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New Bling!

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

My mother has been pushing for grand children ever since I hit puberty. No Joke!

This being her first grand child, she is over the moon.

She joked to me once saying she would buy me anything for me to have a baby, so I joked back, ok. I want a sapphire.

(I can’t remember why I said that)

Anyways, true to her word. She surprised me with this ring.

I love it’s little windows. It is a full eternity ring. 18k white gold with blue sapphires.

Maybe it is a premonition that I am having a boy. They did also have pink sapphire bands too.

This is also the exact type of ring I envisioned receiving as a push present from my husband.

(This decision was made before I explained to him what a push present is and he flat out denied getting me one. So I never thought more on the subject)

I love my new stack!

Breaks up the uniformity between my wedding band and engagement ring. I was already having doubts before the wedding about my wedding band choice. I wish I had gone from something that was different, not matching. But this solves that niggling thought.

I love my wedding band though. It looks like a row of diamonds on my hand as you can’t see much metal. (Sorry to anyone with channel set rings. HATE THEMMMMMMM with a passion)

This is how it looks on my hand.

Love my micro lens. Captures the dry skin and tiny hand wrinkles.

(But need to get better at using it. Still not sure how to get everything in focus)

Love my mum and dad too!


Moja draga udaje

Monday, October 29th, 2012

My very beautiful friend got married recently!

On their 10 year anniversary. And at the same place she met her husband. Church!

I’ve known her since we were in primary school. The shy Yugoslav girl.

She taught me many things, for example, that the letter “J” isn’t always pronounced the way I thought it was and is a “Y”

(Same goes for my first bf Julio, where it is pronounced with a “H” )

She is famous for throwing excellent house parties!!!!

I have her to thank for many great memories. Her wedding had big party shoes to fill, but I had no doubt she would succeed!

Here is a photo of her posse (minus a few) See that guy in the back ground. I totally made out with him one party at J’s house many many moons ago.

See! Great parties!

BTW. I did NOT take this photo. (like I wasn’t trying to have a sneaky little perv you guys!!) I just had a good giggle when I came across this picutre. Husband actually took it.

It was a hot 33 degree day! The church is the kind with no seats! Men on one side, woman on the other. Incense wafting through. As a pregnant lady, in a long black dress, conditions don’t get much nicer then this!

The bride took it all in her stride. She rocked that crown!

(Husband took this pic)

Longest wedding smooch I’ve witnessed!

Bless ’em

Here is me! There was a delightful breeze after the ceremony, hence why the hair is a bit awry.

I should have used some fake tanzies. And I hate my little eyes.

I pulled my floor length dress up to show off my sparkly sandals.

The photo does not do it justice. It was taken on a mobile phone.

Between the ceremony and the reception, we ducked home and no names and I am not blaming anyone


 Between the 2 of us, someone forgot the good camera for the reception!!!!

The reception was on the Harbour. When it rains it pours. This one cut me deep. Cut me real deep.

On a boat. It was lovely. Couldn’t fault it.

Here is a quick snap my friend took of us. The harbour bridge was totally in the background, but stupid mobile phone couldn’t pick that up. I am certain if we had our good camera it would have, but again, not naming any names, between the 2 of us, but someone forgot the camera.

So hence, why there are no more glorious photos of this fabulous day and evening!

Mid way through the night, we were asked to go to the roof top deck for the cake cutting. “Firework” by Katy Perry come on over the speakers and nestled between the Opera house and our boat was a barge putting on a fabulous display of fireworks for the Bride and Groom!


I designed her stationery suite. This will be featured shortly.


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Here is a mobile phone version of pics from various events I have been too lately.

A crafternoon. This is the future bride modeling some of the pom poms we knocked up

We also made STACKS of pin-wheels. This was just the beginning

And loads and loads of other things, like swizzle sticks, putting the invites together, garlands etc etc.

Sooooo sleepy. I stayed past mid-night. I was still in the first trimester and this is the latest night I had. I was most proud.

My lovely friends hens night. It was burlesque themed.

This was me getting ready. Not sure where the ‘soft-focus’ came from. Was probably a grubby fingerprint over the lens

And another for good measure

No pic sorry, But had a girls night out and saw Legally Blonde the musical at the Lyric Theatre with my mum, sister, aunty, godmother and godsister.

The doggies in the show were soooo cute.

Erica Heynatz. I implore you to see the show. For her abs and what she does with that skipping rope!

My darling husband surprised me with tickets to Swan Lake.

All because I hum this song often

When he first asked me what I was humming. Back in the ol’ days of freshly dating, I responded with “Swan Lake” He raised his brow and remarked, “Well aren’t you just highbrow” I responded with”Bitch, don’t you know it”

I am married to a man that buys me ballet tickets as a surprise

*pinch me*

This was us before heading out the door:

Before that we had a beverage and some bar food at the very new Gowings Bar.

