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Recent Purchases

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

In the battle to beat the winter chill, we are trying to purchase items to keep our house as well insulated as we can.

My husband has been on the look out for these door snakes for a little while. He saw some at The Reject Shop, but they were filled with wadding/batting, you know, the stuffing in plush toys and it they were extremely light. I think everyone knows, these are suppose to be filled with sand. I then came across these from Temple and Webster.

I for the front door, 1 for the back door. These are also made in Australia too!

From IKEA, I purchased a HAVBRO Rug (200cm x 300cm)

I got this one because it ticked nearly all my rug criterias. It is wool. Off white/cream in colour. The right size.

For $399 you really can’t complain. It was either $399 or $3499 PLUS for a hand tufted NZ wool rug with a nice pile. But if I had $3499 to spend on a rug, chances are I would be taking a holiday first then buying a rug.

So that is one item crossed off my bedroom mood board to do list.

The next thing is roman blinds. That should be happening soon too.

My husband has just came home from a trip to bunnings with 2 packets of ceiling insulation. He will be doing some more trips and will start installing tomorrow!!!! I hope this makes a big difference.

In other non – insulation news. I purchased the 4th cabinet for the tv unit in the lounge room, also from IKEA. (Gosh, this is starting to be the IKEA blog. . . arrrghhhhh)

So we now have this configuration. (With the tv sitting on top)

I then have to hunt down some marble places to pick me out a nice slab of marble for the top. It is just under 1 square metre, so hopefully it won’t be exorbitant.

I am also on the hunt for a hallway runner/rug. Probably going to get a sisal rug because they are budget friendly and weather well with high traffic.

ABC Watercolour

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

I finished this watercolour a a few weeks ago. But then I had to go and do a stint of 12 days straight of work and unfortunately, it never made it to the framers. I purchased an IKEA Ribba frame and put it in that, a bigger one then picture, so it also had the mount too, but there was just too much white going on and the proportions were not right.
Last night I went back to IKEA and purchased the next size down and framed it with no mount. I am pretty happy with it.

Oh that is my new wardrobe too!

It is for a baby shower I am attending on Sunday. I hope the mum to be likes it. She isn’t finding out what sex she is having. I completed the artwork before I received the invitation. I didn’t realise their was a gift registry. What are your thoughts guys? Should I purchase something off the gift registry and keep this artwork for myself?

I am quite fond of it. Looks better in real life. I scanned a copy of the artwork, do you think I should make art prints of it for the etsy shop?

I went ahead and wrapped it any ways. But I still wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts. k?

Here is a card I made. It is the scanned version of an orignal watercolour artwork I did. Which will be for sale in my etsy shop soon.

The envelope is hand cut and lined with hand marbled paper to coordinate with the card.

Similar envelopes can be found here

I didn’t haven enough ribbon to tie around the frame, so I made a cute bow instead with vintage 1940’s grosgrain.

Loving this banner I designed for the “Cupid’s Bow” Envelope in Oat.

50 Shades of I fucked up

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Yes I am that girl.

The one that omits the “Spoiler Alert” preface and blurts out everything.

My inner goddess feels ashamed, embarrassed, slightly evil and very regretful.

I am extremely sorry if I ruined the book for you.

Sincerely, Laura.


In white – to be double sure. (if you want to read, highlight the text)

As if you sooooo couldn’t gather she was going to get knocked. Please. Be honest with yourself. I didn’t really give anything away at all.

I also didn’t saying anything about who was trying to sabotage him and his family, his deep dark past and why he is the way he is.

But I still feel bad.

Is this normal?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

All that water, wetness and condensation is on the INSIDE OF THE WINDOW. We have calico material hanging from the windows and they are now growing little dots of mould on them.

Clothes that are left out in this room also feel slightly damp the next day.


What to do? What to do? Is it a case that we need to replace the windows for better insulation?

In the morning the room was 10 degrees. This is our bedroom, this is not normal.

We are going to put insulation in the ceiling. I need to buy a rug for the floor because the floorboards are extremely cold to walk on at the moment and very soon we should be getting roman blinds. But I am scared to hang the blinds, if they are also going to grow mould.


Misty Blues

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

I am such a proud mamma today!!

Check out my ANEMONES!!!!

I grew these people. They must be loving my worm poo and pee made from our food scraps and our hard working worms. of course.

Same flower as the one above.

This one is looking a little worse for wear. Was looking really exceptional 2 days ago, but I decided against cutting it, but now regretting that.

