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Reno Update (Skirting)

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

I patched up the screw holes and you can see the skirting boards!

Ahhh why are they brown and the architraves white?

Yes, good question. Apparently paying for priming and ringing back and confirming if they will be primed means you get un-primed. Okay, I’ll remember that for next time!


We received the first delivery of skirting and architraves and everything was primed, but the architraves werent the right height I ordered. Then they delivered again, but they weren’t primed.

I guess this is welcome to the world of renovating?

The skirting boards in the living room are cut, they are just sitting there for now. I am going to prime them and paint them glossy white before we attach them, just patch up the screw holes.

We even jigsawed out the power point holes. (I did one myself too!)

Disregard the skirting board in the corner that is raised, they are just sitting there.

I really can not wait to see the floors stained and polished.

Reno Update (architraves)

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Behold the magnificence that is the first architraves!

My brother in law, father in law and my husband worked really hard today!

All the architraves are cut and ready to go on the doors and windows!

See, look how good they are!

These pictures, aren’t really good.

but I am sure you can tell the difference between the picture above and

this picture from before

I am really disappointment that this window is crappy aluminum. I wish it was a wooden sash window! Ohh well.

But… once the walls are painted, the trim is glossy white and I have my linen roman blinds up, it will look good. And hopefully my bamboo with fill out and get lush and green. I think it is suffering some shock. I gave it a little attention today.

I really wish I was a good gardener! I haven’t killed anything in a while though! But, some of my plants are going down hill while others are thriving. Hmmmm

Work will continue tomorrow. I will be on putty duty to camouflage those screws!

And maybe the day after that I can start painting the trim.

I am STILLLLLL stuck in light fittings hell.

The husband and I did a mad dash down Canterbury Rd this afternoon and did NOT SEE ANY LIGHTS WE LIKED!

All the shops just stock stuff from the same suppliers, so it get very repetitive.

Canterbury Rd is evidently, not my scene. I have another shop I want to visit, but it is closed till Jan 5.

If anyone can recommend some lighting shops that sell traditional lighting (not ultra contemporary and not granny either) That would be handy.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

The next 4 days I will be at work (yes Christmas day included)

I have been wrapping up some custom jobs!

Including this one for a fabulous client!

Just thought I would take this time to thank you all for reading my blog!!

My Blog turned 2 in late Nov! I enjoy receiving all your comment, even the spam… ahh NOT. Hope to entertain you in the new year with talks and pics of renovations and BABIES!

I am not pregnant, but they are definitely on the cards.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for this year and the next!


Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

As you all know, I have already done the wedding thing,

BUT .  .  .

This is seriously a gorgeous wedding bouquet.

I love the big fat magnolia in the middle.

I am SOOOOO having a magnolia tree at my place (but a smallish one)

Credit: Twigg Botanicals

Light Fittings

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Ok folks, here is an update.

The good father in law has been working himself to the bone, bless him. He has been gyprocking like it is going out of fashion.

We have removed all skirting boards, all architraves, all vertical blind, all hooks off then and the sliding doors. What ever carnage is left over, he has been filling in and sanding smooth.

The other day, I took delivery of our skirting boards and architraves!

They delivered the wrong size skirting boards though. But the right ones should come tomorrow or the day after.


Can you see!! I chose taller ones then the original skirting boards, so it could cover all these problems and to achieve this chic look below

Nice tall skirting boards!

Over the chrissy break, my husband might find the time to cut and paint the skirting boards.

We are going to book in a painter to paint the Hallway, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2 and the living room to start in early January.

This is the colour I have chosen.

Dulux limed white 25%

Once that is done, we will have the floor sander booked in. He will sand, stain and do 2 coats of polish.

Then we will install our skirting boards and architraves. Once that is done, he will come back and do the final 3rd coat for the floors.

Then the electrician will come back and fit all our power points on the skirting boards and light switched on the architraves.


This is what I am thinking for the Hallway.

2 lights

Bedroom 1

1 light


or this

Both of this are available in other finishes, but I am particularly fond of this finish.

Bedroom 2 (babies room (No! not pregnant))

1 light

Or this

Living Room

2  lights

Here is a pic of this light in a real house setting (although it was put into a kitchen . . .)

Porch Light

A gothic style lantern in the arched Entry way. (this one isn’t black, but I want a black one)

Back Yard Lights

I want 2 lights either side of the back window

I want them to look like the House of Windsor.

Have you seen the House of Windsor?? LINK HERE for virtual tour.


I love pretty much EVERYTHING about this house, except, the feral room that is black and green, Make my eyes bleed why don’t you!

I want to put in french doors, paint my house grey. I am soo lusting after their outdoor area, I am going to do something similar. Nice pavers and lush green plants!

I’m still here

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

We have moved out of our apartment. And I am sad. I miss that place.

We are living with the in-laws in woop woop. No joke. We are surrounded by farm animals!

There was road kill at our front gate.

In terms of our house though, there has been a bit done. Not much since we were really busy with the move.

We had our floor sanding guy come over and replace some parts of the floor boards.

Floors Before

Floors After

There must have been a wall there before or something and the filled the gap with the same wood but a smaller width, so we took them out and replaced with the right width. Once it is all polished, it shouldn’t look so noticeable.

Floors Before

Floors After

Our first light switch!

(Psssst… what is it with tradies and grubby hands!)

Nearly all the architraves and all the skirting boards have been removed!

I am wondering what I will put in the ‘bay’ part of this room? Will I put my settee there?

I am also wondering what sort of window treatment I will have for this window too.

(P.S I LOVE my cornices! Not a good pick though)


I went to try and get sample pots for about 3 colours. They were taubmans colours, well the shop I went to doesn’t stock taubmans, so I was stuck picking out other colours for sample pots, so I pick 5 more colours, then they couldn’t give me sample pots because the formulas they had were only for 4L tins!! So I as kindly as I could suggest that you just divide the numbers down to get a 500mL sample pot…..

Nope, I was lost on her.

I have the painter coming tomorrow (not to start, thank god!) but to just point out some things to him and see what he thinks we should do.

So I was hoping to slap on my sample pots while I was there. (need to pick and choose wisely when and what I do at my new place… because it is soooo far away from where we currently live)

Should I be picking 1 colour for the 2 bedrooms, the hallway and the living room?

It is such a small space I thinking I should. I want neutrals anyways. There is no point the bedrooms being a different sort of neutral is there?

Our painter uses Dulux, but I can’t seem to find a VERY LIGHT bluey grey.. BUT VERY LIGHT.

The only Dulux that I like is Limed White 25%. I have a sample pot of that, Ill try that tomorrow.

I can’t believe that is less than a month till my wedding anniversary.

Is it sad that we are thinking of getting for each other a granite mantle that I have fallen in love with?

Any money we want to spend needs to be for the benefit of our house. I can picture many a nice winter night in front of this together (so that is kinda romantic isn’t it?)

I am in LOVE with this mantle. It is granite. It is just subtle and gorgeous!

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

In terms of what needs to be done before we can move in is, paint, sand floors/stain/polish and then do skirtings  and architraves (they are ordered, just waiting, then need to cut, paint and then put on the walls)

Then once we are in, we need to save our $$ so we can pull the kitchen out.