The food and drink was lovely. The service was TERRIBLE!!!!!!! Talk about a bunch of snooty, arrogant waiters.

A friend having a bit of bad luck.

I have never had to buy sadness flowers before. But I applied the same rule. I asked for the cheeriest, the prettiest.

Making babies

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

It’s time for a little bit of over-sharing shall we?

If you are a negative person and can’t see the joy in other peoples happiness and take it as them being smug/rude/rubbing it in your face etc. Then this post is not for you.

What I have learnt so far about pregnancy, birth and children is that people always have a BAD, maybe even, a horror story to tell you about it. They scare the BANANA’s out of you. The last baby shower I went to was all about women telling me how horrific their labour & birth was.  I swear I left gripping my vagina as I was suffering from shooting pain.

I feel that all you get told by anyone or read about is the bad scenarios. So, I am going to share some happiness.

Many stories I read online about trying to conceive was the bad luck people were having. How many month, years etc. The heart braking, soul-destroying path it was. I had nearly convinced myself it would take a while to fall pregnant, the only thing that didn’t convince me totally was the fact that my mother’s side of the family never, ever had any issues conceiving children. My mother and 5 of her 6 sisters threw around the old: “I only had to look at a dick and I was pregnant” with gay abandonment. (The 6th doesn’t have a child)

Then, if you were to fall pregnant. You were going to lose it. “Hush hush” was what everyone including the GP said to me. Don’t tell a soul, because god-forbid you miscarry, because, hey, 1 out of 4 pregnancy is mis-carried. “And that could be you!!!” they threatened. Geez, let’s jinx it shall we.

But again, I looked to my family and their history and to my knowledge, no one has miscarried. But, then again, I am no expert and not sure how much genetics and family history plays with my pregnancy. Also, to add. My husband’s side of the family – his mum is 1 of 13. So if I was a gambling man, which I am not, but if I were, I would guess, there were no issues there. However, not sure if that played any role in our path for conceiving.

So here goes – Our story of making a baby!

With any great decision in our relationship, we make them together. But truth be told, I ultimately have the deciding vote. Bless my husband’s heart. We had decided, that yes, kids were in our near future, but when, was up to me, because I was still feeling too young. (Engaged at 20. Married at 22)

So I decided, we were going to start trying for a baby and like all great revelations; I ring my husband while he is at work, to tell him immediately. I am impatient. And revel in ringing him at work with wildly inappropriate proclamations that make him uncomfortable, hot under the collar, lost for words with all the crazy shit I have to say!! Sometimes I can even hear the sweat dripping down his temples.

He was elated with the news however could not convey this at all, due to him being in an office environment with colleagues nearby. Part of the fun (for me).

He comes home from work. We make love. I then hit up Dr Google and learn all about ovulation and realise, that we weren’t in the ‘window’ at the time. I let out a sigh and say “Well that was a waste of time” BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

We had to wait another 4 days till we were in my determined window. I suggested we just go for it for 10 days straight, for the best possible chance at hitting the right time. By day 8. It was getting a bit old LOL. And if I am 100% honest, a bit of a chore. My heart goes out to all those that face this month after month after month. Albeit, you have probably shortened your window and don’t have to do that much. I only made ours 10 days, as I wasn’t all that familiar with my cycle, as I don’t count it etc. All I know is that my sister and I are synced.

Then it was the waiting game to see if my period would come. My sister texts me, “Urrrghh I just got my period” (We are close siblings LOL) I panic and text back “Me too” But after that, I start doing the happy dance, dancing around the living room in front of my husband, screeching, “I’m late, I’m late!!!” I say to my husband, “Can I please pee on the stick now?” He decides that there will be no peeing upon no stick until I am well and truly late which he declares will be on Friday morning. This was Monday night. I believe his motives were purely economical for the stick’s sake.

Strange things were occurring and even before my sister texted me, I just knew I was pregnant and if my flow was to come, I would have been shocked (and a little devastated) I was at Woolworths, at the self-service check out. I breathed in through my nose and it was as if someone has shoved a bunch of flowers right under my nose. The cut flowers were all the way down the other end of the store. My sense of smell was through the roof. One night, I came home from work and promptly crawled into bed where I slept for 14 hours straight.

So Friday morning came and I was all like, Nah, stuff the stick. I’m not peeing on it. I know I am pregnant and I don’t need no pee stick to prove it!! But I was just kidding myself. I pee in a jar. Husband takes it from me, puts the stick in, all while he has his back to me. I am yelling out. What’s happening, is it working, have you done it right, anything??? TELL ME SOMETHING GOD DAMMMMMMMITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He turns around to face me, stick in hand and the biggest smile I have ever seen from him. No words were necessary.

