Because I am on a budget

Now is a time for honesty people. IS THIS CRAZY TO ATTEMPT THIS IKEA HACK?

I am on a super duper budget, yet I want nice things!

Also, in other ikea news.

We own this set up already

(pic from our apartment)

We have moved the taller cabinets away and are left with the 3 smaller ones.

We are going to buy one more smaller one, so we have this configuration

To jazz up these and make them look super EXXXYYYY

I was thinking of getting a length of marble cut for the top.

it is 0.96 square metres. So I don’t think it will be tooo crazy & considering the cheapness of the cabinets to begin with!

Result will hope to be like this

This photo was snapped from the current issue of Belle magazine, while I was with trolley and mobile phone in the aisle at Coles.

That is how I roll. I read it COVER TO COVER!!!!!! (I am on a budget!)

Before that I read some cook books to get inspiration for dinner.

People stare.

6 Responses to “Because I am on a budget”

  1. Ruth says:

    The drawers look like a lot of work, but not impossible. I’ve seen a similar hack recently with decorative mouldings and another with wallpaper.
    Regarding the cabinets I think you’d have to go with the thicker look for it to make a statement and thus be worth the cost. This would mean edges and cutting and finishing = more money. Could it be too white too? What about a solid timber top? Or potentially cheaper still, a fancy timber veneer with a medium gloss finish. You could possibly Danish it up a bit with some appropriately Danish legs too, if Danish is your thing.

  2. Laura says:

    No No No, it is alll trickery. With this marble, you can still use a thin piece and have a mitred edge that hangs down, so it looks thick, but the inside is just packed with mdf or something. But I am thinking a thin piece will work too (which I will be looking for. . .hoping to come across a bargain of an off cut)

    Here is an example of a thin top (wood though)
    Also ikea cabinets, but hers are hung on the wall. I don’t think I am going to go to that extent.

  3. Drawers are definitely doable, crate a budget before you start though so it doesn’t end up costing you more than something else might have. All the little bits in DIY add up (glazes, glue, tools etc.)

    As for the marble, I don’t think you should do it. Not only will it be pricey, it will also be super heavy and rather annoying to use elsewhere. A timber veneer would work, as would any other laminate. You might even be able to cover something yourself with a vinyl. I recently decorated a large brass box with vinyl tiles, which cost $1.50 each and were 30x30cm, quite useful. You can by strips of vinyl too.

  4. Do the hack, go on! You’re arty so you should be able to create that look easily 😉 I tend to get impatient and think I can do something like that in a day so my only suggestion would be, if you are like me, to break the job up and do bits of it over a couple of weekends and really take your time with it.

    I like the marble idea, and if it is a thin piece over the top with a mitred piece creating the thicker edge look, I think it would work. Lots bang with a only few bucks spent!

  5. Sophie says:

    i think do it … you know when you first pasted that pic I was like oh laura could so do this on her own… do it … seriously…

    I also like the marble do it do it !!!!!

  6. B says:

    Your TV unit looks amazing. So fresh and glossy … ahhhhh :)

    I’ve always wanted to do an ikea hack similar to that one but have never had the guts. You should go for it. If anyone can pull it off it’s you :)


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