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I want this in my house

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Somewhere in my house.

Much like these shelves:

But I want mine to be milled out of spotted gum, like my dining table.

We can dream right?

In other news, The ink hasn’t even dried on my house-warming parting invites and I am already floggin’ them off on etsy.

I am just sooooo smitten with them and they have been so well received. I feel it is only fair to share the love. HEHEHEH

OMG We are in!

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Spent our FIRST night here last night. Happy days, I am de-stressedified now.

Good news I have from tomorrow to Friday to unpack!


7 years

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Today is 7 years since I first met my husband. This is actually the anniversary I like the most.

Without meeting him, nothing else exists with us, am I right, or am I right?

You can read last years post here. It is the post on how we met, in case anyone is wondering. LOL

I toddled off to work today. I orginally had the day off so I could chill with my husband in our house and do sweet nothing, but since WE AREN’T IN OUR HOUSE. I cancelled the day off.

I was at work and there was a delivery for me!!!

(This never happens)

YUMMM!!! Its a bouquet of choc dipped strawberries. YUMMMM!!!

It is pure genius!

There was sooooo many. I had to (regrettably) share them with my co-workers.

You can get them here

My Husband is just getting better and better. I wish I could tell you all about the early years and how different they were, but I might leave that for my autobiography! lol

I made him a little card and put it in my little envelopes and I left it on my little silver tray from Melbourne.

Obviously, he won. Always beating me. I need to lift my game. (LOL) I know it is not a competition.

Anyway, I am a happy girl today. I had been down the dumps really bad, well since moving really far away. Welcome to Woop-Woop anyone? And in with the in-laws… …. …. Those of you with in-laws, I am sure you can sympathise.

ANYWAYS, today is not about that.

So, while I was working away at work (with the worlds biggest smile, choc covered fingers and lips) My husband was working on our house! PUTTING THE BLOODY FRONT DOOR BACK ON! I go to Melbourne with a front door on my house, I come back WITHOUT a front door. HMmm

Anyways, again, not about that.


Look at our beautiful front door.

(Still work to be done, like fill that hole and re-paint)

The hole is where the old handle use to be.

Also, I want to direct your attention to our awesome light switches

They are super slim (like my husband lol) and have a blue LED with the light is on.

Off to work again tomorrow for myself and same with the husband, off to work on the house.

He is going to CLEAN, like never before. Clean those floors of ours and MOVE OUR FURNITURE IN PLACE. Shame I won’t be there to do it with him, but oh well.

Hopefully my bitterness and resentment will vanish by TOMORROW NIGHT!

Wish me luck!

My Envelopes

Friday, February 24th, 2012

A blogger has featured my envelopes on her blog.

I designed and printed the address on my envelopes and shipped them on over to her.

(the rest of the address was there, but has been blacked out for obvious internet censorship reasons)

Let me tell you. . . .

It is going to be the most fabulous party South Australia has ever seen!


The guest of honour is her sister.

You know, I cannot think of a time I have done a custom job or an etsy order for someone that lives in Sydney, like me.

I did help one voguette with her bon/favs and she was a Sydney sider. But that is it.

I actually sent off an etsy order to GUAM this week!

Yes, GUAM. I had to look up on the ol’ gee-maps to see where that was. I knew it was like a territory of the US or something, but that was it.

. . . . .

Also, if you love the envelopes too! Hint Hint. . .  —–> side bar, link to my etsy shop!

Or link here (just to make it even easier)

Onwards and upwards

Friday, February 24th, 2012

So, I went to my house today. Hadn’t been there since Monday OF LAST WEEK.

Yep, true story.

I walked through the doorway and I have fallen back in love with my place.

It looooks so good and has come a long way. It is nearly there. More of the architraves and window frames have been painted with the high gloss enamel. I keep freaking out and thinking it is wet, because it looks like wet paint.

Here is some pics of our bedroom with a bed frame!

LOOK 2 power points! Both these windows have been painted.

I think these 2 windows are really cute!

