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Hallway Lights – Part Two

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

I came home from work to be greeted with both hallway lights installed and functioning perfectly.

Hallway Light 1

Hallway Light 2

. . .

What do you think??? I am so thrilled! Best part was that they were $95 each from one of those terrible light shops on Parramatta Rd.

I love not being a snob sometimes.

. . .

Legend has it that the Moravian star originated in Germany at a Moravian school in the 1850s; they were originally made of paper and tradition holds that they were the basis of a geometry lesson. The stars can have any number of points, as long as they are based on polyhedrons.  According to Moravian lore, the Moravian star became a representation of the Star of Bethlehem, and was displayed on the first Sunday of Advent. The star is an outward symbol of the period of waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christmas.

My inspiration

Hallway Light

Sunday, September 30th, 2012


A very terrible photo, BUT, 1 hall way light out of 2 has been hung!!!! It took my poor husband 4 hours! And he still has to fix the cord and clean some scuff marks off the ceiling, but I am thrilled! Poor guy though. So when we turn the 2nd bedroom light on. The light doesn’t turn on. When we keep it on and turn hallway light on, 2nd bedroom light turns on as well as the hallway. Hehehehe more investigative work needs to be done. I am confident he’ll have the second light hung and all issues sorted out by the time I get home from work this afternoon. Finallllllyyyy!!!! A light fitting!! I have a love of lights. This means so much to me.

Random stuff around my house

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

This is the hallway. I love it. All those frames are suppose to go on the wall! ONE DAY! ONE DAY. But I just love them leaning there the way they are.

The 3 big frames are of our wedding photos. This is what we got each other for our first year anniversary. (Paper)

The bowl there is for out keys and the plate underneath it where we leave receipts and the mail.

I love the yellow glass jar. I found it in my parent’s garage when I was living at home like 10 years ago. It has spare change and one of my wisdom tooth in it. Funny thing happened when I went to the bank and up-ended the jar into the coin counter!!!! Stupid bank assistant found it HILARIOUS that there was a tooth in there with all my money. It wasn’t. Then demanding to know WHY there was a tooth in there. None of your business! I just wanted her to go away. It was a self service machine afterall!

The two feathers I found on the front yard of the house the day we moved it. Very simple, quick artwork. In lead pencil I wrote that in the frame.

The porcelain bowl is one of my prized possession. I ABSOLUTELY love it. It is handmade by Isabelle Abramson

The last frame is a sea fan!

The mirror was an old oil landscape painting the the next door neighbours threw out. I collected it. Discarded the painting (it was hideous) spray painted the frame silver, took it to the local glassier and got mirror put in for $60!!

I love my front door handle. This handle is on the old door. We have a new door. But it is sitting in our hallway. We CANNOT get a tradesmen to install some doors in our house for love nor money!!!

I love this settee!!! What an ebay score!

The nursery so far. . .

Friday, September 28th, 2012

This cute little plush elephant is from my sister, she gave it to me after I told her the news. Those are also her Harry Potter books that I either need to read or return. I am sooo ashamed, I only manage to get up to book 5. Two more to go.

The birdcages are left over from wedding. I thought they looked cute in here.


Puffin classics. (The wind in the willows, Anne of green gables, Robin Hood, Wizard of oz, Peter Pan & The secret garden) just to add some colour to the room and for one the kid gets older.

My favourite candle of all time, cute little wooden hippo and big purple cloth covered “Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm)

The bottom book isn’t for the baby, just happens to be in the bookcase (The great gatsby) with a lotus candle holder and my Bebe water colour artwork.

Here is the cot I have purchased from eBay. It is very princessey. Lord help me if I have a boy. But I know I can make it work. Just needs another coat of white paint and she’ll be a song.

That is the rug I purchased too. It is a bit small. It is kinda bugging me to be honest, but we’ll see when the rest of the furniture is in.

So far, I have a rug, a bookcase, a wardrobe and a cot. Just need a chest of drawers, the foam wedge thing that you change the baby on, that will go on top of the chest of drawers and a armchair. I am looking for a plush, super soft chair to sit in. I like the wing-backs, because they are tall enough to support your head if you fall asleep and your neck too, cause you can snuggle into the wing part

There is currently a chair in the room:

But I want a fully upholstered chair. Needs to be soft to rest my elbows on when cradling/supporting the baby during a feed.

