hung this light myself on the top step of my step ladder! Very big no-no’s for a third trimester preggo.

I don’t love it, but I do like it. Ideally I would like it to have a nice canopy and a chain, but beggars can’t be choosers. I ended up with this option, because it was deemed “D.I.Y” on the packet, It just simply plugged into a batten holder, which is what this room had already! I wanted to make it easy on my husband as his do list was getting longer, and the days are getting shorter. But it was supplied in only one length of cord, which was far too long, even though we have tall ceilings. So the husband still had to strip the wires back and cut them etc etc! But that didn’t take long. Then when he went to re-hang it did he finally ask, Um how did you have it hanging if I am on the top step and I am taller then you and I am still reaching up!

Ahahahhaha. I coyly said, the baby helped me.


I also like the light fitting because it looks similar to this ~$3000 beauty from Oly (Available at Coco Republic)


Another thing that arrived this week is my Lorca fabric. (Needs an iron)

(as well as a roll of Sanderson wallpaper, I just had to have it)

I have just (lazily) moulded it around a throw cushion. It is so exquisite. Silk with huge embroidery flowers.

Still tossing up to make another cushion for this chair in a velvet.


Like this?? A round cushion?


I watched my husband painfully paint one for the sides of the cot with a brush. He managed one coat of primer on one side of a cot in one weekend!


I told him to stop and to go and buy a sprayer. He has done so now. Let’s see how that works out.

There are so many other projects to work on! Arrgghhh. Stress out.

I still need to plan my baby shower, sew my curtains, sew 2 cushions, sew a cot skirt, sew my nursery curtains and do my change table!!

Possibly work on the gallery wall for the hallway and the nursery!

Way too much! I feel overwhelmed!

Ok guys, I need colour suggestions for the curtains. White cot, wooden wardrobe, beige wingback chair, green and pink cushion & lavender change table (If it ever arrives)