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Sarah Gilbane Interiors

Friday, July 27th, 2012

I want an oval coffee table, put I have been lusting over these lucite/perspex coffee tables too!

I love the stripes!

And the navy couch

This chest is amazing!!!

I love this little nook. I wonder where in the house this little nook would be located??

A nursery! And more stripes. How heaven

Pics via Sarah Gilbane

I love this living room.

Friday, July 20th, 2012

It shares lots of elements from my Living Room – Mood Board

Roman blinds, 2 arm chairs, persian rug, deep 3 seater couch, marble, fireplace, dark floor boards!!!



Thursday, July 19th, 2012

So, last Friday, I attempted to paint the 2nd bedroom window.

I spent a good chunk of the morning preparing. Drop clothes, step ladder, cleaning brushes, stirring paint etc. Long story short, about 5 mins into the painting I tipped the paint can down the centre of my back! Yes, my back. How is that even possible?

I was the only one home and no one I could yell out to, to grab the paint can that was resting against my shoulder Slowly pouring paint down in front of me on to the drop cloth and puddling on my back. If I dared move, it was going to go all over the wooden floorboards behind me (that, conveniently, didn’t have a drop sheet) Talk about remaining calm under pressure. I managed to get my finger nail under the bottom of the paint tin without moving the rest of my body and slowly steady the paint can back onto the step ladder.

Luckily none went in my hair or on the wooden floor boards as it was enamel oil based paint.

My top and bra went straight in the bin as there is no hope of cleaning that shiz. I then spent 2 hours cleaning myself up.


Not only canĀ  you not see that area, it is also near impossible to reach.

Me, naked, a 4L bottle of turps & a packet of paper towel made for a fun Friday.

After that, I then rang my favourite painter.

He came over a couple of days later to quote. He is coming back on Tuesday to start. They will be painting, a few windows, a few architraves & the linen closet in the hallway. (Let’s face it, I was never going to get around to it)

So with my new found talent to out-sourse. I also rang a builder that was recommended to me. He should be coming around shortly to quote.

We need him to add a door jam to our bedroom doorway. Make or buy new door for this room and hang the door. Re-hang the door for bedroom 2 (I need to strip and paint it) He needs to put handles on both of them.

I like this handle.

In brass though.

I need to buy this front door

It is just a smidge too big. So the builder will have to cut this one down a little.

The painter will have to come back and paint everything but the back glossy white enamel And the back I want black (to match the other internal door colour)

Then the Builder again, re-attach our door handle, re hang it etc etc.

We also want to get a steel security door to replace the ghastly screen door we have at the moment.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR They are cheap, flimsy and feral!

After something like this

But in black with a brass scroll handle (and the front door will be glossy white with a brass handle)

What are your thoughts of steel security doors? Would you have the fly screen? Because most images I see, with steel doors, they don’t have the screen? It looks better with out. I am all for cross ventilation and love opening up the house any time, weather permitting, but what about the flies? Views please.

The blinds should be ready soon and will be installed as soon as the painters are done and it is dry!

So excited for these, will feel like a real home soon!

Also, The husband found himself with a day with not much to do, so he put the fourth ikea cabinet together and moved the tall bookcase to the 2nd bedroom.

Just need to get the marble slab to pull it all together (and hide the ghastly join lines)

Oh and style it up of course!

The decision has been made to finish off the front half of the house, minus bathroom 1 and then once that is done. We will save, save, save for the kitchen/dining room which is a big job! (the whole kit & caboodle, floors, walls, windows, ceilings etc etc)

In other news. I met Leah (and baby G) from Home Empress. We had lunch at Brasserie Bread.

No photos of us or our meal lol.

But I took these pics later.

Dessert for Husband and I

Famous sourdough. Hate to say it though, but I much prefer the sourdough at Bourke St Bakery (more sour)

Mood Board – Living Room

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Things I own:

Antique side tables x 2

Marimekko “Magnolia” print fabric stretched on frame. (Just needs to be hung)

White Roman Blinds are ordered and should be installed in the Bay window soon.

French Settee (I would love to re-upholster in a different colour, but not anytime soon)

Floorboards are stained and polished



Things to buy:

Ceiling light fitting

Fireplace & Mantle

Oval Coffee table

Pastel Persian rug. (Like the one I snapped a pic of from Melbourne)

Table lamp from Laura Kincade.

