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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

My longtime friend had a baby girl on Friday. The day before her birthday.

Little Sophie Maree!

Everyone is healthy and happy!

My Sisters Murder Mystery Party

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

The one that I did the invites for.

The invitees

My sister in the green wig and “Harley Bell, Strong Man” was awarded Best dressed.

Me in the middle, my sister (aka the birthday girl) on the right and our friend on the left (aka the victim)

That is what true sisters do. They grope your breasts.

My husband! Gosh he looked truly delectable on this night!! He was the Boss Man. Owner of the circus, I was his wife.

He buys me fur coats and lots of jewelery. The lion tamer and menagerie worker want to know what is going on with all the missing animals!!!???!!

(they think he skinned them to make me coats because he is a tight arse)

He wouldn’t let me show his handsome face. Nawww.

And again. Meow!

I loved this fur coat. I didn’t want to return it!

The trapeze artist victim getting outlined by the head of security after the murder .

The victim has great legs huh??? She is actually a very talented pole dancer (not like in the clubs or anything, more like the sport) and trapeze artist.

Me and Payton Protection. Who is my friend from Local Court who is now a Prosecutor! The role was very fitting for her.

I look positively huge in this pic, but, It is the coat! You have to believe me right??? ALL COAT!

All the really nice pics were nixed of James Bailey’s Facebook page. He took the pics with his nice camera.

Lemon cake

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

On Thursday afternoon, I got into the baking groove.

Without even having a proper oven in our semi demolished kitchen! I can still bake.


Here is the proof!

“Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving”


We don’t even have a power point in our kitchen. Last attempt at baking, was me, sitting on the floor of living room, with electric beaters and bowl with butter and sugar flinging all over the floor boards,

So I was particularly fond of this recipe where you just add all the ingredients and stir! Plus, I love Donna Hay.

Lifestyle Food

I made different icing though. It was sort of my own concoction. Was suppose to be lemon cheese cream icing, but as per usual, I added WAY too much lemon juice, because I am a lemon lover and want a really big kick of the stuff, but keep forgetting it makes everything too runny. Next time, next time.

Cut 2 slices for dessert and told husband to take it to the office for morning tea on Friday. That was the last I saw of it. Everyone had seconds!

Woah, it has been a while.

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

My gorgeous husband bought me a new lens for our DSLR!! We have wanted a prime for a while, but I really wanted to get better at using the camera first, which I have. YAY.

Sheer chance and pure luck, did I manage to snap this pick of a bee!! YAY for Spring nearly arriving!

I am loving my garden so much IT HURTS!

My cymbidium orchid will flower soon!!!! (not really mine, but the previous owner left it here as a gift to us)

Pics taken with my new lens.

I then went inside to take pics of my blinds and this lens was no good at doing that. I had to stand way to far away to get the blind in the shot, which often meant out side the room.

So I switched over to another lens and took these really mediocre shots.

Clearly I didn’t style the bedside table first!


They don’t look too great here. But they are a work of art! Made of hand forged bronze with a silk shade!

By Objet Insolite.

Future nursery/2nd bedroom

It was hard to get the details of the blind in and keep the room light. Still have lots to learn.

Love my bamboo plant! Seen here through the blind

And with my settee, I want to get it re-upholstered in a sky/powder blue with a touch of silver painted on the wooden frame and add cushions made out of this Nina Campbell fabric!

And maybe add some black trim to my romans. Like in this pic

(but since I don’t buy lotto tickets, chances of that happening are slim)