Image is from Atlanta’s house n home via vintage lux

This chandelier is haunting me. Why oh why aren’t I a gazzilion-aire?
Right. Who is going to give me $5500???? Even if you did I wouldn’t buy the chandeliers I saw in Melbourne. I’d put it towards my Kitchen renovation, because I am soo sensible like that! Ha!

Talking about our kitchen.  I have cooked 3 gloriously gourmet meals of the one pan variety. 2 of them were actioned sans cutlery. I embraced my burnt fingertips as I flipped meat because living like this is far better then. . . . Yeah you’ve heard my whinges. Our 70’s laminate graveyard isn’t too shabby. We have just been using the bench tops, sink and the gas cook top. We are not packing away anything in the cupboards because they are a bit manky.

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