Postcards From Paris

Beautiful Juliette balcony!

Digging this image sooo bad!! 2nd bathroom has this allllll overrr it!

I am still lusting over an antique chest like this.

These subway tiles!!! THESE subway tiles!

These lead-light windows! I want these in my kitchen reno!

Have you seen a more gorgeous vanity??

This duo of crystal decanters are VERY SIMILAR to the ones I saw in Bowral at an antique shop, except there was 3 and they had name-plate necklaces and a $950 price tag… GAHHH I still think about them. I would love it.

Display cabinet crazy (for all my white ceramics, silver & crystal objects)

Told you I was crazy!

Hand painting magnificence! This chest is GOD!

This is the dream. A round-a-bout driveway!


Postcards from Paris

5 Responses to “Postcards From Paris”

  1. Ruth says:

    Stunning images! I know nothing about the cost of having lead light cabinet doors, but if inhibitive you could source and repurpose old windows? Love everything!

    • Laura says:

      I know, at the moment, it is just dream talking.
      I have a few places that do custom lead-light, not sure on price and I know a few places in Sydney were I could pick up old windows. But thinking they would all be a bit big.. . . but I will definitely look.

  2. You have great taste :-) I hope you’re able to economically replicated the bits you love into your own place. My parents have found great bargains at ‘damaged stock’ type places for things like that, ask around and hopefully you will find some great pieces :-)

  3. Sophie says:

    my sister is in paris at the moment…. grrrrrr to her

    safe to say we have the same taste ….

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