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White Ceramics

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Anja Pottery











^^ These are now mine ^^

She is a seller from the Blue Mountains! Support her!

.  .  .  .  .

Clearly I like anything that is porcelain and has an impression and texture!

I went looking on esty for a large salad bowl and instead found all this goodness. I will probably buy the Wedgwood serving bowl we recently gifted at a wedding.

My new do

Monday, April 30th, 2012


A couple of people have asked to see the front side of my head.
So here you go. (Bee tee dubs Di, Not stalkerish at all. We must all remember, I am the nosiest one going round.)

This photo was snapped at 6.30 this morning while patiently waiting for the bus. I got distracted taking this pic and didn’t hear the bus. Next thing I look up and the bus is there and the driver is having a full on belly ache. (Luckily he stopped) Too funny. The people on the bus must think I am so vain.

This pic is of my hair unstyled. It’s wash n wear baby. I love using my ghd but I never put it away. Drives the husband bonkers. So I just go without.

P.S my chin is really not that pointy.

Who wants to see some bathroom pretties?

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

I know I do!

Heres is some more display cabinet love, this time in a bathroom and executed by 47 Park Av

OHHHHHhhhhhh YEAAAHHHH. That is the good stuff.

Display Cabinet

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE is a display cabinet in our house.

Here are some inspirational pictures.

Windsor Smith for Veranda Mag.

The Decorista



A life’s Design

Even if it is just in the way of 2 glass cabinets in the kitchen like this:

A Life’s Design

^^ This kitchen drives me mental it is so beautiful in every way imaginable.

Or even just open shelving.

Things I want to put into my cabinet/shelving

White ceramics, Silver ware and Crystal!!!!

(Similar to this bowl)

Isabella Abramsonl

I like classic brands, contemporary, artisan, handmade . . . as long as it is white, ceramic and I have positive connection. I want it in my collection, old or new.

Donna Hay for Royal Doulton Colander.

This was also love and first sight. I love a bit of whimsy. The 3 feet and the love heart shaped cut outs.

I love Wedgwood Intaglio collection. All items are truly versatile, should work with all styles, great for gifts, not too expensive. (Unfortunately now made in Indonesia and not England, but I guess it would be short sighted not to accept this, as it is happening with nearly everything.)  Early this year, I gifted my friend this trinket bowl with lid that was for a housewarming-come-wedding.

And for a wedding just passed I gifted this bowl as the couple had not lived together before their wedding and thought it was a fail safe bowl. I would like to get one for myself. My husband and I have a couple of salad bowls, but they are all on the small side and we love munching down salads, like last night, we just had a smoke salmon salad for dinner and that was it, so it needed to be pretty substantial in size to fill us up, This looks like a great size. This bowl could be used for many things, a fruit bowl, salad bowl, bread bowl. Could make it work in any meal setting.

I also love this vase! Don’t normally go for vases that you can’t see through.

So petit and perfect.

I also love that you can just keep adding pieces from this range to your collection. And hopefully you have some lovely people in your life that have eagle eyes and take note and buy you a few pieces too! LOL HINT HINT.

So if you are stuck for a gift and the occasion calls for it. I really recommend heading to a big Myer or David Jones and buying something from this range.

I already have a few vintage silver wear pieces! Do we all remember my beloved trays. . Is that no I hear you say, well here is a refresher:

Small Silver tray

Large silver tray with 2 tea pots.

I am on the hunt for a beautiful vintage silver letter opener. The bane of my existence is opening mail. I am always in a haste and I tear it all up. I would actually use this.

Now I just need to start off my crystal collection.


It is by Villeroy and Boch and from their Jewellery Collection…. ohh yes, that is sooo up my alley.

Comes in quite a few different sizes. And really sparkles.

I also wonder quite often if the trio of crystal decanters is still for sale in the shop in Bowral, I can’t get them out of my head. They were just so whimsical and precious. They were love at first sight. Hmmmph.

So there you have it. A few pieces I own, a few pieces I want.  I need to love it for it to be in my collection, but I am only young and I have the rest of my life to add to it!

Christopher Boots

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Finally, something FABULOUS and made in Australia!

I was beginning to lose hope.

Christopher Boots, will you be mine?

I first spotted you in Vogue Living Mag

I instantly went to his website and sat there with my mouth wide open. Seriously folks, flies were buzzing in and out.

I LOVE these two and I also love the one that is in the top right of the article. (not featured on website)

I ask you. Have you seen anything so fabulous in your life?

Recent Purchases

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Not much renovating has been happening around the traps here.

I have just been enjoying the gardening and my poor husband as been working his non-existent butt off with the website we are working on.

Anyways, I went to the Orson & Blake basement sale, the same day I cut my hair off, and picked up few things. I would not really shop there when it is full priced, but when there are prices like this, then yeah sure. I’ll buy.