I can’t wait till some red ones with black centres pop up. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my grubby mits on the elusive white ones with black centres! They are seriously unattainable. Oh well, next year.

Also, People of Sydney. .  What in good heavens is this?

Oh the sun! And also my favourite bamboo plant! Slender Weaver, you should try it in your garden too.


Monday, June 18th, 2012

This is down right sexy!



Gorgeous Linen!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Where Oh where would you find bed linen like this? Because I want some.

I also want that chunky throw!

How Heaven.


Roman Blinds

Sunday, June 10th, 2012


They will be the death of me. I have been so picky with them but I will not drop a couple of grand on utter RUBBISH!!! The amount I have found that were of horrendous quality is beyond belief and incredibly frustrating. The majority don’t even go anywhere near a sewing machine. No hems anywhere. Just raw edges ready to fray and plastic batons clipped on (“Oh but they come with a warranty”) big deal. So I have to make a claim, wait for a replacement, have installers trod through my home. . . Inconvenience me. Allllll because you can’t hem the damn things!! No thanks. Oh and please tell me what actually happens to the old blind??? Automatic land fill?? These is my biggest hate. If it was just made PROPERLY the first time with out being cheap and cutting corners all this could be avoided. Rant never over. Constant effing battle to wade through the crap to find what should be the bloody standard and basic. Although I should have an update come Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend everyone but WA. I am back at my government job as of yesterday!

Tomato, Chilli & a flower

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

(with parsley as well)

Its an anemone!!! ALREADY!!!!

Really need to get the husband and drop saw into GEAR!! Need a raised vege bed and STAT.

The happenings.

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Yesterday, I went to the HIA home show at Sydney Exhibition centre.
Oh my lordy lord. I can’t even begin to tell you how shit it was.

Number 1 it was so unbelievably busy that I got so claustrophobic (unusual for me) I was hot and bothered and I felt like fainting.
This would be the 2nd time in my life that I have ever felt like fainting, 1st time being my wedding day.
At one point, while I had prams coming towards me in every direction and people running into me (especially still being in recovery mode from my surgery and they were hitting that precious area)
I felt like having a total spaz attack, violently throwing my arms about and screaming “GET AWAY FROM ME”

It was no good.

Also, the show was just utter shit. There was barely anything I was remotely interested in there.
I was hoping that there would be a stand or two that did roman blinds (plenty of stands with fake, ugly, aluminum or other fake mish mash product vertical blinds or venetians) None with nice roman blinds. I took my window measurements with me and was hoping to score a show discount, but there was nothing. There was just so many FAKE products, fake decking, fake weather boards, fake paves, fake fake fake FAKEEEEEEEEE.

ME: Is this real timber, you know, from a tree? (knowing it wasn’t)
THEM: No ma’am this is aluminum, made to look like timber

ME: Is that marble? (knowing it wasn’t)
THEM: No that is a composite product, made to look like marble)

Bah it was the worst. Parking for just 2.5 measily hours was 1km away and at a cost of $24!!!!
When we left there was a 50 person deep line up for tickets to get into the show. I really wonder if there is capacity limits on this venue. It was chaos.

Anywayssss. I set out on another adventure today.

I need to get the 2nd bedroom in our house SORTED! It is a dumping ground.
The 2nd bedroom is also the future nursery, so any furniture I do buy, needs to hopefully be transitional into the nursery.
I have been looking for a piece of furniture, to store all my crafting and my over sized rolls and rolls and rolls of precious paper.

First up I went to the Salvo’s at Lakemba. Is it a big one with furniture in the back. They had a large pine bookcase, it was okay I guess. But I thing I was more after drawers. Then I went to the other 2 2nd hand shops in Haldon St, and they didn’t really have anything that grabbed me. Then I decided to drive to my old stomping ground. I went to my FAVOURITE 2nd hand store.

That is where I found this!


A 1950’s wardrobe. Perfect.
It is in very good condition. On side of it has drawers (excellent to hold on my ribbon, tapes, paint tubes, brushes etc) the other side has the robe and I can pile in all my rolled up paper!
It was PURE genius. I don’t know why I wasn’t looking for this in the first place.
It will also be great for when the room is a fully fledged nursery as there is no built in, in that bedroom.
Tomorrow I will spend cleaning the room out, eagerly awaiting its delivery. Then I will attack it with #0000 steel wool and orange oil. And lastly FILL HER UP WITH ALL MY JUNK!

Then after I purchases the wardrobe. I went to ikea to pick up some RIBBA frames for my last water colour. Some time this week I will do a photo shoot with artwork on the wall!