Melbourne Trip!

I am going to MELBOURNE on WEDNESDAY!!!!


Enough with the whinging!

First flight down wednesday morning, last flight back Saturday evening!

I am going to kick up my heels (errrr thongs) and hang out with my brother in laws gf!

4 fabulous days of homewares shopping for me and fashion shopping for her!

This is my hit list so far for shops.

Fenton & Fenton

471 High st


Hermon & Hermon

That antique shop off the block

Loom rugs

575 – 577 High St, Prahan

65 smith st Fitzroy

Manon Cie

1011 High Street


Scout House

125 Grey Street

St Kilda

HUT 13

13 Morey Street


Quirk & Co.

466 Victoria Street

North Melbourne

Little Salon

71 Gertrude Street



630 Church Street, Richmond, VIC 3121

Craft Victoria

31 Flinders Lane

Melbourne  – Walk past Cumulus Inc and descend down the stairs into Craft Victoria’s gift store

I am taking recommendations though!

I like stationery shops (Duh!) and Home wares/interior Shops.

Please assist!

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  1. Check our DeGraves St, it’s cute. Also if you’re in Windsor you should check out my cousin’s cafe- Yellow Bird 😉

  2. Laura says:

    Just looked up where Windsor is, and I will definitely be in the area. Ill try and pop in! Thanks

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