Marble slab for top of tv unit

2 arm chairs (not featured in the mood board)

Things to make/do:

Restore Antique side table and grout in the marble tile.

Go to Real Flame and organise fire place.


Interiors Photo Month

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Created by Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict

Here is what my past 12 days looked like.

Follow along: #interiorsphotomonth

Me: @NeoReverie

NeoReverie does corporate

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Have I bored you enough with flower pics??

How about I go one better!! Some corporate graphic design!

Here we go.

An exhibition stand. The stand itself was not designed by me, but all the graphics were.

3D printing!!! The technology of the future people!

Custom word panels.




One of two brochures I designed.

This man that works there, I have super huge crush on him. I think I want to make babies with him.
But Shhhhhhh! No one tell my husband.

And just for fun, because they are so cute.

Some of the 3D printed models (taken one my phone)

For Natalie

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

From In the night sky.

I have been meaning to snap this pic and show this to you.

This is our bedroom door.

Great insulation! I mean, the whole at the top and bottom is just fantastic, for keeping the heat in.


(ran out of calico. You can see more calico on the lounge room entry way in the previous pics too)

We also chucked out the calico that was covering the 2 windows in this room because they grew mould. So we have ZERO privacy in our bedroom! The whole street can see us NAKED!

Yay, there goes the neighborhood.

When am I moving in?

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Via Sarah Klassen


Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Here is all the proof you will ever need NOT to bother cleaning.

Husband comes home. (First day at his trade show/exhibition, long day for him. We decide we will go out to eat. He got excused from Jury duty too!! Thanks for the comments!)

Come home, I turn around and this is what I see

F.M.L! and I am apparently the messy one. . . hmmmmmm!

There is even a packet of Salt and Vinegar chips in the middle of the couch.

P.S Hands up if you like my temporary curtain???

Why Can’t I just be neat & tidy?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

This is our lounge room.


It is what you would call clutterrific.

I must keep reminding myself that it really doesn’t take that long to tidy up and I must do it OFTEN!

It also makes my husband extremely happy. Does anyone else believe in ENERGY?? I can feel it when I re-enter a room that I have just tidied, it hits me like a tonne of bricks. It is all the good energy. (I swear, not a hippy, but this is something I believe in, yet. . . still have a very hard time keeping things tidy)

There are so many things to be done around this room.

My Marimekko magnolia fabric piece needs to be hung on the wall, not just resting on top of the couch.

Some more frames hung on the wall. I need to sand and paint that window. Blinds for the windows will be coming shortly (At least that is done)

Once I work out a mood board for this room, I would most likely like my settee to be reupholsted. Need to buy a coffee table. I think I would love an oval shaped one.

Need to buy light fittings for this room, two in total. I have decided on the ones I would like, just a matter of $$$.

I think I would like to replace the rug to a patterned one in a nice pastel colours.

I didn’t really finish this side. The card board boxes there are the extra Ikea unit to be put together for the tv unit (so there will be 4 not 3 as you see here)

Need to take away the tall brown bookcase and put it in bedroom 2. I don’t like it here (hence why it is practically empty)

The other cardboard box is a large clock we bought. Still yet to be hung!! My husband has a list of things that need hanging as long as his arm. I think I might need to aquatint myself with the drill. (Ahh yeah right)

That mid century danish style armchair is for sale if anyone wants it. It is not my thing. Looked nice in my apartment, but not for this house.

Need to get marble cut for the top of the tv unit. . . one day.

And another recent purchase.

I went back to coco republic to buy a rug for the 2nd bedroom. The gray one I wanted was sold, so I ended up getting this one.

It is 100% wool and was $299. (Originally $499) Very happy.

Absolutely no idea what that silver box thing is on the right. Never seen it before. This is what happens when you marry a die hard nerd.

In other news. My dehumidifier is working a treat. I am in love with it. It takes the bite out of the air, the cold chill that just whips you constantly. Raising the temperature by a few degrees as well. Then we installed the ceiling insulation (so far just above our bedroom and half of the the lounge room and you can tell a difference with that too)

. . .and. . . . just one more flower shot, because I have no self control.

I cut some more stems, because they were ready!

I can’t wait for my white ranunculuses to flower. I planted them at the same time.