Ahhh! A power point!

This image has the very last wardrobe door open, just to indicate, there is plenty of room to have a dresser there with a mirror above it.

This was my original idea for the space between the wardrobe and the window

An antique walnut chest with an antique mirror above it

Another example

But, now I am thinking, because there is plenty of drawers and storage in the wardrobe and we have drawers in our bedside tables

Maybe I could use a DRESSING TABLE MORE!!

A small one and I would sit there and put my make up on, so I keep the bathroom clean?

I would perch on one of these

I am also in the midst of ROMAN BLIND HELL!

Sooo much yet, so little choice.

Don’t ask.

I am thinking now, that I have been to my house. That in our bedroom, there will be no room for curtains, as the bedside table will go under one of the windows and they our bed head will be right next to the window, so the curtains will gather up right there.

So, I am thinking of just keeping it simple in the bedroom with white heavy roman blinds and NO CURTAINS.

We are rarely in the bedroom during the day, so they would most likely always be down.

Here is my inspirational pic.

Simple white, heavy roman blinds sans curtains.

So, I am back from Melbourne

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Had a fabulously silly girly time with my sort of sister in law.

We were just down right silly, we missed the flight there, slept through check out. Just down right bad ass.


We went bar hopping. Kissed tranny’s (this actually happened) and bitched.

We shopped, we walked, we talked.


We have STILL not moved in.

Today, I have some free time and I was thinking about hitting the shops and getting house ideas and looking for roman blinds. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. It will just be a waste. I need to move in too see what I want and what I feel.

I am just so gutted.

. . . . .

I saw some beautiful items in Melbourne, some beautiful and painfully expensive items!

I didn’t buy anything, besides a silver sherwood tray from vinnys for the low low price of $20, a pair of knickers and an exfoliator.

We paid for checked baggage on the way back, but the things I was interested in, I wasn’t going to trust to be handled by other people.

And besides, the things I wanted and took my breath away were thousands and thousands of dollars and I didn’t have that.

I want this rug!

Mind the silhouettes. I definitely want a rug like this for the living room. Muted pastel colours in a traditional patter and 100% NZ Wool please.

This was $4400 but had 20% off.

arrrrghh I think that price is reasonable, but I need a KITCHEN.

I also LOVE these

There was 2 of them hanging over a dining table. They were just petite and stunning! I also have a thing for emerald green.

Something in my house will need to be emerald green.

Yep, that reads $2100 for the pair, which I guess is ok…… lighting is sooo expensive.

I also went to an antique chandelier shop and I fell head over heels for this 1960’s Italian chandelier. It was also a pair. Perfect for my LIVING ROOM.

I inquire about the price. $5500 for them… ouch.

It was stunning though. I can’t get them out of my head. It was fairly modern and not stuffy and chintzy like other chandeliers.

I have tried to hit up the ebay to no avail.

Sooooo in terms of lighting for my house. I think I will just live with the baton holders and the single globe until I am a millionaire.

Sounds like a great plan… no?

These are another item that I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!


If you know me, You will know i have an absolute infatuation with anything Fungi!


I first spotted these in the Willow store in the GPO. I was like, “Far out, they are amazing. Must have” They also had nice artwork on the walls.

Then I walk into this shop and right down the back, there they were. FATE. With a $2600 price tag. OUCHHHHH

$2600 for a set of 3. My pic is a bit terrible, but they are amazing. Carved out of a single tree trunk. The underside was not overlooked either. All those delicious folds and ridges were expertly carved.

They would be sensational in my babies bedroom (NOT PREGNANT) or in the hallway to greet you.

Or just anywhere. They are FABULOUS.

$2600…. hmm very steep for just an ornamental object, but a single tree trunk, hand carved and so much care and detail. I mean, I get it. But I don’t have $2600


Sooooo… I thought my Melbourne trip might help bring me clarity. It just cemented that idea, that if I want the type of furnished home I desire, I need to be a gazillionaire.

