Reno Update – Skirting and Sanding

Sooo tired, I am forcing myself to blog!

It has been cut throat.

I had to work yesterday! On Australia Day.

How un-Australian is that?

At least, the husband had the day off and he went to work on the merry house. Today I worked on the house with my father in law and my brother in law!

Was a productive day.

I did shit loads of sanding. By the end of the day, it looked like someone had up-ended a bag of flour on me.

Here is the picture proof of the progress.

My long term, best friend. We have been places together.

Getting productive.

The essential ingredient, plus a handy door stop.

Bedroom 1. The 2 windows and the architraves (around the door) are READY FOR PAINTING.

Skirtings still to be attached. (Tomorrow)

Bedroom 2. This photo was taken before they were attached, but THEY ARE NOW ATTACHED! 1 room done (for skirtings)

Just need to sand the putty off the window frame and architraves for this room and patch up the screw holes for the skirting boards.


Love my floors and that walls and the skirting boards!!

I am being optimistic, but hopefully by tomorrow all the skirting boards are attached!

There will be my husband, father in law and brother in law there tomorrow working.

.  .  .  .  .

In completely un-related news.

I have come up with a new rule!

“If you have been married for less then a year and your marriages breaks up, you have to return your gifts!”


“Wedding gifts are conditional on making more then 1 year of marriage”


It is utterly disgraceful. I feel ripped off.

I know, I know… I should be sad for the couple blah blah blah and not make it about myself, etc etc. BUT WHAT THE FUCK!

They in actual fact, made it 10 months to the day.

What is wrong with people?

Like, this is not Hollywood. We attended this wedding. In Sydney, not Rodeo Drive.

Then to give it more of a Hollywood edge, one member of this relationship, decided to hit up Facebook and inbox msg all of it’s friends and air the dirty laundry about WHY it was over.

They are both 30 and it is so immature and disgusting.

Marriage is fucking SERIOUS and it is FOR LIFE!

I hate seeing this, it PISSES ME OFF. I actually don’t like giving people engagement party gifts, because I have seen too many couples throw engagement parties, purely fueling their own greed for gifts, only to never have a wedding, because a) they broke up or b) “ohhhh we are just not ready to get married, we are happy being engaged, maybe in the next 5 years of so!!!”

Now I feel the same for weddings.

I want my fucking money I put in a card, the fucking words I wrote on the card, the fucking fun I had at your wedding BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wasted all of our time!

I never thought I would actually know people like this, enough to be a guest at their wedding and see this happen, it is like something you read about in the news (as my husband said) But at the end of the day, shit happens, but taking it to facebook. . . . . .  well that is enough said.

2 Responses to “Reno Update – Skirting and Sanding”

  1. MrsB says:

    Everyone gets married so quickly – for the wedding, their vows mean so little.
    I attended an engagement party last year even though the couple got married overseas 5 months earlier.. and then they’ll have another wedding in December. She even wore her overseas wedding gown to the engagement party. Purely throwing a party for the $$ and so so obvious!

    You have every right to be annoyed, unless it’s a very good reason, it’s very pathetic. Nobody said marriage was just a party, it’s forever.

  2. Wow, that sux. But good work on the house!

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