I have been a busy bee

(as well as my father in law and the electrician)

Pulling up tiles in entry way.

Cupboard in hallway, doors removed


2nd Bedroom

2nd Bedroom

2nd Bedroom (BEFORE)

2nd Bedroom (DURING)

2nd Bedroom (AFTER)

2nd Bedroom (AFTER, again)

Lounge (During)

Lounge (After)




And yep, I think it is time we got a skip!

There has been more work done, like all skirting boards, lights, switches and power points removed. All the holes in the walls are patched up.

We won’t be moving in anymore, like we thought. My parents in law have foreboded us and have pressured us in to staying with them. FUN!!!!!!!!!!! NOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, I do see the benefits. Right now, we are still living in our apartment and it is nice to leave the mess and dust behind and come back to a functioning place.

It just means it will force us to get it all done so we can get the hell outta there and into our lovely home.

I sort of didn’t want the pressure though. I have to pick paint colours asap. because the walls need to be painted before the skirting and architraves are put on.

And I wanted to take my time with that.

AAHhhhh well. I am just thankful to have people that care enough to want to put us up in their home.

So, meanwhile, I am getting no sleep, while I agonise over paint colours, skirting, architraves and the fact that my husband just jetted off to Germany in the thick of it.

I got my chin up though.

Oh and P.S, our apartment has tenants and move in date is looming.

Ciao Bella (as my new Italian neighbour would say)

2 Responses to “Progress”

  1. MrsB says:

    its starting to look good, in laws idea doesn’t sound too fun haha

  2. Brenda says:

    You do what you have to get the prize. The bare bones are looking great. You have such a sense of what will work I know whatever you decide will be amazing. Hope Robert is home soon. Oh great news about the apartment being rented. Cashflow will have to help.

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