One cycle and 2 little lines, I was pregnant. The first feeling I had was guilt. I just felt guilty. This was all too easy. How am I so lucky? It comes full circle, majority saying the bad stuff, I was hardwired to think the worst and I had been so lucky and fortunate. This can’t happen, because only bad things happen. That was my motivation for writing this post. I just wanted to tell a happy story. To date, no heartache and a very easy go at conception.


1, 2, 3

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Finished this water colour artwork on Friday afternoon!

It is for a nursery or kids room. I am going to make prints of it soon and put the original and the prints up for sale in my etsy shop!

I had a custom etsy order go through last night! I knew the buyer was in the US but then when she purchased the listing, I found out she was from the HOLY LAND!

DALLAS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to email her: “Hi, have you ever wanted to visit Australia? If so, house swap???”

Yeah. . .Nah????

She purchased this nursery water colour

And I am creating another one in blue but with the word “Kindje” Her husband is Dutch and she is Belgian and they will represent both!

Too cute


Marble Tiles

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Another eBay score are these magnificent marble tiles.

There is about 10 square metres here. And they measure 150mm x 300m. $250

So they are quite generous. Not sure if we will cut them down or keep them as they are (bigger the tiles, less grout lines)

We are going to use these for the kitchen splash back!

Because there is a baby on the way, getting the kitchen renovated is NUMBER ONE priority! We are pooling together every dollar we can find and cutting costs where possible.

To date, for the kitchen we have the splash back tiles, above and the sink.

Sorry about the small pic.

It is a Franke undermount sink that I picked up AGES ago at a Harvey Norman renovation sale. It was originally like 800 and something bucks. But I got it for $200 and it has everything, the nested wooden cutting board, the strainer etc.

We also have our Fisher and Paykel Fridge that will go into the new kitchen

And we have a microwave, but not the kind that will be on display. I’ll try and tuck that away.

I am going to get the handles and knobs from eBay America. I have already found what I like and they ship to AUS.

Here is some marble tile splash back inspiration pics.

So basically now. We just need to pull out or kitchen. Rip up lino that is GLUED to the wooden floors underneath! (Oh yay) make sure the floorboards are okay (Hello, contingency) Rip out industrial fluoro tube lights that are sunken into the ceiling (3 of them) and gyprock/patch up the holes. Put down lights in the ceiling (thinking that my husband can do this!!) Install 2 pendants over the island and 1 over the dining table) Install kitchen cabinets, install appliance, have electrician do his thing, install bench top, handles/knobs. Paint and sand/stain floors! Viola.

My Garden in Spring

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Well it is nearly the end of my Anemones. Sad face!

But they were just STELLAR! Weren’t they??? Just blew my socks off.

Here is the last flower arrangement I could muster.

I hate to be negative and draw attention to something when the image is so pretty, but I hate the little drops of condensation on the inside of the vase.

Ruining it!

Not quite.

My rananuculus (gosh that is one hard word to spell & spell check doesn’t recognise it, so it’s not one of the words that you can just have stab at spelling and then see if you got it right, if not, select the correct spelling from the drop down menu)


They are flowering. But I am pissed at them. The packet said WHITE and had an image, What I have indeed got is NOT that. I have 2 different types of pinks and 2 different types of whites. Hmmmpphhh!!!

I have planted some summer flowering bulbs. I didn’t even know these existed! (as in summer bulbs) I though it was only plant in Autumn bulbs for Spring flowering! Anyways, learn something new.

I am growing Merlot coloured Calla Lillies!!!

They have already started to shoot

With the 4 days off that my husband and I had, we chose to garden, because it is restorative to the soul.

We purchased 3 of these

To start our long awaited for vege patch!

A garden bed just for potatoes!!! I think they will be coming out of our ears

A capsicum shoot

Tomato shoots

As well as potatoes, capsicums and tomatoes we have planted, green shallots, lettuce & carrots

There is still a lot more I wanted to plant, but we will just start off with these.

My Bay tree has done some serious growing.

This is the next door neighbours citrus trees.

And here is a garden casualty. He even looks like he is cowering.

Poor little dude.

House warming & Baby shower invitation

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Here is my latest stationery work.

The client is due with their first baby after trying for 5 years and a little IVF help.

They are also moving house! So they are combining a house warming with the baby shower and at that stage, the baby would have arrived!

The original water colour art work.

Original hand painted.

Scanned and made into card with envelope.

And some separate little “We’ve moved” cards in lilac with matching envelopes.

All stacked up and ready to post with the original artwork!

If you are interested in these cards, check out my etsy listing here

(sorry about the blurs!)

Lilac benchtops

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Now I’ve seen it all.

I don’t hate it.

That’s ’cause it must be a fairies kitchen inside a tree trunk in a magical forest.