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Happy New Year

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Let’s end this year with a bargain!

A lamp for the nursery.

The other day I spotted the Oly lamp in Coco Republic and instantly fell in love with it. But not $810 in love.

It was very cute and suitable for a whimsy nursery.

Then today, at a stock-take sale in the shopping centre, out of the corner of my eye, I see this gorgeous lamp from My House.

It was $199 down to $140. I snapped that up, plus it has more birds LOL.

Pretty chuffed with myself.

Also while at Coco Republic, they had my Cabot wing back chair for sale (In another fabric) for $3095!!!!

I paid $800. OHHHHHhhh yeahhhhhhh!!!!

Gotta love that.

Stay safe and wishing you a great night. I’m staying in with my husband and we are kicking back.


Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

I hope you are all having a lovely festive day!

I am at work celebrating it with a good bunch of co-workers.

This is the 3rd year I have worked Christmas day. It’s not too bad. We will all dig in and get the work done as fast as possible and high tail the hell out of there so we can be with family and friends and eat yummy left overs!

I want to thank you all for reading my blog!

I would continue my blog even if there was no readership, as I love that it journals my life, although receiving comments makes it all the more special.

Thank you for taking the time out in your day to stop by and say a few words, I really appreciate it and I hope I have entertained you throughout the year.

.   .   .   .   .

The picture above is a wreath I hand painted with watercolour paints for my own Christmas cards to send out!


The great tomato harvest of 2012

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

There would be more in that Donna Hay colander if we didn’t keep eating them all up!

We are nearly ready to harvest some of our bigger tomatoes, that is if the birds don’t get to them first.

Our front door

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Pretty crappy picture.

But it is finally PAINTED!!

Well done to my husband who did an excellent job.

You can see the beautiful detail in the stained glass window.

From the front!

In January we are getting a new screen door!

Thank heavens. The order has been placed and it is being made.

A dark blue steel security door.

Then next Christmas, I will have the best darn wreath you ever did set your eyes upon.

I just didn’t fell incline to adorn this screen door, when it is rubbish.

If something is ugly to begin with, a bit of fancy decorations ain’t going to do much, so I didn’t bother.

More wrapping

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I am not going to claim creative intelligence over this. I saw something similar on pinterest and was inspired.

I own a hell-a-va lot of tulle.

Remember I made 3 veils for my wedding. (Plus another for the hens night)

Well, I have plenty left over in the craft cupboard,

Do you have a craft cupboard? No? Well you should!

The magnolia leaves & sprig of rosemary are from my garden.

Here is some tags and ornaments I made.

There are plenty of tutorials out there.

I used FIMO white oven-bake clay.

That is some more left over lace from making veils. (Oh I love veils!!) I am sad that my veil wearing days are over. 1 day out of a whole life time hardly seems fair.

This is gorgeous french Chantilly lace.

I went a bit nordic with this wrapping.

Love it!

I can’t just subscribe to one theme. It is one of my weaknesses. I love a bit of this, a bit of that.

It really isn’t a good thing and I constantly working on my strength. I end up with a lot of miss-matched things.


When it comes to the jolly o’ Christmas time! There are no rules!!!

I utilized one of my clay tags in this wrapping, as well as my Cupid’s Bow labels.

Did anyone take my advice on using a Kinder choccie to attach to a present?

It just adds exactly what this present needs. It is after all a gift card (Shhh no one tell anyone)

I think out of all my wrapped present. This is my favourite.

I’m immature. I just love that it is so tiny and the tag is so big!

And with all that said.

I AM DONE!!!!!!!

I have no more wrapping to do. No more shopping to do!

I will be working from this Saturday right through to Boxing day, so I knew all along I had to be organised. Hopefully in there we have some early days so we can see friends and family!


Friday, December 14th, 2012

Something to aspire to!

rh baby and child

This crib is singing a tune that just won’t quit!

I have been tossing up whether I should paint my cot this grey colour, but my walls are very light grey, so I have decided to keep it crisp white.

I love the mobile.

I am going to be making a bed skirt for my cot too. just like that. Inverted box pleats. (Even before I saw this picture)

The layout of that room is exactly how my nursery is. I even have the window with white roman blinds.


Friday, December 14th, 2012

Whilst driving around Sydney in the past couple of days. I saw 2 galleries from the road that took my fancy!

Number 1

Michael Commerford Gallery

68 New South Head Road, Edgecliff

Artist: Michael Commerford

These are all so cute! And they are really quite substantial in size too! Would make a big impact. Would look great in a nursery!

Number 2

King St Gallery

177 William St, Darlinghurst

Artist: Shona Wilson

I love all of these!! They had one (Which I can’t find a picture of) that was like the last picture, but it was displayed in this big glass, flattened round orb case that was hung on the wall. It was so impressive.

The making of a gallery wall – Part One

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

I have an empty hallway! I have frames. They need to be hung.

Solution, a gallery wall.

Here is the empty walls, (Sorry, all mobile phone pictures today)

The corner there on the right is where my front door is.

The gallery wall will extend from the wall my front door is to this door (My bedroom door)

On the other side of my bedroom door is another bit of wall.

Should I be adding frames to this section of wall here?

Here is the rest of my hallway! There is my now empty console table, where I previously had the frames leaning.

On the angled wall I am going to put a big long artwork that I need to make!!!

