7 years

Today is 7 years since I first met my husband. This is actually the anniversary I like the most.

Without meeting him, nothing else exists with us, am I right, or am I right?

You can read last years post here. It is the post on how we met, in case anyone is wondering. LOL

I toddled off to work today. I orginally had the day off so I could chill with my husband in our house and do sweet nothing, but since WE AREN’T IN OUR HOUSE. I cancelled the day off.

I was at work and there was a delivery for me!!!

(This never happens)

YUMMM!!! Its a bouquet of choc dipped strawberries. YUMMMM!!!

It is pure genius!

There was sooooo many. I had to (regrettably) share them with my co-workers.

You can get them here

My Husband is just getting better and better. I wish I could tell you all about the early years and how different they were, but I might leave that for my autobiography! lol

I made him a little card and put it in my little envelopes and I left it on my little silver tray from Melbourne.

Obviously, he won. Always beating me. I need to lift my game. (LOL) I know it is not a competition.

Anyway, I am a happy girl today. I had been down the dumps really bad, well since moving really far away. Welcome to Woop-Woop anyone? And in with the in-laws… …. …. Those of you with in-laws, I am sure you can sympathise.

ANYWAYS, today is not about that.

So, while I was working away at work (with the worlds biggest smile, choc covered fingers and lips) My husband was working on our house! PUTTING THE BLOODY FRONT DOOR BACK ON! I go to Melbourne with a front door on my house, I come back WITHOUT a front door. HMmm

Anyways, again, not about that.


Look at our beautiful front door.

(Still work to be done, like fill that hole and re-paint)

The hole is where the old handle use to be.

Also, I want to direct your attention to our awesome light switches

They are super slim (like my husband lol) and have a blue LED with the light is on.

Off to work again tomorrow for myself and same with the husband, off to work on the house.

He is going to CLEAN, like never before. Clean those floors of ours and MOVE OUR FURNITURE IN PLACE. Shame I won’t be there to do it with him, but oh well.

Hopefully my bitterness and resentment will vanish by TOMORROW NIGHT!

Wish me luck!

4 Responses to “7 years”

  1. Brenda says:

    fingers and toes crossed that you sleep there tomorrow night

  2. Sophie says:

    Oh how exciting ! Did you move in yet?
    How gorgeous are those dipped strawberries!

  3. MrsB says:

    Gorgeous strawberries, will def. keep something like this in mind for hubby’s birthday.
    And I totally understand your in-laws thing haha

  4. Those strawberries look amazing, what a great idea. I wouldn’t want to share them either!

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