Even in her little hand drawn diagram you can instantly tell which one is better.

High and wide people, high and wide.

Me personally, maybe not to the ceiling, (depends how tall your walls are, if they are really tall, then maybe half way between your window frame the cornices, might be good enough) But don’t sit them on top of your window frame!

I love these moments.. these Ah Hah! You get me, you totally get me, we are on the same page.

2 Responses to “PLEASE TAKE NOTE”

  1. I hung my curtains ‘high and wide’ and then the other half decided to ‘fix’ them by hanging them on the window frame…I was so annoyed. I’m going to show him this to prove once and for all he doesn’t know a thing about decorating!

  2. Laura says:

    That’s men for you. Grrr I feel angry with you.
    My husband does the same thingggggg………!!!!!!!!

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