This is the layout I am thinking.

Feedback please!!

Is it too structured? With that central horizontal line being straight and unbroken?

5 of the frames I purchased yesterday are from my favourite 2nd hand shop!!

They are in great condition. I am going to take what is in them out and cut new mat boards and put photos that my husband and I have taken!

Except for this one!!!! I just love it. I am keeping this original watercolour. Just re-framing it with new mat board!!!

I feel like I have seen this corner in Sydney. Does it look familiar to anyone else (Sydney-siders?)

One day I hope to see it and go AHHH HUHHH!!!! Standing in front of it!

I can’t wait to take it out. I hope it has a date on it somewhere!

These are the left over frames.

I might put these on that spare wall or keep them for the nursery.

Check that out. Pressed pansies! How cute! I will just put a new mount around it. There is a few blemishes.

.   .   .   .   .

I picked up 7 frames for $60! Just need to buy some white mat board and a bevel cutter!

Oh and pick some photographs with my husband.

And lastly, give everything a good clean!

Poor husband, he has to hang all these. Glad it’s him and not me!!! LOL

4 years ago!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

On the 12th of December 2008, my husband asked me to marry him!

Here is my proposal story from the Vogue Forums

“15-12-2008, 06:56 PM
I am engaged!!!!! (sorry long story to follow!!)

I was in a deep sleep Friday morning enjoying a rare sleep in when my door is opened by my boyfriend at 9.00am (he doesn’t live with me) and he gives me a kiss and tells me that we are going to go and get some breakfast and he will help me move my stuff to my new apartment! (nice diversion) I tell my brother to not lock up the house cause we will be back soon, he must have misunderstood because when we got back the house was all locked up and no keys!!! So I pulled a ladder out from under the house and my man had to go through the only window that was open which was the second level bathroom window in his nice clean clothes on a rainy day!!!! (I was soooo angry!! I said, don’t lock up!!!!)

anywho!! He made it through no problems and just as my bf opens the front door to me my brother comes back!! He was really apologetic (because my brother knew what my bf was up to and he felt like he might have stuffed it a bit) My boyfriend pulls my duffle bag out and tells me too pack clothes for 3 days!!!

I pack everything I could think of and grab (including swimmers) and we hit the road!! He told me we were going to the hunter valley (wine region in NSW, another diversion) and that disappointed me a bit because we have been there before and its not exciting a bit boring actually! I didn’t figure it out until we were out the front of a very nice resort I have wanted to go to in Shoal bay, North coast.

We check into one of the nicest rooms they have!!! We had champagne waiting and choc dipped strawberries. The weather wasn’t great (it was raining a bit on the Friday)
We headed off to check the place out and end up at the Aqua Spa! The weather was too cold to go to the beach just across the road from our room, so instead we spent it soaking up in the 3 heated spas they had! (I knew I needed the swimmers, he was so surprised that I packed them, because he forgot all about that) That is why he is marrying me lol!!!

Then back to shower and head off to dinner! Dinner was really yummy! Then back to the hotel room, I haven’t had a chance to give myself a magic manicure, so I thought I would take that time to change into some god awful ugly clothes!!!!! and buff, polish and paint my nails. He sitting there going “are they dry yet?” a few times. Once they were dry I stood up and looked out the balcony frowning about the weather and hoping it will get better and I turn around to see him on his knee with the ring box opened asking to marry me!!!!!!

He really caught me by surprise which I am so thrilled about! I of course said yes!! We popped open the bubbly and he tells me that at 10.00am tomorrow morning I have a dry hydrotherapy massage and a MANICURE and pedicure booked at the spa!! (this is why I am marrying him!! He knew about the importance of a manicure) I swapped the manicure for a facial instead because my d.i.y one was ok.) I then spent the rest of the night staring at my ring!!!!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in the spa and the beach and restaurants and just being all loved up!!!! I am home now and mine and his family are going out to dinner tonight! My parents haven’t met his, so this will be a good opportunity!

Making online album so I can post and you can see my pretty!”

Ahhhhh the memories!!!
The magic manicure with ‘Proposal Polish’
Ahhh young love!
We celebrated by making dinner together. He surprised me with a caramello koala and I got him a tart from Bourke St Bakery!
(Plus our pram purchase!!)

Joolz Day

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


Thank you Sammie from Marriage Renovations and

For alerting me to the eBay auction for a Joolz Day!

I just won it! YAY

The Nursery lives to tell another 2nd hand tale.

I am really most impressed with myself. I form a wishlist in my head of items I would like and I actively keep my ears and eyes open for them and over time, these items have come to me at the right time (and price)!

I did have a goal to try and do the bulk of the nursery from pre-loved items. I am on a good roll.

Once the nursery is completed and I do a comprehensive reveal I will be listing all items and how I came about acquiring them.

But the reason for today’s post.

Joolz Day

In Anthracite.

(These are the eBayers pics. The colour is a bit off)

Comes with chassis, bassinet, seat, shopping basket, rain cover, storage underneath & nursery bag

Only been used for 8 months. In perfect condition, only some scratches on the wheels (Which I would do in one day if I had a brand new one)

Picked it up today

In my house. It has the cover for the bassinet, just not pictured.

The frames on the ground in the background are another 2nd hand purchased from today. They are going towards the gallery wall I am creating in the hallway.