First up, I picked up 2 of these baskets. Great for a kids room, at the moment sitting on top of the linen cupboard. Can never have too much storage

Was $75 and now $35 (which should have been the price in the first place #ripoff)

1 of these, which is on top of a cabinet behind our desks. (can see this as a toy box)

Was $120 down to $55. I can’t fathom anyone dropping more then $100 on a basket.

This is a 100% Lambs Wool throw was $199 down to $45.

Yes $45 bucks!

It is folded in half in this pic, sorry about the lame attempt at styling.


Monday, April 23rd, 2012


Even in her little hand drawn diagram you can instantly tell which one is better.

High and wide people, high and wide.

Me personally, maybe not to the ceiling, (depends how tall your walls are, if they are really tall, then maybe half way between your window frame the cornices, might be good enough) But don’t sit them on top of your window frame!

I love these moments.. these Ah Hah! You get me, you totally get me, we are on the same page.


Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Criss Cross Trellis!!

I saw this a few times, but last time I can remember was when I was going to my cousins engagement party in leafy Turramurra.
Discussed the idea with my husband and it’s a go-er!
We have been thinking what to do with our garage. It is long and large and has plenty of space and it is fibro. But not in bad condition, it looks okay.
We were tossing around ideas like pulling it down and making a smaller garage so there was more yard and that the fact that is was fibro… anyways… blah blah blah!

Decision made – there is no point spending money to pull down a fibro garage and build another one, it is fine as is, so leave it.

So to jazz it up and add the wow-factor to the yard when you walk outside, this what we are going to do.

Now to find a relatively fast growing vine/crawler plant that preferably has a flowering cycle too!

Here is a pic of our garage, there is already a garden bed in front of it. I have the bulbs in there at the moment. (Which have sprouted, thanks for asking… as too the weeds, that have come back with a vengeance! grrr)

The bulbs in my little planter have also popped up to say hi

Here is a pic of the other part of the garage. Those plants are the start of our hedging at the front of the house.

(what a blurry crappy photo, twas twilight when taking these.. on a camera phone)

Bee tee dubs

Is that a tomato plant?? It started growing from our vege scrap dumping ground before we got the worm farm.

Look at this plant that has bloomed. Notice it is half dead. My father in law first started killing it.. To me, it was for no apparent reason whatsoever and I was baffled with his actions, and then I see my husband starting to kill it off too. At least I have the hide to berate my husband and demand to know WHY he was killing a perfectly nice plant, he tells when cause the pot has ants crawling in and on it….

um ok then.

I told him to stop touching it immediately. Hopefully it bounces back.

The FIL also poured the turps from painting on the edge of our lawns, promptly turning them yellow creating an eyesore in the yard. His theory was then we wouldn’t need to wipper snip the edges…

um ok then, thanks for stuffing up the serenity in the yard with those god awful yellow dieing grass edges.

Anyways, enough in-law hatin’. The dear MIL gave us this rosemary plant. I potted it in an unused terracotta pot, but then this other plant just popped out.

Does anyone know what it is? (hmmm not really a good pic, need to do a close-up.. cause it looks like basil in this pic, but it’s not.)

I cut my hair off. I wasn’t working for me, so off it went. I also died it darker. Balyage die!

(My hair looks ratty here, I assure you it wasn’t, I just put some sea salt into it)

(see how bleach gets that yellow look to it…. yuck)

(Best I could do on my own)


Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Brendan Wong is another advocator for


^^^ Those skirting boards are like mine! LOVE. Sometimes I wish I went darker on my floor board stain.

More Moody Chic

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012


I coined the term first, but here it is, perfectly, exemplified.

mim Design – A South Yarra design practice.

Stunning wardrobe doors and grass cloth feature.

Love the ROYAL blue chair, the black trim, the lamp and the pintuck blanket.

Love the stepped arch way, reminds me of my skirting boards.

These marble semi floating shelves are what heaven is made with!

Light interiors punctuated with dark.


I love that they aren’t flat. Love the glossy irregular texture.

THESE TILES, I want for my kitchen splash back.

A bay window. Honestly, is there anything better in architectural details than a bay window?

I am biased.

This bathroom is just heaven. Natural stone heaven.

I love the crazy pavers and of course the BUXUS!

People, let’s get real. DO NOT be afraid of dark tones. Sick of seeing stark white interiors. I would rather die then walk into an all white interior, let alone, live there. I keep saying “like a hospital” but my sister disagrees with this, she says hospitals are green. I have to agree. They are a bit, with that sort of minty green colour. So, let’s say dental surgery. And with those over head lights they put on you.. akin to downlights! GHASTLY.

I loathe down lights in living areas and bedrooms! They are tolerable is working spaces like your kitchen and bathroom, but for the love of God, no where else.

Another thing that is key to an amazing interior is TEXTURE. Introduce it and do it NOW!!!!!!