Annnnnddddddddddd. . . that is about it.

When I find out the sex, some zhushing to be done. Curtains, nursery linen, bed skirt, some shelves!! etc etc.


We’re having a baby!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012


Baby C, 12 week scan

To anyone that follows my pinterest boards, this probably would have been very obvious. I have pinned 100 pins in the last 3 months onto my “Future Nursery” Board.

This also explains my severe drop in the amount of times I have been posting on this blog.

The first 3 months weren’t too bad to me, but let’s talk about severe exhaustion and fatigue. All I did was sleep. 8pm was as late as I could make it.

I also have an aversion to meat. Hate the stuff. This is so unlike me.

So, in early April of next year, we shall have a cute little newborn.

And HOPEFULLY A RENOVATED KITCHEN!!!!! Oh for the love of God, will someone give me some coin so we can renovate our kitchen???


I have soooooo many things I cannot wait to show you all revolving around the nursery!

I have ALREADY bought a cot people. Plenty of clothes (I am now a self imposed ban on buying baby clothes) and lot’s of knick-knacks.

Embroidery – New take

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Ahhh as a die hard crafter! I love seeing this stuff.

The sort of gradient/mix of colours, has me weak at the knees. Reminds me of my nursery name prints.


Babies Galore

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Well there has been a few special deliveries of babies in the past weeks.

2 of my friends had babies.

One of which you saw here!

To mark the celebration I made some gifts.

“Bebe” cards and small lilac envelopes that I hand painted the names on.

Envelopes can be purchased here

The original “bebe” water colour artwork can be purchased here

I would love to get this one professional framed, but we are *hopefully* going to be seeing them soon and I don’t want the gift stuck at the framers

I just need to take “Sophie” to the framers which I am doing today.

Hand painted with water colours and metallic inks the baby girl’s names.

If you would like a personalised name original water colour artwork. You can visit this etsy listing.

. . .

Congratulations also to Jasmine from 207 Young on the arrival of her son!

And to Emma from Living through our renovations for the arrival of her daughter Alexandra!

Husband’s Birthday

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Was my husbands birthday on Thursday. He took Thurs and Fri off work and I took Sat and Sun off work. So we had 4 precious days together. We don’t get to see each other in the day time. So this was the best.

I took him to Quay for lunch. I tried months previously to get a dinner booking, but alas, 4 months ahead of time for a Thursday booking is TOO LATE!!!!!!

How ridiculous. Lunch instead. I liked this though. Better views. LOL

Here is what we ate.

Opps, I already started eating this one then realised I didn’t pap my food. I should have turned the plant around. But it was so nice.

Ahh the famous snow egg. Husband DID NOT share. Oh wells, have to go back again.

Crappy pic, sigh.

The next 3 days were spent gardening! Just the way we wanted it!


Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Well, seems like a majority of us bloggers have lost our mojo, I for one am included! Kudo’s to those that stayed strong!

Looking at you Nat from In the night sky

Sending blogging waves to you HomeEmpress! Get back on the horse. LOL

I was not that recently awarded me the Liebster blog award.

I now need to tell you 5 facts about myself.

1. I too can join you and Emma with mis-matched cornices. No two of my rooms have the same cornices.



Living Room

(My personal favourite! Love so much)


Bedroom 2

(this one has similar elements to the hallway)

Bedroom 1

2. I hate PORK. HATEEEEEEEEEEE (not a religious thing or anything) But I love, salami, speck, pepperoni. Don’t think much of bacon. Eat it here and there, but that whole smell of cooking thing can turn vegetarians is lost on me.

3. I am currently obsessed with my garden. But I think you all knew that.

4. I got married over a year and half ago. Yet, I still have all those bridal blog of my blog reading list. Just cannot bring myself to delete them, but I select the whole folder every morning, “Mark all as read” Hmmm problem???

5. I LOVE letting people merge in front of me when driving. Boy do I revel in it! There is no need to be so selfish on the roads. You are not going to lose at life if 1 car goes in front of you.

Thanks Natalie.

I am not going to nominate anyone. I feel like I would be nominating the same people I always do.