(at the very least, I know that there is objects here in Aus, that I love, but yes, they come with a hefty price)

. . . . . .

I also got to see my cousins!!! Some of them!

One of them is managing Kumo Izakaya, a Japanese Restaurant. We went there and had a fabulous time!

I highly recommend you go there. My other cousin, his big sister is the consultant Sommelier there. (We didn’t get to see here though, she was working in the Yarra Valley)

For a starter that just presented itself on our table we had walnuts in sugar and black tea! AMAZING.

The whole meal was delicious and the cocktails were yum!

I love Japanese food and I am dieing to go back to Japan. Did you see the Jetstar 2 for 1 sale? I was this close.

I am never going to furnish my house, if I keep going on holidays. Naw! :(

House Warming Invitation.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

I knew that before I go away to Melbourne, that these invites HAD to be done.

And they are and they are in the post! (Tomorrow) I left them at our house and won’t be able to get there today.

May I present to you, Our house warming invitation.

I did some photo-shopping of the address. My post code is definitely not “2000” Ohhh how I wish.

Do you like the stripe of paint? Nice touch huh? You know, cause we are renovating! It’s practically BRILLIANT!

That is also a made up address on the back of my Cupid’s Bow Envelope PURCHASE HERE! LOL

But a good indication of what the real thing looks like.

The invitation was designed and hand painted by me with water colour paint. I then scanned it into the computer and printed it out.

The water colour art work of our address, I am thinking, I will have framed and have the mount cover the words “We’ve moved to:” and put it near the front door, possibly on top of our console.

I was pretty wrapped with it. What do you think?

.  .  .  .  .

In terms of the house. Last night, we went to put our bed together and then BAM. No Allen keys. :(

No idea where they are.

So instead we put our desk together, but we couldn’t put it into place because it is going under a window and the window is not painted yet.

We were hoping to have slept there tonight, but it is not the case.


I was hoping to have the furniture in place so I could observe, empty spots and look for things while in Melbourne, but luckily I am a visual person!

Bay Window!

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Still a shocking photo, but a lot better then what I was achieving.

Here is our bay window with the SKIRTING BOARDS attached.

They are fabulous. Every single joint lines up like a dream. I am so happy with them.

You can also see some power points if you squint hard enough.

Can’t wait to get some ROMAN BLINDS…. arghhh I think I will have to spend up big on those to get some sort of decent quality.

This photo does nothing for the paint colour.

Also, does anyone remember the antique shop they went to in Melbourne in the past series of the block?

I remember going to the website, but that is all I recall.

Melbourne Trip!

Friday, February 10th, 2012

I am going to MELBOURNE on WEDNESDAY!!!!


Enough with the whinging!

First flight down wednesday morning, last flight back Saturday evening!

I am going to kick up my heels (errrr thongs) and hang out with my brother in laws gf!

4 fabulous days of homewares shopping for me and fashion shopping for her!

This is my hit list so far for shops.

Fenton & Fenton

471 High st


Hermon & Hermon

That antique shop off the block

Loom rugs

575 – 577 High St, Prahan

65 smith st Fitzroy

Manon Cie

1011 High Street


Scout House

125 Grey Street

St Kilda

HUT 13

13 Morey Street


Quirk & Co.

466 Victoria Street

North Melbourne

Little Salon

71 Gertrude Street



630 Church Street, Richmond, VIC 3121

Craft Victoria

31 Flinders Lane

Melbourne  – Walk past Cumulus Inc and descend down the stairs into Craft Victoria’s gift store

I am taking recommendations though!

I like stationery shops (Duh!) and Home wares/interior Shops.

Please assist!

New Phrase

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

This new phrase, was not coined by me. . . but here it is anyway:

“Beige Haze”

A term used to describe boring, neutral interiors.

I hope I do not fall into this trap. I must stay strong and not be all like, what about re-sale value, will I regret it? Will this colour make the room look smaller??? wah wah wah!

Fuck it

I am going to do what I want with this house and it is going to thank me for it.